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Maneet: <Mujhe Haq Hai> ThD-2 Chap 39:: PG: 93

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Hallow Jee Hallow Star

Kii haal chaal hai sabka! Wink

me is here as i promised..and last thread has completed 150 (actually 152 Pages) so i am starting a new thread according to the rules! actually so excited for my new getting a feeling like when a show completes a certain amount of episodes and that too successfully Shocked Embarrassed LOL

so yaaahh..Congrats to every reader's all coz of ur appreciation..all credit goes to each of you!

(to be cont.) will post link of the last thread and a new siggy for the FF


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Zaara07 Goldie

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1 thing that wud like to thank for ur lovely dovely comments for the last updates..! here is the update..have fun!..

~Chap 29~ 

"umm..2 fried rice wid 1 hot n spicy chicken and 2 strawberry milkshakes!" Maan ordered food after conferring with wid Geet..

  The waiter left after taking the order..Geet was quietly looking around..

"So!" Maan sed looking at her

"Sooo.." she replied

"ab tou sab theek hai na!" he made sure

Geet nodded.."waise mujhe nahi pata tha..k tumhare undar aik chef bhi chupa betha hai!" she changed the topic

Maan: ahaan..abhi aapne humko qareeb se dekha he kahan hai!.. a little spark of mischief lit inside him

Geet: ohh!..her heart missed a beat..

Maan: umhmm..he sed gazing at her

Geet: acha apnay haath dikhao!..she again changed the topic

Maan: kyun..ab theek hain!

Geet: yaa..but let me see atleast

Maan: ok! He sed showing her the palm which was a bit bumpy and red

Geet held his hand to see.."chh!..yeh dekho laal ho raha hai!" she sed touching the bump wid other hand

Maan: hmm..theek hojaiga! He sed carelessly

"waise tumhare haath bohot soft hain!" he sed squeezing her hand

Geet shyly smiled..

"hmm..kehte hain jin logon k haath..specially palms soft hon..woh andar se bohot sensitive hotay hain..lekin zyada show nahi kartay!" Geet concluded

"I don't think so!" he disagreed

Geet: Kyon?

Maan: kyon kya!..phir tou main bohot he rough huwa,,"insensitive"..he pressurized the word

Geet: haan tou!

Maan: Geeet! iss tarhaan tou meray jaisa har tough and built up ladka ,,"insensitive" hoga!  He protested..

Geet chuckled.." just kidding..woh tou mujhe yeh kisi ne kaha tha!"

Maan: kis ne?

Geet: jis ne mera haath pakrha tha!

Maan: kis ne tumhara haath pakrha?

Geet: hai koi lucky 1! She sed raising her eyebrows

Maan: Kon??..he asked curiously looking at her seriously

Geet: aray tumko kya!..hai bas!

Maan: mujhe pata hai kon hoga!..he sed ominously leaving her hand..that he was holding

Geet was amused seeing him jealous..her all doubts were clearing up..

Geet: tumhain kaise pata..acha chalo batao..tumko kya lagta hai..kon hai woh!

Maan: huh!..kon hoga..wahi college romeo..tumhara naya dost..tumhara messiah..Ankit!..he sed in a mocking  tone

Geet: ch ch ch ch!..kaheen se jalne ki boo aarahee hai!..

Maan: Jalna Maan Singh Khurana ko nahi aata!..achay achay Maan ki tapish se jal jaate hain

Geet: uff ..hayee..aap ki isi ada par sab qurbaan! She sed in a filmy style..

Maan looked at her annoyingly..

Geet laughed: aray main mazaq kar rahee thi..mera haath kisi ladkay nay  nahi pakrha..actually yeh mujhe Rano ne bataya tha..uska sidharth ne bataya abhi tumhari baat par yaad agaya..

Maan felt satisfied at her reply..didnt knw y..he didn't like hearing about some guy holding Geet's hand

The waiter brought food and started serving on the table..

