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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93 (Page 71)

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Originally posted by NZ_rockx

Originally posted by -niti-

u just came online   3 days back and still did not update Angry 
I would be updating by monday i promise..! 

Woah !!!!!!!   Its monday today Dancing

Thanks a lot  for  responding Tongue

Waiting Wink

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Originally posted by NZ_rockx

Originally posted by -niti-

u just came online   3 days back and still did not update Angry 
I would be updating by monday i promise..! 

please update...I love this story and I am waiting eagerly :)

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Originally posted by NZ_rockx

Originally posted by -niti-

u just came online 3 days backand still did not updateAngry

I would be updating by monday i promise..!

Kahan thi aap madam ji
U know how much we have missed u????
U like totally magically disappeared
We were sooo sad Unhappy

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Originally posted by Tishuu

Originally posted by NZ_rockx

Originally posted by -niti-

u just came online 3 days backand still did not updateAngry

I would be updating by monday i promise..!

Kahan thi aap madam ji
U know how much we have missed u????
U like totally magically disappeared
We were sooo sad Unhappy


and the most important point is that she  left before the CONFESSION LOL

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You promised to update by monday  Disapprove

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Sorry for the wait..i am updating in 15 to 20 minutes!

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Originally posted by NZ_rockx

Sorry for the wait..i am updating in 15 to 20 minutes!


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Next update coming very soon and its gonna be passionate confession..lets see..working on it Wink
Chap 38

A week had passed..and Maan had left for Singapore in monday morning..his Clients were very happy with his idea and the outline of how everything wud work for the project that he had been working on since really satisfied him..and moreover the idea of telling the truth to Geet!..wat if he tells that he loves her..then it  wud justify watever happend between them that night..he began thinking about it since the night his father talked to him..the only thing that was bothering him was that wat if they force Geet to marry him..he cud bear any thing but not a forced relationship wid her..and Mr. Khurana clarified his doubt..that he wud never force any of them..he had decided that he would confess once he goes back..the worst would be that she would reject him..but atleast she would knw how he feels about her..this was the do or die situation..Every night before going to bed he used to think how actually he would start and how every thing would work out..he just cudnt wait to go back!


"Geet!" Ankit yelled loudly in the crowded hallway

Geet turned and looked at him.. "Hi Ankit!

Ankit: Hi!..kesi ho? he asked walking to her

Geet: bilkul theek!..tum sunao!?

Ankit: Bohot he zyada khush

Geet: Kyun?..accounting class ka exam leak hogaya hai kya?..she joked

Ankit: HaHa!..No Babes..Issay bhi zyada barhi  baat leak ho chuki hai!

Geet: Woh Kya..?..she got worried for a second

Ankit: Chal jaye ga pata..have patience!! he winked..

Geet shrugged.."Ok..i gotta go..driver must be waiting for me.."

Ankit: Kyun..tumko Maan pick karne nahi aata?  tumne usko apna driver hire kar liya kar diya kya?..he sed with a grin

Geet remained silent.."Aisee koi baat nahi hai..actually Maan is not here..woh aik client se milne Singapore gaya hai! aaj subha he gaya he told the driver to take care of mie pick and drop till the time he is not here"

Ankit: ok!..aik favor chahta hoon!..

Geet: Wat?

Ankit: Kya main tumko pick n drop de sakta hoon?..

Geet looked at him surprisingly

Ankit: jab tak Maan nahi aajata..

Geet: Lekin Ankit..she tried to excuse but Ankit interrupted

Ankit: Geet!..maine bhi tou dinner par tumhari baat maani thi na..ab tum meri baat nahi maan sakteen?..he sed making a face

Geet sighed helplessly..and then nodded..

Ankit: YES?

Geet: Yes!

Ankit: Oh yes!..perfect!..then lets go

  ________________________ was already Wednesday..Ankit now used to give Geet pick and drop for her college..and slowly was becoming her frend...Geet used to be careful the whole time she used to be with him but then she started realizing he was not that bad as she used to think..he told her about his mom..he was spoiled because he had no 1 to take care of him..his dad tried his best but mother's affection was lacking in his life..this is wat made Geet to be a bit frendly and nice to him..


