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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93 (Page 58)

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No update  ??? Cry

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Hi Frends
im back with the update..sorry for taking this much time but i wanted to have it all in this update and guess update wud be wid the confession..i still have to work on the confession as i have to make it..the best! please give some more time..and i promise next update is definitely the Confession! Wink...who can't too..i can't waittt  eitherTongue Dancing..Enjoy this update though
 Big smile

~Chap 37~

In the morning..there was no1 on the breakfast table..every1 was was only Dadi Geet and Maan..Mrs. Handa was still asleep coz she wasn't feeling well..while Mr. and Mrs. Khurana came late last night..Geet was in a rush for college..while Maan was not..coz he was gonna go late 2day..he got up early coz he used to and he knew she wud need him to drop her..After seeing him in casual clothes..a gray.. light sweater and his black sweat pants..Geet knew he wasn't going to the office ..and felt awkward asking she quietly got up..
"Ok..i gotta leave now!.." 
Maan looked at her and was about to get up..
"woh maine Pinky ko bol diya hai paas walay bus stop se pick karne ko..ussay kuch baat karni thi isiliye!" she lied
Maan who really wanted to drop her..dully shrugged and sat down on his chair
"Ok Bye Dadi!"  
"Bye Beta!" 
and she left..Maan felt something strange..he felt Geet lied to him..not taking any chances he got up..picking up his car keys..
"Aap kahan jaa rahay hain beta?" Dadi asked
"itni Subah!?" she asked in amazement 
Maan nodded and Dadi shrugged..not asking him any more questions as he seemed to be in a hurry
"Betho!"..he stopped the car in front of the bus stop near to his house..where Geet was waiting..not for Pinky but for the bus..
She looked away ignoring him..Maan sighed angrily.,.got out..walked towards her..
 "Jis bus ka aap wait kar raheen hain..woh nikal chukee hai..aur aglee bus adhay ghantay baad aaigee!..he sed looking up at the schedule for bus on the bus stop's stand booth which Geet never noticed..she looked away yelling at herself in her mind..and again ignoring him which actually exasperated him..he finally held her hand..brought her to the car..opened the car door..and made her sit..she cudnt protest as she didn't want to create a scene infront of other people who were looking at them
"kya pata aaj bhi baarish ho..aur iss thanday mousam main itni dair kharhy honay se bimar ho jao gee" he sed starting the car
Geet looked at him who wasn't looking at her..and got annoyed
"Mujhe tumhari meherbaani ki koi zaroorat nahi hai!..aur bhi log kharhay thay wahan..woh bhi insaan hain..woh beemar nahi parhtay..tou main kyun beemar hongi" she sed angrily
"Unko aadat hai..Mujhe unka nahi pata..tumhara pata hai!..aur tum kaho tou wapas jaakar un sabko bhi lift dedoon..?" he joked and was calmly driving now!..he turned on the radio
Geet just rolled her eyes..and sighed
Today was Friday..and by now Geet was tired..College was usual and a bit the fun was over and every1 was serious about studies as there were exams after a few months..Maan still used to give her pick and drop no matter how busy he was..but they used to be queit in the car or even in home used to talk very less..
Geet didn't saw Ankit as her Account's Professor was absent for some personal reason and her account's class was cancelled for the whole week ..and she was happy about it! she wud see him so he wud bring out the Prom nite topic..which she didn't want to discuss anymore..
The day went pretty well..and as she came out of her campus wid Adi and Pinky.. she saw Maan waiting for her already..after exchanging goodbyes she walked towards the car..and quietly sat in..
Maan started driving..and took the long way to the house..coz he needed to talk
"Aaj ka din kaisa gaya?" Maan asked softly
"Theek!" Geet made it as short as possible in a low tone
"Geet..Mujhe tumse aik bohot zaroori baat karni hai!.." Maan sed seriously looking at the road
"Bolo!" she sed looking out the window
"aisay nahi..aaram se beth kar baat karni hai..ghar se bahar!"..he sed stealthily looking at her
Geet looked at him.. "Tumko Jo baat karni hai..tum yahan kar saktay ho..ya phir ghar par..mujhe kahin bahar nahi jaana..!"  she spoke angrily..which Maan found impertinent
He quietly kept driving..he got infuriated..and sped up which Geet noticed but she didn't care even if they both get into an accident..suddenly he made a wide turn which urged her to speak up..
