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Casa Thread 3 72 A on 147!!! (Page 141)

SachDJ Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by togepe30

Originally posted by deepa_01

@vandu..Rohan Mehra ko rakh le..mujhe tou Samar mil gaye hainEmbarrassed!!besides any idea abt the nxt update?
Ooo...Samar !! Kahaa hai Jee Ju..LOL
Mext Update - Dunno...M scared to ask Adi...she will throw chappals at me...Poor thing has already posted 3 parts...Ab kya jaan le lu uskiLOLLOL

Aditee Maine nahi kaha, "innocent face", par yeh ladki itna keh rahi hai to Update kar do yaar.Smile

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Part 71

The new Mrs Gujral

4:40 AM

May 30th 2011

There is loud clapping and whistles again. Khanak's eyes are closed she is just "feeling" the moment. Her husband returns the maang teeka pendant to its place and returns the ring back to the gold container

Madz (to her sister) Koi isko tissue do!

Shaan grabs the tissue and quickly rubs his fingers, she opens her eyes, Bai and Aada are standing in front, she looks up at them, and quickly is up herself to hug them tight. He is so overwhelmed emotionally she is unable to say a word. They stand there for a few minutes that way, the threesome in a tight squishy hug

Then her Dadi and her family streams in to congratulate followed by her new in-laws, Dadi and Maasi and Chacha's family, followed by Rahat-Noor; Ram Renuka Aman-Saaz; Ritu Kritik; Viren-Nivs, the brigade of young girls lastly the guys, and then Pradeep and his wife and Dharam and his wife.

Friends, neighbors they are all happy, they will talk about the wedding, the man and Khanak for a long time.

Pandit brings out a tray of sweets and hands some to Shaan, he feeds Khanak her first bite as husband, she follows suit except she looks at a spot somewhere behind his ear instead of his eyes, while feeding him

Bai: Khanak kuch kha le beta

Khanak: Hmmm''' paani?

Madz: Shaan would you like something to drink?

Her in laws discover she has been fasting, they are shocked.

Shaan's Dadi: Kyon beta?

Khanak: Its OK Dadi main bilkul theek hoon (hugs Dadi)

Shaan: can she get something to eat quickly? (looks around)

People scuttle all around trying to bring her something to eat

Khanak: I am OK

Shaan: If you've starved for a day, no! You are not! (pissed)

Khanak looks at her Bai "Bai sabko kyon bola?"

Shaan: Get something to drink first!

Akshay brings some bottled Tropicana apple

Akshay: khanak, here you go!

Reassures her parents not to run around trying to find juice

Someone brings  a paper cup, she has some juice, it makes her acidic.

Her husband cannot go too far as the thing is tied between them.

He is standing with friends chatting, she is a few feet away surrounded by friends and family.


DJ: So Jeeju?

Shaan: Shaan is fine (grinning)

DJ: Returning home barefeet?

Shaan: Pretty much!

DJ heckles and nudges the girls looks at Khanak "Kya yaar tera hubby itna kanjoos?"

DJ: Yaar phir aap hamari Khanak ko yahi chhod jao, aap itne kanjoos ho?

Shaan: Nope! I cant!

Khanak feels the warmth rush to her face

Khanak: I will tell dadi?

DJ: Ofcourse not! Abhi se pati ko defend kar rahi hai? (winks)

Khanak: Oh! No! Go after him then! (smiles)

DJ: To "Jeeju"

Shaan: Hmm

DJ: Chaliye deejiye

He taps Akhil's shoulder, Akhil turns around to find "paradise" a bunch of girls

His most favorite, of all Souma.

By now the pairings are complete


Samar Narang-Deepa



Akhil: Kya bhayya?

Shaan: Do you have cash on you?

Akhil: AUD? I do! INR nahi hai bhayya (in broken Hindi to impress Souma)

Souma: You should take that home, we honor only Indian here.

Akhil I will go get some for you then (just to her!)

DJ: Plan kyat ha aapka?

Shaan: yahi, Rs 100 per head?

DJ: khanaaak Kitna cheepad hai rey tera pati! (shrieks)

Khanak looks at her husband

He has a totally challenging look for her like saying "Wanna argue honey?".

She looks away!

Deepa: Is se zyaada to hamey joote bechkar mil jaayenge

Souma: Chal hum sab log Jeeju ko eke k pair jooti khareed denge. Gosh! Jeeju! (disgusted)

Shaan: How about Rs.200 per head

DJ: Chhheee!

Shaan turns around and whipsers something into Prad's ears, he sprints away.

Shaan: There is over 10 of you girls, abhi that's too expensive, agreed the jooti is hand crafted and all, but itaint worth more than Rs.5000, so lets cap it at Rs 500.

Souma: uggghh!