Next day Pinky and Geet both were in cafeteria..Adi was wid his Professor for some extra help so he cudnt join in

Pinky: Geet! yeh Ankit ne apna gang chorh diya hai kya?

Geet who was thinking what to eat looked at her wid questioning eyes.."Kya matlab?" she finally asked

Pinky: tum uskay saath aati bhi ho aur jaati bhi ho!..are u sure this is right?

Geet: i dont see anything wrong in it!..ab woh dost hai mera..

Pinky: Dost?

Geet: Kinda..actually usnay meri aik baat maani maine uski yeh baat maanli..yeh sab thorhay din k liye hai yaar..she sed paying for her pasta

Pinky: Yaar tu jaanti hai woh kaisa hai!

Geet: Aur yaar ab main yeh bhi jaanti hoon k woh aisa kyun hai..pinky..uski mom nahi hai..its his past..

Pinky: Geet jo bhi ho..woh acha nahi hai..tum uska past nahi badal sakteen..lekin woh tumhara future zaroor kharab kar sakta hai

Geet remained quiet..and started having her pasta

Pinky: Maan ko iskay baaray main pata hai? she asked

Geet sighed..all of a sudden she started feeling angry and frustrated.."Yaar! Maan ko kyun pata hona chahiye..woh mera boyfrend ya husband nahi hai k usko meray frends k baaray main pata ho!" she cudnt hide the annoyance in her tone

Pinky: Geet..Maan is ur best frend..aur shayad tum apnay uss jhoot k baaray main bhool gayee ho jo tum ne Ankit se bola tha..aur usnay saaray college ko..agar Ankit ko pata chal gaya tou..kuch ghanton main yeh baat phel jaye gee..aur tum..tumhara kya hoga?

Geet sighed: yaar raat gayee baat gayee..main ab saari zindagi isi dar main tou nahi guzar sakti na k mera jhoot parkrha jaye ga!..aur waise bhi main aur Ankit dost hain..aur itnay khaas bhi nahi..maine uski baat iss liye maani coz jab woh ghar par aaya tha..usnay meri baat maani aur prom night ko kisi k saamnay discuss nahi kiya..its like im returning the favor..

Pinky smiled: Mujhe pata hai u can take care of it!

Geet: thanks yaar..aik aur baat..uska aur Maan ka koi competition nahi hai..k jo jeeta uski trophy main ban jaaon!..

Pinky: i understand..but be careful while u are wid ankit..he is very cunning!

Geet nodded and they both changed the topic..


it was 10:45 pm..Geet got done wid her studies and felt she thought to have some cookies wid milk..she came downstairs from her room and made her way toward kitchen while she heard elders talking in low tone..which made her suspicious..she heard her name in she quietly stood in the dining area near the stairs..and started listening to the conversation

"Mujhe tou yaqeen he nahi aa raha k yeh sab itni jaldi..mera matlab hai Mr. Gupta abhi last week he tou aaye thay!" Mrs. Khurana sed in amazement

Mr. Khurana: Yeh tou hai..aur phir unhon ne yeh bhi kaha k woh yeh chahtay hain k yeh sab unkay Exams se pehlay ho!

Mrs. Handa was quiet..

Dadi: Rupinder..Beta mujhe lagta hai tum iss baaray main Geet se akelay main baat karo!

Mrs. Handa: Ladkay ka background tou acha he lagta hai..aur usnay khud iss rishtay k liye kaha hai..

Mr. Khurana: Bhabi..aik baar soch lijiye..background tou acha hai..lekin kya Geet raazi hai?

Mrs. Handa: Jab Ankit ne khud Mr. Gupta ko jaldi sagaai karnay ka bola hai..tou Geet ko idea tou hoga k kya honay wala hai..aur agar nahi hai tou iss baray main..baat karoongi main ussay

Geet felt a sudden distress to her sensibilities..this didnt make sense to her..all of a sudden she got so scared..Geet felt her head spinning..she tried to calm down..her hunger was vanished..she quietly and quickly made her way to her room..

