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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93 (Page 78)

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~Chap 39~

Heart Confession! Heart

There was dead silence in the car..Maan was driving..gathering all the courage..Geet tried to talk.. "Maan.."

He sped up and made a wide turn in anger and got to a dead end of a road, near a cliff

He looked at Geet furiously..his attitude was upsetting geet as well

"Yeh kya tareeqa hai Maan! Aisa bhi kya huwa hai jo tum iss tarhan react kar rahay ho" Geet was confused yet frustrated

Maan stared at Geet.. "Kon hai woh?"

"Ankit" Geet said looking back into his eyes.. there was a firmness in her voice, like it was a payback for all the suffering and the tears that Geet shed for Maan

Geet cud notice his eyes were a little red..He just stared at Geet, She didn't know why but inside she regretted that she took Ankit's name so early..maybe he wanted to say something ..the thought made her remorseful

"Tum pagal hogayee ho?..tum Ankit se?..Are u crazy!?" he shouted

Geet remained silent

"Geet! Tum jaantee bhi ho woh kaisa larka hai, he will use you and then throw u away out of his life!..he cannot respect you, he doesn't love you Geet! Woh tumko itni importance iss liye de raha hai kyunki tum baaqi larkiyon ki tarhaan uskay peechay nahi gayeen..tum bohot achi ho geet..woh tumhara faida utha kar..tumko chorh de ga..i bet yeh sab kuch aik drama hai..woh shaadi nahi karega..aur agar karna bhi chahay ga so  u know it better than me that he is not worth it..then why the hell are you doing this to yourself!?" He was yelling

Geet: Maan please..uskay baaray main aisay nahi bolo..woh jaisa bhi hai..meray liye  Woh ab mera hone wala mangetar hai!..
Maan: Mangetar!? This time Maan looked at Geet with questioning eyes

So many memories were related to this word..Maan remembered how he used to call Geet his mangetar..

Geet: Haan..mera mangetar..her voice almost died, she lowered her head

Maan: Geet! Tum yeh shaadi nahi kar rahee ho! He said in a demanding tone

Geet: Yeh shaadi hogi! Tum samajhtay kya ho, main hoon kon tumhari jo tum iss tarhan haq jata rahay ho..aik aisa insaan jo apnay aap ko mera dost kehta hai, mera itna khayal rakhta hai, aur phir aik raat, mujhe itna khaas honay ka ehsaas dilata hai, aur phir achanak..achanak bhag jaata hai!..she began to shout but her voice died in the end coz she tried her best not to cry but felt like a lump in her throat..she swallowed hard and tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Maan lowered his head in guilt..there was silence in the car, Geet hid her face in her hands and kept crying, this time her cry was louder as she has broke down..

Maan was in agony to see Geet cry like this, it was getting unbearable.. "Geet!.." he tried to talk when Geet stopped him

Geet: Bas Maan!..main samajh gayee hoon..shayad main tumharay laiq he nahi hoon..tumse uss raat aik bhool hogayee thi, jiss k baad tumne uss raat meray saath aik chut k neechay rehna bhi sahi nahi samjha..Iss ruswai aur apmaan ko main kabhi nahi bhoolon gee..mujhe tumhari shakal bhi nahi dekhni!..she was going mad

Maan: Geet please..he again tried to talk

Geet: Maan! Please take me home..i don't want to be here, I don't want to go through this..she almost begged

 Maan felt ache in his heart, hearing these words from geet..seeing her so much disturbed coz of him..he sighed and quietly started the car..



When they got home it was almost 5 in the evening. Mrs. Handa had gone to some clients and there was nobody else around..Geet quietly made her way to the room and locked herself..

Today, the pain was unbearable, why is this happening, why, Why Maan is so concerned? What did he do, at least Ankit came up with a proposal but Maan, he considered our closeness a mistake, he ran away like a coward, leaving me with all the assumptions alone. And now he comes back and telling me not to marry Ankit. Oh! Because he takes me as a competition, as if im not a human but a doll that only he can have when he wants to! \

She wanted to scream, she felt worst, and kept sobbing, an hour passed..she was tired of crying, she laid down in her bed and didn't know when did she fall asleep.



Is it too late?..kya maine sach main bohot dair kardi usko yeh batanay main k main ussay bohot pyaar karta hoon, aur yeh Ankit, Iss ki itni himmat huwi kaise k iss ne Geet se Shaadi karne ka soch bhi liya. Koi na koi baat hai jo chupi huwi hai mujhse..Ankit Geet k laaiq hai he nahi, aur main yeh shaadi nahi honay doon ga..kyunki mujhe pata hai k Geet khush nahi hai, maine jo kuch uski aankhon main apnay liye dekha hai woh mera dhoka ya ghalat fehmi nahi hosakti., woh mujhse abhi nafrat karti hai, uss raat ki wajha se, maine uss ke saath bohot ghalat kiya hai, aur main ab kuch ghalat nahi honay doon ga.

