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Casa Thread 3 72 A on 147!!! (Page 22)

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Originally posted by Souma.N

Ugh!!!! Aditi please post...I will go mad refreshing!

u need to appear in her dreams and tell   ...Confused

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Rups you also in office?
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Adiii !
Come back RIGHT NOW and POST !!!

Call karke bug karo koi usse !

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Originally posted by Souma.N

Rups you also in office?

yup, and guess wat I have nt done any official wrk since mrning, all I did  was spammin here nd refreshing  the page some 1000 times, phew !

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Part 69 A

Mistry Residence


 The Gujju-Panju wedding

Shantanu Gujral weds Khanak Mistry
9: 10 AM 
29th May 2011

Bai: Aap log andar aaiye (to the half dozen women and 4 or so men)

Aada steps out from inside wiping his glasses on the edge of his shirt.

Bua hands him a cup of tea. Dadi is sitting on the divan bed in the corner all smiles, she is bathed, prayed and all ready to start the big day in her grand daughter's life. There are random relatives everywhere. Someone has played shehnai in the sound system left behind by the DJ's upon Aada's request. The real shehnai has been ordered for Sarovar.

The Punjabi women, make themselves comfy, they are all wearing expensive designer sarees, and very little make up, as its "fashionable to go natural for a pooja"

Dadi: Hum log to bahut khush hai, ki Shaan ki shaadi Khanak se hai

Khanak's Dadi: Arey mera beta to 3 din se raat ko soya hi nahi (proud)

Bai: Aap log ke liye chai ya coffee?

Dadi: Kuch bhi, arey hum nashta bhi karenge.

Bai: Haan zaroor

Dadi: Hamari Khanak kahan hai?

Aada: Who shayad naha rahi hai (looks meaningfully at his wife) Subah haldi hui na uski. Bai is smiling so he understands all is well

Madz: Oh great! Itni subah? (impressed)

Bai: Haan hum log to 4 baje jag gaye the. Khanak 6 baje uthi

Ambika Chachi: Kal Mom jo haldi lekar aayi who use kiya na aapne?

Bai: (happy) Haan haan, wohi haldi, itr, chandan (Gujrals apparently only buy and use the real stuf, so all of it was the real deal)

Shaan's DadI: Hamare Shaan ka humne abhi kiya yahan aane se pehle. Who raat ko 2 baje tak conference call mein tha, Marriott mein

Only Aada understands what is being said

Shaan's Dadi: (looking kindly at Khanak's relatives) Kal raat ko 2 baje tak Shaan ko daftar ka kaam tha (repeats)

Madz rolls her eyes. Her sister doesn't agree so she pitches in with Dadi.

Bai is smiling so he understands all is well

Aada: Ritu! Ritu! (calls out louding from the foot of the stairs, while kids push and shove to get past him to chase the others in a hide and seek game)

Aada: Ghar par mehmaan hai beta bahar khelo (in Gujarati)

Shaan's Dadi: Ghar ke andar to garmi nahi hai.

Aada gets the cue and turns on two of the three ACs that are placed on wheeled trolleys. There is a shamiana covering the outside verandah that is actually beating some of the May heat.

Ritu steps down wearing her capris and a tee

Is embarrassed to see so many people

Madhavi smiles at her warmly, Ritu does a Namaste aunty to her

Aada: khanak kahan hai?

Ritu: who abhi nahaakar nikli, bulaati hoon (is excited, sprints upstairs singing a tune)

Khanak steps out of the shower, Bai has asked her to wear something grand, she is wearing a dark blue and gold silk salwar suit, her hair is wet, she stands in front of the mirror mounted on the Godrej door. Her heart cartwheels when she looks at her reflection. Her arms are covered in deep red mehandi, she is wearing the diamond pendant Dadi brought for her two nites ago. She smells like roses. Her hands tremble as she reaches for the claw clip to tie her hair.