"Maan..stop it..and slow down please!" she sed looking at him..he gave her a look and aggressively pulled over on the side of the empty road
"U knw wat!..mujhe tumse sach main zaroori baat karni thi..lekin tumhara yeh jane kab tak aisay chalnay wala hai..he reacted looking back at her..
"but just leave it..i knw Geet..I knw!.it is all My fault..and u can not be like before..but at least be usual to me..iss tarhaan se ignore kab tak karo gee mujhko!.." he sed breaking the eye contact..his voice became shaky at the end..Geet's behavior was torturing him..she really was ignoring him..he who got used to her n her company..
Geet was quiet..after a few seconds he started the car again and now was driving calmly..Geet sneakily looked at him and cud see the sorrow on his face..she felt the silence.. he was quiet rite now..but inside he was hurt..she looked wasn't that she didn't was just that it all was happening coz of him..she kept quiet and they both reached home..she tried to talk while he was parking the car in garage..but he rushed inside the house..leaving her behind
 "Maan kal tum off lelo..kal ghar par kuch mehmaan aa rahay I want every1 at home" Geet heard Mr. Khurana while she entered the room wid coffee for every 1 after a late lunch
"Kona aa raha hai dad?"  Maan asked taking the mug
"Mr. Gupta and his family.." Mrs. Khurana sed this time
"Actually unse mulaqaat uss raat dinner par huwi thi..unkay paas aik project bhi hai..jiss par tum chaho tou soch saktay ho..aur achay insaan hain..tou invite karliya maine ghar par aik dinner k liye!" Mr. Khurana described
Every1 listened to him quietly..
"Wah..kya coffee hai Geet!" Mr. Khurana praised after taking a sip
"Thanks Uncle!" she sed wid a wide smile
"Bhayee apni Geet sirf coffee he nahi..khana bhi acha pakati hai!.." Dadi joined in
"Kahan Dadi!..bas thora sa bhi maa ki help kartay waqt seekha bas wahi!" she was being shy
"Lou jee..Bhabhi saara credit aapka..bhayee jaisee maa..waisee beti.." Mrs Khurana sed this time..Mrs Handa just laughed..Maan was quiet..Geet quietly looked at him..who now was pretending to be busy on his cellphone
"..kal jo Mr. Gupta aa rahay hain..suna hai unka aik he beta hai..unki wife ki death bohot pehlay he hogayee unhon ne business k saath betay ki parwarish bhi akelay he kee..aur aik baat special yeh hai..k unka beta..Geet k saath he college main hai shayad!.." Mrs. Khurana told Geet 
"Acha?" Geet sed amazed..wondering who can be the guy..
"Yeah u mite knw him!" Mr. Khurana sed
Geet: yeah..may be..but our whole senior class is pretty I mite not.." 
Dadi: Chalo kal aa raha lena..
Geet smiled and was still thinking and guessing who it cud be..which was worrying in the whole college every1 knew about the false rumor that she was engaged to Maan Singh Khurana..and wat if that guy knew about it..and wat if he mentions this infront of every1..she looked at Maan who was talking to Mrs. Handa..she felt nervous..she wanted to discuss it wid him..after all he was a part of this lie..actually it was only him..he played it along wid her..but after misbehaving with him 2day..she had no courage to talk to him..she was rude and didn't listen to him when he wanted to he was upset wid her..and how can she just go and talk to him about her problem..she wud have to take care of it on her own
"Geet..tum abhi tak yahan kitchen main ho!?" Mrs. Khurana sed entering in the kitchen to see if the appetizer and dinner was ready or not
"Sorry Aunty..Bholu ki help karnay main time ka pata he nahi chala!" she sed washing her hands
Bholu: "Didi Jee..thank u!" 
Mrs. Khurana: Chalo beta jaao..ready ho jaao..woh log pohonchnay walay hain..abhi unka phone aaya tha..they are on their way
Geet: Oh!..ok I better get ready..she sed wid a smile and left the kitchen
"Knock Knock"..Geet was putting her plain lip gloss on when there was a knock on the door..every1 was downstairs..she was the only 1 who wasn't ready yet..and she knew the guests had arrived..
