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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93 (Page 21)

maaneet_pisces Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
hey awesome story...loved your writing...please add me to ur pm list...anxiously waiting for the next partBig smile

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 11:38am | IP Logged
great part...hope ankit's real face comes out fast in font of geet

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rockin_gal Senior Member

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Yay u finally updated thank god.. Main to samjhi agle janam mein hi update karogi Unhappy .. but wow wat a exciting and thrilling chap it was.. I luvvv ittt.. Yippy u'll update today again ahhh meri to eid hogayi lolz.. Thank u soo much though.. Luvv uuu and make it longer cuz i thought this was just average nt a lOng update so ya.. K then will comment again after the next chap Big smile

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
i'm glad maan came on time
super duper
love it
ankit want to gain geet trust that
why he pretend to help her
ty 4 pm

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ruhakhan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
Hey dat was such an awesome update acha hua maan time par aa gaya and dat ankit hope geet gets to know his real face soon i hope maaneet ki misunderstandings clear ho jaye jaldi do update soon

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kritika_n Senior Member

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
lovely ff.
Add me to ur pm list Wink

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Zaara07 Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2011 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
 OK I promised!! im back update..and sooo excited..are u guys ready???..
I can't hear it!! yeah yeah..LOL LOL LOL
Gosh i was going crazie while writing..Tongue..but i hope u all like it..actually hope u all LOVE it!! Wink
ahem..and sho many thanks to all and a BIG huggie to every1 Hug..U ALL ARE STARS Star
thanks for leaving such lovely long comments..i guess i made u all a bit worried..u all must be hating Ankit..i hate him too..don't forget about the twists cuming!!

REQUEST: all new readers..who want to be added in the PM list..please do add me as a frend so i have all of u in the Frendlist and easily can send u the PM..coz i don't knw its not letting me add ya Confused

OK here is the update..ENJOY Tongue

~Chap 32~  

Even though that her medicine made her very dull and sluggish..after changing her clothes..Geet made her way to the kitchen while tying up her hair..she took  out Maan's medicine from the paper bag which were the pain killers..and took out some milk from the fridge..mixed some turmeric (haldi) in it..and made her way to his room


She knocked on the door..Maan was still awake since his room's lights were still on..she looked at the was 1:15 am..she again knocked..the door opened this time..and Maan was standing in front of her..he was in his trousers and a black tight.. low-cut under-vest with shoulder straps..revealing his well built body..these kinda clothes he regularly used to wear for bed time..she remembered he was wearing the same when Geet and him first met and she was pretty impressed by his fitness!.. she lightly smiled..he looked tired..she noticed


"Kya huwa..tum theek tou ho na?" he asked worryingly

Geet quietly moved closer..which caused him to move away..and she walked into the room..

"Yeh Kya kar rahee ho?" he was puzzled

"Tumhare room main aai hoon..itna pareshaan kyun ho rahay ho..pehli baar tou nahi aai!" she walked to the sofa and was talking in a usual tone

"magar kyun?" he asked irritably

"tch!..tumne dawai nahi lee..dard ho raha hoga na..she sat on the sofa while Maan was quietly looking at her

"chalo yeh dawai lou..aur yeh haldi wala dood peelo..maa kehti hain..k haldi wala dood bohot acha hota hai..dard door hota hai..aur phir tum tou pain killers bhi logai..dard to foran ghayab hojaiga.." she was talking looking down..buzy taking out the medicine and putting it in the tiny platter..when Maan walked to her

"Tumne lee?" he questioned


"apni meds" he clarified

"Nahi..Doctor Armaan ne kaha tha k jab tabiyat kharab ho tab lelena..abhi tou main theek hoon!"

Maan looked at her from head to toe..