Ritu reaches, panting "Chal ready ho ja, mystery, neeche sab aa chuke hain"

Her clips slips from her hand and falls to the floor.

Khanak: in a minute (trying to sound calm, the cart wheels intensify, and she is unable to tie her hair with the clip)

Ritu: Mujhe de, let me do it!

She hands it to her

Ritu looks at her flushed nervous face, Khanak's eyes are terrified.

Ritu: youll be OK dummy!

Khanak: You think so?

Ritu: I know so!

Khanak: what was I thinking?

Ritu: About what?

Khanak: Mujhe shaadi ke liye mana kar dena chahiye tha nahi? I mean this would have been just a regular vacation, I would have slept in, gone shopping with Sonal, help Bai clean the kitchen and took Dadi to the temple (laments the bygone days)

Ritu: you can still do that... if Shaan lets you visit (giggles)

Khanak: Please Ritu, aise mat bol

Ritu: Main kya keh rahi hoon? I just think he wont let you go out of sight.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

An extraordinary gush of thrill suddenly snakes through her body upon hearing that. It excites her and agitates her all at the same time. She knows, all these events, the meeting of families, the food, the music, the dancing, the rituals the traditions will all culminate in one thing. She knows it will happen sooner than later. The fear of unknown mixes with the thrill of curiosity and makes her gloriously pink.

Ritu: See! This is exactly what I meant!

Khanak: Kya?

Ritu: Just look at yourself. I haven't seen you look more beautiful. EVER!

Khanak wants to remind her of being a bride once

Ritu: Nahi Khanak, ab is baar kuch alag hai! (somber but firm without mentioning or reminding her friend of grief... ending the topic right thereClapClap)

Khanak: Kya alag hai?

Ritu: I have not seen this glow on your face ever before. I haven't seen you so flustered. I haven't seen you so overwhelmed. You seem like you are in a daze the past 5 months.

Khanak: Aisa nahi hai

Ritu: Aisa hi hai. You may be 50 feet away from each other in a room but to me you guys seem like you are in each others arms. That's definitely something. That kind of attraction happens in one in a million couple.

Khanak: He oozes s-- appeal, he would do that to any girl

Ritu: Nope! I don't see it with Nivs, or me, or any one else. Lets not discuss that now. Sab neeche wait kar rahe hain. Jan bhi tu aayegi Chembur next time, agle do ya teen saal mein, we can talk (winks)

Khanak: Ya right! Main June 13the ke weekend aa rahi hoon

Ritu: chalo theek hai calendar mein likh deti hoon (disbelief)

Khanak: Don't believe me... (shrugs)

Ritu smiles smugly but doesn't argue

Khanak: Kaun hai neeche? (afraid)

Ritu: Relax, Shaan nahi aaya aaj

Khanak: (controlling the flip flop of the heart) Thanks!

Khanak: chalen? (nervous)

Ritu: Ruk dupatta le le (gets it from the bed and drapes it on her) Gosh! You look so pretty with that fresh mehandi.

Khanak: Thx, tu chalegi mere saath?

Ritu: to Malabar Hill? Sorry boss, cant do!

Khanak giggles " Neeche you dummy"

Ritu: Haan Malabar Hill kyon lekar jaayegi mujhe? (upset)

Khanak: Really? Do you want to get married to him? I just want to run away"

Ritu: I will tell him where you went and send him after you (deep serious)

Khanak's mouth goes dry.

Ritu: "Lets go! SMILE!" have fun. Laugh, enjoy, eat and relax, I wont say sleep because who to tu kar nahi paayegi" (smug)

Khanak punches her arm

Ritu: Aaah!

They walk downstairs. All eyes turn towards her. She sees a quick spark of approval in Madz's eyes.

Dadi is proud and beaming.

Khanak's family hovers around her at the foot of the stairs. Mehul, are asleep, some other teens as well, Some female relatives who were busy in the back courtyard peek and finding Khanak, decide to gawk. They form layers between Khanak and her new family

Bai: usko yaha aane do!