"Definitely Maa hongi!" she talked to herself while quickly glancing at her image in the mirror..which made her satisfied that she looked perfect for the get together in her plain light purple anarkali dress..she quickly walked to the door and opened it..and saw Maan infront..
Before she cud ask any questions..Maan quickly walked into the room..he looked a bit nervous..
"Geet!..tum ho kahan..there is a big Problem!"..he sed while walking into the room
Geet took a few steps backward.. "Kya huwa?!" she panicked
"Woh ladka..koi aur nahi..woh!.." 
"Geeet!..Maaan!" they both heard Mr. Khurana calling their names..which interrupted Maan 
He ignored..and tried to complete when Dadi stopped by the room..and came in..
Dadi: Tum log yahan ho?..aur sab neechay wait kar rahay hain..chalo guests aagaye
Geet who was totally confused yet worried looked at Maan who cudnt complete what he wanted to say..he quietly followed Dadi..and she followed him..Dadi was ahead while Maan slow down..and waited for Geet who was a few steps soon as she came next to him..he quickly grabbed her hand and held it tight..which totally bewildered her..she looked at him in amazement..while he told her to look down from the hallway..she glanced and her eyes widened..they reached the stairs to go downwards but she felt as if she can't walk anymore..all she cud see was those 2 very familiar eyes eyeing at both Maan and Geet..she looked at Maan who already was looking at her..his grip grew assurance that he was with her to take care of she held his hand..she needed him..gathering all her courage..she came downstairs..
Mr. Khurana: kahan reh gaye thay tum log..? 
every1 looked at Maaneet holding hands..
"Actually Geet ko abhi aur tayyar hona maine socha madam poora time upar he laga dain literally haath pakarh kar laya hoon..he sed showing it to every1
Now every1 laughed including the guest except for that 1 person which had tensed the situation for Maan and Geet both..
"Geet Beta..bataya tha na..Mr. Gupta ka aik he beta hai jo tumharay saath he parhta hai..issay milo yeh hai Mr. Gupta ka iklota beta..Ankit..Ankit Gupta!" Mr. Khurana introduced
Geet who felt numb tried to smile..Maan cud notice the stress on her face..
"Hi Geet! are u!? seeing u after a long time.." Ankit sed while looking at her
"I knw..Good to see u!" she almost uttered
Mrs. Handa: so tum dono aik doosray ko jaantay ho?
Ankit: Jee Aunty..bohot achay se..infact main Maan ko bhi jaanta hoon..kaafi achay se
Mrs. Khurana: that is very nice..dekha Geet..duniya kitni choti hai..aur tumko apni senior class he itni barhi lag rahee thi..she sed wid a laugh 
she just smiled and looked at Ankit who was constantly looking at her..they all sat in the lounge..Geet sat next to Maan..while Ankit sat on the single sofa beside her..elders were talking about business while Maneet and Ankit were quiet..
Ankit: So! is college..i heard..accounting class cancel hogayee hai..Professor chutti par hain
Geet: haan..
Ankit: Good..actually main apnay frends k saath Goa gaya huwa isiliye college aik hafta college nahi aaya!
Geet: oh!..well exams are just here..2 months left 
Ankit: oh yeah..time to leave all the fun..waise tum yahan rehti ho ya abhi aayee huwi ho?
Geet: Aaj kal yaheen rehti hoon
Ankit: wah..shaadi se pehlay he sasural main adjust ho rahee ho!..Lucky Maan! he sed looking at him wid a grin on his face
Geet got up to leave..
 Dadi: Tum kahan jaa rahee ho?
Geet: Dadi woh..deknay jaa rahee hoon sab ready hai ya nahi..bholu ko koi help tou nahi chahiye! she excused and left
Dadi now looked at Maan and Ankit who werent talking at all..when suddenly Maan's phone was a client..he quickly got up and excused himself
"Ok..i am getting ready..and I will call you back!.." Maan disconnected the call and made his way to the kitchen
Maan: Geet..come here for a second..he sed in a low tone 
Geet saw him and widout any delay walked to him..they both now were standing out of the kitchen in a corner side of Dining area where they can have their secret talk
Maan: Geet!..mujhe abhi meray client ka phone aaya hai..i would have to go..