He picked up his cell phone and searched for Adi's number that once Adi gave it to him for future business purposes. He called Adi and asked him to meet him in a caf along Pinky.



"Geet kahan hai?" Mr. Khurana asked sitting on his chair on the dining table

Mrs. Handa: who maine dekha tha..woh sorahi thi, shayad tabiyat theek nahi hai, maine uthaya aur khanay k liye bulaya, magar woh kehnay lagi k baad main kha lay gee, keh rahi thi restaurant main bohot kha liya tha, isi liye bhook nahi hai.

Maan who was sitting quietly on the dining table was hit by guilt, she had not eaten since the day time, and it was his fault that he never paid attention to it, he was so much worried about her marriage that he totally forgot about it. He also hadnt eaten anything since then but he had his brunch, and he had an idea that Geet hadnt done a complete breakfast. He got up in worry, everyone looked at him

Mrs. Khurana: tumhe kya huwa?

"Woh Geet ne theek se khana nahi khaya tha..usko kuch kha lena chahiye! Aur waise bhi uskay exams horahay hain..she should take care of her health..main uskay liye khana upar lejata hoon, hum dono saath khlaingai!"

Dadi observing Maan: Aap dono k beech main koi jhagrha tou nahi huwa na!? Sab theek hai?

Maan lowered his gaze as he knew that Dadi knew him very well and she can catch him lying..

"Jee Dadi, sab theek hai! Main khana le jata hoon, mujhe kuch zaroori baat bhi karni hai..akelay main" and he made his way to the kitchen where he set up everything in a tray with the help of Bholu and took it upstairs to her room.



The door was closed but unlocked from inside. Before entering the room, he knocked.

Geet was still in her bed, she felt feeble, she didn't bother to get up, and told the person to come inside thinking it would be either her mom or any of the ladies, not expecting Maan.

Maan came inside and closed the door behind him. The lights of the room were dim, not too dark to see anything, but a bit dimmer than usual. He cud see her back, her lower body was in blanket and she was facing the opposite side.

"Ahem" he tried to make his presence recognized

Geet now turned and got up quickly as she wasn't expecting him there at all, but she felt a bit better to see him there, as if someone put ice on a burn to comfort, something inside her lightened up but she looked away.

Maan now walked towards to a small table placed in the center of the sofas and put the tray on the table. He now walked towards the window and opened he walked to Geet.

Geet got nervous, she feared what if her mom came in the room. She gathered herself, fixed her shirt and hair and now was sitting properly

Maan sat in front of her, on the bed, a bit closer. There was total silence in the room. Geet was scared what if Maan hears her heart beating so hard. All of a sudden she felt her palms sweating and colder. She tried to ignore it and gathered all the confidence and bitterness.

Maan softly held her hand, she was surprised and even more nervous, all the hatred and frustration that she felt a few hours back was vanished.  She stayed quiet.

Maan kept looking at her, her eyes were a little swollen and red, showing that she had been sobbing. Her hand was cold as she had eaten nothing. He squeezed it and now began to gently rub it with his both hands to make her feel warmer. His gaze was so intense that Geet couldn't look in to his eyes for long, she looked away.

" Maan..mujhe koi baat nahi karni hai" she said getting her hand out of his grip, even though she liked it but she didn't want to live in fantasies

He calmly again held her hand and this time squeezed it a bit tighter..she looked at him, trying to show the annoyance

"Tumne din se kuch bhi nahi khaya hai na!" he asked softly

Geet could see the old Maan, who used to care so much, she feared that she would become weak and give in

Maan was still staring at her..

"Haan nahi khaya..maroon ya jiyoon..tumko koi farq nahi parhna chahiye.." she said coldly looking back..

"Mujhe farq parhta hai!" he said after a few seconds..waiting for her to calm down.. this time Maan's tone was more assuring and firm.

Geet's cold stare broke..she looked her hand out of his grip, stood up and walked up to the window..

She stood near the opened window, with her hands tied crossword on her chest..and lightly closed her eyes..a few minutes passed..she assumed Maan had left from there..she opened her eyes..and shivered coz of the cold breeze piercing through her body..

She moves forward to close the window..and feels a presence at her back coz of the warm breathings near her neck..

