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Monday 23/5/11 Episode No 503

Vishnu is riding - Bank hours over?? - calls mommy and tells her that he is
in the bank still and will be late . Awww, Villishnu apdi yellam easy aa nambi
duvaangalaa??? " en kitte pOi sollittu wife ai paarkka Odariya?" - pAmbin kAal
pAmbu ariyum Wink Vishnu categorically denies , orders mommy to get some
dinner on the table ...promptly goes to see Sudha . Villishnu plays Bond and
calls the bank - just to be told that Vishnu has left the bank. Has visions of the
 jasmine ...call from MM ...decides that it is time for some action WinkThanni rolls
 his eye balls a la baygon bathed cockroach ( Thanni sir, kOnjam intha expression
 ai maathunga, Roja kku bore adikkarathu )
and Vishnu tells him that all his appeals
 to his mother have gone south " neenga yethanum panni Sudha vai enga veetu kku
anuppunga " ( athu sari, nee jewels ai kudukka solve...amma kitte ozhunga explain
panna maatte...ippO Thanni should patch up aa??? Neram thaan !!)
Thanni says that
he is trying everywhere " kaasu thaan kidaikkalai !!" Thanni sees that Vishnu badly
wants to cootchi coo with Sudha - leaves the couple alone in the pretext of getting
 some cakes. Vishnu and Sudha start playing around - ( Mohammed...Mohammed Ali
...catch me if u can - BG by Roja )
Villishnu lands at Thanni's door...sees Vishnu's bike...veppam 1000 degrees Centigrade.

Oblivious to the outside milieu, Vishnu and Sudha are still "running and catching "
 (hmmm, ithukke neram sariya pOchu...apram enge kissing laam??) As Villishnu is
raving mad, an unsuspecting Gayu arrives...followed by Thanni...Villishnu heaves
 like a Jalli Kattu Kalai and knocks. Sudha opens... Vishnu is behind her. What follows
 next does not  merit any  update - Villishnu uses abusive words , calls Thanni "maama" ,raves, rants, calls Vishnu names.. for that matter all around her. Gayu is the only one
with some guts - tells Villishnu that she is cheap to the core ! Villishnu could not care
 less - drags Vishnu and goes ( Yovv, unakku ellam kalyaanam Oru keda??? You are
 neither faithful to your mom nor to your wife !!)
Sudha does the only thing that she can -
 cries. Thanni is back to being BBC (Baygon Bathed Cockroach ) Gayu says that she will somehow get the money to retrieve the gold and send Sudha to her in-law's place.

Villishnu is at her elements - talks to Vishnu about "Unga appan Odi pOnathum, all
wanted me to remarry but I chose to sacrifice . All for your happiness !!" story .
Vishnu says that Sudha is not at fault " I only asked her to do this !!" Villishnu has a
new explanation  for torturing the DIL and her family " You think that I am crazy about
money or gold?? My job as a MIL is to make sure that your wife is trained well to take
 care of you after my death . ava Kalla iruntha chethukkanum, kAli manna iruntha uruvaakanum..at the end of it I must feel that she is the right one to take care of you !!!'
Vishnu says that Sudha is that kind even now " she is the right one for me !!! Listens
 to what I say" Villishnu is fed up of hearing Sudha's virtues. Decides to go to
La La land " only when I go there, you will know my value.." Age old threat and
age old idea of hanging by a saree...



Updates by roja

Tuesday  24/5/11 Episode No 504

Well, Villishnu does the blackmailing act - Vishnu screams his heart out (you know
what?? Just let her hang herself ..if you don't scream, she won't kill herself !!)

Extended drama of Villishnu slowly making the noose, Vishnu screaming from the
window... and finally breaks open the door to save mommy " Don't leave me and go.
.I will do whatever u ask me to.." Well, madam was waiting for those precise words
and so asks Vishnu to promise " promise that you will remarry ... a girl of my choice "
UH huh - Roja is not sure if Vishnu promises or not - so much of crying ..blah blah
( Vishnu, you need to take tuition from PILS grad - a lesson on blackmail. When your
 mom asked you to promise, you should have turned back and said ok mommy now
it is my turn to hang myself !!)
Anyways, semai drama and Roja was livid to hear
 the "second marriage " suggestion .  Gayu and Thanni are coming back after
some hunt for loan . They did not get any thing and Gayu does not want to face
Sudha and tell her about this failure. Gayu promises dad that she will somehow
arrange the funds and leaves. Thanni calls a friend and arranges to meet him asap .

MM is getting ready to go to work. The guy who owned the water business comes
 with Kanakku. Man is carrying some large sum in his bag. He suddenly faints - MM
rushes him to the hospital - knows that he had a minor attack . Doctor warns MM
" No bad news, nothing that worries him and bed rest" . MM waits for the guy to
 open his eyes. In the meanwhile , Paro aunty calls and imparts the news of
"Lots of money in the bag " . MM promptly tells Mudalaali that his bag is safe at
home. Mudalaali says that money in MM's hand is money in the bank. MM says
 that Mudalaali can be discharged the next day . Wants to know about informing
the family but Mudalaali negates any such idea.
( hmmm, antha money kku enna villangam waiting O ?)