Kahin Ankit ko sab pata tou nahi chal gaya?..Uski itni himmat k usnay rishta bhi bhej diya..agar usko sach pata chal bhi gaya..k main maan ki mangetar nahi iska yeh matlab nahi k main ussay shaadi karloon gee..she thought while laying down in her bed..the thought was making her furious..she decided she would talk to Ankit tomorrow morning


It was friday..Ankit came to pick her up..she didnt feel like going but she had she wanted to talk to him..

Geet: Good morning! she sed in a usual tone

Ankit: Goood Morning! are u?

Geet: Good..she sed sitting

Ankit: Lets go then..he sed while making a turn to the road

"Finally its FridaY!..So anything new?" he investigated

Geet: Ankit..can we talk..i need to talk to u..and its can we stop rite here

Ankit: y here?..let's go to the cafe..

Geet agreed as she wanted to talk to him peacefully


"So? wat is it?" he sed after they ordered coffee..

Geet: Exactly Ankit!..wat is it?..tumne yeh kyun kiya?..mera rishta..tumharay saath! she cudnt hide the annoyance in her tone

Ankit: So..ismain ghalat kya hai babes..i like u!..infact I love You!

Geet was deprived of the ability to speak coz of the astonishment..she didnt want to face this situation..she sighed..not knowing how to handle this..there was silence for a few minutes

Geet: lekin main Maan k saath

Ankit interrupted: engaged Nahi ho!

Geet looked away..

Ankit: I knw Geet k woh sab aik drama tha..

Geet: Listen i dont care Ankit!

Ankit: I do babes..i dont care if u dont like me..i love u and thats enough for me..coz i have to get watever i want

Geet: its not the same in this case..

Ankit: Ok!..then if any1 wud ask me i can't lie to them

Geet: Ask wat?

Ankit: About u and Maan! 

Geet: So u are threatning me?

Ankit: No just saying..i can't lie to my gang..

Geet sighed in frustration.."Kya zaroorat hai unko kuch bhi batanay ki!?"

Ankit: Babes!..."Main unsay kuch nahi chupata..lekin maine yeh baat chupaai tumhari wajha se..agar tum he mujhko chorh do gee..tou phir main tumharay liye apnay dost se kuch kyun chupaon..aur aik baar ajay ko pata chal gaya..samjho sabko pata chalgaya!..aur waise bhi maine Ajay ko pehlay he bol diya hai k dad ne meray rishtay ki baat ki hai tumhari mom se!

Geet: WAT!?

Ankit: Choice is urs

Geet sighed in exasperation...

Ankit grinned: Nothing can happen..aur main itna bhi bura nahi me..he winked

Geet was losing patience..she felt like smacking him on the face..but she had to deal with it maturely..she was stuck badly

Geet: Ok Ankit..Give me sometime..let me think about it..

Ankit: Take ur time all urs..

Geet: Lekin please yeh Sagaai wali baat abhi nahi hosakti..

Ankit: Kyun?..tum iss baaray main socho gee tou sagaai k baaray main bhi sochlo

Geet: Please Ankit!..

Ankit: But Rishtay k baaray main socho..sagai tou waise bhi exams k baad hogi

Geet: Watever!..can we please head back to college..or else i would be really late to the class


Since she came back from college she had locked herself in her room..she was so tensed that she even cudnt pay attention in her classes..and left early..after thinking  alot Geet came up to a decision..that she would refuse to matter wat happens she cudnt play with her was a fact that she loved what if he never loved her one cud take his place..and moreover she didnt want to make a hasty decision..the worst things that cud happen were that the Family would knw about wat happened at Prom and her lie... every1 wud knw the truth..and College wud become hell..also that she wud want to miss her graduation coz of the embarrassment that she would have to face..but she was ready for everything..she finally was satisfied with her decision..and opened the door to make her way out when she saw Mrs. Handa standing right in front..

Geet: Maa Aap?

Mrs. Handa: Geet kabse apnay aap ko room main lock karkay bethi ho!..Is everything ok?

Geet: Jee Maa..everything is ok!

Mrs. Handa: Mujhe tumse aik zaroori baat karni hai

Geet felt nervous..but she knew it was coming..