Geet: But Maan..all of a sudden..main yahan akeli..she cudnt complete..and looked worried..
Maan: Don't worry Geet..main thorhi der main aanay ki koshish karoon ga.
Geet stayed quiet..
Maan: Cum on Geet..don't be bhi hoga tum yeh soch kar rakho k main hamesha tumharay saath hoon..waise tou kuch nahi hoga..lekin agar hota bhi hai..tou main aur tum dono mil kar problem solve karlain gai..tum akeli nahi ho..samjheen?..Maan spoke softly while putting his hand on her shoulder assure her
Geet got tears in her eyes..not because that she was scared of wat cud happen..but today after so many days Maan and her got close again..everything felt like before..though it was for a short period of time..coz she knew it can't be like before or how she wanted it to she knew everything now..that Maan and her cud never be together coz Maan never thought of it how she used to think of their relationship..this is wat made her so furious and crazie..but rite now..she just cudnt hide these feelings
"Now Please don't worry..main ready hokar aata hoon!" he sed wid a smile and made his way to his room to get ready for the meeting
Dadi noticed Ankit was bored alone..
DaDi: Beta aap aisa karo Geet ko bula kar le aao..ya phir waheen bahar uss k saath time spend karlo..yahan barhon ki baton main bore hojao gai! she sed wid a frendly smile
Ankit nodded and made his way outside..
"Ahem..can i come?" Geet looked behind and saw Ankit entering the dining hall.
"Oh!..Ofcourse Ankit!..actually main khud bahar aanay wali thi.." she sed wid a nervous smile
"Really?..koi baat nahi..tum mujhe chorh kar chaleen gayeen so..main tumhara peecha kartay kartay aagaya!" he sed wid a cheesy grin
Geet stayed quiet..
"So..we are meeting after a long time..last time we met was the Prom!" he sed trying to remember
Geet: hmm
Ankit: Wat a coincidence..mujhe koi idea bhi nahi tha k meray dad Maan k dad k itnay achay frend hongai..i 1 can tell by looking at me and Maan!..he laughed
Geet agreed..but still was quiet
Geet: Listen Ankit..Prom nite jo kuch bhi huwa..lets forget it..or if we can't then please we shud try to keep it to ourselves..she suggested
Ankit: Babes..i really dont care..but if u want i won't discuss anything about wat happened that night in front of elders..but let me tell the best thing about coming here is meeting YOU! he winked
Geet smiled unwantedly..but she was happy about that Ankit listened to her..and now she was a bit sure that she can take care of it on her own without Maan's help..and her mom..or Maan's parents won't know anything about their Fake Fiance drama..its just that she wud have to be friendly wid him
Geet saw Maan cuming downstairs in hurry..
He stopped in the dining area where Ankit and Geet both were standing..he looked at Ankit and then turned to Geet
"Ok..i wud have to leave..aur haan tum please khana kha lena..mera wait nahi karna..warna mujhe fikar lagi rahay gee.." he sed lightly squeezing her hands which he was holding now..wid a charming smile
Geet's heart skipped a beat..though she knew he was just acting in front of Ankit but still she was too hurt..too broken..and too much in love to make her understand that it was just temporary 
Mrs. Khurana told Bholu to serve the food..and Geet called every1..
Maan stayed till the dinner because Mrs. Khurana insisted..but rite after dinner he had to leave to attend the client
Everyone took a seat..Ankit sat next to Geet while Maan was sitting infront of her noticing everything
Every1 started eating..Ankit's dad asked Geet about her studies and interests..while having the dinner he really praised Geet after knowing that she helped out Bholu wid everything..every1 loved the food..
