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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93 (Page 44)

Shruti_Goyal IF-Sizzlerz

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Shruti_Goyal IF-Sizzlerz

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Shruti_Goyal IF-Sizzlerz

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hi guys! sorry for being so was coz i have been in stress/depression..all this time..i was having alot of problems..which was taking all mie energy..and i was having ups and downs..its not that all is well now but its better now..sorry for making u all wait for so long..but i hope that u all can understand..Smile Smile..moreover im working like 5/6 days in i am getting very less time to write..but i am trying my best..hope u all are in gud shape..happy diwali to all mie Hindu frends Heart..i hope that u all enjoy to the fullest! is the update..i hope u all like it..Smile

~Chap 35~

It took him around an hour to reach home..he parked  the car in the garage..and rushed inside the house..

As soon as he entered the house he saw Dadi..he walked to her and hugged her warmheartedly..Dadi was the only house member who used to be the closest to wasn't that Mrs. and Mr. Khurana lacked  anywhere in their parenting skills or giving him the affection that he deserved..but he was naturally so attached to her..

"Aagaye aap!..kahan thay ab tak..baghair kisi ko bataye!?" Dadi asked Maan..

"Daadii..i missed u all!" he sed changing the topic..

"We missed u too.." she sed hugging him back

"Sab kahan hain..?" he sed looking around actually looking for Geet!

"Sab aaraam kar rahay hain.."

"Aur aap?!" ..he asked looking at her

"Humne karliya aaraam..bas bholu se chai bananay ka bolnay jaa rahay thay..taake saari thakaan utar jaaye"

"Acha..main bol deta hoon.."

"Tou phir humaray liye bhi boldo!" Mr. Khurana sed while cuming downstairs..wid his wife..

Maan smiled..and walked to them

"Kaise ho?" Mr. Khurana asked


"Kahan thay tum..time dekha hai..shaam k 6 baj rahay..subha se tumhara wait kar rahay hain sab!" Mrs. Khurana complained

"Sorry Mom" he sed while hugging her

" Aray..Maan aagaya!" he looked at Mrs. Handa cuming downstairs

"Welcome back aunty" he hugged her too

"Kaise ho tum beta!"..

"I am totally fine!"..he sed holding her hands wid a smile!

"Chalo bhayee..chai ka bol kar aao..itnay achay mosam main..sab saath mil kar chai k mazay lain gai!"..Dadi announced..

"haan yeh tou hai..Rupinder..Geet ko bhi bulalo" Mrs. Khurana sed..

"Bhabhi..woh tou upar nahi hai!" Mrs. Handa clarified

"Tou phir kahan hai..?" Mr. Khurana asked this time..

"Pata nahi..pehlay tou Rupinder k saath kamray main thee!" Dadi told him

"Pehlay Maan nahi tha..ab woh nahi hai!..Yeh kya ho raha hai!" Mrs. Handa cud see something was wrong..

"Kuch nahi aunty..Main dekh kar aata hoon..woh bahar gayee hogi.." Maan who listened to out of the lounge..when Geet entered in the house..both looked at each other..and the same moment both looked away..

Geet was all drenched..

"Yeh Kya huwa?..Tum tou Baarish main bheeg gayee ho" Mrs. Handa who also came out..asked cuming toward Geet

Geet nodded..and then sneezed

"Jaao beta..jakar change karlo..warna sardi lag jaaye gee!"

Geet nodded and quickly made her way to her it was getting hard for her to stay there.. she was relieved seeing Maan back but seeing him..she felt so unalike..and further more last nite's flashback was enough to wither her feelings..

Maan and every1 else were sitting in lounge..ladies were chatting and Mr. Khurana went to outside to attend a call..Maan missed Geet..the old Geet..who used to be the life of  his conversations..he quietly got up and made his way to the kitchen where Bholu was preparing snacks n tea for every1..