Vandu: He shud just be barefeet the rest of his life, Khanak can you please go throw all his shoes from your 9th floor apartment

Khanak: will do!

Shaan gives her a "Now! Really?"

DJ: "Jeeju" hum atleast Rs.2000 per head lenge!

Shaan: Ouch! Aint happenin!

Dadi walks up with a sack.

DadI: Kaun mere pote ka mazaak uda raha hai

Souma: Dadi aapka pota ekdum kanjoos hai!

Dadi: Nahi to!

Vandu: Hum to Khanak Di  ko yahi rakhne ki soch rahe hain!

Dadi: Who to hoga nahi! (hugs Khanak)

Turns to Shaan, "haan bhai tumne kitne ki baat ki?"

Shaan: Now'.. rs. 1000 per head

Dadi: beta, bahut zyaada hai! (shocked)

The girls are really upset, but smile anyway

Dadi digs into her bag and says "Lekin main to sirf Rs.200 ke hisaab se laayi hoon"

And produces a red Tanishq earring/ring box, and hands it to DJ

DJ opens it to find the cutest pair of earrings inside!

DJ: Dadiii

Jumps up and down and hugs her!

The other girls, mujhe bhi dikha!

Dadi: Kya dikha, yeh lo tum sab

Hands one to each, they all touch Dadi's feet or attempt to but she says "Betiyan Lakshmi hoti hain"

They hug her, she is laughing hard

Shaan looks at his wife with the most intense expression

The guys are happy that their "girls" are happy!

Someone runs inside and grabs his jootis

DJ: khanak! What a guy! I am impressed

Dadi: Guy kya? Main laayi hoon! What a chick bolo!

They all laugh and squeal

Madz:Chalen? Already 5 baj gaye, Khushboo bechari soyi nahi.

She walks up to her new daughter in law "Chalo beta, we should go"

Sunil, Anil, Nandini's husband they all line up to talk about who will take which car back," converstaions that are routine in affluent families" she thinks.

Bai sprints up and offers her a bowl of khichri, its still warm, Khanak is surprised

Bai says she had asked for it to be made with dinner last nite and put it away, she feeds Khanak a few spoons, her Aada feeds his baby also. Its 5 AM no time to eat khichri  so she is unable to eat.

Ritu: Mystery, sorry ab Gujral ka koi derivative banana padega

Khanak smiles :You could call me mystery"

Ritu: I could if your hubby wont kick my b---

The use of the word hubby for the first time sends Khanak's heart rate soaring.

"It is true then" "It is true" "I am his wife now" "Shantanu Gujral's wife"

She can hear her husband talking about some "Boston red Sox" game with Samar.

He calls out to Akshay to bring his phone, Akshay says Dadi's got it, she appoints Akhil to get it.

Khanak has no idea where hers is even.

Prad walks up to her "Welcome to the Gujrals Khanak!"

Khanak: Thanks! (smiles)

Prad: So can I ask you something?

Khanak nods, Prad "What was that status message about?

Khanak: Oh! Just nothing!

Shaan has to return, since he has eyes in the back of his head

Prad: You must tell me otherwise I will lose my bet with Akhil!

Khanak: Ha ha!

Shaan:That would be a good thing then, so you don't need to know (lazily mocking)

Khanak:Its OK! (looks at her husband, he has the most inscrutable expression)

Prad: Is it about taking time off?

Khanak: Close!

Prad: So?

Khanak: I was going to return to work on the 13th  now it may be the 7th (lies through her teeth)

Shaan is not angry at the preponement, which shocks her no end. She is confused

Ritu walks up, tere who do green Samsonite hai na?

Runs away when Khanak nods

Ram and Renuka walk up and hug her.

Ram: Don't worry about work Khanak and that's an order!

Khanak:I don't worry about it I enjoy it!

Renuka: He says that all the time about you. You guys must plan a trip to Kerala backwaters sometime

Ram:Where are you going anyway? Oh right, Khanak told me, US?

Shaan:Boston, Chesapeake Bay!

Renuka: How lovely, I am glad its not Singapore or Dubai

Shaan smiles

Khanak is embarrassed

Renuka :Paln for Kerala also

Shaan:I would LOVE to!, may be a month or two after we return and get caught up at work?

Ram: Sounds fair! Oh BTW, I have reqs open to hire a bunch of people for Certosa

Khanak: so did we get it? (her eyes sparkle)

Ram grins indulgently "Yes, its yours ONLY if you promise to take an extra week off"

Khanak blushes "Fine!  I will work from home then" (smiles)

Ram: No you will not!

Khanak is very happy!

Ram and Shaan talk about work Renuka starts talking with Saaz and Nivs

There was so much to look forward to today onwards''''

Her heart raced in anticipation, work, her "own home" and ofcourse the new entity called HUSBAND!

Dadi: Beta Bidai ki tayyari ho gayi!

