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Casa Thread 3 72 A on 147!!! (Page 123)

aditee IF-Rockerz

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Part 70 C-ii

Dinner, havan, kanyadaan

May 30th 2011

12:00- 1:45 AM
Sarovar Portico

The wedding!

Ab chahe Maa roothe ya Baba yaara maine to haan kar li

Ab chahe sar phoote ya maatha maine teri baanh pakad li

Oh maine tujhse neeyat bhar li Maine haskar haami bhar li

Yaari chhoote na, kar li so kar li
(Source: Daag 1973, Lata, Kishore Da, Music: Burman Da)

Ritu: you guys look gorgeous together, hugs them both

Shaan: Hey! How are you?

Ritu: happy becoz Kritik is here

Ritu: congrats you two!

Shaan: Yep! Thanks!

Khanak: Thx (barely audible, her throat is dry, and her lips are numb)

Ritu: Yeh subah se tumhe kitna yaad kar rahi maloom

Shaan: Oh really? She must behoping for me to bail!

There is enough truth in that for her to make her do an eye contact

Khanak: No I was just looking for an opp to bail myself!

Ritu: the fact is you both are here, and that's what matters!

Shaan smiles. No further sparring is possible''.People start walking up the dais. Her parents, his parents. Hundreds of "Congratulations" are said and received.

100s of bouquets of flowers, bags boxes, gifts. Khanak manages to signal Ritu for water. She is beginning to feel cold with her exposed back. They haven't said one word to each other. Her half smile and his full are the only bits and bytes that have moved.

Akshay's friends, Sunil's friends, business acquaintances all make their way up, Shaan introduces over 50 people in a half hour

Madz: shaan: Arent you hungry?

Looks at Aada, "Abhi bus Karen? Shaan ko bhook lagi hogi (what about khanak?)

Aada: haan achha idea hai (he says something in Gujju to a guy near by)

Lous music starts playing again, the DJ has cleared the dance floor. Mistrys never had dance floors in their weddings. It's a special request from the groom's.

The first song obviously is Aiyvayi again, all the 10-20 year olds are on it.

Ritu, Mitali, Madz and Dadi walk them to the dining area. Ritu knows she is fasting the food is all vegetarian obviously, there is much criticism all around albeit hushed. The guys join in, they don't get any alchohol either, and those were Khanak's orders to her Aada, he wanted to somehow give in but she had personally called the caterer to ensure there was none

"Jisko peena hoga who apne ghar par peekar aayega".

They both exchange one last look before he goes away with friends, she wants to go sit down first.

Sunil walks up to her, she bends down to touch his feet "Kyon beta mujhe paap lagwa rahi ho, that was the last time, betiyan to Lakshmi hoti hai"

Her Bai and Aada join, followed by Dadi, Madz is fussing over her "baby"

Boos is sitting surrounded by a bunch of women including Nandini who is fussing over her like she was just about to deliver the baby. Akshay just rolls his eyes and walks to where Shaan is.

Aada: hamari Khanak aapke ghar khush rahegi.

Dadi: Iski guarantee main deti hoon aapko.

Bai: Arey pichle 4 din mein mujhe maloom chal gaya (beaming)Bua and Dadi walk up wanting a piece of limelight, literally as the video guy is filming

They strike up a convo with Shaan's Dadi looking at the camera consciously

Kaki joins themlaong with Ambika Chachi, Ambika Chachi shares the news.

Bai and Aada are overjoyed

Aada: Hamari Khanak gayi na wahan!

Sunil: Bilkul Bilkul

Khanak NOW understands the whole diva thing now

She smiles but as usual does not say a word

Khanak: Ritu tu ja na Kritik ke paas

Ritu: haan ab meri kya zaroorat?

Khanak: Koi zaroorat nahi. Mumbai nikal ja aaj raat ko (grins)

Ritu: How mean!