Khanak is super embarrassed by all the attention. The madness and hoopla sorrrounding this wedding is no match to the quiet Gujju only wedding to Sooraj. Street kids are gawking at the rows of Mercs parked outside, the 6 white uniformed men driving them are smiling and warding off kids that are trying to climb it.

Shaan's Dadi: Shaan to aaya nahi, par tumhaare liye message bheja hai

Khanak's eyes immediately fly to Dadi, she is blushing, but Dadi's eyes are dancing with mischief she has her arms open, Khanak hesitantly walks up to her, dadi hugs her, Khanak touches Dadi's feet  all Dadi can manage with her painful emotionally clogged throat is "Sada Suhagan raho!"

It means a lot to Khanak. She knows what it is like not to have that wish granted or snatched .

She goes over and gets ashirwad of all the women guests.

Sunil and Aada are chatting, Sunil gets up just as she tries to touch his feet

Sunil: Hamare mein betiyan kabhi pair nahi chooti (he is teary eyed too hugs her warmly)

There is not one dry eye in the room.

Sunil: How are you beta? Ready to live with that impossible son of mine?

A blushing khanak can only manage a faint nod.

Sunil: He is extremely serious about his career, and has too much fun when he is done with work. You can do pretty much what you want with him! (guffaws at his own joke)

Madz: Sunil! Khanak, Shaan is not as infuriating as my husband makes him out to be . Youll be fine! (back handed, and defsnive abt her son)

Khanak: Jee aunt... Mom?

Madz looks at her directly upon being addressed like that and smiles slowly politely not revealing if she liked it or not

Nandini Maasi: She is a quick learner Madz, I told her once, she got it!

Ambika: She is very smart, quiet, but smart

They all hug her and make polite conversation. She sits by Madz and asks her where she has shopped etc. She asks her if she can help her find anything to take back home. Nandini is very impressed, Ambika Chachi promises to return every year to shop for gifts for friends to take to Melbourne. Khanak shares everything she knows about "high end" shopping.

Dadi notices how Khanak effortlessly uses the word "Mom" in her conversation now, she smiles but doesn't say anything

Both Dadis get ready for the pooja. The Gujju pandit gets a lesson on Kangan and chooda and Kaleera. Since its not a Gujju custom, her Aada decided to appoint a pundit to take care of everything.

Shaan's Dadi: Beta sar par dupatta le lo.

Khanak's heart starts to beat at a manic pace, she looks up at Ritu, she nods and signals "Stop worrying! You can't run away now, so stay put and just get married!"

Khanak is rooted to her spot, Boo gets up from her chair, she looks pleasant and happy, and helps her take that step forward

The pundit asks her to take a seat in front of the makeshift shrine in the corner of the living room, he applies a teeka on her forehead, and ties the sacred thread or 'mouli' ther right wrist. The 'mouli' has an iron 'challa' (bracelet) tied to it along with turmeric sticks, 'supari' (betel nut) and 'kaudis' (shells). The thread has  many knots as possible in order to make it difficult to untie later!

The groom's family laugh at Khanak's expense with a lot of nudge nudge wink winks. Bai is curious Dadi explains the thing will be untied by Shaan later.

The mention of his name sends a squirt of color shooting across Khanak's face.

Since the maternal Uncle presents the chooda, Khanak doesn't have any, her Kaka doubles up as Uncle for the ritual. Khanak is all smiles.

Chuda Chadana: EmbarrassedEmbarrassedAdorning the bride with the ivory bangle presented to her by her maternal uncle. Four unmarried girls from the bride's family Vandu Souma (ta-da!) Sonal and Ritu are quickly summoned (Mitali is still young so she is out), they show up dressed in their best pre wedding outfits, giggling and razzing Khanak Di. They pose for too many pictures, and video moments, Shaan's Dadi has to finally bring some discipline and orders the girls to do their jobs. Khanak's Kaki slides the chooda on to her wrist, playing the role of "Mami" The four unmarried girls of marriageable age surround the bride and drape a red 'dupatta' on her while the 'mami' puts on the 'chuda' for her. The girls also adorn the bride's hands with 'kaleeras'.