"tum ruko main abhi aaya!"..wid that sed he got out of the room

Geet was puzzled..but she did wat Maan told her to do..coz she didn't want to make him more annoyed..he already looked very unusual..must be coz of tonight's incident..Geet thought while sitting quietly

"lekin who kis baat par naraz hai?..yahee k main Ankit k saath dance karne gayee..ya phir meray saath yeh sab huwa.. ya phir Ankit ko thanks kaha kyunki uss ne meri help kii! Ya phir..KYA??" so many thoughts were taking place in her mind that she held her head in her hands..she was having a headache again..

She didn't knw when Maan came into the room..

"Yeh lo!" she looked up at him who was standing with a glass of milk

"Jaldi lou!" he told her to take it

She quickly took it.. "Par Kyun?"

"Tumhari tabiyat theek nahi hai..vomiting ki wajah se weakness hojati hai.. aur tumne kuch khaya bhi nahi hai..isi liye apna moun band karo aur yeh chup karke peelo!.." he sed in a commanding tone

"Acha!..aur khoon behnay se weakness nahi hoti kya!..chalo tum bhi meri baat mano..dawai lo..aur yeh peelo..lekin moun band karke nahi..moun band karke kaise peeyo gai..moun tou kholna parhay ga na!" she twisted the words he sed and comically pointed out and started giggling..she was really gud at bringing together the light hearted moments  in the tensed atmosphere wid her friendly and bubbly nature..and it was truly needed as she needed to talk to him peacefully

For a moment Maan also cudnt hide his smile..and he sat next to her on the sofa

"shukar hai BaBa Jee..koi muskuraya tou sahi!" Geet thanked her Baba Jee loudly

"waise Maan tumko yaad hai..jab main tumse pehli baar mili main..aur mujhe bhook lagi thi..tumne mujhe bread and jam diya khane ko..aur kaha k "Apna moun band karke khao!" yahee  dialogue bola tha..jis par maine tumhara tab bhi mazaq urhaya tha..she remembered and chuckled..but Maan's smile faded away

"Geet please..acha..dekho main yeh dawai le raha hoon..he took the medicine and gulped the milk that she brought for him!"

"ab tum dood peeyo aur jaao yahan se..mujhe pareshaan mat karo!" his exasperation was back again

"Main tumko pareshaan kar rahee hoon?" she asked being careful

"Haan! Tum mujhe pareshaan kar rahee ho" he sed getting upGeet held his hand and pointed at the sofa telling him to sit down..but he didn' she pulled his hand..forgetting about his wound and made him sit!"Ouch" he almost shouted sitting down..Geet remembered about his injury and nervously got up

"Geet..tum bhi na!.tch!..mujhe tung karne k ilawa aur takleef denay k ilawa kuch aur nahi kar sakteen"..he sed in pain widout thinking.. holding his shoulder..

"O my God! I am so sorry Maan! really very sorry"  she really was regretful..

And then she noticed his binding was getting red..his injury was bleeding again..

"O gosh..lagta hai..tumhara phir se khoon beh  raha hai..phir se bandage karni hogi" she told him

"oh!" maan just noticed..

"woh wahan left drawer main first aid box hai..woh dena!" he told her to get the first aid box

She quickly brought it..sat next to him..and raised her hand to open his dressing

But he moved her hand away..telling her to stop

"Main khud karloon ga!..tum jaao"..he crossly sed

"Maan ..zid nahi karo..mujhe karne dou!" she insisted

"Geet please!..aur waise bhi kis haq se?"

"tum meri parwah jis haq k saath karte ho na..usi haq se!" she was calm

"Yeh sab meri responsibility hai..iss liye kar raha hoon..!" he curtly sed

"Really!..tou tum bhi meri responsibility ho..! she totally paid no attention to his behavior..