"Bholu..tum kab aaye?" he began the convo

"Bas aaj subha..6:00 bajay ki train se aaya" Bholu stopped for a second and replied

"acha..tou sab tumharay baad aaye!?" he asked looking at the snacks

"Jee..yeh tou bohot baad main aaye.."

"Aur Geet?" he finally asked wat he wanted to!..

"woh tou ghar main theen!" he sed confusingly while grinding some chilies for the chili sauce

"Nahi..abhi woh bahir gayee thi..woh kab gayee thi?" he tried to be casual

"Jee woh tou yahii koi 4 baje tak..woh so kar uth kar aayeen..tou maine unn se poocha unn k liye kuch khanay k liye bananay ko..tou unho ne mana kardiya..shayad Didi jee ne abhi tak kuch bhi nahi khaya!"..he guessed..which was right

Maan listened and got was 6:38 pm and she hadn't eaten anything..

"Bholu..aik kaam karo..yeh sab chorho..aur pehlay Geet k kuch khanay k liye lejao!" he instructed..

"Lekin kyun..Geet ko neechay bula letay hain.." Dadi who just entered in the kitchen suggested

"haan Dadi..magar woh thaki huwi hogi.." he tried to make excuses

"Haan..lekin aaj he tou hum log aaye hain..woh kamray main band hokar thori na bethay gee!..jaao bholu..usko bula kar lekar aao"

"badi maalkin yeh pakorhay..choolhay par hain.." he sed hurrying up

"Oho..tum tou busy ho..jaao Maan..dekh kar aao zara Geet kahan reh gayee hai!" Dadi told him to go and call her

Maan who was already trying to avoid cuming in front of her..was stuck..

"Woh dadi.."

"Maan..jaldi jaaiye warna sab thanda hojaiga.." she sed

"acha..jaata hoon" he helplessly agreed


As soon as she entered her room..Geet who was on the edge of tears..quickly locked the door..and tears started rolling down her seemed impossible to stop..whether it's loving Maan..or her tears.. she sat on the floor..was it so painful being in love..

"agar tum humaray beech main kuch theek karna nahi chahtay..tou main kyun.." she decided she wont talk to wud be hurtful but him ignoring her is way more insensitive and wounding..she got up..and went to change

She came out..and took off  the towel which she had wrapped around her head..her hair were still dampy.. she heard a knock on the door..

"Maa hongi..zaroor mujhe neechay bulanay k liye aai hongi.." she thought

There was again a knock..she quickly opened the door..and saw Maan standing..both looked at each other..but Maan quickly looked away

She tried to close the door..but he put his hand in between..which caused him pain..but he didn't care..Geet helplessly left the door open and walked inside the room..Maan entered..

"Geet..woh.." he tried to talk

"Kya hai!" she sed angrily turning away

"neechay sab bula rahay hain" the words finally came out  

"Please..jaao yahan se.." tears again started welling up in her eyes..thank God she wasn't facing him..she thought

"ok..lekin tum theek tou ho na!" he felt numb..nothing was making sense

"tum nahi jaa saktay tou main chalee jaaon gee!.." wid that sed she hurried out and she was almost at the door.. ..but Maan held her hand and she cudnt get out..and turned towards she turned her hair lightly stroke Maan's face..leaving some  tiny drops of water on his face  alluring him..

Standing against the door..she looked at him..and she felt her all anger vanishing looking back in his eyes..he stepped closer..Geet forgot to blink..she was not ready for anything..Maan raised his hand..and Geet was motionless..he gently moved back her wringing wet locks behind her softly tickled her..but before anything cud take place Geet looked away breaking the eye lock

"Excuse me please"..she sed in a low tone

Maan who was lost in the moment also looked away..

"neechay sab wait kar rahay hain!"..she sed looking at the floor..and left..

Maan saw her leaving and then after a few moments made his way downstairs..while cuming downstairs he saw her talking to Dadi and smiling..