"Geet..kabhi kabhi life main serious hona bhi zaroori hota hai..aur tumhare mazaq na..kisi din bhari parh jain gai tumko!" he adviced when the waiter left..

"Maan..kabhi kabhi life main funny bhi hona chahiye..tumhari seriousness tou already bhari parhtee hai..aur waise bhi dekho na..mera aur tumhara combo perfect hai!..she sed mixing her rice wid the chicken curry

Maan: oh! Woh kaisay?..he sed while eating

Geet: woh aisay..k tum totally boring..aur main full to it all balance out in the end!..she sed wid the cutest smile..wid her mouth full of rice on one side

Maan who was looking down at his plate..annoyingly looked up..but cudnt hold his laugh looking at Geet's mouth ..

Maan: hahaha!..he laughed banging the table.

Geet swallowing down the rice.."Kya hai?"..she was paranoid

Maan: u looked funny..

Geet stared at him irately..and was about to reply

"But the Cutest!" Maan completed his sentence smiling..

Geet rolled her eyes.. and started eating..but this time a bit carefully..

Maan: umm..lunch k baad shopping karni hai..tumhain yahan k malls k baaray main kuch pata hai?

Geet: nahi!..

Maan: hmm..

Both finished..Maan paid the bill..and both headed towards the parking lot..

"Kya huwa..tum khamosh kyun  hogayeen?"..Maan sed noticing the silence..

"Hmm..soch rahee hoon soch samajh kar bolon..or else I wud look funny to people!" Geet complained..

Maan who was walking beside Geet..stopped..Geet kept walking and didnt look behind..

"Geet"..Maan called..she didn't stop..Maan jogged to her and blocked her way..

Geet looked at him wid complain in her eyes..

"naraz ho?..k maine tumko funny and cute kaha" he asked

 "yeah rite!..woh tou mujhko bura na lagay so tumne cute boldiya..

"Cutest"..Maan corrected

"yeah yeah!..watever..matlab to wahi huwa na..main tou tumko apna samajh kar waise he behave karti hoon..jaisee main hoon..mujhse yeh bilawajha ki adaain nahi dikhayee jaateen..lekin sorry main bhool gayee thi..tum wahi typical ladkon ki tarhan ho..sab samajh main aata hai mujhe.." she sed wat she felt..moved his hand down and started walking again toward the shopping plaza which was a few buildings away  from the restaurant..

She just walked a few steps away..when suddenly she was pulled wid force..the sudden tug scared her but she was safe in Maan's strong arms..when she opened her eyes she saw Maan was very close..gazing at her..they both were under an unbuilt shelter of  one of the under constructing building of the plaza

"Maan" Geet sed in a nervous tone..looking around
"shh.." maan quiet her down..holding her hand
"tumse yeh kisne kaha k tumko doosri lardkiyon ki tarhaan mujhe adaain dikhane ki zaroorat hai..ya phir tum jaisee ho waisee mujhe achi nahi lagti..
"kisi ko kehne ki kia zaroorat hai..main bachchee nahi hoon..mujhe samajh main aata hai." She sed not trying to look at him
"tum bachchi he ho..warna yeh baat nahi karteen..tum sach main bohot cute lag raheen theen so boldiya.." he sed honestly
"Hans kar..mera mazaq bana kar..!"..she reminded him in a sarcastic tone
"hmm..u r rite..mujhe aise nahi bolna chahiye tha..he sed looking at her..who was still avoiding him

The creep around her waist amazed was Maan's hand..he pulled her closer..she looked at him nervously thinking about wat he wud do next..he brought his face closer and caressed her cheek wid his..
"tum sach main bohot cute ho mangetar!" he whispered in her ear..

He was so near that his lips touched her ear.. the world faded as her senses surrendered to Maan but Maan who was about to enfold his hands around and hug her..realized that they both were outside in a public place..where any1 cud see them..he slightly moved back..wid a playful smile on his face..

