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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93 (Page 17)

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beautiful parts
pls add me in ur pm list and send me the pm

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hey...when are you updating...
you stop at such cliff hanger...i m desperate for an update...

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ahem..Oh Gosh i feel so bad Confused..ok so
it was my Graduation
then i was so happy..and wasted some time..
and then i got so badly sick..was on my bed mostly..cudnt get up
and then i started writing and then kept making some changes..i have changed some twist and turns that were about to cum in the story..just for you..i wud give u some maneet moments in up cuming updates which hopefully u all wud love..and then some twists will be ready  Wink
have alot of it..but i guess putting it all in one update wont be fair..i wud also update here is the update 

~Chap 31~

 "Hallow"..Maan's voice was shaky

But the line was disconnected..he was breathing roughly..though he didn't run..but he felt his legs unstable as if he has been running for a while..he tried to calm himself down.. didn't know the exact reason ..but whatever he just glimpsed..he just cudnt fail to keep it in his mind ..he took elongated steps toward his car and was about to leave..when he saw Adi and Pinky coming out of the hotel..he didn't care..he just wanted to leave..he put the gear in reverse mode and was about to release the brake when they both came up to him..and Adi knocked on the window..Maan tried to ignore but thinking about that it wud be rude..since pinky was there too and they both were very friendly..he stopped

"kya huwa?" he asked in concern

Adi: Maan..tum kahan jaa rahay ho?..aur Geet kahan hai

Maan: woh main..mujhe aik zaroori call aai hai..urgent jaana hai..he made up an excuse

Pinky: Maan..Geet kahan hai?

Maan turned his face away irately..try not to show them..what was he going through..

"woh..woh dance kar rahee thi"..covering up his feelings he tried to make up a sentence and make it sound usual

"Haan..hum jaante hain..woh Ankit ke saath thi..lekin ab nahi tou khatam hogaya lekin woh wapas table par nahi aai..Pinky described

Adi: mujhe aur Pinky ko laga tumhare saath hogi..lekin tum tou yahan akelay ho"..

Maan who listened to the whole situation now came out of the car..

"Geet..wapas nahi aai"..he repeated to himself trying to figure out wat can happen

"Ankit..woh..kahan hai?..woh party main hai ya phir woh bhi..!?"..he left his question unfinished warily

Adi remained quiet.."woh bhi dance k baad se nahi dikha"..he sed after taking some moments, trying to remember..

Maan stood there..trying to figure out the situation..and suddenly a disquiet thought came to his mind..

"Chalo" he rushed in the hotel..while pinky and Adi also followed him quickly


They split up..Adi and Pinky searched the whole party hall..while Maan went to look out around the foyer..but she was not anywhere..Maan decided to go on the reception and ask there..
"Excuse Me Ma'am.."
"Yes Sir!.. How can I help you!?" 
"actually Main yahan aik ladkee ko dhoondh raha hoon..uss ne white saaree pehni thi..baal khulay thay..aur yahan jo prom Party hai..woh uss main aai thi! kya aap ne dekha hai usko"..he tried to explain everything in a single breath
"No sir!..aur party hall main hai.. so u shud check there..wat wud she do here? The girl on the reception replied
After listening to her reply..he was a bit angry and frustrated..instead of helping him..she was telling him off about what shud he do..
"I know.. I have checked..she is not there.."
"Do you have the passes to cum in"..
"Yes!" he took out the passes and handed it to her
"Geet Handa..unka pass aapkay pass kyun hai.. Sorry Sir..but I can't help u! because the prom guest have to return their passes before they leave..and we have rip it in keep the record that they attended the party and they have left!"..she killed his hope..and answered the phone which was ringing since a pretty long time..
Now he didn't knw whether she was in the hotel or she left..but y wud she leave?..


Maan sighed..and was about to go in to the party hall..when some1 called him..

"Excuse me!"