"aur waise bhi yeh meri wajah se huwa hai!..please mujhe karne dou!" she sed in a pleading tone

He looked at her.. questionably 

"Oh! tum mera bandage iss liye karna chahtee ho kyunki yeh sab tumhari wajah se huwa..meri takleef se tumko koi matlab nahi hai! RITE?" he asked doubtfully

"Maan..aisee koi baat nahi hai..tumko yeh kyun laga k tumhari takleef se mujh par koi asar nahi hota!? Zaroor hota hai..aur bohot hota hai..main tumko takleef main nahi dekh sakti.." she spoke as softly as she cud wid her honest feelings

"Oh please Geet!..stop wid this..aakhir main humaray beech main kya rishta tumko meri takleef se asar honay laga!" he sed in a low tone..his face turned almost red in fury..but there was something in his tone which cudnt be called anger..but grief

"Maan..kya tum nahi jaante?.." she bounced his question to him

"Main nahi janna chahta!" he sed looking back at her angrily

"lagta hai tum bhool jaate ho..isi liye abhi bhi iss tarhan baat kar rahay ho!..bhool jaate ho k humare beech main Dosti ka rishta hai..aur shayad Pyaa..!" she was about to confess

"Dosti!"..Maan interrupted and stood up laughing contemptuously..

"Really Geet..HUM dost hain..? he asked unbelievably

Geet stood up.. "Maan..tum meray sabse close frend ho..aur main".. for a second time she tried to speak but Maan disrupted again

"Chalo theek hai..Main maan leta hoon k main tumhara dost..sabse close frend phir tumne  usi close frend ki insult kii..

Abhi tumko bura lag raha hai na..k main tum se aise kyun baat kar raha hoon..hum tou phir bhi akelay hain..lekin tumne Ankit ke saamne..mujhko bhi bura laga tha jab tumne Ankit k saamne mujhe ghalat bola.. jabke ghalat koi aur tha!..ghalat tou woh Ankit tha na..woh mujhe kuch bhi kehta rahay..mujh par waar karay..aur agar main kuch react karoon tou ghalti meri hai.. ghalat kon tha..MAIN..woh meray saamne tumko chuay!..tumko apni hiwas ka ".. he paused..

"Mujhko..Kya..Mujhko kya Maan!?" Geet who was listening to him asked

"nahi..kuch nahi..shayad ghalat ab bhi main he hoon.." he muttered to himself

"Nahi Maan!..tum ghalat nahi thay!..lekin uss ne meri help ki bas.." she clarified

"Geet!..uss ne  aik do baar tumhari madad karli aur woh tumharay liye itni ahem hogayee..k tum mujhko..aur meray efforts ko bhool gayeen!"

Geet: tum mujhe apnay kiye huway ehsaan ginawa rahay ho? this had affronted her

Maan came close to her held her both shoulders : agar tum mujhe achay se jaanti hoteen na..tou yeh sawal nahi karteen..balkay meray kahay gaye lafzon par dehaan daiteen..wid that sed he loosened his grip and moved his hands away..

Geet noticed so much pain in his eyes..that she forgot about his bitter words..

"Maan! I never meant all this..main tou kabhi soch bhi nahi sakti thi k tum iss tarhaan socho gai..tumne sahi kaha..k maine uss waqt jo kiya woh ghalat tha..lekin Maan ghalti na he tou tumhari meri..uss waqt tum dono ko larhtay huway dekh kar main itna dar gayee thi..k mujhe laga k tum dono main se aaj kisi aik ki jaan chali jaaye gee..aur dekha jaaye tou tum log itni si baat par aik doosray ko maar daltay..aur jahan tak Ankit ka meray saath uss room main hona..woh sirf meri madad kar raha tha " she told her standpoint looking back into his eyes..he really was listening to her..maybe he needed to..

She held his hand in hers..

"main dar gayee thi Maan..i don't knw maine jaise react kiya woh sahi tha ya ghalat..but I knw 1 thing for sure..that..i can't afford to lose YOU!" she cudnt keep away from her tears..bowed down her head on his hands which she was holding in hers..and sobbed..