Mr. Gupta looked very friendly..Geet was amazed that how cud Ankit so different from his father..she quietly kept eating her Mr. gupta looked at Maan who was totally silent
Mr. Gupta: So Maan!..u are perfectly setteled..kab bajain gee shehnaiyaan aur kab bula rahay ho baraat main..he sed frankly
Maan who was eating almost choked..and every1 laughed except for Geet and Ankit
Maan: Nahi uncle abhi koi khaas plan nahi hai..abhi tou career hai..bohot kuch karna hai..he sed wid a smile
Mr. Khurana: Sun liya bhayee aap ne..isko shaadi ka koi shoq nahi..main jab iski umar ka tha..tou meri shaadi huway bhi aik arsa hogaya tha
Dadi: aur nahi tou kya..
Mr. Gupta: haan beta..i guess tumko sochna tou tou hamesha chalta rehta hai..aur tumhara tou ghar ka he business hai..phir kya problem hai..aik he betay ho apnay maa baap k..main unka kehna samajh sakta hoon..Ankit bhi mera iklota beta hai..dekhna as soon as he graduates and takes care of business..main tou uskay peechay parhnay wala hoon
Ankit laughed: Sure Dad..bas aap bhi Khurana uncle ki tarhaan..Geet k jaisee khoobsoorat aur delicious khana bananay wali bahu doondh lain..tou main tou abhi ready hoon
Every1 looked at him..while Geet actually choked..Maan quickly handed his glass of water..she took a sip
"Oh Gosh!..Main mazaq kar raha tha guys..Geet don't be nervous! ko meray liye dhoondnay ki zaroorat nahi hai..main khud he sab kuch karloonga..he sed while gently rubbing her back to comfort her..
every1 laughed..and Geet just smiled while Geet noticed Maan's staring at her..she knew what he must be thinking..he must be getting worried about the same matter as she was worried about..
Mr. Gupta: i am sorry Geet beta..yeh pagal aisa he hai! he apologised
"Ok..i wud have to leave really sorry main iss tarhan se beech main jaa raha hoon..but its urgent and its can't postpone" Maan sed getting up from his chair 
Mr. Gupta: its ok Son!..i can understand..and thanks for joining us! was wonderful meeting u! he sed getting up from chair shaking hands wid him
Maan: Same here uncle..Bye Every ..Geet do me a favor..woh meri car keys meray room main hai..lekar aajao..
Geet nodded and got up..and while he made his way outside..
"Yeh lo" she sed handing the keys to him
Maan: thanks..sorry tumko Dinner k beech main se disturb kiya but..i guess wahan ki situation awkward hogayee thi
Geet: I knw!
Maan: tum Ankit se door raho..woh bohot chaalaak hai! he adviced
Geet nodded
"Main chalta hoon!..Bye" he sed making an eye contact
Geet: Bye.. 
After the dinner..Mr. Gupta and Ankit asked for leave as Mr. Gupta had to go to Mumbai ..
"Thank u so much! everything was amazing!" Mr. Gupta sed
Ankit also thanked every1 and they finally left
Geet actually sighed in relief..every1 made their way to the lounge it was only 9:00 and it was a saturday night..every1 planned to sit and have a chat..Mr. Khurana made his way to study room coz he wanted to read some time reading his books..while ladies got busy watching the tv..Geet joined them but soon got bored so she went to her room..
she wanted to sleep..but the thoughts in her mind were not letting her..everything was getting normal between Maan and her..she didnt want it to be this way..after knowing the truth..after knowing that Maan never loved her..she was not furious about how Maan feels..he doesnt have to love her..she was hurt about it..but the thing that was making her mad was that night y did he kiss her..y?..did he took advantage of them being alone..and then he ran away..without any explanations..wid out answering her questions..he just played wid her for a few moments..had a try on her and then forgot about it..and now he was trying to help her out..asking for one more chance..these thoughts were making her restless..
I would never let it happen again! she decided
Mr. Gupta was leaving for Airport..and Ankit thought to drop him off
Mr. Gupta: It was nice meeting the khuranas and now Handas too
Ankit: Yeah..but i liked the Handas better
Mr. Gupta: I can guess y!..must be coz of Geet
Ankit: glad i went there..the best part was meeting her..she is just amazing!
Mr. Gupta: So u like her?
Ankit laughed: I love her!..
Mr. Gupta laughed: You are crazie!
Ankit: No Dad!..i am serious..well i was in love wid her since she came to our college..and i saw her in my class
Mr. Gupta: WAT!..
