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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93 (Page 36)

sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 1:34am | IP Logged
maan and geet are the biggest dumbs ever!...both are thinking that the other does not love him/her!...
they should talk to each other rather jumping into conclusions!
now from where sameera came???
continue soon!

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kavs123 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 6:44am | IP Logged
awesome,,,par yeh nayi musibat kaha se tapki

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Be.edgy Goldie

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
No update yet .. Cry
Jaldi karo naaa pleaseee !! Embarrassed

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Zaara07 Goldie

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Hey i am wid the next update..mie last chutti 2day hopefully wud update next week!..and thanks for reviews..don't worry about Samira..she will be perfectly fine LOL..and Maaneet..well they wud be more than gud! here is the update!..Enjoy!!!!

~Chap 34~

She was as dazed as he was..

"Tum..yahan?"..wat the heck?.." she almost spoke up

"Oh my God!..I'm really sorry Sam..are u okay?.." he sed worryingly while opening the car door

" Ok..woh tou iss Airbag ne bacha liya warna aaj tumhari wajah se main upar pohonch jaatee!..ya tou 2 ya 4 mahinon k liye bed par" she sed cuming out of the car wid Maan's help

Maan was blameworthy.. "chalo hospital chaltay hain..kaheen koi internal injury na ho!"

"Iss halat main.." she sed looking at Maan who was still in his night clothes

"Tou?"..he tried to ignore his condition..

"Please Maan!'s ok..main theek hoon..kal subha jaa kar checkup don't worry..but problem is that my car is much more injured than me..ab mujhe tum ghar drop karo gai.." she commanded

"No problem!..chalo.." they both headed towards the car


She called one of her frend whose dad has a car business..and told him about her car's condition..Maan was quietly driving..

"Sam..don' t worry about ur car..yeh sab meri wajah se huwa hai..i will get it fixed!" he sed honestly..after she was done talking on the phone..

"No Maan there is no need..Mera aik frend hai..uskay dad ka samjho yahee business hai..aur yeh car bhi maine unn k showroom se lee its all gud..aur waise kuch huwa uss k badlay main..kuch aur maangloon gee..she sed in her usually flirting tone..

Maan didn't notice..and nodded..they had reached to her apartment..

"Main chalta hoon.."..he asked to leave

"Kya?..itni raat main..chalo meray saath..atleast raat k liye meray ghar par stay karlo..kal chalay jaana..!"

"No Sam its ok..i will be fine"..he sed dully

"Maan!..u knw me..aur yeh bhi k main kitni ziddi hoon..! she insisted as she cud notice something was wrong

"But Sam"..he tried to protest when she interrupted again

"tum apni ghalti sudharna chahtay thay na..chalo meri baat mano..aur meray saath chalo!" she came and opened the door for him..and held his hand..

"Let's go!" ,,It was hard for Maan to protest now since she was insisting so much


she went to her room,.changed her clothes as usual mini sleep dress..and came to the lounge where Maan was sitting

"what wud you like to have Maan..Wine or Beer!,,"..she asked while looking at him

"Sam..when did u start drinking??" he asked in surprise..

"A long time ago!" she replied while going to her fridge in the kitchen

"U have changed so much!" he sed

"but not my feelings for u!" she sed sitting next to him.. facing him..

He looked at her in surprise again..

"I mean..our friendship Maan!" she sed opening the beer can for him..and giving it to him

"No..Thanks!"..he sed looking at her

"Lelo Maan..yeh shayad tumhari thodi bohot tension ko kam karday..aur baaqi tension door karne k liye main hoon na!"..she sed handing over it to him


"tch!..just have it" she forced

Maan was not in a mood to he took it..

"Ab batao Maan..what's the matter?..tum iss tarhan raat main..woh bhi iss halat everything ok?"

"ahan..bas woh mom aur dad gaye huway hain..aur dadi bhi..unn ki yaad aa rahee thi..isi liye socha drive par nikal jaaon..aur phir thaka huwa tha..isi liye yeh accident hogaya" he was amazed that how did he made such an marvelous excuse

"aur woh tumhari..woh frend..jab hum tumharay ghar aaye thay,,kya naam tha uska.."..she tried to remember

"Geet" he felt his voice getting lost in the darkness of actuality

"oh yeah..That gurl!..woh ab bhi tumharay ghar par hai!"..she asked looking at Maan

Maan guzzled down a sip of his beer..

