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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93 (Page 8)

Maaneet4eve IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
looking forward to the prom... Smile

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topsyturvy23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
hey congrats for the new thread...loved the updates till now
looking forward to more of ur pms

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butterfly.tanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Waiting 4 the next update..cont soon..

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 4:40am | IP Logged
wer r u ...

waiting ... come soon...

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
Hi waiting for the update...
when are you planning?

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Zaara07 Goldie

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 3:52pm | IP Logged here and guess wat..this time wid the Prom update.. ShockedYAY..yes..hehehe FINALLY..rite?..well i took my time to make it as interesting as i cud u guys have fun while reading it Wink..and it is a MAHA its longer than my usual updates..hope u all like actually love it..nice twist and turns are on their fasten ur seat belts..hehehehe..mujhe ijazat dain..and enjoy the update!

~Chap 30~


"Hi..aap Maan Singh Khurana hain?"..


"Main City Hospital se Dr. Shashank bol raha hoon..!..aap kal jis bachi ko lekar aaye thay..usi k liye aaj aapko hospital aakar police ko uss baaray main statement dena woh log apni investigation shuru karsakain".. he explained

"Oh ok!..aur woh bachi kesi hai!"

"Abhi hosh nahi aaya hai..lekin shez out of danger!"

"thank main kab tak aaon?..

"Aap bas abhi ajain.."

"oh ok!"..Maan ready and proceeded to the hospital


"yeh Maan kahan reh gaya!.." Geet who was ready and was waiting for him in the salon thought worringly..she checked the time on the phone and it was rite 8:28 pm

She sighed and again called Maan..

Hallow! Geet was relieved that he finally answered the call

"Hallow!..sorry Geet! Maine tumhari miss calls dekhi..Main rastay main hoon..aur bas 5 min. main bahar aanay wala ready..sab batata hoon milnay k baad..ok! driving so can't talk!"..wid that sed the phone was disconnected

Geet who was about to complain was quiet wid her mouth opened..she sighed again and put on the shawl and got out


It was dark..kinda chilly and moisty out as if it was going to rain..Geet was looking around when the black Mercedes stopped infront of her..she leaned and saw Maan was sitting on the driving seat..she quickly opened the door..fixed the shawl once again and sat in!..there was an exquisite scent spread in the car which attracted Maan and increased his curiosity to see her..

Maan looked at her..but cud hardly see her face properly coz of the dark..but her crystal like earings were shining in the shady atmosphere

"Sorry!" he sed as soon as she settled in her seat

"lekin tum thay kahan?" she asked

"jab main tum ko yahan drop karke ghar gaya so hospital se call aayee!..Woh uss din jo accident huwa tha..uskay baaray main Police ko mera statement chahiye tha..main kaafi der se wahin tha..socha tha itna time nahi lagay ga..lekin phir bachi k parents se bhi milna hogaya..aur itna time lag gaya.."..he explained while driving

"ohh!..ok..ab kesi hai woh bachi" she asked worringly

"Ab tou theek hai..lekin kaafi injured hai..itni choti bachi..aur itni takleef.." he sighed

"I hope she gets well soon..tum mujhe lekar chalo gai hospital..mujhe bhi milna hai ussay!" she requested hesitantly

"Sure!..main tumko kal he lekar chaloon ga" he was glad to hear that


Maan parked the car..and was about to get out when he turned on the light find his vest..still sitting on the driving seat..he bended over and started looking for it at the back seat which was encumbered wid his files and other bags

"yeh sab kya hai?..hamesha tou tumhari gaarhi aisee halat main nahi hoti"..Geet asked looking at the bags

" se aatay waqt socha k thora sa samaan uss bachi..Neha k liye leloon..when she will get better..will give it to her" he explained while searching

Geet was so touched and  amazed..there were so many different faces behind this 1 individual.. each of them totally different filled wid certain uniqueness..she loved to discover every hidden quality on unusual circumstances..she smiled

 "kya dhoond rahay ho?.. she finally asked him seeing him struggle wid the mess

Maan who was busy..for a second glanced at Geet and he couldn't peel his eyes away from the dim light of the car..he was finally able to see her face..her sparkling light brown eyes were brimming wid bafflement, her hair which were usually curled were straightened and were not tied up in a pony tail..the light pink gloss on her lips was the most attractive..he thought

"Maan"..her voice brought him back in his wits

Maan looked down for a moment embarrassingly.."woh meri vest!" that's all he cud say

Geet turned and picked up the jacket which was hidden behind his car seat.."yeh lo!"..