"main abhi Maan k liye coffee ka bol kar aati hoon..." Mrs. Khurana sed almost getting up

"Aray Aunty..aap bethiye..main hoon na.." wid that sed she got up and made her way to kitchen

Maan saw her leaving again..he knew she was trying to avoid his presence..Maan came and sat next to Mr. Khurana..Mr Khurana started to talk to him..but he hardly cud pay attention..after a few minutes he got up..

"Yeh Geet kahan reh bana rahee hai ya dinner.." he tried to sound casual

Mrs.Handa laughed..

"Main dekh kar aata hoon!" Maan sed and made his way to the kitchen..

She was helping bholu wid the kitchen work..he entered..she looked up..and reacted as she didn't care

"Bholu..woh..mujhe tumse kaam tha..actually meray room main..meri blue file rakhi hai..mujhe dad ko dikhani hai..please meray room se lekar aajao.." Maan ordered politely

"Bholu tum yahan kaam karo..yahan tumhari zyada zaroorat hai.." she talked to him

"Bholu maine jo kaha hai..woh karo!" this time Maan  demanded in his stringent tone

Geet sighed and looked at Bholu and told him to go..he nodded and left

Maan walked infront of her..who was busy in her work..there was the kitchen counter between them

"Yeh kya kar rahee ho?" he asked seriously

"Kaam!" she made it as short as she cud

"main iski nahi..kisi aur cheez ki baat kar raha hoon!" he was still looking at her face..she seemed very solemn..

She didn't reply this time..

"Kyun yeh ghussa apnay upar nikaal rahee ho!?" he asked wid the same tone

she looked up..and looked down again..but there was a sigh..

"Ab tak kuch nahi khaya na!?" this time he was soft

"tumko issay koi farq nahi parhna chahiye!" she sed coldly..put his coffee on the counter between them..and made her way out wid her cup of tea..

Maan stood there motionless..he knew now that she hated whatever happened between them last night..her reply made it so clear to him..she had taken every right back that she had given him as a frend..there was nothing between them now..

"Tumne sahi kaha Geet.. kal raat jo huwa uss k baad se tumharay mutabiq mujhe farq nahi parhna chahiye..koi haq nahi hai tumhara dost kehlanay ka..tumhari parwah karne ka!..main shayad itna selfish hogaya..k apnay emotions main behek gaya..tumhari feelings ki parwah nahi kii..I deserve it!"


"so..kaisa raha sab?..u both survived without us"..Mr Khurana sed to Geet

Geet chuckled.. "Uncle!..i knw it seemed impossible..but guess wat..we did survive!"

Mr. Khurana laughed..

"Maan betay..tumko Geet ne zyada tung tou nahi kiya na!"  Mrs. Handa asked noticing Maan's quietness

He looked at her.. "Nahi aunty..bilkul bhi nahi..mujhe tou lagta hai..shayad maine he Geet ko bohot sataya hai!" he sed looking down wid a sober but gloomy smile

"Acha!?..sach Geet!"  Mrs. Khurana was surprised

"Aap log kuch khaiye na..baatien hoti rahain gee.." she changed the topic..
"Haan yeh sahi kaha Geet ne..Dadi agreed

Geet picked up a piece of snack and dipped it in Green Chilli sauce (chatni)..and put it in her mouth..she knew it wud make her mouth burn and also wud hurt her stomach as she hadn't eaten anything..but she didn't care..she kept doing it..her eyes became watery..cheeks turned red..but she kept eating it..

 "Geet!" Mrs. Handa almost yelled

She looked up at her..and the tears rolled down her cheeks..but she smiled..Maan clearly cud feel the anguish..but he remained silent as he didn't want to make it obvious infornt of the family

"Kya kar rahee ho tum!..itni mirchi kha rahee ho!..beta aapko pata hai nuqsaan karay gee!"..Mrs. Handa scolded

Mrs. Khurana gave her the water..