"Maan..batao..kahin tumhara uss k saath he tou.." she was just completing her sentence when he interrupted

"Kuch nahi huwa hai!.."

"Are u sure!?"..she investigated

"Please tired..i shud leave now" he tried to get up..but Samira didn't let him

"Ok..Ok..I won't talk about her..but please u don't leave!" she was now sure something was wrong between him and Geet

"I don't have any problem talking about's just that im a bit's so late..and im not use to it.." he tried to sound as usual as he cud

"Really..but main kuch kahoon.." she asked for his permission

He just nodded..

"tumhari frend Geet!..mujhe bohot ajeeb se lagti hai..u knw those chipkoo kinda gurls..bholi bhali bannay ka natak karti hai..par andar se kuch aur..tum bach kar rehna.." she adviced

"Sam!..she is my..Frend!..and I don't wanna hear any crap about her!" he sed clearly

Samira had  taken a back.. "when did I say crap about her,'s just my guess u knw!"

"Not ur guess but ur judgement!..and atleast as a person I won't like to hear nonsense about my any frend..aur yeh tou GEET hai" he was angry wid Samira judging Geet like that

"Aur yeh tou GEET hai ka matlab..wait a U..don't tell me..U like her?" she was stunned

Maan was quiet..he again took a giant sip of the drink..

"Maan!"..she looked at him..

"NO!..i don't like her..but I LOVE HER!" he sed looking back into her eyes

Samira was astonished..wat she feared had happened..


"Geet..Geet..utho..!"..she felt a hand untangle her hair..the familiar touch and the warmth of it was soothing to the soul..she kept her eyes closed..

"Sonay dain na!" she pleaded

"Geet..din ka aik (1:00 PM) baj raha hai..abhi tak so rahee ho"..cuming back to her wits..she slowly opened her eyes..looked up..and cudnt believe what her eyes just sighted

She quickly sat up.. "Maa!" she was taken by surprise

"Maa..aap aagayee!"..she quickly hugged Mrs. Handa making sure it wasn't a dream

"Haan beta.." she assured hugging her back

Geet cudnt stop her tears..

"Aray..yeh aansoo kyun!..Geet betay" Mrs. Handa tried to calm her down..but the truth was that it was getting hard for her to control her sentiments

"Maa..aap itnay dino baad aayee hain..mujhe bhool gayee thi na..isi liye koi call nahi..kuch bhi tou nahi..main naraz hoon aap se!" she complained

"Aray beta..aapko pata hai na..hum wahan jis kaam se gaye thay..woh kaam jaldi khatam karna tha..isi liye fursat nahi mili..aur ab hum wapas aagaye na..aur aik maa kya apni beti ko bhool sakti hai" she sed holding her face affectionately

Geet held her hand.. "Nahi!..lekin aisa bhi kya kaam tha!?" she asked

"tha aik kaam..lekin ab tou hum wapas aagaye hain na..!" Geet again hugged her..she missed her mom so much

"Maa..aap kitni kamzor hogayee ho!..apna bilkul bhi khayal nahi rakha na!" she noticed while hugging her that Mrs. Handa really had lost a lot of weight and she looked weak and tired

"meri beti jo nahi thi wahan mera khayal rakhnay k liye!"

"Lekin phir bhi Maa..aap.." she was talking when she saw Mrs. Khurana and Dadi cuming into the room..

She quickly got up..and hugged both of them..she was really happy to see them back

"Kaisay hain aaplog.." she asked

"hum tou theek hain..tum sunao..kaisa raha sab kuch.."

"Main bhi theek hoon..sab acha raha.."..

"shukar hai..k tum humko ghar main mil gayeen..warna humara surprise Maan ne tou miss kardiya..woh hai kahan? phone kiya..wahan bhi nahi hai..uskay cell par try kiya..uss par bhi koi jawab nahi.." Mrs. Khurana told Geet,,

Geet hadn't forget anything about last night..didn't knw when she fall asleep..but she was so worried for Maan..and now cuming to knw that he still wasn't back at home..made her restless..