Maan turned and looked at the man who was a waiter..all his hopes were again blooming for a moment..
"hmm" he sed looking at him

"aap kahin..usi ladki ki baat tou nahi kar rahay na..jisnay saari pehni thi..konsa color tha!!..he tried to remember

"White!" Maan sed impatiently

"haan..white..white rang ki sari..lambay baal..barhi aankhain.." he sed looking at Maan

Maan was keyed up after listening to him..coz he was definitely talking about Geet..

"haan haan wahi..kahan hai woh"..he sed eagerly

"wohhh!..woh tou main tab he bata sakta hoon..agar aap thorha chai paani ka khayal karlain"..he shamelessly asked  while rubbing his both hands together..wid greed filled in his eyes..

Maan sighed controlling his rage..he hated to bribe people and was totally against it..but rite now he had no choice..going against his rules..he took out his wallet..he took out a thousand rupees and gave it to him..the waiter quietly took it wid a cunning smile on his face..

"Thank You!! Woh kya hai na..jab kabhi yahan iss qisam ki parties hoti hain..tou rooms book karwadiye jaate hain..kuch Couples k liye!..dates mari jaatee hain!..aakhri waqt par agar kamra na milay..tou main madad zaroor karta hoon..but thora extra charge karta hoon.." he came close to Maan and sed it all in low tone..
"Lekin aap tou akelay hain..kahin woh larki aapko dhoka dekar..kisi aur k saath!.." he asked  blatantly
Maan's hands were clenched into a fist and before he wud punch this man on his face..Maan tried to speak..
"tumko woh tum chahtay thay..ab mujhko Gee.. he paused and didn't mention Geet's name coz of her reputation
"mujhe  uss larki tak pohnchao..baghair kisi bakwaas kay..warna abhi jiss besharmi k saath apna chehra lekar sawal kar rahay ho na..uska aisa naqsha bigar hon ga..k hansne k liye na yeh daant hongai..aur na dekhnay k liye yeh aankhain!.."..he warned thumping his shoulder

The waiter who was petrified thinking Maan won't behave like that..looked down for a moment nervously..and took Maan toward the elevator..


They were in the elevator..even though it was a matter of a few seconds..Maan felt like it was taking ages! The waiter was now totally quiet.. finally it stopped at the 3rd floor..Maan quickly got out and followed the waiter..they were walking in a long hallway..
"kahan hai woh!" he asked impatiently

"Bas Aagaya!" he sed pacing up..and it was the last room of the corridor..
the waiter opened the door lock wid his trick..Maan was about to open the door..when the waiter stopped him..

"kya huwa?" Maan was puzzled

"Main mushkil main aasakta hoon sir!"  he was scared

"tum jaao!"
"par sir!"
"Agar tum nahi gaye..tou tum aur zyada mushkil main aajao gai!" he alerted

The waiter looked afraid but he left..

" Tum..yahan..woh main..actually Geet ko"..Ankit was trying to verbalize wid his incomplete words..Maan noticed that as soon as he entered..Ankit who was sitting infront of her.. got up..but Maan ignored..coz his only concern was that where was Geet..and in what state

 Maan looked at Geet who was sitting on a bed..holding her head ..seemed like she was not in a normal condition..he rushed towards the bed..and sat down close to Geet..for a few moments he just kept looking at her..didnt knw wat shud he do..wat shud he think..alot of thoughts were cuming to his mind but he didn't want to come to any conclusion based on his doubts..