Khanak: I have no use for you anymore

She gives Khanak a squishy hug

Bai: khanak beta koi baat nahi kha le. Dadi to pareshaan ho gayi toone upvaas rakha, tu dubli bhi hai

Khanak: Nahi Bai (soft, firm)

Aada: Beta zidd nahi, yeh to unka riwaz hai, apna thodi hai

Khanak: nahi! (she has lost once in life, there was no way she will do it again for lack of following rituals)

Ritu: Aunty, main baat karti hoon aap log mehmaano ko dekho

Khanak: I wont eat Ritu!

Ritu: I KNOW that Mystery! I am OK with it! (smiles)

Khanak leans on her shoulder, "Bai aur Aada ki kaun care karega?" ( a lump forms again)

Ritu: Tu aur kaun? Intl Space station ki permanent crew banker ja rahi hai kya?

Khanak: Nahi to!?

Ritu Duffer''. CALL them everyday, visit when you can every decade (winks)

Shaan walks u with friends, Kritik walks up to speak with Ritu

Shaan: Khanak, meet my friends

Khanak: Hi! (Smiles)

Shaan: This is Arjun Wahi, this is Samar Narang

Khanak: Hi!

Arjun: cant wait for you guys to get to Boston, I live in Virginia.

Samar: And I in Raliegh.

Khanak: Oh!

Arjun: We thought your friends would prolong the jaimala but you girls gave up.

Khanak: Hmmm' (smiles)

Samar: I think I am in love with one of your friends.

Khanak: Oh! (like asking"who?")

Samar, the one in the orange lehanga.

Khanak: That's Deepa!

Samar: Don't worry I don't need intros I can do it myself! (grins)

Khanak nods

Arjun: Man! Gujral you were right, she DOES NOT SPEAK!

Shaan grins Khanak colors and starts to protest but gives up

Arjun: have you eaten yet?

Khanak: No! (smiles, as if that will make it equivalent to 10 sentences)

Shaan: its all vegetarian guys! (complains)

Samar: are you? (looking at Khanak)

Khanak: yep, a vegetarian, tree hugging, hippie!

They burst out laughing

Shaan has a "I told you so" look for that quick wit

Shaan: I am OK with the first and last, the middle one needs some work! (careless, mocking)

Khanak is mortified he would joke like that in front of his friends

Samar: He was pretty adventurous in college!

Khanak: I am shocked! (mocking, looking at her future husband )

Shaan: He means nature trails (softly)

Khanak: Did you spot birds & bees?

Arjun and Samar are turning the other way "Deepa spotting"


Aada walks up

Aada: Beta tumne kha liya?

Shaan: Jee Uncle! (goes to touch his feet)

Her Aada is proud and smug

Bai: Chalo beta pandit bula rahe hain

Its past 12:40 AM, they get seated around the havan, Shaan takes off his stylish jootis, DJ is hovering like a hawk she snatches it


Shaan: I think you can have those (grinning) I am never going to wear them again

DJ: Really? Not even back to the hotel. Your hotel must not have a sign "Shoes and shirt required at all times"

Shaan grins and quickly gives Khanak a look like he is saying "Man! Your friends are as quick witted as you are"

She smiles, but just signals DJ to walk away. The girls line up behind him Boo gets her own special chair while everyone is sitting on the dhurries. Bai, Aada, Khanak's family, Shaan's the guys are strategically placed next to the girls they dig.

Prad is sitting by Boo, staring at khanak.

Madhuperk ceremony happens Khanak gives Shaan  water three times. The pundit instructs him to sprinkle it first three times at his feet, the second time he sprinkles it all over his body and the third time to drink the water thrice. (mixture of curds, 'ghee' or clarified butter and honey.

Khanak starts feeling woozy as the ceremony progresses the heat from the havan stokes the fire on her cheeks. Here she was seated next to  a man she had no idea even existed 4 months ago.

He was bending down to listen to the pandit carefully, the words he did not understand he loked towards his Dadi, he was serious, concentrating, focused, solemn, much like the way he looked at work meetings, her heart raced.