"Oh thanks!" he sed in a low tone lowering his eyes

"ab chalain?" Geet asked

Maan nodded

 "yeh shawl..yahan chorh main?.." she asked for his opinion

Maan shrugged..

Geet removed the shawl and moved her hair on her right side..Maan who was waiting for her to be done.. glimpsed at her exposed back ..he who never had seen Geet like that.. was stunned..

 Maan!..main theek tou lag rahee hoon na!? she asked nervously

"hmmm!"  his gaze broke and he looked away

"ch!" ..she didn't catch his reply and got out of the car..fixing her saaree

 "aur tum itnay simple..tayyar nahi huway!" she asked noticing his simple shirt and jeans

"haan woh time he nahi mila..isi liye sirf yeh vest.." he sed putting it on

"ohh..but u still look handsome!" she sed frankly

He slightly smiled.. the cute look on his face fascinated Geet for a few moments..she walked close and held his hand..


Maan who already was feeling unusual felt himself being magnetized toward Geet..

"Kya huwa?..Maan are u ok!?..tum bohot khamosh lag rahay ho..sab theek tou hai na" she asked noticing his quiet behavior

"Kuch nahi!..chalo..andar chaltay hain!"..he threw back all those weird thoughts by back of his mind and grinned

"Are u sure?"..she asked in concern

He nodded and both headed towards the hotel..


"hey..they are here!" some girl told the group..and they all rushed to Maan and Geet and started taking pictures..

Geet was surprised.."yeh kya hai?" she whispered leaning toward Maan..

"Kuch k log hain..dont forget Ma'm u r wid Maan Singh Khurana" Maan who used to this treatment whispered back while putting his hand around her waist

She looked at him surprisingly and he winked at her wid a grin on his face..after their photos were taken..people started asking him business related questions..and suddenly some1 asked about him and Geet..

"Mr. Maan..kya aap Ms. Geet k boyfrend delhi's one of the most eligible bachelor  ready to mingle!?

"I am at Prom wid Geet to enjoy wid her..and she won't like me to have a press conference here!..Rite Geet" he disclosed the question session throwing back all the attention to Geet..she just nodded wid a smile getting uneasy..and an incharge from University came and told the crowd to stop and enjoy the party

"Mr. Khurana!..Welcome to the party!" he invited them inside

It was dark wid nightspot lights like discotheque atmosphere..Maaneet walked to a corner table where Pinky and Adi were sitting..while walking to the table Geet cud notice almost every1's eyes were set on the couple..she was overjoyed

"Hey! Geet and Maan" Adi and Pinky both got up excitedly

"Finally u both are here!..waise party abhi start he huwi hai.." Pinky informed

"u look GORGEOUS ur outfit! Geet sed looking at her..

"thanks!..u too look sexy in saree!..yeh idea kahan se aaya"..

"Maan!" she told her excitedly..

"are u serious!" Pinky asked surprisingly

Geet nodded..

"that's Amazing!"..Pinky again commented

"hey Geet" Adi who was talking to Maan now talked to Geet..

"Hey Adi..u look Dashing!..really u both look perfect 2gether"

"u also look pretty!" he sed frendly

"Tum aur Maan bhi kuch kam nahi lag rahay..the hottest couple of the night!" she acclaimed wid a wink

Maan who was standing quietly stealthily looked at Geet who was smiling and seemed to be glad on the praise..her smile satisfied and pleased him.

They all sat around the encircling table..Geet sat next to Pinky facing Maan in front..while Adi was next to Maan facing Pinky..

"Pata hai Pinky..i guess tumhara idea..woh jealous karne totally rite" Geet told pinky in a very low tone

"really..dekha..kaha tha na maine" she was happy to hear that

Geet: haan..pata hai..maine notice kiya..main jab bhi kisi ladkay ki baat karti hoon..Maan ka chehra dekhnay wala hota hai!..bilkul police ki tarhan investigation shuru kardeta hai!..

