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MG FF: Life Has Its Own Secrets - Discontinued (Page 2)

anupm04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice start
continue soon
add me to ur pm list

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nice start...cont soon n add me to ur pm list...:)

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Nice one... Pls add me to ur PM list

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seems different
pm me

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plzzz add me in...
sounds interesting

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nice intro ...
continue soon and plzz add me to the pm list

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esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Nice n interesting intro...liked it very many of these have their own secrets in their lives...lets see what are they..?Do pm me when u update pls... Big smile

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Simran_14 Goldie

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Hey friends.Big smile Thank you all for your comments. I am posting the first 2 parts. Just to let you that First few updates will be just around the family and problems caused esp for Geet.  Maaneet will take some time.Wink And one more thing, I will be writing the dialogues in Hindi but might use English in between as I am not really good at writing Hindi. So 100% sure there will be errors. i havent checked the part so plz forgive my mistakes and bear with me. (The staring of part one is not written by me. My friend wrote it for me)TongueLOL


Part 1


It was a beautiful day with sun high making things look beautiful with its golden rays. It was an important day for the Handa's. They were expecting few guests in the evening. Everyone was busy in making everything perfect. The door bell rang and a woman opens the door with a steel pot in her hands. She was wearing a light green sari with her pallu tucked in her waist. Her hair was tied in a bun and she had no makeup on her face except a red bindi on her forehead and lipstick. She had few wrinkles in her cheeks due to aging. It was none other than Rano.

Rano: bade jaldi aye? Kal kaha tha na meine ki aaj guest aane wale hai, jaldi ana. Phir bhi ussi time par aye. Chalo ab mera muh kya dekh rahe ho, dalo dudh. [The milk man pours the milk in the vassal] hey bhagwan, dhudh ka haal toh dekho. Kabhi is mein dudh bhi milaya karo sirf pani mat laya karo.

She goes in. The house wasn't really big but neither it was small. It was perfect for them. They believe that the members make a home home and not the size. It had three bedrooms, a small kitchen and a living area. Brij was peeling potatoes as per Rano's command and Meera was sitting on the sofa applying nail polish.  Mohindar came out with cushions and its covers in his hand trying to put them on.

Mohindar: arre jaldi jaldi haath chalao sab log. Meera yeh lo put the covers on, jaldi. [He told meera as he dump the cushions on the sofa beside her and went towards the kitchen] rano, arre sun rahi ho ya nahi?

Rano: [was frying snacks in the kitchen] haath busy hai, lekin kaan free hai. Bolo kya bolna hai.

Mohindar: kam se kam char panch log ayenge toh six seven logo ka banana. Kam nai padhna chahiye.

Rano: itne saalo se toh aap hi bana kar khilate aa rahe hai hume...

Brij: Yeh papa ke balling par mamma ka...

Meera: Sixer

Mohindar: Oh sixer, baatein kam karo aur kaam pe dhiyan do. Mehmaan ane waale hai.

Meera: Haan, cushion cover kar toh rahi hoon

Brij: Nail polish lagate huwe?

Mohindar: [Said In high pitch so Rano can hear] Meera nail polish laga rahi ho tum?

Rano heard it and putting her spoon down she came out glaring at Meera and hits her lightly on her back.

Rano: Ai ladhki chodh yeh nail polish aur jaldi se covers change kar. [She turned around and her eyes went on the curtain which was torn slightly. She went and held the curtains and complained to mohindar] kitna kaha tha mein, naye parde lane ke liye, ab dekh na kis tarah fateh huwe hai. Ab kaise chupaon isse? Kam se kam koi sasti curtains hi le aate.