"Geet"..he only called her name..though he wanted to say a lot more..wanted to ask wat happened..but he felt like his voice and words died at the moment..
Geet looked up..her eyes were a bit reddish..and so was her nose and if she was sick and has been weeping..
.."Maan" she almost whispered ..there was surprise in her tone..As if she just noticed his presence in the room..Maan cud see it in her eyes..then she swiftly wrapped her hands around him and hugged him tightly..
"Kahan chalay gaye thay tum..tumko kuch pata hai..k meray saath kya horaha hai..woh.."

now she moved away and looked at him..trying to tell him what happened..but still holding his shirt.. like she was scared of losing him
" woh ladki..uss ne zabardasti mujhe woh drink pilayee..drink peenay k baad.. mera sir chakra raha k baad  main tumko dhoond rahee thi..aur phir kuch ladkay aaye aur mujhse badtameezi karne lagay..aur Ankit..woh unn se baat kar raha tha k achanak meri aankhon k saamne andhera aagaya..aur.." she cudnt keep up wid her words..and started sobbing..Maan was motionless..trying to get what actually she was saying..he was in a situation where everything was getting hard for him..
Ankit who was standing a few steps came closer..

"Hey Geet..babes don't cry..aisee parties main kabhi kabhi aisa ho jaata hai!'s ok..don't make it a big deal"..he sed putting his hand on her head..and then lighly sliding on her back..

Geet who was still holding Maan  now got uneasy..realizing that Ankit was still there..she was a bit embarrassed that she shudn't have broken down like that infront him

"YOU!.. Get off ur hand..Geet lets go!" Maan who was disgusted with the whole situation..angrily got up..and ordered Geet to cum wid him
"Dude..don't be mad..i was just trying to comfort her!" he pretended to be friendly

Maan still fighting wid his anger..smiled and pat on his shoulder..

"im not mad!..just mind ur own business..get that!?!" he cudnt hide his rage at the end

"Geet..tumhara jaane ka mood hai ya nahi..ya phir yahan rehnay ka mann hai iss k saath!"..he spoke bitterly
Geet who was having a severe headache a few minutes ago now totally forgot about she cud see Maan was not in a good mood..
Though she didn't like wat he just sed..she tried to get up..but she felt like the whole room was whirling..she held her head in her hands and tightly closed her eyes..she was about to fall down when Ankit and Maan both quickly went and tried to help..and Geet landed in Ankit's arms..
"Geet..are u ok?" Maan worriedly asked

She just nodded..and sat on the edge of the bed..

"Hey you..don't be so heartless..she needs some rest..let her stay here!" Ankit almost howled

"She needs a DOCTOR!..and she won't rest here"..Maan was firm with his decision..
"What do u think of yourself?!" this time Ankit pushed Maan

It was getting hard for  Maan to ignore that..but just for Geet's sake..he disregarded and tried to walk towards her..
"Kya huwa?..dar gaye!?"  Ankit mocked Maan..
"Bas!..ab bohot hogaya!" wid that sed..he seized Ankit's collar..and with his full force he punched him on face near his started  bleeding rapidly from the lower corner

"Yeh sab tumhari wajah se horaha hai..tumko kya laga..mujhe tumhare iradon k baare main kuch nahi pata!"..wid that sed Maan chucked him down on the floor..and walked to Geet to take her wid him..while  Ankit crawled to the small counter in the room.. and broke a bottle of wine..which was placed there..on the sound Maan  turned and saw him almost running toward him..Geet who was standing rite next to him..trying to stop them..was frozen at the she thought one of them wud be dead..she looked at Maan who pushed  her away for her safety..and Ankit tried to stab Maan on the chest with the broken piece of glass..but Maan quickly moved aside..which caused a scratch on his shoulder..his shirt was ripped and the cut was bleeding

"Bas Karo!" Geet who had taken aback and was stunned with the whole scene that was created in a few minutes..shouted after seeing them injured!

She hastily got up and walked to Maan..paying no heed to her position..and looked at his wound and then turned toward Ankit..
"PAGAL hogaye ho!..tumko pata bhi hai..k abhi kya hosakta tha..iski jaan jaa sakti thi.." she shouted unbelievably  
"Aur Tum!" she looked at Maan..

"Kya hogaya hai tumko..iss ne end time par meri help kii..aur tum issay larh rahay ho!..isko Maar rahay ho..kis liye?" she was still yelling..