Pinky chuckled..and Geet also giggled

"I hope yaar..u both get into a relationship together soon.."hopefully sum1 confesses tonite"..she teased

Geet shyly lowered her head..secretly looking at Maan who was talking to Adi

They all were talking..when DJ called couples on the dance floor

Adi asked Pinky..both head to dancing wid hands in hands..along wid other couple..while Maan and Geet both were still sitting at the table..both were looking around..Maan was confused about shud he ask her for dance before all couples start dancing..but he was late as the music was on and all the couples were dancing on the soothing rhythms

"Ahem!" he fixed his vest asking for her attention..Geet who was looking around..finally glanced at him

"so!?" Maan began the convo

Geet: so..Maan..

Maan: hmm!

Geet: saaree decorations achi hain na!..she sed looking around trying to begin a conversation

Maan : hmm..

Geet: kya hmm hmm..kar rahay ho..kabse note kar rahee hoon..meray saamne itnay khamosh kyun hojate ho?..koi baat hai kya..cum on Maan..if something is wrong..won't u share it wid me! main kuch huwa hai kya..ya phir yahan party main aana acha nahi laga..ya phir Prom main meri date bunker aanay main koi problem hai!..she was bothered wid his silence

Maan: Hey Geet!, aisa kuch nahi hai..bas main aisee parties main zyada nahi jaata..jaata bhi hoon..tou thora reserved rehta hoon!..

Geet looked at him: iska matlab tum kisi ladki k saath date par bhi nahi gaye!..bas business parties main jaatay ho!..

Maan: yes Ma'm..No time for dates in my life!

Geet: lekin yahan tou hum dono date par ab yeh line tum par suit nahi karti!..she tried to tease him

Maan: ohh!..hum date par aai hain?..main tou samjha hum prom par aaye hain
Geet: haan..lekin prom par tou aik doosray ka partner aka date bunker aaye hain..she described

Maan: DATE?  woh kya hoti hai!..Date par kya karte hain Geet!? a glint of glee playing on his face

Geet gave him an annoyed stare: Maaan!

Maan hid his smile..and carried on his innocent look on his face.."Kya GEET!..maine kaha na main kabhi date par nahi gaya!"

Geet: ab mujhe sach main yaqeen agaya hai k tum kisi ladkee k saath date par nahi gaye!..

Maan: Kyun?

Geet: bas pata chal gaya..she sed looking away

Maan: Kya?..kya matlab

Geet: matlab yeh k main kabse tumhare saath hoon yahan..aur tumne mujhko aik nazar dekh kar yeh bhi nahi bataya k main kaisee lag rahee hoon.. she complained while moving down her fingers smoothly through her long hair

Maan who listened to her complaint lifted his head..and looked at her wid the corner of his eyes

"Abhi tou adi aur Pinky ne tumhari tareef tou kii hai k tum kaisee lag rahee ho.." he responded wid his eyebrow inching up slightly

"Tch!..woh tou who hain na..tum tou nahi..tumhari baat aur hai!" she was getting tired of explaining him..

"Meri baat aur hai ka matlab?" he asked acting to be naive

"u knw wat Maan..forget it!..mujhe nahi sunni apni tareef" she was aggravated..she furiously got up..and walked to the bar counter where all the drinks were being served..and stood in the corner..she started looking around..trying to avoid Maan who was still sitting at his spot watching her..then she noticed some girls came over the table and started talking to him..she turned ..and saw he was talking to them but looking at her..she fumingly turned and pretended not to be bothered..

"Jealous mujhe karna tha isko..aur yahan  main jal rahee hoon!..Mujhe mini dress nahi lenay dee..aur doosri mini dress waliyon se hans hans kar baatien kii jaa rahee hain..! she was furious..

then she saw a guy from her economics class..sitting at the counter alone..she walked to him and started talking..after a minutes or two she stealthily looked back to check on Maan..and to her surprise Maan was not there..she turned and started looking for him..when some1 pat her on the shoulder..she looked back and saw Maan smiling mischievously..she gave him an angry stare..and walked out of the hotel..

