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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93 (Page 52)

Zaara07 Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shruti_Goyal

u r backDancing
Happy new yearBig smile
waiting for updateDay Dreaming

wish u the same Hun! Heart
n sorry for making u wait for so long..but i wud defo update soon!! Embarrassed

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anuandavi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Hey, u back. Wish you a very very Happy New Year.

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jassi1212 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by NZ_rockx

Sorry Guys!
i wud be back very soon (around next week) wid the confession..working on it..writing the FF, and i promise i won't let u all down! the confession and the story after that specially the maaneet scenes wud be worth it! I Promise Embarrassed




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shubhi_s Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 12:04am | IP Logged
thank u.
eagerly waiting for ur update.

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Be.edgy Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 2:34am | IP Logged
YAYYY !!! Cant wait .. Party

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Zaara07 Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Hola Amigas/Amigos Tongue
ok since im still writing down the twist which will lead to the confession..i thought y not give u guys..short it after every other day..sowe get to the this way u really dont have to wait long..and also u wont have alot to here is a short update..confession definitely cuming next week..and its gonna be like how all u want it to be..Wink here is the Short Update

~Chap 36~

"Geet..Utho beta..kabse aise khamosh leti ho..sab neechay dinner par bula rahay hain!"..Mrs. Handa sed running her fingers in Geet's hair..
She looked at her mom..and got up..
"Maa..mujhe bhook nahi hai..aap jaa kar khalijiye!" she sed seriously
"Geet..Koi baat hai jo tumko kabse pareshaan kar rahee hai!..jabse aai hoon..tumharay chehray par iss pareshaani ko dekh rahi hoon..kya wajha hai..Beta..ab tum mujhse bhi share nahi karo gee.." she sed sitting in front of her..
"Maaa!..aisee koi baat nahi hai..actually woh college main aik choti see problem thi..mujhe aik ladka tung kar raha isi liye bas mood kharab tha!"..
"Kyun kya huwa?" Mrs. Handa asked worryingly
"Kuch khaas nahi..woh bas aise he flirt karne ki koshish!" she lied
"Oho ho!..iski wajha se mood kharab karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai..kehtay hain na jahan phool hota hai wahan bhanwray aatay hain!..lekin issay pehlay iss phool ko koi masal kar phek day..isko uskay haqdaar tak pohnchadiya usko kabhi murjhanay na day!" Mrs Handa sed thoughtfully..looking in air..
"haha..oho's ok..main koi phool nahi hoon.." she sed 
"agar who ladka zyada tung karay tou mujhe batana!.." she adviced
"aapki beti itni barhi hogayee hai k aisee choti moti problems ko khud solve karlay!" she sed wid a smile
Mrs. Handa smiled.. "Mujhe pata hai!" she sed 
"Acha chalo neechay!" she sed getting up
"Nahi maa!,,mujhe sachi bhook nahi hai..aap jaaiye..mujhe sona hai..waise bhi prom night k baad bohot thak gayee hoon!" she sed as if she was very sleepy
"lekin aisay bhooki raho gee!"
"Maa..abhi shaam main milkshake piya and sandwiches kha liye maine..don't worry main theek hoon!" she sed assuring her mum
"Ok..jaisee tumhari marzi!" wid that sed she got up to leave..
"Good night Maa!" she sed switching on the night bulb on as she cudnt sleep in dark..
"Good night!" she sed getting out
"Bhabhi..main bohot zyada sharminda hoon..mujhe tou laga  tha k shayad humara door jaana Maan aur Geet ko nazdeek lekar aaiga..lekin..Maan se kal baat karne kay baad mera Geet ko apni bahu bananay ka sapna adhoora reh gaya..abhi maine Inko (Mr. Khurana) kuch  nahi bataya hai..lekin acha hai aik baar woh bhi pooch lain Maan se..tou behtar hoga.." 
Mrs. Khurana told Mrs. Handa everything about last nite's convo wid Maan..Mrs. Handa was disappointed as well..she knew that she wud convince Geet once Maan wud have agreed..but she didn't want to force him..because it wud effect Maan's and Geet's Life in future..
"Nahi..aap bhai sahab ko mana kardain..main Maan ko bilkul bhi force karna nahi chahoon gee..aur kya pata Maan ki qismat main koi aur..aur Geet ki qismat main koi aur ho!..she sed wid a sigh
Indeed Maan's lie had saddened every1
The time was sneaking out..3 days passed by..Maan got himself busy wid the office work.. busy that even on Sunday he had meetings wid clients..Though his days were not going well..he was not able to focus on anything..there was guilt,sorrow,frustration,regretion,and feelings that cudnt be termed.. he used to think about how life wud be difficult each and everyday..but was trying his best to live wid it.. Maan used to cum home really late..when every1 usually were asleep..atleast Geet used to be..and Geet used to wake up late as she had  days off from college..and she cudnt and didn't want to see him at the breakfast..