Mohindar: [Taking a sigh] ok, mein abhi order kar deta hoon. [Turn towards the idol of the god] bhagwan, meine curtains order kiye the? Abhi tak aye nai. Toh Bhagwan mujhe itna maldhar bana tha na ki apni madam ke liye ek curtains ki dukaan khol leta [rano turn and glared at him] kiya aisa bolun? Thank you god. [He turned towards Rano] waise ladhke waale ladhki ko dekhne aa rahe hai, pardeh ko nai, aur jo pardeh dekhne ayenge, unhe hum ladhki denge nai. "Mama kuch jal raha hai kiya?" Meera asked sniffing and so did the rest. "Oh ho mere pakode!" rano exclaimed running in the kitchen. Mohindar turned to Meera "beta call and check where Geet is?" Meera nodded. Rano came out of the kitchen with her pakoda which had turned black. "Yeh dekha apne?" she moved the plate in front of Mohindar. "Sab aap ki waje se huwa hai!!" she complained. "Mere waje se? Arre mein toh kitchen mein gaya hi nahi."Mohindar defended himself. "App ko kitchen mein jane ki zarurat hi nahi, dus feet ke duri se hi app bahut kuch kar sakhte ho." Rano bang the plate and went back. "Beta, Geet ne phone uthaya?" Mohindar asked Meera. "Nai papa, line hi nai lag raha hai. Mein phir se koshish karti hoon." Mohindar nodded and saw that the mat was stuck under the table. He went and lift up the table to set the mat but couldn't as it was heavy. He applied pressure and it lead to short of breath. Meera noticed and ran ran to him. "Papa, kya huwa? Mamma jaldi ao, dekho na papa ko kya huwa." Meera shouted for her mom. Rano came out running and made Mohindar sit on the chair and gave him a glass of water. "Yeh kya kar rahe the aap?" Rano asked taking the glasss back from him. He took a deep breath and replied "kuch nai, bas woh mat table ke niche tha, toh use nikal raha tha. Lekin yeh table itni bahri hai ki..." "Aap ko kar ne ki kya zarurat thi, Brij bhi kar sakhta tha." Rano said in anger. "Waise aap ne dawa li hai aaj?" rano asked concern.  Mohindar didn't reply and rano knew he didn't. "Dekha nai li na? Aap bhi kabhi meri baat..." but Mohindar cut her in bitween. "Tum shant ho jao, abhi dawa nai hai, jab ajayegi, mein le lunga." "Kya dawa nai hai? Par aap toh kal lene gaye the nah? Phir?" "Woh market mein paise kam padh gaye the toh..." rano sighed. "Arre tum fikar mat karo, meine brij se kaha tha lane ko. Mein ja kar dekhta hoon." Mohindar replied calmly and went to brij's room. It was a small room with two large windows closed by blue curtains. He had a single bed in the middle, a study table in one corner and wardrobe in the other. He had few old book packed and placed near his bed. He was sitting near the study table and writing something. Mohindar went and placed his hands on his shoulder. Startled brij looked back to find his dad smiling at him. He quickly closed the file on which he was writing and sttod up. "Papa, aap yaha? Kuch chahiya tha?" he asked nervous looking at his file. "Haan beta. Woh meine tum dawa lane ko kaha tha, laye?" "Nai papa, woh mein bhul gaya. Ek kaam karta hoon, mein ja ke leke ata hoon." "Arre nai koi baat nai. Waise tum kuch kar rahe the?" Mohindar asked picking up his blue file and opening it. Brij panicked but calm downed as he saw his dad trying to figure out the paper but couldn't since he wasn't wearing his glasses. "Haan papa, woh Geet di ki shadi hai nah, so I was applying for a loan." "Loan?" asked Mohindar surprised. "Haan papa, mein nai chahta ki Geet ki shadi mein koi kaami rahe. I want it to be perfect jaisa app log chate hai. Aur phir Geet humara itna khayal rakhti hai, toh hum uske liye itna toh kar hi shakte hai nah?" Brij said smiling. Mohindar placed his hands on his head and said. "I am happy that you are taking your responsibility as a brother. Har bahi behan, maa, baap ka sapna hota hai ki woh apni beti ki shadi dhoom dham se kare. Agar tum yeh sab Geet ke liye karna chate ho toh mein tumhe nai rokunga." "Thanks papa. Par yeh geet hai kaha?"