Realizing that he annoyed her..and that too at prom..he followed her to say sorry..seeing her going towards the car..he almost ran to catch up

"Geet!"..he called reaching to the corner of the parking lot..

"Maan Please!..ab mujhe yaha nahi larhna hai!"..she was pissed..and replied to him trying to avoid to look at him

"I am sorry!" he sed breathing heavily

"Mujhe wapas ghar  jaana hai!" she demanded

Maan walked close to her.."sorry..atleast aaj tou mujhe tum ko nahi sataana chahiye!" his voice was very husky..she looked at him..when suddenly it began to rain..Geet looked up worrying her makeup wud wash away and her hair wud be a mess..Maan held her hand and they both ran..Geet was about to go in..when Maan stopped her..and took her to a unknown back side

"yeh kahan agaye hum..wapas chaltay hain..koi agaya tou!" she sed looking around..where some trucks were parked

"Geet..yahan koi nahi aayega..yeh hotel k peechay ka hissa hai!" he sed looking at her..

"Tumko kaise pata"..she asked wondering..

"Woh"..Maan was about to tell her when she interrupted..

"Wait a minute..kahin tum..yahan..meri tarhan..kisi aur ladki k saath!.."..she taunted

"GEET!" this time Maan was offended by her comment

"yeh hotel humne he banaya hai..Khurana construction..aur yahan kay architects meray he team k under kaam kartay thay!.." he explained

Geet was remorseful..but pretended to be ok.."Sorry!" she sed coldly looking at the ground..

"It's ok..!..mujhe bhi maaf kardo!" he also apologized

"Jaane do Maan..hum hamesha larhtay he rehtay hain..main he pagal hoon..k aaj raat kuch or expect kar rahee thi!." Wid that sed she began to leave when Maan held her hand..and pulled her close

"U r rite!..hum hamesha larhtay he tou rehtay hain..ab nahi larhay gain..such..promise!" he sed looking in to her eyes..Geet who believed him..rolled her eyes..sighed and lightly smiled .."chalo!"

"ruko tou"..he stopped her.. His hands were still wrapped around her wrist

She looked in his eyes..there was something different than usual..

"woh mujhe poochna tha..k kya expect kar rahee theen tum!" he asked lowly, breathing into her  ear while his hand stroke her back teasingly..Geet tried to get away..but his grip tightened..she sighed..embarrassingly in enjoyment under his attention. His warm breaths sent shivers up to her spine..her eyes fluttered closed..feeling his touch against her skin

"Maan..jaane dou na!" she told him to let her go wondering y was she doing that ..Wasn't this what she'd been wanting, time alone with him!..and that too just like that

"Ahan!..abhi nahi..pehlay jawab dou!" he sed wid a playful grin

Geet bit her lower lip..and lowered her eyes..she wanted to admit and confess..but her heart was leaping in her chest..thinking about what shud she say

Gathering all her courage she looked up at him..who was waiting for her..and she was already lost in his eyes.."woh tou main.."..she felt as the words were stuck in her throat                   _________________*~*Heart*Heart*Heart*Heart*~*________________

Acha chalo choro..aik akhri baat..apni tareef tou sunlo!"..he teased impishly

"Mujhe nahi sunna!.." she slightingly moved away

"Kyun" he asked wid confusion in his eyes

"kyunki woh tareef he ehsaas dilanay k baad sunnay ko milay!" she turned away  wid a solid expression on her face..Maan who was standing rite behind her..cudnt stop himself but stare at her bare back..he stepped closer

"aur agar main batana chahoon tou!" his hand softly traced patterns and rubbed back and then gradually her neck ,brushing over her pulse made Geet weak..she turned and now was in front of him. His eyes, those almond eyes, fixate on hers..the sudden flash of light grabbed their attention..

"Chalo Maan..let's leave!" Geet who became nervous grabbed his hand and took him out of the place..


"Yaar..kahan chalay gaye thay tum log!?" Adi asked Maaneet

"woh Maan apni car main apna wallet bhool gaya woh lenay gaye thay" Geet made an excuse

Pinky: lekin prom main paison ki kya zaroorat hai..hum sab ne tou pehlay se he pay kiya hai na!