" was that!?..did I improve ma'm?" he asked candidly

Geet cudnt cover up her smile..she sighed..and slightly hit him on the shoulder.."tum na!" she sed helplessly smiling

"Haye! Main naa..?"..he teased

"bohot woh ho!"..she sed squeezing her eyes

"woh kya?" he asked curiously

"abhi nahi bata rahee..jab mood hoga..batadoon gee"

"Geet!..yeh kya baat huwi!..abhi bolo.."

"koi faida nahi hai argue karne ka..chalo mall chaltay hain..der ho rahee hai!"..she sed walking out

Maan didn't move..Geet turned and saw him who was standing there determinedly..she walked in..held his hand..and dragged him out of the building..

"Maan! Kabhi meri bhi baat maan liya karo!..chalo"..

"kya matlab..main tumhari baat nahi manta.."..he asked gradually walking wid her..

Geet: umm nahi..

Maan: WAT?..he almost shouted..not expecting a no from her

Geet giggled at his shocked reaction..

Maan: that's not fair..tum bachpan main bhi hamesha aise he karteen theen!..mujhse har baat manwa leti theen..atleast credit tou do!

Geet chuckled.."ok ok!..diya credit..waise I agree..jab hum chotay thai..tum almost meri har baat maantay thay..mujhe yaad hai specially woh ladki bannay wali!"..she sed remembering old days

"ladki bannay wali?"..he questioned pretending to recall

Geet stopped and stared at him.."zyada bano nahi!..yaad karo..aik dafa tum meray liye ladki banay thay..menay he tou banaya tha..maa ka make up chura kar..haha..kitnay cute lag rahay thay tum.."  she sed excitingly

Maan smiled blushing..but still acted as if he didn't know about it..

Maan: mujhe tou yaad nahi parhta

Geet: Maaan!..acha ji meray paas picture bhi hai..remember..jab main nayi nayi aai thi..aur Aunty ne mujhe aik album dikhayee thi..uss main se he tou dekhi thi..maine tumko bhi dikhayee thi yaar..aur hum dono larhay bhi thay!..she kept reminding him

Maan: acha acha..haan yaad aya!..he gave up

"ahh!..those days!..kaash who din wapas aa saktay..ya phir main wapas uss time main jaa sakti.." she wished..

Maan: kyon..iss time main kya kami hai!..

Geet: umm..k hum barhay hogai hain..

Maan: haan..lekin humaray beech main kuch bhi tou nahi badla..hum waise he hanstay hain..larhtay hain..roothtay hain..phir aik doosray ko manatay hain..

Geet: true!..lekin kuch cheezain badal gayee hain..

Maan: kya..?

Geet: waqt aanay par shayad pata chal jaaye!

Maan looked at her..trying to comprehend wat was she trying to say..

"..iss mall main chalain?" Geet asked..

Maan's stare was disrupted..he looked at the building and nodded..

Both entered the they entered there were 2 ladies..who seemed to be employees  standing at the counter.. looked at them..and started smiling..Geet and Maan both noticed and felt strange..

"Dekho..lagta hai naya naya couple hai.." one of the lady sed in a low manner to her frend standing on the next counter..and both giggled..Geet heard and looked at Maan who was astonished..then they both noticed that they both were still holding hands..both looked down at their hands and shyly got away..


"umm..main kya loon..kaisee dress!?..yahan mostly achi hain" she asked Maan looking at the different dresses

Maan who was quietly walking wid Geet..waiting for her to pick something up..looked at her confusingly..

"Batao na..acha, yeh red..ya black!" she picked 1 long gown like dress..and a red mini dress..

Maan stared at Geet..and then at the mini dress..took it and hung it back in the stand..

Geet smiled.."kya huwa..uss dress main kya kharabi hai?" she asked naively

Maan: kuch nahi..bas pasand nahi aai!

Geet: tou tumko thori pehenni hai..mujhe pehenni hai!