On the other hand, a girl came out of her office running and went and set on her scooty. She placed her helmet on and drove out of the parking lot. She went and stopped at the pharmacy and bought the medicines and few the necessary shops and took her route home. She went and parked in the corner and went inside. All were in the living room. "Yeh lo agai humari geet." Mohindar said. Geet came and hugged him."Papa yeh aap ki tablets aur yah aap ke liye ek chota sa gift."She said handing him a box. Mohindar open it and it was his new glasses. "Beta yeh..."  "Kuch nai hai papa. Aap humare liye itna karte hai toh kiya hum nai kar sakhte?" geet asked hugging her mom. "Acha Geet sun, sham ho gai hai, chal jaldi se teyaar ho jao." Rano told her pushing towards her room. "Aur haan, neat se ready hona, woh jo sari meine tere liye liya tha nah, wohi pehena." Geet looked at her confused. "Lekin kyon maa?" "Kyun kya, kuch guest aa rahe hai, is liye. Chalo Meera, help geet." Meera nodded and Geet guessed the situation. "Aap ne mujhe phele kyun nai bataya?" she demanded folding her hands across her chest. "Agar bata dete toh tum manti? Phele bhi kitni ristoh ke liye mana kar chuki hai." "Lekin maa..." "Dekh beta, you are grown up now, at the age of marring. Hum sab chateh hai ki teri shadi hojaye kisi ache se ghar mein. Aur Dhruv acha lakha hai." Mohindar explained her holding her shoulder. "Par mein aap sab ko chordh kar nai jana chati." Geet said pouting. "Toh aaj hi koun sa jana hai, bas dhurv se mil le aur dekh ki woh tujh pasand hai ya nai." "Lekin..." "Lekin wekin kuch nai. Chalo jaldi se teyar ho jao. Meera di ki help karo."Rano said shoving Geet in her room and Meera went behind her. The guest came after an hour or so, Just Dhurv and his parents. Geet came out of the kitchen wearing a light blue sari with silver embroidery on it totally complimenting her. She had applied minimal makeup making her skin glow. She had a thin silver chain and a small earring on with few bangles on each hand. Dhruv was completely blown off by Geet and was just staring at her. His parents seemed happy too. Geet bought the tray of snacks and offered to Dhruv's parents. "Arre beta Dhruv ko bhi toh do." Rano shot geet a galre who was at the edge of running away. Geet went and lowered the tray towards Dhruv who was still staring at her in a daze. He just raised his hand and picked up anything from the tray not moving his eyes from geet. All noticed this and brij decided to help him. "Papa, I guess Dhruv aur Geet ek dusre se baat karna chate honge. Why not we let them talk alone for a while?" all agreed to this and Geet escorted Dhurv out. Both were walking side by side looking here and there not knowing what to say. Finally Dhruv spoke clearing his throat. "It's weird nah? I mean yese ladka ladki ka milna and all? Tum he pata hai tum pheli ladhki ho jise mein dekhne aya and trust me I am not regretting." Geet just smiled at him. "Acha waise tumne mere bare mein koi image toh bana hoga nah? So do I live up to it?" he asked curious. "Image?" Geet asked him confused. "Haan like how do I look and all. You know whether I have hair or I am bold, if my nose is tall or short or maybe whether I am fat or thin?" Geet let out a small soft laugh and replied him honestly. "Actually no, I didn't know that you were coming. I just got to know 15 minutes before aur woh bhi pakode banane mein nikal gaye. Waise aap ko toh pata tha, so did you imagine me?" Geet asked looking at him. Dhruv smiled. "I did, but you are more beautiful then what I thought.



Please hit the like button if you like the update and comments as well. Criticism is welcome as well. Please add me as a buddy if you want a pm, it will be easy for me.

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