Once the kaleeras are tied firmly the girls are seated and Khanak is asked to bring her hands together and tap them on top of the girls' heads in a ritual much like the symbolic "bouqet throwing" ritual at Christian weddings.  The kaleeras ring on top of every head, the women joke about 4 weddings happening all at the same time. The girls giggle and squeal "Hame nahi karni abhi shaadi" "Agar Shaan Jiju ki tarah handsome ho to chalega"   Ritu's "Mera number to lag chukka, tum teeno ki baari hai"

Madz is curious asks her who the guy is, Ritu chats with her. Khanak talks with Ambika Chachi and her daughter Ujjwala. Ujjwala is bubbly chirpy and talks non stop. Khanak finds it hard to keep up with her. Sunil nods at her in a "Phew! You can talk with her don't make me do it!"

Dadi, Madz and Ambika chichi adorm her with jewelry. The Gujju clan looks on their jaws dropping at the affluence and the jolly nature of most women.

Khanak is asked if she ate anything Dadi says olden days custom warrant the bride to fast until the pheras are done, but many these days don't, and its not necessary. Khanak has only had two cups of tea. She quietly decides to forgo all meals.

Dadi's cell phone rings, people are chatting and laughing, breakfast is brought out. Ritu runs upstairs to bring her phone. Aada and Sunil and Kaka step out and stand under the shamiana to chat. Sunil's brither Anil is on the phone.

Dadi: Hi! My fave grandson

Shaan: Hi! Dadi.

Dadi: Kya hua beta?

Shaan: I have to go to Marriott for a quick call (sheepish)

Dadi: Nope! Sorry, I told you that at 7 this morning. I cant change my mind

Madz over hears, "Whats wrong Mom?"

Dadi: He has work, and so wants to go to Marriott.

Madz grabs the phone and admonishes him, Dadi asks her to be gentle

Madz smiles and returns the phone

Dadi: Have you eaten breakfast?

Shaan: yep! Omelettes and toast!

Dadi: Just for today Shaan, you can do what ever you please tomorrow, that is if Mrs Gujral will let you (giggles) Tongue

Shaan: I had no idea you did theatrics? Big smile(mocking)

Dadi: Oh! You have no clue!Wink

Dadi signals Khanak, she readies to get up, Dadi asks her not to move, enjoys the image of her sitting dressed as a bride, the two dozen burgundy and ivory bangles, the kaleeras, the multiple strings of chains and necklaces around her neck the smudge of red teeka on her forehead, the nervous expression, the shy look, she feels her new DIL is absolutely beautiful

Dadi(into the phone) hang on a second some one here wants to talk with you.

Shaan: Her Dad?

Dadi has started walking with the phone and its no longer in her ear, so she doesn't hear Shaan's question.

She walks over to her and hands her the phone just as Khanak's Dadi invites her to look at somethings they've bought for Khanak.

Khanak is chatting with Nandini Mausi and Ujjwala all at the same time, she takes the phone. She has no idea who it is.

Khanak: Umm... hello! (husky)

Shaan: Hey!

Two hearts 12 kilometers from each other somersault exactly at the same nano second


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im so so so so sos os dead i cant wait fr this wedding d ultimate one:)

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angel_9 Goldie

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wow amazing update...

loved it...

awesome & superb description...wedding rituals...

wow line in blue...& pink...wonderful...

waiting for their wedding now...

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SachDJ Goldie

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Thanks Aditee,
Now I can sleep. You got it beautifully...it is perfect. loving it. Its like attending a wedding after ages. Thanks for such a lovely update, so late at night.Smile

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