Her heart stops beating

Khanak: Jee Dadi!

Most people have boarded their cars or the bus, the bride's family has found warm nooks in the hall and spread dhurries and rolled up dhurries to form pillows and are ina horizontal position, some are half asleep

The shehnai starts playing the "Babul songs" for the billionth time, the 20 something girls chatter and giggle.

Someone hands some puffed rice to Khanak, she tosses it over her head.

Her parents hug her and so does Ritu

Khanak is sobbing

Ritu: Dahej mein main chal sakti hoon kya?

Shaan: Ofcourse! (hugs her warmly, she sobs into his chest) Silly girl!

Ritu: I hate you Gujral! You stole my friend!

Shaan (looking at his teary eyed wife straight in the eyes) I did!

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by lghosh

I have a feeling the next update will be on the next thread!! 10 pages left, spamming jaari rakho ladkiyon!
Ms. Vond (Vandu + Bond) I certainly MAY!! LOL Free country hai yaar & if u r publicly ahem ahem then what privacy r u talking about?? LOLLOLLOL
Eee...No NO...Dont call me VondConfused...Sounds super creepyLOLLOLLOL
And the song here it is,
Ohh !! *runs to listen*
And 'meye' in bengali means 'girl' so 'meye ta' means this girl. Big smile
Ok bye for now, majdoori pe jaana hai so will see u later in the day!!
Enjoy the majdoori...I had a horrible day at my majdooriLOL
Have fun dreaming & spamming.
And u have fun pretending to be attentive at work...its a right task...with CASA being updated...Ask me...I put up such a straight and serious face pretending to be taking care of recruitment...while I am reading CASA every morningLOLLOL

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SachDJ Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Aditee...awww thanks yaar...is shan se baat kar ke main dhanya ho gayi Wink, real life mein na sahi CASA mein hi...They don't come like this anywhere in reality.

Again subah subah rula maat kaam pe jana hai, already late hoon. Love them both,

Thanks for the upadtes, I cannot imagine how much time you are investing with CASA, we are loving every minute of. You are a rockstar.

Now for the fun part. "rubs my hands in glee"... fireworks display.

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged

Vandu: He shud just be barefeet the rest of his life, Khanak can you please go throw all his shoes from your 9th floor apartment

Adiii...U know me sooo wellLOLLOLLOL I was actually thinking that only and then I read you had written it as my dialogue...*Muah*LOLLOLLOL 
Congratz Souma !!!!! *hugs*
Akhil: AUD? I do! INR nahi hai bhayya (in broken Hindi to impress Souma)

Souma: You should take that home, we honor only Indian here.

Akhil I will go get some for you then (just to her!)

*Nudges Souma * Ooohh !! Nice catch ...huh ! WinkWinkWinkWink
Rohan - What abt me?Embarrassed
Vandu - U? U wait till Khanak leaves...We need to talk ! Angry
Rohan - Oh No ! That doesnt sound good ! Confused
Vandu - U bet its not...Starting from now...U will stay 2 feet away...but not out of sight mind you ! WinkLOLLOL
Rohan - Why? ConfusedOuch
Vandu - Lana is keeping an eye...I dont want more gossip than is already floating around... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Hahahaha !!LOLLOLLOL Ye madness zyada hi ho raha hai !! Putting an end to it hereLOLLOLLOL

Edited by togepe30 - 26 May 2011 at 9:22am

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SachDJ

Now for the fun part. "rubs my hands in glee"... fireworks display.
Wicked Laugh !!
I can foresee that everyone here is gonna go Cheap at the Chesapeake Bay with their Rangeeli imaginationsLOLLOLLOLLOL

Edited by togepe30 - 26 May 2011 at 9:48am

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k.krithika Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
Hi Aditee Smile
I am speechless i don't know what to type after reading the lovely parts its just awesome loved it all Heart
I just want to say one thing Part 70D was the best part. I too had tears in my eyes u described it so well its simply the best part ever. I dont know how to appreciate ur writing u are mindblowing Clap

Hats off to ur writing. I take a bow Clap

Thanks a lot for writing to us everyday Big smile
Enjoying every part its just amazing Big smile
Casa is awesome love it very much Heart
A big thank u  to  u and all our dear friends. I am enjoying and having so much fun in Casa Thread Big smile
Love u all Hug

Aussiegal Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Hi Adi,  
Finally caught up properly with all the chapters. (was only hap-hazardly reading it while trying to study). Exams are over and its total CASA time now. Got a long weekend coming up in the UK and I intend to re-read this wonderful love story from page 1.
When asked what as the first thing I plan to do after my exams, I thought - read CASA.So much has happened. I can't even begin to analyse it! And I'm not going to. Just going to enjoy the experience you've narrative!!
Can't wait for the next chapter as usual. Awaiting breathlessly.. Big smile 

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