Ankit: I knw..aapko meri baaton par yaqeen nahi aa raha hoga..aap ajay se pooch lo..meray gang ne tou ussay pehlay baat bhi kee thi..lekin phir pata chala she is committed..
Mr. Gupta: committed?
Ankit: Yes! soon she wud be Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana!" he sed annoyingly while driving
Mr. Gupta: Yeh tumse kis ne kaha
Ankit: Dad woh Maan ki Mangetar hai..Seriously that guy doesnt deserve her!..
Mr. Gupta: Son..i guess u r mistaken..she is not engaged to not sure if they are in a relationship..but Mr. Khurana himself told me that his son is single..
Ankit who was more than shocked hit the breaks.."Wat?" he whispered
2day was sunday..every1 was at home..ladies decided to cook lunch and dinner by themselves today..while Maan was not in a mood to do he stayed at the Study room..Nobody had the breakfast as every1 got up late..and decided to have tea or coffee and later on for a pure desi brunch with every1
Mr, Khurana was watching the news all alone when he told bholu to call Maan..
"Jee Dad!..aap ne bulaya!" Maan sed entering the TV lounge
"Hmm..aao betho..baatien karni theen!" he sed decreasing the volume
Maan sat next to him..
"So!..kya socha hai?!" Mr. Khurana asked
"Kis Baaray Main?!" he asked looking at him
"Kal aaye thay na Mr. Gupta..Unhon ne offer di hai..saath aik project karne ki..main tumse poochna chahta hoon k tum agar handle karna chaho!" he asked
"No Dad! i am not interested at all..abhi meray paas kaafi kaam hai dekhnay ko!" he sed in a serious tone
Mr. Khurana: Kal raat tum bohot khamosh thay..kya baat everything alright?
Maan: Yes Dad!'
Mr. Khurana: Acha..aaj shaam ready rehna..walk karnay chalain gai saath..kaafi din hogaye baat he nahi huwi
Maan: Koi khaas baat?..Maan asked suspiciously
Mr. Khurana: kyun bhayee..hum dono saath walk karnay nahi jaa saktay?..aur ab tum pooch he rahay ho tou bata deta hoon k hai aik zaroori baat..
Geet entered the lounge..
"Uncle!..the Brunch is ready!sab wait kar rahay hain..jaldi se aajaiye!" she sed cheerfully
"Oh thank God!..meray tou paith main choohon ki race lagi hai!" he sed getting up 
Geet chuckled..and made her way out with Mr. Khurana..while Maan followed them
after a heavy and delicious brunch every1 stayed at home..for a few hours talked and then went to their rooms for rest..It was 5:25 pm..when they all were again downstairs having tea and snacks together..while Mr Khurana told Maan to get ready and lets go for a walk after the snack time
After a long walk they both sat on the bench in the park to relax for some time and then go back home
"Mousam kaafi thanda hogaya hai na.." Mr. Khurana began the conversation while fixing his shawl
Maan: Jee Dad..aur andhera bhi kaafi jaldi honay laga hai..
Mr. Khurana sighed: hmmm..Maan beta..main jaanta hoon k tum andar he andar yeh soch rahay hogai k mujhe yeh tumharay saath shaam main walk karnay ka idea kyun aaya..aur maine tumko yeh bhi bataya huwa hai k mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baat karni thi..
Maan: Jee dad im listening..he sed looking at him..
Mr. Khurana: Aaj kal main kuch notice kar raha hoon
Maan: Kya?
Mr. Khurana: tumhara behavior..tum ghar main khamosh rehnay lagay ho..
Maan: Dad woh kaam ki wajha se..
Mr. Khurana: Main tumko jaanta hoon Maan..yeh sirf kaam ka pressure nahi hai..aur aik aur baat..tumhara aur Geet ka interaction ab pehlay ki tarhaan nahi hota..balkay ab tum dono aik doosray se bohot kam baat  kartay ho..
Maan felt nervous..
Mr. Khurana continued: its ok agar tum dono k beech koi jhagrha huwa hai..tum dono dost ho..aur doston main yeh sab kuch tou hota he rehta hai..but i want to make sure of something..kahin iss baat ka reason woh particular topic tou nahi..