"Boliye!" she sed in a low tone

Mrs. Handa: Tumko pata he hoga k tumhara rishta aaya hai..aur kahan se aaya hai

Geet nodded..

they both sat rite infront of each other making the eye contact

Geet: Maa main yeh shaadi nahi karna chahti..she was clear with her decision

Mrs. Handa was surprised.."Koi wajha?"

Geet: Maa Mujhe abhi shaadi nahi karni

Mrs. Handa: Iss reason k ilawa koi aur reason..

Geet was quiet

Mrs. Handa: U like some1 else?

Geet was quiet.."Nahi Maa koi nahi hai..its just k abhi main career par focus karna chahtee hoon..aap k saath mil kar business main help karna chahtee hoon!"

Mrs. Handa: Beta yeh sab kuch tum shadi k baad bhi kar sakti ho..yeh sab kuch tumhara he hai!

Geet: Lekin maa

Mrs. Handa: Geet main chahti hoon k tum haan kardo..

Geet: Lekin kyun maa..aap mujhe force kar rahee hain?

Mrs. Handa: London main mujhe  doosra heart attack aa chuka hai,,

Geet was frozen at her spot for a second..she remembered the last time when Mrs. Handa got a minor heart attack in her office and Geet got a call by her servant..she dreaded that time

"Wat!?..aur kisi ne mujhe kuch bhi nahi bataya!.." She almost shouted in hysteria

Mrs. Handa tried to calm her down.." Maine mana kiya tha beta!"

Geet: par kyun maa!..kya aapki takleef jaannay ka haq nahi hai mujhe! she cudnt stop her tears

Mrs. Handa: Beta main tumko pareshaan nahi karna chahti thi..waise bhi tum yahan akeli theen..agar tum ko pata chal jaata tou Maan k liye tumko sambhalna mushkil hojata!

Geet: Maa main koi choti bachi nahi hoon

Mrs. Handa: Meray liye tou ho na..meri choti gudiya!..aur Geet..London main saare check ups k baad reports se pata chala hai k..doosray attack se heart ko kaafi damage hua hai..beta isiliye main chahti hoon k issay pehlay mujhe kuch ho..tum meri nazron k saamnay he apnay ghar ki hojao

Geet: Maa! her voice died in the end..she felt her heart if it was deaden..totally hopeless..

"Please Maa..aisay nahi boltay..aapko kuch nahi hoga" she sed in a manner as if she was assuring herself

Mrs. Handa: Geet main tum par kuch force nahi karna chahti..lekin meray baad main tumko iss tarhan akela aur tanha nahi soch sakti

Geet lowered her head..she was breaking down inside..there was silence in the room

Mrs, Handa waited for her reply but she was quiet..Mrs. Handa had an idea that Geet would refuse..she got up and was about to leave the room when Geet spoke

Geet: Meri taraf se haan hai maa..aap jo faisla lena chahti hain..lelijiye!..meri khushi main aap ki khushi hai!

Mrs. Handa looked at Geet who now was looking at her mom..Mrs. Handa walked to her..bent down and tenderly kissed her forehead..


it was saturday noon when Mr. Gupta had come with Ankit..they both were high in spirits..Mrs. Handa and every1 else were glad as well..but there was something dreary..which every family memeber could was a great occasion but it was so colorless..Dadi was trying her best to be satisfied but she failed..same was with Mr. Khurana..

Geet was quiet..the best she could do was just smile..but the dullness cudnt be covered up..


"Hello" Mr Khurana picked up the phone

"Hey Dad!" Maan was on other side

"Aray Maan, bohot achay samay par phone kiya hai..pata hai.."  he was about to tell when Maan interrupted

"Dad! Guess wat! Deal is finalized. They liked my work, and I would be leading this project on an international level."
Mr. Khurana on the other side was too happy. "Congrats. You made me proud!"
"Main kal raat india main honga dad, meri flight raat 1 baje pohnchay gee..ghar main kisi ko nahi batana..ok!

Mr. Khurana laughed.."Ok Son! Hope to see u back soon"

Bye Dad!
Bye Beta!


the date for Sagai/Roka was was rite after a week of the exam..which were starting this monday and wud end this basically the engagement was next Saturday..After lunch Mr Gupta and Ankit left..while Geet went to her room as she felt mentally exhausted..