"Lekin Geet!..yeh sab isne shuru kiya!" Maan who didn't expect her to take Ankit's side was astonished
"Main kuch nahi sunna chahtee..we really need to leave!" she was a bit calmed down but she was breathing heavily..

"I..I am Sorry Geet!" Ankit pretended to be repentant..

Maan was silent and still..he didn't bother to do anything..he knew that now the situation was not in his control..
"No!'s me who shud be Sorry!..yeh sab meri wajah se horaha hai! sorry Ankit"..

Those were the last words that Maan heard and he didn't knw when Geet held his hand and dragged him out of the room..


They were walking in the parking lot..when Geet stopped..
"Maan"..she was bothered to see him dead silent

There was no reply..
"Maan!..Maan!" this time she shook him..and he looked at her..
for a moment she glimpsed tears gleaming in his eyes..but the other moment..he lowered his eyes..trying not to look at Geet!

"Maan!"..guiltiness surrounded Geet..she almost whispered

Maan took his hand out of her grip.."Gaarhee main betho!..Tumko Doctor ki zaroorat hai.." there was nothing in his tone...Geet tried to find anger, pain, regret, frustration..but there was NOTHING!
"Woh tou tumko bhi hai na!.." she sed looking at him
He looked confused!..

"Dekho na..tumhara kitna khoon beh raha hai!..kya tumko doctor ki zaroorat nahi hai?" she spoke softly while still looking at his face..trying to read  his feelings..but he seemed dull

"Meri chorho..aur apni fikar karo!" wid that sed he opened the car door  and sat in..
Geet sighed..and was going around the front side of the car..when she again felt dizzy..and it was so terrible that she almost stumbled..coz there was nothing she cud hold on to..she almost sat down..
Maan who saw her falling down again..quickly got out and got her..
"Tch!..are u ok!?.." he looked  worried..
Geet sighed and nodded..he took her to the car..and helped her sit on the front seat.


"acha huwa Maan..tum inko yahan lekar aagaye..actually she was dizzy coz of the drug that was given to her..maine dawai dee hai..aur uss ne foran asar bhi dikhaya hai" Dr. Armaan described after the whole long checkup..

Dr. Shashank was a very gud and close frend of Mr. Khurana..not only Mr. Khurana..but he knew Maan very well..and also his family was frends with Khurana Family..and Dr. Armaan was Maan's frend and Dr. Shashank's son

"Drug?" Maan was confused yet shocked

Dr. Armaan looked at the bathroom..where Geet was..she was still in there..throwing up..the medicine effected..he wanted to talk to Maan after making sure that Geet wasn't there
"yes..Drug!..actually the drug is called..the "Date Drug"!..Unfortunately..this is one of the most awful part of our society..but it is used in parties..iss drug ko drinks main mila kar..kisi ko bhi diya jaa sakta hai.. mostly yeh larkiyon ko detay hain..unkay boyfriends ya koi unkay saath kuch ghalat karna chahtay hon!..aur iss date drug ka kaam yeh hota hai..k jisko bhi yeh diya jaa raha hai..woh nashay main aakar so jaaye..aur doosra insaan uss k saath kuch bhi karsakta hai..even rape!..
Maan quietly kept listening to him
"iska asar amount k upar depend karta hai..woh tou luckily Geet ki drink main jiss ne bhi yeh drug milaya..uss ne bohot kam amount use ki..isi tou woh poori tarhaan se behosh ho payee..aur ulta usko chakkar aanay lagay!"

Maan was tangled with this new problem..he was pretty much sure that  Ankit must have given it to her but then why wud he help her..but he did took her to the room..what was his intention..did he really helped her..or,,
"tou kya Ankit ne Geet k saath kuch ghalat..?" he thought rubbing his forehead wid his fingers..
"lekin abhi Armaan ne jo bataya..according to that ..Geet behosh nahi huwi!..aur agar Geet hosh main woh Ankit ko apnay saath aisa kuch karne nahi degi!" so many thoughts were cuming to his mind

"Done!" Armaan was done wid doing his bandage..