..Geet went to Pinky's house for a day coz she needed to share her feelings wid some1.. she told Pinky..that there is nothing between her and was all one sided..which actually made Pinky very sad..she didn't tell her anything about the Kiss..neither pinky asked her any questions as she knew that Geet was hurt..she wanted to get out of the awkward yet depressing..atmosphere so she started spending time in her own haveli..started settling she planned that after a few days she wud ask her move in there..she was putting efforts to start all fresh and new..but still she cudnt keep herself away thinking about Maan and whatever he did to her..
Mr and Mrs. Khurana were invited to a it was only dadi..Geet and Mrs. Handa in the one knew where Maan was..must be in the 1 actually he was mature enough to take care of himself., 
"Finally kal se Classes start hongi!" she talked to Dadi
"Acha!..yeh tou achi baat hai!" Dadi replied
"Geet tumhare tests kabse shuru hain.." Mrs. Handa asked 
"hmm..abhi 2 mahinay hain!" she estimated
"ohh!" Mrs Handa looked back in her file
"Kyun?" Geet asked
"Nahi..bas aisay hee!" 
Geet: Waisay mujhe aik baat kehni hai!
Now both Mrs. Handa and Dadi looked at Geet..
"Woh main soch rahee thi k hum apni haveli kab shift hongai!"..she asked casually
Mrs. Handa and dadi looked at each other..
"Kyun..yahan koi takleef hai?!" Dadi asked getting a bit sad and worried
"Oh Bilkul bhi nahi Dadi..aap ne aisa kyun socha..main tou bas aisay he pooch rahee hoon!" Geet clarified as she felt bad
"tou phir..bas aisay he mat socho.." Dadi adviced
"Lekin dadi hum kab tak yahan par.."
"Geet barhon k saath behas nahi kartay!" Mrs. Handa stopped her..
"aur waise bhi Geet tum wahan akeli hojao gee..mana k ghar bilkul barabar main hai..lekin woh baat nahi rahay gee..sab busy hojain gai..yahan sab hain..aur tumhara best frend bhi tou hai!" Dadi reminded
Geet got quiet..she didn't want to argue wid was reasonable that what was the point moving she wud get busy wid her college and Mrs. Handa wud be all alone wid her business and her in the big,dadi and Mrs. Khurana give her company all the time..she shrugged and smiled..when she heard horn..
"Oho..lagta hai aaj Maan jaldi aagaya!" Mrs. Handa sed
"Aur lagta hai bholu jaldi sogaya!..uss k liye garage ki entrance kholna he bhool gaya..kab se Maan horn baja rahay hain!" Dadi sed looking at the was right 10:30 pm
"Geet..jaao..tum jaa kar khol dou main entrance door!" Mrs. Handa ordered
Geet nodded..and got up..for a second she felt stirred nervous and uneasy that she wud see him after 3 days..but other second she told herself "So what!"

Maan kept up wid his horn..which annoyed Geet and she almost jogged to the garage..and opened the main on the side and he drove in..
He looked in a bad mood..she glanced at him..who was sitting in his car..he even didn't get out..and she left
He tiredly walked in..undoing his light blue shirt's collar buttons..
"Hi dadi..hi aunty!" he sed looking at the ladies
"Hello beta..Jaldi se fresh hokar aajao..tumharay liay khana lagatay hain!" 
Maan nodded and went upstairs
Rite after 15 minutes he was downstairs in his t shirt and black pajama-pants..
"Kya baat hai..aaj sab jaag rahay hain!..Mom dad kahan hain?" he sed sitting at the dining table..where dadi and Mrs. Handa joined him..while Geet was in the kitchen..
"woh kisi Mr. Gupta ki dinner invitation wahan gaye hain.." Dadi replied while Geet came out wid food..putting it on the table..she didn't dare to look at him..while Maan took his time to look at her from head to toe..Geet cud feel his stare..she felt nervous but quietly served the food..
"Bholu kahan hai!" he asked looking down hoping for a reply from Geet
"Woh aaj uski tabiyat kuch kharab isiliye dawai lekar jaldi sogaya.." Mrs. Handa replied this time..while Geet again made her way to the kitchen
Maan saw her leaving.. "Ohh!" that's all he sed.. looking down at his plate
Maan was done wid his dinner..and wanted to have coffee..he didn't ask the ladies and made his way to the kitchen..
He saw Geet doing something on the stove..he quietly walked to the shelf and started looking for a pot..
Geet turned and put the coffee on the counter..Maan looked at the mug..and a light smile appeared and the other second faded away..
She was about to leave..
"Thanks!" Maan sed
She stopped for a moment..wanted to say something..but cudnt think of wat just walked out
Cuming into his room..holding the mug..he walked to the window..and stood there..looking out..
She knew him so well..she knew that he likes to have coffee after dinner..specially when he is tired..he smiled..after so many days..he didn't feel tired anymore..he took a deep breath..he was feeling a bit better..all the glumness that he had been suffering through since so many days started fading away..may be he saw her 2day that is why..and how she served him the his wife wud do..he cudnt stop himself thinking about it..assuming her..his wife..specially after his mom told him about her idea of them getting married..he sighed..and took the last sip..and put the cup down..

I knw it was a short 1..but the next 1 wud be very tomorrow or may be the next day after 2morrow!..coz i have work and long shifts this whole weekend..ok..and please yaar REVIEWS dena..Embarrassed Heart

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supprr updt...!!!!!! :) i sooo hope dat der won't be any MU track...

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