It was getting harder for her to describe him her feelings..her condition was not allowing her..she was getting tired..the medicine made her drowsy already and she was feeling feeble..her head felt heavy

Her grip loosened..and she let go his hand..she didn't look at him..and walked out


She cried and just has been 15 minutes since she came back from his room..and all she did was hated herself.. she knew that it was her fault.. she was not upset wid Maan but herself..wat was the need to make him jealous..y did she agree to dance wid Ankit..after all it all started since then..


"I have hurt him so much..I have lost my childhood best frend..aur pyaar..woh tou shuru hone se pehlay he..!..she was frustratingly thinking to herself while laying upside down on her bed.. when a knock on the  door disrupted her thoughts..she didn't get up..the door was tapped again

Now she got up..and rubbed her face wid her all her tears dry up..but what wud she do wid those puffed-up eyes..she thought looking at the mirror..her red eyes were clearly indicating that she has been crying..she was annoyed and cud feel her head hurting so badly but as Maan was still knocking at the door she went to open it

He was standing infront of Geet he looked calmed but nervous

Geet: Kya huwa ?

Maan: "meri bandage karni karogi please?" he looked at her..but then looked away..maybe he was sorry about his behavior..Geet assumed

"hmmm! First aid box kahan hai!?" she asked dully

"woh..meray room main hai!..main laaon?"

"nahi..main chalti hoon!" she got out

"Woh Geet!.."..he tried to speak..standing behind her

"Bolo"..she was worn-out..she didn't bother to turn

"Im sorry!" out of the blue she heard Maan gently apologizing..

 She turned and looked at him.. he was not looking at her but staring down at the marble flooring..

She ignored and walked to his room and he followed her..he entered in the room..she was already sitting on the sofa..waiting for him..

He quietly sat next to her..and she started doing her work..she opened the binding and saw the deep cut on his shoulder

"Sss" she sighed looking at how maliciously Ankit had attempt to stab him..she was hating him for that

"I guess pehlay Antiseptic ointment lagani chahiye..!" she almost asked him

Maan shrugged..he knew but pretended to not care

"Jalay ga..but don't worry zyada nahi!" She was about to put some ointment..when she alerted..Maan tried to conceal his smile

She just started applying it when Maan started acting as if his wound was hurting badly..

"ouch..ouch Geet!..ouch!" he held her hand..almost shouting..Geet who already was phobic to blood and cuts..looked at Maan anxiously

"oh Gosh! so sorry!..Really sorry"..she apologized

Maan mischievously smiled..but Geet cudnt notice it..she started blowing on his wound..

"ab nahi jalay ga!" she tried to soothe

After applying the ointment she did the dressing and was nearly done..when she noticed Maan gazing at her..

She looked up..and raised her eyebrows..Maan's gazing sequence broke and he looked away..Geet smiled stealthily

"Hogaya" she sed getting up..

"Geet" Maan called

"hmm" she didn't look as she was cleaning up and throwing the previous bandage..

"woh mujhe kuch kehna hai!" he sed looking down..

"umm..aik min. mujhe haath dhonay hain!..main aati hoon"..she was about to go out when Maan stopped her..

"Ruko..u can use my bathroom!" he was being nice

Geet shrugged and went to his bathroom..she also washed her it felt sticky after her tears dried up

She got out..wiping her face wid some napkins..and saw Maan waiting for her

"ab Bolo!" she sounded usual but tired

"woh..thanks!" he was looking for the rite words

"kis liye?"..she questioned

He pointed towards his bandage..while looking at her..

"Oh! problem..yeh tou mera farz tha..aur yeh maine iss liye nahi kiya kyunki tum meri responsibility ho..balkay iss liye kiya..kyunki tum Maan ho..meray bachpan ka mera sabse zyada close frend..jisko main takleef main nahi dekh sakti" she was staring at him

"I am Sorry Geet!" he sed in a low tone looking down at the marble flooring

Didn't knw y but she lightly giggled..Maan surprisingly looked up..he looked confused and apologetic

"Gosh!He looked so adorable and innocent".. Geet thought.. the giggle came naturally to Geet..that it made Geet forget all the strain..and some what it was her condition..