"woh..actually kal raat neend nahi aa rahee thi..tou main abhi tak so rahee thi isi liye mujhe nahi pata kahan gaya hai..lekin main try karti hoon uskay phone par.." she sed looking for her phone

"Sab theek tou haina Geet..tum itni der tak so rahee thi..Maan ka pata nahi hai kuch!" Mrs. Handa asked looking at Geet

"Maa..woh.."..Geet was badly stuck as she knew she cud never lie to her mom..because Mrs. Handa would knw that she is lying

"Oho..Rupinder..chorh na..bachi ne kaha tou hai..k kal raat neend nahi aai thi isi liye abhi tak so rahee thi..aur Maan..woh koi chota bacha nahi hai..gaya hoga kahin kaam se..Geet ko pareshaan nahi karna chahta hoga..isi liye usay nahi pata.." Dadi unknowingly made it easier for Geet..

"hmm..Maa jee theek keh rahee hain..Rupinder.." Mrs Khurana who knew something like that must have happened was satisfied

"Geet beta..jaldi se neechay aajao..dekho tou..hum wahan se kya lekar aaye hain tumhare liye!"

Geet who was distressed..tried to smile..

"Lekin aap sab thakay huwa hongai..pehlay aap log thora aaraam karlain..phir jab Maan aaiga tab sab saath beth kar dekhlaingai.."..she sed it on purpose..

"Oho..Geet tou barhi samajhdaar hogayee hai.." Mrs. Handa teased

"Maa!..main tou pehlay bhi samajhdaar thi..aap he nahi maanti theen!" she sed smiling..all the ladies laughed


After taking a quick shower..and getting ready..she got out of the bathroom and saw Mrs. Handa was already sleeping..she walked to her..and placed a kiss on her forehead..put a blanket on her ..took her phone and got out of the room..while cuming down she looked at the lounge..there was no 1 downstairs..looked like every1 was resting in their room..she quietly came to the have something to eat and make herself a cup of tea..but thought that what if Maan hadn't have  anything..she stopped..she didn't feel hungry anymore..she turned to get out of the kitchen when she saw Bholu..he too had cum back..

"Bholu..tum bhi aaj wapas aagaye?..kaisa raha tumhari maa jee ka janam din?" she asked

"bohot acha.. didi jee...main bhi aagaya aaj he..maine subha he sabko dekhliya tha..servant quarters se..phir unko nashta bana kar diya..bas abhi lunch ki tayyari kar raha tha..aap k liye bhi kuch banadoon"
"Nahi Bholu..mood nahi hai!..thank you" she told him and made her way outside toward the swimming pool side..

She was feeling low..cuming toward pool side..she remembered when she hugged the Maan the first was there..near the pool at nite..when a lizard was on her foot..and then Maan helped her..and how at the end he scared her..and then laughed at her..

She was missing him..she was missing that time..she didn't want to feel like this how it was today..all of a sudden life was so complicated..she looked at the phone..and called him once again..


 Samira woke up she took Maan's car keys.. went to a caf near her house..bought some stuff to eat..and some clothes for Maan from the Mall near her took her an hour..she came back..and saw in the lounge..Maan was still asleep on the sofa..she walked to the sofa and had a look at Sleeping Maan..and remembered her and his last nite's convo..he loved someone else..not her..he loved that Geet!..Samira had feelings for Maan since college..and she had given him hints ..but Maan never cudnt figure it out and never took them seriously..and then after college..she went abroad for sum time..and became a model..they weren't in touch with each other..but she was in touch wid Sidharth of the close frends of this way ..she was updated about him..she had changed..but as she sed last nite..not her feelings for Maan..however she was late..
"Geet..tumne meray Maan ko mujhse cheen liya..main tumko itni asaani se nahi chorhoon gee..!..mujhe apni cheez wapis leni aati hai"

Maan's phone's ringtone brought her back in present..she looked at his cell was GEET!..she disconnected the line

After some minutes..she called again..but Samira disconnected it again..and it happened again..this time Maan woke up..and saw Samira with his cell phone..

"Kis ka phone hai?.." he asked getting up

"umm..kahin se nahi..ghar se miss calls hain!" she didn't tell him about Geet's calls that she disconnected

"Oh God..I really shud leave must be Geet..she must be worrying!" he asked for his cellphone

But Samira refused to give it back to him.."Nahi abhi nahi..pehlay kuch khalo..phir araam se chalay jaana!"..

"Thanks Sam..but try to understand.."..he tried to explain..

"No not asking for ur whole life time..just have something and then go..just go and fresh up..i have bought some bagels and cream cheese..also bread butter and jam..and making some coffee and Italian cheese omelet..u go and take a shower.."

"Sam but.." he was about to say something..when she interrupted again..

"Aur haan..yeh lo..tumhare liye kuch kaprhay..ab tou jaakar ready hojao..jab tak main breakfast ready karti  hoon.."