Maan: Tou!..mujhse kyun poocha phir!?..he asked angrily..

Geet: ok ok..nahi pehenti..ghussa mat ho! She sed standing and looking at him cluelessly..

"Acha yeh Black kesa hai" she asked putting the dress in front of her..

Maan looked at her.."ummm..nahi!"

Geet: tch!..yeh bhi reject..phir kya khareedoon?..

Maan: aik min.!..he sed and walked to an employee of the mall and asked something

After a few moments he walked back to her..held her hand..and took her to another section..which was the saari collection..


After choosing a saree perfect for the occasion..she picked the matching earrings..sandals and a stylish purse

"Maan..tumne kuch nahi lena?" she asked after getting done wid her shopping

Maan: hmm..maine aik jacket le liya..while u were busy wid jewelry


Maan: ahaan!..chalo lets go to the counter and kinda tired coz of shopping..its really a headache..ghar jaa kar thora aaram karain gai..phir raat main ready bhi hona hai!

Geet nodded wid a smile and both headed towards the counter..Geet was about to pay for her stuff..but Maan didn't let her

Geet: Maan!

Maan: Meri Mangetar ko meri taraf se gift!..he sed looking at the lady who thought they were a couple..she smiled..and so did Maan and Geet


"hey Main tou tumko aik baat batana he bhool gaya..!"..Maan recalled something impotant while driving back home..

Geet: kya?

Maan: woh..London se dad ka phone aaya tha!

Geet who was tired and dull looked at Maan surprisingly.."Kab..Mujhse baat kyun nahi karwai?"..she asked disappointingly

Maan: woh kal subha..jab tum late ho raheen theen.. call jab aai thi..aur tum nahanay chali gayeen maine he baat karli..woh pooch rahay thay tumharay baaray main..

Geet: tch!..yeh kya baat huwi..yeh hamesha meray saath he kyun hota hai..she talked to herself angrily..

Maan: aray..don't worry..phir abhi karlain gai baat..he sed trying to cheer her up

Geet who got upset looked at him hopefully.."really..wahan ka number hai tumhare paas?

Maan: waise tou Dad ko kind of pasand nahi hai cell phone par zyada call karna when hez on the trip for business..unless it's urgent..coz hez very professional..but tumhare liye yeh bhi karlain gai!..aur waise bhi..Aunty bhi tou gayee hain na..tumhara tou haq hai baat karne ka!..he explained while parking the car  in the garage

Geet looked at him gratefully.."thank you!"

Maan: umm..aik shart par baat karwaoonga..agar tum mujhe aik cup..achi si coffee bana kar do!..he sed wid a beam

Geet: no problem sir!..aur main waise bhi banadeti..yeh warning denay ki zaroorat nahi hai..Geet Handa warning sunti nahi..warning deti hai!..she imitated Maan's style..getting out of the car

Maan looked at her and smiled.."Baat karni hai ya nahi!" ..he warned

Geet: karni hai..karni hai..Sorry!..she sed and quickly walked inside


"Maan" she called him who was laying on the sofa wid his hand over his eyes..he quicky move his hand and saw Geet with 2 cups standing infront of him..he got up and took the cup from Geet..

"thanks" he sed getting up..Geet sat on the front sofa of the lounge..

Maan lessen the volume of the TV..and took out his cell phone..

"ahem..pehlay coffee peelo..warna thandi hojaigee!"..she broke the silence

Maan: um um..nahi hogi!..

Geet shrugged..she was so excited that she will talk to her mother..after so many days!

Maan dialed the number..but no 1 picked..Maan tried again..but same thing happened..Geet patiently was watching him..

Maan again dialed the number..3rd time..and some1 picked

"Hallow! DAD?" Maan almost asked

"I'm sorry sir!..actually Mr. Khurana has forgotten his Cell phone here, yesterday!"..some lady informed on the other side

"Oh! I see..and who is it?"