 "Geet I am really sorry..i guess ..main"..he paused..and looked at Geet who was smiling

"Geet shayad main zyada bol gaya..please.." he was apologizing when Geet loudly chuckled..

"Geet are you ok?!" he worryingly asked seeing her acting weird and totally opposite from the situation

"Oh Maan! Y are U so CUTE!?" she sed lightly hitting him on his strong chest and then hugged him..she experienced an electric shock as soon as she felt her skin touching his..though it was a matter of seconds and it was his bare shoulders only..

Though Maan was still baffled and surprised to see her laughing..but he embraced her in his strong arms..she was still laughing..and suddenly the lights went off..and  her grip on him loosened..however his got tighter..

"Maan"..she called..she felt so weird because there was pin drop silence in the room

"don't worry..light chali gayee!"

She felt his lips near her ears..Geet was quiet..her heart cud sense that something was about to happen..

"Geet.." he called in his low and husky tone looking at her..cupping her face in his hand

The moonlight was sprinkling in the room through the window of his room which was opened..

 Maan (continued): I trust U!..Sorry maine aise react kiya..kyun..shayad yeh main bhi achi tarhaan se nahi jaanta..lekin aaj raat jab main tumko dhoond raha tha..mujhe do pal k liye laga k jaise maine tumko kho diya ho..main tumhare saath kabhi kuch ghalat hotay huway nahi dekh sakta..aur tumhare aansoo..woh tou bilkul bhi nahi dekh sakta..aaj jab tum meray saamne ronay lageen..mujhe bohot bura laga..tum sahi ho..k shayad ghalat halaat thay..lekin jo huwa..usay bhool jaao.." he requested

Geet was astonished..tonite she saw the real Maan who was hidden behind his rough and  tough image

"It's ok Maan..main tumse naraz thi he nahi!..woh tou bas aise hee.."..she was wordless..

There was silence in the room now..they both were still..standing in the same position near the window..the room was totally dark..but they both cud see each other's face in the moonlight..Maan's hand were still cupped around her face..and hers were on his shoulders..she cud notice Maan's eyes were fixed on her..she felt nervous..Before she could ask him what, his hands were already entangled in her hair..she watched  his intimidating almond dark brown eyes..a place where she could too dwell in. He took his index finger and began to softly touch a line down the middle of her face..starting at her forehead then down to the nose and over her mouth..she cudn't figure out why he was doing that..but it tickled and pleased her a bit..she giggled. Then he bent down a bit moving his face closer..and in seconds he brushed his lips against hers..the second Maan's lips touched hers.. Geet's whole body froze..she didn't move..she didn't breathe..she  felt like her heart stopped as the sensation of Maan's mouth on hers sent electricity flowing through her body.  She was too stunned and far too overwhelmed and astonished to even think of responding to the kiss.

The kiss had lasted for about three seconds when suddenly the room was again bright..Maan's voice inside yelled at the peak of its lungs.  With a struggle for breath, he pulled back and moved away stumbling

 "Oh, God!  I'm sorry, Geet.  I'm so sorry!..maine yeh..Gosh..Mujhe yeh nahi karna chahiye tha..main..I..I am Sorry!"  He paced away across the room and in seconds got out of the room..Geet said nothing, she was standing shock. 


Reviews Reviews Reviews..thats all I ask for!!! Tongue Wink Embarrassed

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20tullip2000 Goldie

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me first

 the update was fantastic ...loved it ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the medicine part was amazing both of them care for each other ...!!!!!!!!!!!!

haai laa ...yeh kya kiya u made them kiss ... ab unke beech ki misunderstandings phir naa bad jaye maan sorry mangega ...aur geet ko lage ki maan ke liye woh kiss sirf ek galti thi ...plz aisa kuch mat karna ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. ...desperately waiting for nxt part !!!!!!!!!!

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