Maan looked at Geet.."woh actually Geet ko apna makeup bhi theek karna tha..aur mujhe car lock nahi kee woh bhi karli..

Pinky: oh..acha..chalo appetizer time..kuch khatay hain..

Geet and Maan followed Pinky and Geet was very hungry coz she didn't have anything after lunch..


After the cocktail snack they all were having fun..when the Dj asked for every1's attention..

"Hey Guys..i think we all might knw tonight one of the student from our university is wid none other than Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, as his date.."..everyone started wid their Oos..

"i wud like to call the sizzling Couple on the dance floor and y not make this nite memorable..So Maan and Geet..wat about salsa..Maan we all knw.. don't u love doing Salsa in ur spare time!"..the DJ leaked the was a surprise to Geet..Maan smiled wondering how did he get to knw about that!..

"the hot and peppy salsa song..for the dazzling couple..Enjoy People"..every1 started applauding and cheering for the twosome..

Geet who was bewildered looked at Maan wid her eyes widened..Maan shrugged and got up.. grasping her hand..both walked to the dance floor ..she was overwhelmed with the attention..but the other second she knew it was the end..she didn't knw how to do Salsa for her life!..

"Maan..kya hoga!"..she whispered to him while they walked to the dance floor

"Kya huwa!" he asked confusingly

 "Maan..mujhe Salsa nahi aata!" she sed almost making a crying face..

"Geet..calm's not that hard..main zyada hard steps nahi karoon ga"..he tried to console

"Lekin Maan..yeh saree aur phir salsa..yeh kaise hoga!"..she shared her one of the major concern..when the DJ put up the music..

Maan held her hand..which was really cold coz of nervousness..he tried a step..but Geet was clumsy..ignoring the fact that the crowd was watching them..he tried again..and this time Geet was doing it flawlessly but at the end of the step, she was jumbled wid her saree  and was about to fall when Maan held her in his strong arms..she looked at up..and walked to the corner of the stage..Maan looked at the people who were confused and waiting for them to perform..

He walked to her..held her by shoulder.."Geet..don't worry..i won't let u fall down..u just relax ur mind and body a bit..straight posture and just leave it on me..then will be great" he assured her..

Geet looked convinced..she walked wid him..and followed wat he sed..and wat he did..

And she didn't have to make any extra effort..Maan literally was doing the entire dance..she was just following his steps..but 1 thing she perceived was that the dance was each move she cud feel Maan' body brushing against hers..she never wanted it to end..but was so quick and short..

"How was it?" Maan asked looking at her

"Heavenly" she almost whispered looking back into his eyes

Both were lost gazing at each other when every1started applauding..both looked at the crowd..Geet sighed happily..she hugged Maan tightly..  

"Thank you!" she sighed in his ear..

Maan wrapped his hands around her waist wid a grin on his face..


"Mujhe nahi pata tha k tumko itna acha dance kartay ho..main tou samajhtee thi k main tumko bohot achay se jaantee hoon..lekin shayad main ghalat thee..!" she sed while sipping her soft drink..

Maan: kaha tha na maine..abhi tumne mujhko jana he kahan hai

Geet: haan..lekin aik DJ tumko mujhse achay se jaanta hai..she was disappointed

Maan: ab aesi bhi baat nahi hai..yeh tou aik bohot purani baat hai..maine salsa tou jab seekha tha..jab main college main huwa karta tha..shayad yeh kisi puranay magazine main ho..warna aajkal salsa tou kya..mushkil se apnon ko denay k liye waqt bhi nahi milta.."

Geet: hmm..

"Hey Hottie!"..sum1 almost yelled

Geet who was sitting at the table wid Maan enjoying her soda..kept talking to was Pinky and Adi's turn for the they were not present at the table..

"Main tum se baat kar raha hoon"..this time Geet looked at the back..and noticed Ankit..who was wearing jet black suit.. was standing right behind her..

"Oh!..hi"..she stood up..realizing he was calling her

"Hi..Gosh!..u look HAWT babes!"..he sed checking her out..