Maan lightly smiled..

"Lagta hai kaafi filmi scene huwa hai!..Geet iss halat main..aur tum iss tarhaan injured ho..sab theek tou hai na dost?"..Dr. Armaan finally asked

"nahi yaar..itna kuch khaas nahi..woh Main aur Geet..Geet ki university Prom par gaye thay..wahan uss ne kisi aur ki drink ghalti se peeli..iss wajha se yeh sab hogaya..aur jahan tak iss cut ki baat hai.. mujhe yeh cut car se lag gaya..woh uska sheesha toot gaya tha..mera dehaan nahi gaya..aur yeh cut lag gaya!" he lied

"Oh!.." he believed him

" u finally found a gurl! Congrats Bro Congrats!" he almost excitedly hugged him..

"when did I say that in the whole conversation ?" he asked confusingly

"Aray..abhi tou kaha..k tum uskay saath Prom par gaye..tou uski date banker he gaye hogai na!"

"Ab Aisee bhi baat nahi hai..hum bachpan k dost hain..we are just very good frends!" he smiled
"Haan Haan..shuru main aisa he hota hai Dost..pyaar ki pehli base Dosti he tou hoti hai..aur dekhna aik din main tumhari shaadi main Ridhima k saath..tumko aur Geet ko badhaiyaan de raha honga!" he teased

"Armaan..tumko Doctor nahi LOVE GURU hona chahiye tha!"  he sed wid a laugh

"Bilkul..yaar..yeh tou dad k liye maine iss field ko apnaya warna tou tum jaante he ho..mera aur LOVE ka kitna gehra connection hai!" Armaan winked

And both boys laughed..while Geet came out of the bathroom

"lou Ms. Geet bhi are you feeling now!?" Dr. Armaan asked wid a smile

"Much better and lighter" she sed while looking at both of them..who were laughing before..but as soon as she came out both got quiet..

"that's a great news Ms Geet!..maine prescription likhdi hai..agar dizziness ho tou lelena..warna tou sab theek hai..aur maine sab Maan ko batadiya sure he will take a gud care of u and himself! He concluded looking at Maan wid a mischievous smile..which Maan totally ignored

"Ok then..thanks for the bandage Bro! take care..and please make sure..iss sab k baare main..tumhare dad ko ya kisi ko bhi meri family main  pata na chalay!" Maan requested while getting up and shaking hands wid him..

"No Problem Dost!..u can count on me always!" he sed friendly

"I knew that!..thanks a lot!"

"Thanks Dr. Armaan!" Geet also thanked him..

"call me Armaan only" he was very friendly..Geet noticed and nodded wid a smile..

"ok then u too call me Geet only!" she lightly laughed..

"ok Geet..have a gud night both of you!..Take Care..Bye"..


Maan bought the medicine from the counter..and paid the fee..and both left


In the car..both were soundless..Geet looked at Maan..he didn't look in a mood to she also became quiet..she closed her eyes and leaned back on the she was very sleepy because of the medicine..

Both reached home..Maan unlocked the door and both walked in..Geet again tried to talk..but he walked to his room directly..Geet stopped and stood near the stairs thinking about something 

thats it for 2day..i hope it's a pretty long update..but how was it..Leaving ur reviews is a must Tongue Wink 
WARNING**: a BIG scene cuming 2morrow! Tongue

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whoaaa.. kya yaar.. itna kuch hogaya.. but thank god hamara hero time per agaya.. cont sooon.. i hope uss ankit ki asliyat geet ke saamne jaldi ajaye.. 

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awesome ... superb ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

arre !!!! yaar plz... maan n geet k saare misunderstandings clear kardo in nxt update ... 

i can ask u that much ... mujhe haq hain ... 

finally ,,,,,, u managed to update ... thnx ... n plzzz ... update regularly ...
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awesum FF plz ad me 2 u r pm list . .
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feel bad for both, but cant wait for more

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