There was such a classy elegance to everything he did, even Hindu rituals. His hands were well groomed,  tiny hairs peeked out of his sleeve, she was reminded of the touch, the first kiss in the rec room''''.. marrying the man!

Oh! How she fought it!"

The pandit invites her parents to scoot forward and states the mantras in Gujarati, transalates in Hindi for Shaan, basically as if Khanak's parents were asking if he would take her to be his wife.

Shaan: Jee!

That is all!

Her heart soars, some thing that is usually defined as ecstasy, elation, delight snakes through her being uncontrollably

Pandit asks Shaan to extend his right hand, he does, Khanak's right hand is in her Bai and Ada's palms. Pandit pours three spoonfuls of water and signals them to "transfer"

The shehnai starts up again, people clap and whistle, her hand gets placed on his!

His fingers close on her trembling hand in a warm, firm, solid grip!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by lghosh

Originally posted by -Ray-

Originally posted by lghosh

Originally posted by togepe30

Originally posted by lghosh

Souma for that kiss-e-dastaan...charan kothai tomar dao, akta pennam thuki!! LOL 
Souma ke charan pe thukna hai??LOL
Rupa eta paro, Vandur bangla translation of what I wrote to Souma!! I laughed whole heartedly!! ROFLROFLROFL


@ vandu  The Gr8 !!!
Souma ashar aage jodi ami chole jai oke eta pls forward kore diyo. Ooofff ja henshechhi ami na aaj!! LOLLOLLOL

Hahaha...! I thought it wud be hilarious to say that...
I know you meant sumthing like...- tumhare charan kaha hai/tum mahaan ho..
Souma wont have any reactions to this...She knows me too well...She expects nothing less from me...
I was waiting since yesterday for your reply on thisLOL

Rupa toh needs a reason to laugh at me *hmphh*LOL

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Vandu eat your heart out di
I numbered it statistically
Ab kya bigaad legi mera
Vandu kahin ki

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roadsidejunkey Goldie

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@DJ...Pradyun tou mauke pe chauka maar raha hain...watch out !!u knw wat!! i really love his name..Ads..itna sexy name kaha se layi!!i might name my son Pradyun in the future,if i end up having one in the future!

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SachDJ Goldie

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Aditee, Hug
I am feeling very emotional. Love the way Shan takes her hand. Love the way he is all serioud about the wedding...he is doing this real...He wants this, he will never let go...
I have a lump now. Khanak is a luckiest gal in the world tonight. she just doesn't know it yet. Shan knows already that he is luckiest guy on earth tonight.
Wish them the best ever  full of love married life. I love them both...Embarrassed
Thanks for the joote. I am going to get full vasolli for it.ROFL

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-Ray- IF-Dazzler

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@aditee ...Star
@deepa...congrats !!

@vandu ...Tongue

@ all...bye ! c u in the evening (mrning)  Smile

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by deepa_01

@DJ...Pradyun tou mauke pe chauka maar raha hain...watch out !!u knw wat!! i really love his name..Ads..itna sexy name kaha se layi!!i might name my son Pradyun in the future,if i end up having one in the future!
(In Hindi it transalates to Jaa rey)
Now you have to marry Samar Narang
Pradyun you will only look at as a "child"LOLLOL

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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Finally Caught Up 70c-i and Kanyaadaaan ...
Eye-Lockss ... These Two can set the Stage on Fire ...
Just By EyeLocks ... So Intense .. So Passionate ... !!!!!!!
Kanyaadaan ... Loved the Blue Line as Always ...
What a Love Story this is Gonna Be !!!!!!!
The Guy ... Passionate and Serious and Intense for the Gurl ...
The Gurl.. A Widow Getting a Second Chance at Love/Life ...
I had a Lump in My Throat tooo ...
Thank You Adits.. For describing it so beautifully ... Touching !

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