She abruptly turns around and loses the balance coz Maan was standing too close to her..though she wouldn't have fallen down..but she felt a strong grip around her waist which supported her and she  quickly managed to stand up on her own feet..she couldn't realize her both hands were on his broad chest..she was looking into his eyes..when she felt him pulling her closer to himself. Because he was so strong..she gave up after a little struggle to move away..her locks stroked her face ..

though her hair were messed up..but Maan still found her more adorable than usual..

she was confused yet was waiting for his next move..she wanted to know what was going to she decided to let happen whatever could happen between them

Maan cupped her face with his left hand..and used his thumb to gently move her curl on the side..his right hand was still around her waist..
"Can I say Something?" Maan almost whispered looking into her eyes..there were so many emotions ..

Geet remained she was lost in his eyes..trying to comprehend what was he trying to say..

"Geet..I.." he whispered looking into her eyes

There was silence in the room..the dim light in room made the atmosphere more quixotic

He blinked..Geet was still..not even blinking..he moved his face closer..near her ear..

Geet closed her..

"I.." he whispered again..Geet could feel his lips touching her ear..she felt a hot rush of sensation..

She inhaled hastily..filling her lungs with she felt like she won't be able to stand on her own feet if he comes any closer

He lightly kissed on her ear..she trembled with a strange kind of excitement..she moved herself closer to him..

He breathed in her ear..another shiver went down her spine..

"Love.." he said it so low..

Her grip on his shirt grew tighter...he smiled..she smelled like roses..well similar to roses..he was hard for Maan to identify. But he loved it..he lowered her head in search for  it, near her neck..and breathed

..she felt another breeze against her back entering through the window..She shivered..and moved closer to Maan in search of warmth..holding on to his shirt..pulling him closer..Now Maan's left hand which was holding her face, snaked around her neck..and then slipped down to her back..her hands circled around his neck and they hugged..

Maan could feel her breathing..

"I Love You Geet!" he said tightly hugging her..

Geet moved back..loosening her grasp on she was quiet..she came back to reality..this is what she wanted to hear that night.. but wasn't it too late..she didn't care about the justification for his behavior that night..all she cared was that Maan loves her..but now it was just too late..she couldn't do anything about it..

Maan could notice the worry on her face

Maan blinked as he stared at her, his hold loosening but not letting go. Her sweet, warm breath caressed his face and made him stare down at her mouth. It was desirable and inviting, her bottom lip was only slightly bigger than her top on, he noticed.. He didn't think about it; he only cared about how her lips would feel between his. She became rigid under his hands and he tried to relax her by softly grabbing her waist and the hand that was laced through her hair dropped down to her neck.

She didnt know when he came so close..coz it was so sudden but she felt her knees getting weaker when he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, relishing the softness of it and the sweetness. He tried to get further but she was still frozen on the spot..

It happened again..he was kissing her..he again would make her feel like that..he would run away..Geet feared

Maan noticed she wasn't willing to participate ..he wanted to make her feel loved..not like last time..he pulled slightly away, almost impatiently. "Open your mouth" he whispered but in a demanding tone..

She continued to stare at him with wide, surprised eyes, but when he brushed his thumb over the corner of her mouth, she parted her lips. It took her a second to respond as his tongue caressed hers, and  she was soon losing the frigidness.

This time he didn't pull away and didn't leave her..instead this time he wanted her..the thought made her feel out of the world..

He smiled while kissing her.. her lips were soft and gentle, the kiss was full of emotion. He could feel it' It was like all of Geet's feelings were flooding into him, intoxicating him...Gosh this was heavenly.. was it him only who was  was feeling a bunch of things? He thought..

to Geet, this kiss meant much more anything at the moment. There was happiness, a bit of worry, satisfaction and delight, all underlined with a current of hardly controlled passion..she couldn't stop herself..she had to close her eyes, feeling just a tiny bit dizzy. Jeez'she was enjoying this

She pulled away..just to make sure she wasn't dreaming..Maan was already looking into her eyes..
"Maan..tum..sach main..?" she whispered..breathing heavily..not believing it..

Maan nodded..Geet felt like Baba jee had given her her life back..she smiled..actually smiled..but it quickly faded away as she remembered that her roka was fixed..and was after 2 days..

"Kya huwa?..tum khush nahi ho!?" Maan asked softly while looking at her face

"Maan..tumne bohot der kardi hai..sab khatam ho chuka hai..mera roka Ankit k saath 2 din baad hai.." She didn't want to believe it..but it was the reality..that she couldn't change

"Woh nahi hoga..aisa kuch nahi hoga..main bas tumhari marzi chahta tha..aur ab..main aisa kuch nahi honay doonga." He said in a firm tone

 Geet looked at him questioningly ..
Maan smiled.."Aaj k liye humaray liye itna he kaafi hai..k hum dono yeh jaantay hain..k..

Geet: Kay..?