Maan was grateful to Samira for doing so much for him..when he needs it..

"Thanks Sam!" he sed holding her hand

"No Probs Love..anytime..and sorry I took your car!"

"Oh cum on..u shudnt be sorry.!" He sed wid a smile..

" u wud have to use mie bathroom.." she sed looking at him..

"Sorry..but thanks!"..he sed embarrassingly

"No probs damn hungry Man!" she sed pushing him towards her room


"Meri call kaat kar kya sabit karna chah rahay ho Maan..kyun..kyun mujhe ignore kar rahay ho..kya hogaya hai.."..she thought when tears started welling up in her eyes..


 "So..does Geet knws about it?" Sam asked while eating

Maan stopped for a second.. "Please Sam..its personal..i don't wanna talk about it!"

"Oh..I am sorry..was just asking Maan..i thought I cud help..or maybe..tumhare dil ka bojh halka hojaye!" she clarified

Maan felt bad for his behavior..she was his frend..and that too since college..he shudnt have behaved so rudely

"Nahi..woh kuch nahi jaanti" he sed looking down at his plate

"Oh..any plans to tell her!" she asked shrugging

" scared what if she says no!..humari dosti par asar parhay ga!" he gave a reason..he hadn't tell Samira anything about last night's kiss

"Oh.." she was quiet now..
Both were having their breakfast..when Maan's cell phone rang again..he walked to the counter in the kitchen and saw Geet's number on his phone..but before he cud pick it up..his msg machine responded

"Sam..i really need to go..oh yeah..sorry main tumharay saath check up k liye hospital nahi jaa sakta..but I knw u r a big go!..he sed while rushing

She got up.. "Ok..but Maan im not a kid..i will be ok!"

Maan stopped.. "ok..u knw wat..lets go!"

Samira looked at Maan in confusion..Maan held her hand and took her with him


"Nahi..Fikar karne ki koi baat nahi hai..maine achi tarhan se check up karliya hai,,she is totally fine..but please be careful next time" doctor replied

"Thanks Doctor!.." Maan was relieved


"Dekha..maine kaha tha na!" Samira sed sitting in the front

"Haan..lekin phir be..check up karwana must tha!.." he started driving

"thanks for the concern Maan" she sed looking at him

"No problem Sam!..u r my frend..and that too since college..yeh mera farz tha!" he sed while driving carefully

And they reached her apartment..after a few minutes

"Ok then..see u next time soon!" he sed finally looking back at her

"ahan..thanks! was nice to have u at home" she sed hugging and placed a kiss on cheek

He hesitated..but he knew she was like he just smiled..she got out and he drove away


On his way home he took his phone and saw he had 2 voice mails..he stopped the car in the corner..he didn't knw when she called again..must be when he was at the clinic..

"Maan, please pick up.  Please let me know you're all right," She sounded frantic, on the verge of tears..he listened to the other voice mail

"Pata nahi tum mujh se baat nahi karna chahtay..kyun mujhe avoid kar rahay ho..just wanted to tell u that please cum back home..every1 is back..aur sab tumharay baare main pooch rahay hain..k tum kahan ho..aunty bhi pareshaan theen..please cum back soon..kisi ko kuch nahi pata..please.. she begged, nearly crying..Maan was quiet but guilt encircled him..he was ignoring her..even made her cry..what was her must have been so hard for her to face everyone..he put her in such situation..


 The waiting part for Geet seemed like it was not going to end soon..only she knew  how tough it was getting for her..she didn't knw wat wud she say as the time wud go by and every1 wud be asking for Maan..moreover Maan's behavior was dismaying..was he even ok..he is..that's why he disengaged her call..she quietly walked out of the pool area..leaving the house.


PLEASE! Big smile

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me first me first me first

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007jindal IF-Dazzler

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Gosh u made me cry.sch a senti part.

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sana.saba7 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
awesome  part  dear  but  you  always  updates   late...

me  sad,,,,,,,

love  sana.

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Be.edgy Goldie

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Did he just HAVE to go with that Sam !! UGH ... Angry
Leaving behind his love.. he didn't even once think abt how lonely she might be feeling or how worried she might be !! Gadhaaa..
Hope Geet doesn't talk to him, he deserves it !! ugh ..
Cant wait for the next one ..
see see How greedy we are for your updates !! coz we love it sweetheart ..
I hope you will continue soon ..

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