"Apna hashar dekho..aanso beh rahay hain" Mrs. Khurana noticed

"isko kuch meetha dedo!" Mr. Khurana suggested

"nahi nahi..meetha nahi..ussay koi faida nahi!..isko dahi khana chahiye!" Dadi suggested

"aray aaplog itna pareshaan kyun ho rahay hain..Mujhe teekha khanay ki aadat hai!" she sed wiping her tears..wid her smile..seeing every1 caring for her so much

"Geet! Teekha khana alag baat hai..mujhe pata hai tum kitna teekha khati ho!..lekin abhi jo tumne kiya..woh pagal pan tha!..main dahi lekar aati hoon" Mrs. Handa almost got up

"Maa please..main theek hoon..aap bethiye..main dahi khaleti hoon..uss k baad mujhe kuch kaam hai.. main apnay room main jaa rahee hoon..u all enjoy" she sed wid the smile..and left the lounge

"Isay kya huwa hai!" Mrs. Handa knew something was wrong

Maan looked at the door..she had left..he saw her going upstairs..

"Kuch nahi aunty..lagta hai usko college ka kuch kaam hai..usko help bhi chahiye thi..usne bataya tha mujhko koi project hai..!..usi k baaray main tension le rahi hai..main dekhta hoon"..he made an excuse and got up

"Thanks Beta!" she sed wid a motherly smile

He smiled and left..


She was punishing herself..her mouth was on fire
"Sss.." she covered her mouth wid her hands..and rubbed her lips..her nose was running..eyes were still watery..and moreover she didn't had the yogurt..and even didn't have water in her room..


Maan quietly went to kitchen..

"mujhe aap ki koi file nahi mili aap k room main.." Bholu quickly sed seeing him cuming

"Its ok" he sed and quickly and opened the fridge..

"Aapko kuch chahiye!"..he asked

"Hmm..aisa karo..2 sandwich banalo..aur milkshake..strawberry milkshake banao!" he sed

"Jaldi Please!" he sed wid a smile..and did what he needed to


"Ahhh" she was still whining and sighing in was getting horrendous..she got up for the 3rd time to go downstairs and have something which can decrease the sharp..stinging..and fiery reaction..but she sat down..she didn't want to go again..she sat down helplessly when she heard the knock on the door..

"who ever is on the door is Mie Savior!..thanks baba g!"..she talked looking up..almost running towards the door


"Tum!" that's all she cud say!..

 "Haan main!" he sed cuming close..which caused Geet to move away..and he got his way to go in her was her trick which he applied on her..he smiled entering..remembering the same Geet did last night,..

"Kya kar rahay ho!?" she asked annoyingly

"Darwaza band karo!" he ordered while putting the tray on the side table..rite beside the bed

"Nahi.."..she sed stubbornly

"Karo!" he sed walking towards her..

he held her hand..and brought her to the bed..and went to close the door..he turned and saw Geet..her cheeks were still pink..eyes were still watery..and lips..lips were carmine red..he looked away for a moment feeling weaker..

"Tum karna kya chahtay ho!" she asked

"Betho!" he again commanded..but in a soft tone

She didn't knw why she listened to him..but she quieltly sat down..a hope raised that may be he wanted to say something

He walked to her..picked a small bowl wid a spoon in it..she saw him..and then looked at the tray that she cudnt was so funny now that she cudnt even notice these things in his presence..his presence and himself effected her  so much ..

"Moun kholo"..he sed bringing the spoon towards her mouth..

She moved away..he moved the spoon closer..she had no other she opened her mouth

She cooled down once she had the sweetened yogurt..sandwich and the strawberry was unbelieveable that Maan actually fed her.. she cudnt refuse coz she really needed it..there was just silence in the room..Geet was waiting and Maan was looking for words..

"Geet!"..he started

She looked up at him who was sitting infront of her..very close..she was quiet..just in hope that he wanted to about everything which had made her restless..she wanted to give him a chance..