Ankit had planned to spend the sunday morning with Geet..he came to pick her up at 10:15 am as he wanted to take her out for breakfast and then shopping..Geet wanted to stay home and study but Ankit insisted so much that she had to go..


It was 10 at night and Geet was exhausted as she was constantly studying for the final which was tomorrow..she came back at 2 and since then she was studying hard. She lied down and didn't know when did she fell asleep.


"Surprise!" Maan sed entering the living room where Dadi and Mrs. Handa and Mrs. Khurana were sitting waiting for him. Mrs. Khurana told the ladies already before leaving for airport to pick him up

Everyone was glad to see him back

"im finally back!..aap sabko pata hai kitna miss kiya hai maine..lekin Good news hai..Deal is all finalized..they liked my work..yeh mera pehla project hoga jo international level par hoga

Dadi: Woh tou hum sab ko pata tha!..she sed hugging him

Maan smiled.. "Sab kahan hain!?..

Mrs. Handa: Sab yaheen tou hain

Maan felt embarrassed:  Mera matlab tha Geet kahan hai

Dadi: Aray beta raat k 3 bajne walay hain..usko tou pata bhi nahi hai k tum aanay walay ho. Kal uska final hai..iss liye woh so rahee hai.

Maan: Oh! He wanted to see her so badly..but now he had to wait till morning

Mrs. Khurana: aur ab tum bhi jaa kar so jao

Maan: just a little tired..ok then..good night..baaqi batain kal karaingai

Goodnight! Everyone greeted and made their ways to their rooms


It was Monday and Maan woke up late as he was tired and wanted to rest at home..he lazily got up..and went to the bathroom to take a shower..after his brunch he noticed there was only Bholu at home..he knew Mr. Khurana was at work Geet must be at college, but where were the ladies


It was 2:00 pm and Maan was home, a little bored and waiting for Geet..he wanted her to be home before any of the parents arrive so he can have a talk or take her out and then talk..he walked to the balcony of his room and saw one of the cars entering the drive way. The ladies were back..with a lot of shopping bags in their hands..

Maan sighed

He turned to leave but the next entering car stopped him

He turned back and smiled as he saw Geet getting out of the car.


Iss waqt shopping, woh bhi itni saari! He teased entering the lounge

Mrs. Handa: Beta moqa bhi tou aisa he hai!

Maan: Kya moqa hai? he asked

Before any 1 cud tell..Geet greeted entering the living room.. "Hello!"

she was astounded for a moment to see Maan back..her heart missed a beat..she was seeing him after so many days and indeed he looked so amazingly perfect in his light sky blue shirt and simple jeans..his top 2 or three buttons were undone..Geet cudnt help but notice..she looked away scared of getting caught..

On the other hand he felt a rush of excitement in his heart after seeing Geet,  he smiled..
"Hi!"..he walked to her

"Seeing u after a long time!" he sed in a low tone..there was something strange which stroke Geet..she looked up..there was an eye lock..Geet tried to comprehend what was there..wat his eyes were trying to tell..on the other hand Maan cud notice the lifelessness in her if she was really if she was pretending to be normal but her eyes failed to hide the loneliness inside her..he wanted to hug her..tell her that he was here take care of please here. To make her feel loved..

"Geet tum he isko batado!" Mrs. Khurana spoke and Maan and Geet looked away

Geet was quiet.. "Moqa yeh hai k Iss weekend Geet ki sagai hai!..Dadi finally told

Maan felt like freezing at the spot

"wat" he tried to talk looking back at Geet who was looking at the floor

"I know beta..u must be shocked..after all tumhari best frend ka roka hai aur tum ko itna late pata chala..but u werent here when it all happened." Mrs. Handa tried to explain

Who is the guy? He felt numb

"woh surprise hai..aur uskay liye..tumhain mujhe bahar lekar jaana hoga..kahin khana khilanay..aur mujhe abhi bohot bhook lagi hai.." he heard geet's voice who could notice Maan's amazement

Maan nodded..tried to behave normal

Hum Jaain maa and aunty? Geet asked

Mrs. Khurana: Ofcourse beta jaao!

Geet smiled and Maan left to get the keys


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