"this is Stevenson Memorial Hospital..and im a nurse here.." she explained

Maan was surprised and worried that y Mr. Khurana went to hospital..

Maan: oh ok!..may I ask you something..please May I knw that is he ok?..and the reason y he was there!

Nurse: Yes! He is ok..but I am sorry I can't tell you the reason

Maan: actually I am his son!

Nurse: Sorry Sir but I am not wud be better if u talk to him about it when he wud be here to take his cell phone back..this is a rule of the hospital that we can't reveal any personal information..

Maan: Oh!..thats ok..thanks for ur time!..

Nurse: No problem!

The phone was disconnected..

"Kya huwa?" Geet eagerly asked him

"Ahem..Kuch nahi!..woh dad apna cell phone office main bhool gaye baat nahi ho paayee".. he lied so she wont get worried

"Oh"..she was disappointed..

 "waise bhi wahan subha hone wali hogi..sab so rahay hongai..kal baat karlain gai!" he assured her..

Geet was still sad!..

"Hey!..cheer up!..ab aise udaas nahi ho..aisay achi nahi lagti meri Mangetar..he teased..

She finally smiled appreciating his efforts.." peelo!!..thandi hojai gee.. Mangetar" she reminded him..

"Oh yaah!.." he gulped down a big sip

"waise aik baat poochoon!"..she asked looking down at her cup

"Bolo Bolo!"

"Tum mujhe mangetar kyun bulatay ho?..main sach main tou tumhari mangetar nahi hoon!"  she asked hesitantly
"Kyon..tumko bura lagta hai?"..he questioned doubtfully

Geet: don't be crazy!..ofcourse not!..maine tou aise he poochliya!

Maan: hmm..bas aisay he bulata hoon..mujhe acha lagta hai!

Geet smiled.."Mangetar bulana acha lagta hai..ya main achi lagti hoon!?..her tongue slipped

Maan surprisingly looked at her..Geet was amazed at her words..she looked down..trying to not look at gazing Maan

Maan: tumne sirf aik sawal ki ijazat lee thi!..he sed in a usual tone not trying to make it uncomfortable for her

Geet looked at him.."hmm.." she got quiet..

Maan: so dikhao tum ne kya liya shopping mall se..he sed changing the topic

Geet: a a..nop..ab tou jab he dekhnay ko milay ga..jab main pehnoon gee..

Maan: ohh OK!..waise did u like my idea about the sari?

Geet: Ofcourse!..Prom nite par..main saari main..hayee"..she was so excited about it..

"actually yeh idea meray dimaagh main kyun nahi aaya!"..she wondered

Maan: bas aise ideas mujhe jaise logon ko he aatay hain..

Geet: haha..aur tum aisay he kehtay ho..k ladkiyon k baare main tumhain koi idea nahi hai..she commented inquiringly

Maan: tum ahista ahista sab jaan jao gee..he sed in a mysterious way grinning

Geet smiled..but his words kind of hassled her for a second..

"Waise time kya ho raha hai" Maan sed looking at the wall clock

"Oh's already six!..Maan wud you please drop me at the salon.."

"Salon?" he asked

Geet: haan.. prom hai..i want to look the best!..don't u want us to be the most Wonderful Couple of the night.

Maan: okayy!..i will drop u!..

Geet: thank u!..

Maan: acha suno..woh tumhare barabar main jo shopping bag hai..woh dena!..

Geet looked at the only bag rite next to her and handed it to him..Maan looked inside and took out a little shopping bag and offered it to Geet

"Yeh Kya hai?" Geet asked

Maan: Dekhlo!

Geet took it and saw a box inside..she took it out opened it and saw a cell phone

She surprisingly looked at him..