"Meri wajah se apnay aap ko itna hurt nahi karo..main jaanta hoon..bohot barhi ghalti hogayee hai mujhse..aur shayad ab humaray beech main pehlay jaisa kuch bhi nahi..lekin humne jitna time bhi saath main guzara hai..humaray beech main jo kuch bhi tha..unn sab yadon ki khatir ..uss rishtay ki khatir..iss tarhaan se apnay aap ko takleef pohncha kar mujhe takleef nahi pohnchao.." he almost begged but his tone was strong..though inside he was broken

Geet who was totally in shock was didn't make sense to her..he sed he knew he committed a whatever happened last was just a mistake for him..he kissed her..and the kiss was just a mistake to him..but why..why last night all of a sudden he acted that never went to the point where he would actually kiss her..then why!..moreover he left her muddled up wid her she gave him a chance and what he sed..that there is nothing like before between them..

She was looking down at her hands in her lap.. did she really understood what he was trying to say!

"Geet.." she heard him calling her name but she kept looking down..

Suddenly the door opened and Maan quickly got up..

Mrs. Handa entered the room..

"Sab theek tou haina?" she asked looking at them..Geet was now looking up at her..and Maan lightly smiled to avoid the awkwardness

"Jee Aunty..main Geet ko yahee samjha raha tha k choti choti baton par iss tarhaan pareshaan nahi hona chahiye!..aur mujhe yaqeen hai Geet meri baat ko samjhay gee!" Geet was still quiet.. so he spoke up

Mrs. Handa smiled..

"chalo achi baat hai..yahan aanay k baad Geet ko samjhanay ka kaam tumne apnay upar leliya.." she sed walking towards her..

"Aur yeh kya?!" she sed looking at the plate and the tray wid food

"Geet..kitni dafa kaha hai k bed par khana nahi khana chahiye..dining table kis liye bani hai!" she got upset as she was very serious about her rules..

"Sorry Maa!" she sed in a low tone..

"its ok..but next time keep it in mind!"

"Actually Aunty..yeh sab main yahan laya tha..Geet pareshaan isiliye socha yahan par baton k saath woh kuch kha bhi lay..mujhe pata nahi tha! Sorry"

"Nahi Nahi beta..its ok.." Now she smiled..

"Ab main chalta hoon..aap log araam karain.." he sed picking up the tray and left


Suddenly the life seemed so ashend..after watever he told Geet..he was dull..physically and mentally..he quietly sat on the sofa in the study..what bothered him inside was that she listened to him so quietly..she didn't even look at him..he expected her to hate him..maybe she did..and her quietness was the indication..his book was open..and he was staring at it..but his mind was not working..

"Bhaiyya..aapko Barhi Maalkin apnay kamray main bula raheen hain.." Bholu's voice brought him back

He looked at him..and nodded..and Bholu left


One and a half hour passed and she was dead silent..she looked at her mom who was sleeping..they had talked but she seemed she fall asleep..she smiled looking at her..she looked so peaceful and calmed..she lightly placed a kiss on her forehead..and got out and  stood out of her room..


"Maa..aap ne bulaya!".. he sed cuming in the room..noticing Dadi was there too..

"haan Maan..aik baat karni thi..bohot zaroori baat.." Mrs. Khurana sed wid a serious expression on her face

He looked at her confusingly..

"Aray Bahu!..tum bhi na..usko dara rahi ho..baat zaroori hai..lekin khaas honay k saath achi bhi hai!" Dadi sed lightening the mood and the situation

"Lekin kya baat hai?" now he asked Dadi

"Tumko Geet kaisee lagti hai?" Mrs. Khurana asked

He looked at her confusingly but there was a bit surprise..he cud sense something unsual was on its way..