Geet unwontedly smiled..stealthily looking at Maan..who was sitting next to her..he looked at Geet and turned his face away..Geet cud tell he looked pretty bothered

She smiled.."Thanks Ankit..u too look Handsome"..she tried to use decent words


"tum abhi aaye kya?..hum tou kaafi der se hain..tum tou nahi dikhay"..she began the convo just to make Maan covetous

"oh yeah..i tell u these girls..take too much time gearing up..bas usi main der lag gayee"..

"oh so tum kis k saath aaye ho"..

"main tou apnay gang k saath aaya hoon..woh..Ajay ki girlfriend..damn she took so much time to get ready.." he sed rolling his eyes

Geet: "oh!"..

"Main jis larki k saath aanay wala tha..woh mujhe ditch karke kisi aur k saath hai!"..he sed glancing at Maan..

Maan who was quietly listening to the convo gnashed his teeth..he knew Ankit was after Geet!..but he didn't bother to turn and react to him..instead he kept silent

"Oh!..dats sad.."..her full attention was on she cudnt guess Ankit was referring to her..

"umm..Hey..u wanna dance" he sed stretching his hand out..asking her 
she got worried.."Actually..mujhe itna acha dance nahi aata" this time she didn't wanna  take any chance..she cud trust Maan blindly but Ankit..NO WAY!

Ankit: oh cumon..maine suna abhi tumne kitna acha salsa kiya hai..dont under estimate ur self..lets go

Geet: but!..ok..she gave up..but then the other second she was loving Maan's extra attention..she shrugged and held his hand..

Ankit who was not expecting her to cum..was surprised yet glad..Maan looked at her unbelievably

"hey Dude..taking ur gurl!"..he sed showing him off that he was holding her hand..

Maan gave him a livid stare.."just for a dance" Ankit concluded..and winked wid a smirk on his face..

For a moment Geet felt guilty..she shudnt have agreed..but now she cudnt step back..

Ankit took her to the dance floor..his gang joined him too..all the gurls and guys..mostly were unknown to Geet..Geet was idle..she glanced at Maan who was now talking to Adi and Pinky who were back..

"Dance Geet!"..Ankit told Geet to dance ..who was just standing

She began to move when a gurl from their gang..brought a glass infront of her face..and all of a sudden forced her to drink whatever was in there..

Geet tried to move away..but others cheered for her..and the crowd kinda pushed the gurl toward Geet..and the gurl shoved the glass in her mouth..pouring out the drink all over her..Geet choked..Ankit who was dancing came close and tried to comfort her..


On the other hand Maan who was sitting at the opposite direction of the dance floor turned and tried to search for Geet in the crowd..but failed..he got up to get her back..when his phone rang..

"Hallow!..Hallow"..he cudnt hear anything coz of the deafening music

"Hallow!..Maan..Maan beta.." on the other side it was Mr. Khurana

"Hallow..Hallow..kon hai!"..he was looking for Geet while talking..when he saw Ankit hugging her..

He was froze at the spot..

"Hallow Maan!" he was back in the present..he made his way out to talk to the person who was on the phone..but mainly because he cudnt stand the scene..that he just spotted..


So, how was it? please do leave ur views! :)

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
first one to comment
well update was super duper hit
cant wait for nxt part
continue soon

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good update but somehow i didn't get a good feeling in the end...i am scared of the twists you are going to bring in...
ek to parents upar se yeh ankit's gang. I just hope there is no irreperable damage and Maan realises his feelings for Geet soon.

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IPKKND FF - Hunters and Gatherer (note P96)

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Author: sharneil92   Replies: 709   Views: 114062

sharneil92 709 114062 26 October 2013 at 4:59am by Arshi67
Don't Ever Fall In Love Abhiya FF .Continuing Soon

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Author: Crazy.Beautiful   Replies: 111   Views: 23283

Crazy.Beautiful 111 23283 10 May 2013 at 9:57am by Crazy.Beautiful
FF Abhiya: In ur Arms Forever Chap15-Pg-120

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Author: SheDevil   Replies: 967   Views: 124199

SheDevil 967 124199 30 March 2013 at 3:46am by prachi.kajen
Dil To Pagal Hai--Chap 2 11/10/11

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Author: the_writer_21   Replies: 134   Views: 25147

the_writer_21 134 25147 19 January 2013 at 8:39am by shalini_arsha

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