"Maan!..iski kya zaroorat thi!..tumne pehlay he meri saari shopping ki payment ki hai!..aur ab yeh!" she sed modestly

Maan: GEET!..really?..he was letdown

Geet: sach Maan..main waise he tumhare ehsaanon k neechay dabi huwi hoon..pehlay he tumne har cheez main meri madad ki hai..chahay woh college ho..Ankit or un ladkon ka mamla ho..aur waise bhi..main tumhare ghar main reh rahi hoon..yeh kam hai kya

Maan: Oh cum on Geet!..sirf aik cell phone k liye tum yeh sab kya bol rahee ho..maine tumharee koi madad nahi ki..woh mera farz tha..humare beech main jo rishta hai..uss main yeh sab formalities kahan se aagayeen!..he was shocked at her behavior

Geet: Lekin Maan!..

Geet!..main yeh phone iss liye bhi de raha hoon taake hum dono hamesha contact main rahain..atleast jab tak aur aunty yahan nahi hain..kal jo huwa isi liye huwa..k main tumko contact nahi kar paya..aur waise bhi uss din tumne mujhe Adi k cell phone se call kiya tha..yeh tou maine tab he decide karliya tha..Maan interrupted

Geet was silent and convinced.."ok..thanks!" she sed wid a simple smile on her face..

Maan: ab thanks ki zaroorat nahi hai!..kya mujhe itna bhi haq nahi hai..k main tumhain koi gift de sakoon..

Geet: maan..baat yeh nahi thi..baat bas meri

Maan: sh sh..he stopped her..

"I will drop u to the salon and then u call me whenever u r done..i have added my number already!.." he ordered and Geet was silent

              _________________*~*Heart*Heart*Heart*Heart*~*________________ was it?..hope u all liked leave ur views..will update next weekend!..till then..u all have an amazing time! 

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Haayeee marjawan me first to comment Embarrassed Big smile

Lovely parttt jani. Enjoyed it a lot. Embarrassed
Its so nice to see Maan back to his teasing mode. And adressing geet as mangetar Big smile
Geet is really trying to make Maan jealous LOL
Maan might just end up beating Ankit LOL Wink
Waise Maan got jealous with the hand holding thing. Way to go Smile

Cute shopping moment after that close encounter out of the mall Embarrassed
Saree. Hmm not bad Maan. Wink

Phone. Now thats a great input Embarrassed
Now they will keep talking while walking hehe.

Is maan's father ok? And geet's mom? Great twist. Clap
Hope they are fine. Ouch

Cant wait for the prom now Embarrassed

Thanks a lot for this amazing long update. Hug
Congratz for the new thread jani. Wish you have many more threads.

Love ya.

Humera. Hug

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First of all I'm kinda gussa at you for not updating for sooo many days...but I'll forgive you :-) lol

I loved the update. It was awesome!!!! Lekin kya yaar har baar yeh jaghara kyun ho jata hai?

Although i guess thats the beauty of their relationship

I cant wait till the next update

Oooh and since i said last time that its your Haq for a long comment Im filling it with emoticons

Clap ClapClapClap



BTW congrats on the new thread...hopefully there'll be loads more Tongue

Thumbs Up

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Liked the shopping trip. Looking forward to the prom night. 

Congrats for the new theadSmile

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oh wowww awesomeee
luved ittt 
to guddd

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IPKKND FF - Hunters and Gatherer (note P96)

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Author: sharneil92   Replies: 709   Views: 114334

sharneil92 709 114334 26 October 2013 at 4:59am by Arshi67
Don't Ever Fall In Love Abhiya FF .Continuing Soon

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Author: Crazy.Beautiful   Replies: 111   Views: 23367

Crazy.Beautiful 111 23367 10 May 2013 at 9:57am by Crazy.Beautiful
FF Abhiya: In ur Arms Forever Chap15-Pg-120

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Author: SheDevil   Replies: 967   Views: 124819

SheDevil 967 124819 30 March 2013 at 3:46am by prachi.kajen
Dil To Pagal Hai--Chap 2 11/10/11

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Author: the_writer_21   Replies: 134   Views: 25264

the_writer_21 134 25264 19 January 2013 at 8:39am by shalini_arsha

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