Maan was now actually getting anxious.. "Konsa Topic Dad?" he asked in a low tone
Mr. Khurana stopped and now sat 
"Tumhari Mom ne mujhe bataya k tumne Geet se..shaadi k baaray main..mana kardiya hai!..he sed observing if he was reading his expressions
Maan's face expressions did change..he got a bit uncomfortable..yet the sorrow was becoming obvious.. but Maan looked down..
"Dad main mom ko sab kuch explain kar chuka hoon!" he sed in a low tone
"isi liye tou tumse baat kar raha hoon..kyunki tumhara baat mujhe bohot unreasonable..bohot uncomplicated lagi..koi aisee wajha nahi thi k jis se iss baare main koi baat na hosake..
"Dad!..main jaanta hoon..aap log meri shaadi k baare main bohot excited or hain..lekin apni excitement main..kisi ki khushi ko bhool jana sahi nahi hoga
Mr. Khurana: Kya tum kisi aur main iterested ho? he came direct to the point
Maan looked up.."Nahi!" he clarified
Mr. Khurana: Tumko lagta hai Geet kisi aur main iterested hai?
Maan: Mujhe nahi pata!
Mr. Khurana: Phir bhi aik idea tou hota hai..or tum dono tou best frends ho..tumko tou idea hona chahiye..
Maan: I don't think so!
Mr. Khurana: then y are u afraid..?
Maan: Dad! not afraid..Agar main maan bhi jaaon..tou Geet ki marzi bhi bohot matter karti hai!..aap log ussay poochay bina yeh faisla nahi karsaktay
Mr. Khurana: Tumse kisne kaha k hum aisa karain gai!
Maan: But dad!..he cudnt find words to convince Mr. Khurana
Mr. Khurana: Exactly..any other reason beside that!
Maan: Dad..main aur Geet dost hain..humne kabhi..aik doosray k baare main aisa nahi socha
Mr. Khurana: Jab rishta pakka automatically aisa sochnay lago gai! he sed seriously yet teasingly
 Maan looked away..and Mr. Khurana smiled
"Dekho Maan beta..dont assume that i am forcing u!..niether we wud force Geet!..just think about it..start thinking..socho kaisa hoga..jab tum Geet se shaadi karogai..uss main koi kami nahi hai..tum main koi kami nahi hai..aur phir tum dono dost bhi ho..aur husband wife relationship ki base he friendship hoti hai..balkay har rishtay ki base he dosti hoti hai..ab mera aur tumhara rishta dekhlo..main tumse aik dost ki tarhaan he baatien kar raha hoon"
Maan stayed quiet.."hum sab ki yahi khuwahish hai k tum or Geet iss rishtay main bandh jaao aur yeh dosti rishtay daari main tabdeel hojaye" Maan looked up..
Mr. Khurana was waiting for a reply
Maan: "Okay Dad..i would think about it!"
Mr. Khurana smiled
Maan: Dad..shayad mujhe aik week k liye Singapore jaana ho..kal jis client k saath project ki deal huwi hai..usi project k liye
Mr. Khurana: Oh ok! kab jaa rahay ho..
Maan: Shayad kal!
Mr. Khurana: Ok!..chalo phir..lets go home..tumko tayyari bhi tou karni hogi
they both got up and made their way back to home..
So how was it??..who is excited..and who is bored..Tongue
Hints/Precap!! (watever u wanna call it)
Have u all noticed that Ankit UNKNOWINGLY always has bring Maaneet this u all think that he wud UNKNOWINGLY make them confess..and who do u think wud confess first! Maan or Geet?? Embarrassed 

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Zohamaaneet IF-Rockerz

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thanx yaar for updating
we were waiting for update as u promised
loved it
charlie1950 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
Still waitin for confession

nats0101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
nice updt
wud luv c ankit being d cause of maneet s confession!!
do updt soon!!
shubhi_s Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
nice part.
waiting for the confession.Embarrassed
pls do update soon and soon means soon.Wink

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maanluvsgeet IF-Sizzlerz

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want 2 read d next update ASAP !!!!!!!!
awesome part.
want Maaneet confessions
-Mishu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
awesome part
waiting 4 the confession
please do update soon
add me as ur buddy n do pm me plz

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