Maan: that we love each other..

Geet: Lekin Maan..Maa..

Maan: Hum baaqi ki baatien kal karain gai..kal exam hai na tumhara..main tumko pick karne aaonga..phir mil kar baat karaingai..but please..abhi k liye khana khalo..mujhe pata hai..tumne subha se kuch nahi khaya hoga

Geet was still in was so hard to believe..

Maan held her hand and they walked to the sofas and sat..

Maan touched the food..and noticed it was cold.."Khana bhi thanda hogaya!"

Geet was just looking at him.."aaj main tumko khana khilata hoon.." he said with a gentle smile on his face..

Geet looked down..she was was a little awkward to her..not that she didn't want it..but it was after so many days..and she never thought it would be like this between them

"I know..situation bohot wierd hai..but trust gonna bring everything back to normal.." he assured while offering her the first bite..

She believed him and smiled..and opened her mouth..

"Tumne khaya?" she asked

"Nahi..pehlay tum khalo..main khaloonga" he said while feeding her..

Geet stopped..and mixed rice with daal and picked up the spoon..

"Aik bite meri..aik tumhari!" she said with a slight smile on her face..Maan smiled as well..

And they both fed each other..


"Chalo..ab araam karo..aur kal exam k liye fresh hojao..Hum kal detail main baat karaingai..OK!" he said putting the blanket on her..

Geet nodded..and layed down in her bed..Maan placed a warm kiss on her forehead.."Good night"

"Goodnight" she almost blushed while greeting..

Maan switched off the lights and came out of the room..


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This was  a  different  confession indeed  

Na  koi  rose , na koi cake , na  koi ring  , na  koi ballonnn ...sirf maan and geet Embarrassed

I just wish this  Ankit  gets  away  faster than   jet  !!!!

Update soon please  !!!!!!!!!!Ouch

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Originally posted by -niti-


This was  a  different  confession indeed  

Na  koi  rose , na koi cake , na  koi ring  , na  koi ballonnn ...sirf maan and geet Embarrassed

I just wish this  Ankit  gets  away  faster than   jet  !!!!

Update soon please  !!!!!!!!!!Ouch

the confession would be in every update from now onBig smile..different kinds TongueLOL..and Ankit is going away in next update as im not gonna drag his track too this was the first time for Maan to confess his feelings so there had to be that a little awkwardness but a little sensation too..there are updates coming..that u will love..coz now Maneet are in love! TongueEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by NZ_rockx

Originally posted by -niti-


This was  a  different  confession indeed  

Na  koi  rose , na koi cake , na  koi ring  , na  koi ballonnn ...sirf maan and geet Embarrassed

I just wish this  Ankit  gets  away  faster than   jet  !!!!

Update soon please  !!!!!!!!!!Ouch

the confession would be in every update from now onBig smile..different kinds TongueLOL..and Ankit is going away in next update as im not gonna drag his track too this was the first time for Maan to confess his feelings so there had to be that a little awkwardness but a little sensation too..there are updates coming..that u will love..coz now Maneet are in love! TongueEmbarrassed

Wow ...

Luks  like  you  are planning  something very romantic  ...

Glad  to know   about  Ankit's  exit  

I  hope  that  the  lovely  friendship between   maan and geet still  remains   and they would  still  crack those timely  jokes  LOLBig smile

Thanks  for replying   and update sooner  Embarrassed

BTW  geet has not  confessed  yet  Shocked

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Wow ...

Luks  like  you  are planning  something very romantic  ...

ofcourse the romance will begin,,its gonna be romantic...but in a way that i dont break forum rulesConfused im worried about that Ermm
Glad  to know   about  Ankit's  exit  

I  hope  that  the  lovely  friendship between   maan and geet still  remains   and they would  still  crack those timely  jokes  LOLBig smile
yep sureBig smile,,now since they will be in a u r gonna like the nok jhoksLOL

Thanks  for replying   and update sooner  Embarrassed
its all my pleasure n i wll try my best
BTW  geet has not  confessed  yet  Shocked
well,,u r smartStar LOL Geet will question maan this in next update..then u will knw y? Sorry cant tell u here Tongue

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Superb Part Clap
Lovely Confession Embarrassed
Finally He said I Love You Big smile
Well done Wink
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Brilliant update jani Big smile
Thankoo for the update Embarrassed
At last maan confessed Embarrassed Clap
Geet couldnt realised his first awww.
Love the possessiveness and the authority maan showed when he kissed geet Embarrassed
Akward yet lovely confession.
Cant wait to know what maan has under his sleeve to kick away ankit Wink
And waiting for maaneet romanchic nokh jokh Wink
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simply awesome.loved itb

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