"Yeh kaisa sawal hai?" he asked looking down..scared and suspicious on his lying abilities

"tum sawal ka jawab dou?" Mrs. Khurana continued in her serious but motherly tone

"Achi lagti hai!" he sed in a low tone


Geet was confused..whatever Maan sed to her..she didn't want to assume anything..she have to talk to him..clear everything..what is his mistake according to him..kissing her..or showing his feelings and  then running away leaving her behind all alone wid the assumptions


"Geet bohot achi hai Maa!..mujhe bohot achi lagti hai" he sed looking up wid a genuine smile

"Dekha main nahi kehti thi Maa aapse..!" Mrs. Khurana sed happily to Dadi

Dadi smiled.. "who aapko achi lagti hai..tou Matlab rishta pakka?" Dadi asked him wid a wide smile on her face

"Rishta?" he asked surprisingly

"Hmm..rishta..tumharay Dad ne Geet ka haath maanga hai..tumharay liye..!" Mrs. Khurana was so happy

"Kya?" he was shocked

Dadi laughed in joy..looking him all surprised

"Lekin kab?" he asked in shocking tone

"London main!..aur phir tum aur Geet thoray time k liye akelay rahay..aur dono ne aik doosray ko kitni achi tarhaan se sambhala..dono ne aik doosray ka khayal rakha".. his mom described

"So iska matlab hai humari shaadi karwadi jaaye!" he asked

"kya matlab hai..abhi tou tum keh rahay thay k woh tumko achi lagti hai!" Mrs. Khurana looked confused

 "Maa..aur Geet..uski marzi ka kya?..zaroori tou nahi k woh iss se khush ho?.." he spoke honestly

"Aray..woh kaam aap Rupinder par chor dijiye Maan..aur phir woh khush kyun nahi hogi..akhir main aap lakhon main aik ho..har lehaaz se uss k liye aik perfect partner ho!" Dadi told

"Tch.." he took a deep breath in frustration..he didn't knw how to tell them that nothing was like before between them..she even didn't wanna be his frend and they are talking about getting them marry!..he can't let this happen..he had an clue..that Mrs. Handa can force her..and it wud be unfair to her..Despite the fact that he wants her in his life..he can't let this happen to Geet..he won't force any relationship on her..whether it's friendship..or her being his wife..


"I have to talk to him..aik moqa aur..taake baad main sab kuch bilkul sheshay kil tarhaan saaf ho..taake kal mujhe yeh na lagay k shayad yeh bhi hosakta tha..woh bhi hosakta tha..yeh iss shayad ko humaray beech main se hatana hoga!" wid that thought in her mind she made her way to Maan's room


"Maan.. "Kya huwa..tum apnay aapko itna underestimate kyun kar rahay ho?..ya phir Geet ko koi aur pasand hai..tum jaante ho kya?"

"Maa..mujhe nahi pata woh kisi ko pasand karti hai ya nahi..aur main apnay aap ko underestimate nahi kar raha..its just that..maine kabhi uskay baaray main aisa nahi socha..she is a very gud frend of mine..but I can never imagine her as mie life please aap log yeh shaadi walay topic ko yahin close kardain" he sed it all so quickly that Mrs. Handa and Dadi became silent..they both looked very disappointed..but he cud afford it..seeing Geet hating him was more painful
any guesses..what can happen next..but let me tell u..we are getting very close to confession!!  Wink..any1 happy??

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Wonderful update..!!
hope maan n geet will b able to solve the confusion...!!
n on top of that...he was informed that they have asked for geet's hand in marriage...for maan...
eager to know wat is next..!!
update soon..


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 heyy!!! first of all ur ff z aweesooome!!!Hug i love it!! Heart
n cumn' to d updts..plz clear their misunderstandings vry soon..itz sooo painfulUnhappy  and dat sam..i hate her!!Censored

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wen wl b nxt updt???Wink plzz mke it soon!!!Day Dreaming
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Originally posted by mishty_shona

wen wl b nxt updt???Wink plzz mke it soon!!!Day Dreaming

have patience..i have alot of stuff/scenes in store..that u wud love to read!! Tongue and thnx so much Big smile

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SheDevil 967 124822 30 March 2013 at 3:46am by prachi.kajen
Dil To Pagal Hai--Chap 2 11/10/11

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the_writer_21 134 25264 19 January 2013 at 8:39am by shalini_arsha

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