Updates by Shree


Watercan owner in hospital..Paro and devi prepares food for him and leaves ...Gayu comes home..Gowri welcomes her and says amma and devi hospital poitanga...Gowri mottai maadi kku going...tells gayu to take care of the child...gayu opens the cupboard and a bag falls down from the cupboard...She takes the bag and opens it...Inside the bag she sees lot of money...SHe is shcoked and confused abt themoney...She says 5 lakhs therum pola irukke...SHe keeps the bag inside and locks the door...
Vishnu comes to meet gayu..Gayu comes out and morachufying vishnu...She calls him inside...He comes in and says  soozhnilai..adhaanm veetukke vandhutten...
Gayu says she is very tensed becoz ofthe money...enna panradhunnu theriyala...She asks vishnu...enna venum...Vishnu says My amma is very sensitive type...Sudha mela irukka aasaila naan rombha pesitten...But my mom sucide pannikka poitanga...but i saved her...i cant see her suffer more...Now she is ok...But she wants my second marraige...gayu shouts...stop it...enna mummyand son playing with my sister's life...i want to talk to ur mother...
Vishnu kenjing...pls listen to me...pls dont meet my amma...Gayu says i didnt ask any help from u...u only gave the jewels...Vishnu says..i agree..but u plsthink once from my position...i need both sudha and my mom...i need ur help..pls help me...vishnu leaves.Gayu thinks abt the money and stops vushnu...says u go h
olme...soon sudha will come there with the jewels...Vishnu leaves...
Gayu takes the money and calls her dad and says money kedachachu...come home immediately...TK happy...
Vishnu tension waiting...Mom thinks...why indha paiyan ivlo tension aa irukkan?...An auto comes and gayu,sudha and dad comes in...Mom moonji ya vegama thirupings...Vishnu and sudha paasa look vittings...Mom still moraiching...TK says jewels ellam vandhachu...Mom smiling...Says keep the jewels with u sudha...it will be helpful for u in the future...adhaan naan ippadi behave senjen...She tells TK and gayu to sit...but gayu and TK leaves...TK asks her abt the money...Gayu says veetla poi solren...Gayu rombha sad...TK confused...


Thursday, May 26th, Episode 506
Update by atina
Gayu and TK reach home after sending Suda to Vishnu's house with the jewells. Gayu..oreh "soham" she rushes in and starts crying in front of her mom's picture," amma...why is it happening to me like this...I am always thothufying to my husband..." Hearing this TK tries to console her and asks reason for her soham. Gayu replies," appa...did you know I am a thirudi...? yes...I took money from my purushan's house without telling anyone...that means I am a theif  thaaneh? When I found a bag full of money ..I did not have second thought but simply taking that money and used that to take back SUda's gold...I am a thirudsee appa...thirudee"
TK tells," Gayatri..I dont think maapillai is going to be upset about this...maappillai did some thing to save his sister's life and you did the same thing now,...so you do not worry but we have to let him know about this..."
Krish and Paro bring thanni can mudallaalee home from ther hospital. He sits on the chair kept outside the house...he looks very tired. Krish asks him to come inside and PAro insists that he should go only after having lunch.Mudalaalee tells...it is ok...and he feels better and would like to leave right away. So Krish asks Paro to take the money which his mudalaalee gave. Paro goes and gets panick as she can not find that money bag...Krish also comes there and seraches and gets very upset. The mudalaalee sitting outside listens to all this and tells," Krishnaa...may be amma was absent minded when she kept that money since I was sick...so tell her to look for the money without padattam"
They both continue looking for the bag..Telephone rings...the call was from TK who tells about Gayu bringing the money from his house...and Gayu is sad and crying...so he asks him to come to his place to console Gayu. Paro comes to him and polammbals that she can not find that money bag...anywhere...Krish asks her to stop looking...he tells about the phonecall from TK. Here goes PAro...telling all about...krish getting money for meter vaddi...so that Suda's wedding took place well...then they had to pawn the gold to pay back that loan...and now it is so wrong on GAyu's part to take that money and go without informing her or Krish. Krish asks her to talk softly...and goes outside to tell his boiss. But he is no where to be seen as he had already left from there...paavam nalla manushan...!!
Krish goes to TK"s house and goes in to see Gayu who is constantlycrying...oh...crying... Krish starts," Gayatri...look here the way you took the money is defenitely wrong...for others...but not for me...you know why? because naanum neeyum onnu gayatri...as we are husband and wife...even Lord Shiva ahs given half of his body to his nwife illiyaa...? we all do have problems...and somehow we solve that too...for all this we need to have patience...that is all..." Gayu can not beleive her ears and he looks at  Krish with mixed emotions...expressions on her face??!!


Friday, May 27th, Episode 507
Update by atina
Krish's lecture continues about porumai etc..he explains about the money," that money belongs to my mudalaalee..actually when he came to our house he got a chest pain and fainted dropping money...I took him to the hospital and mom kept the money safely ...which you took and came...look here...you used that money and straightened Suda's life..right...and I am not at all angry about that...sathiyamaa...enakku romba santhosham...thaan...but one thing Gayatri from the beginning you are thinking that I treat my family and your family different nu...no you are so wrong in that..in fact my sister and your siter are all same to me...Gayatri...I do not blame you for taking that money...may be in your place I would have done the same thing...it is ok...I can talk to my boss and I can return that moeny to him slowly...no problem..."
Gayu asks so many times..."mannipooo" with kannneer!! Krish asks her to come with him buit Gayu refuses telling that  she can not face atheh after this big theft...But Krish makes her understand," Ayeh...what is this ..you are talking like this...when a wife takes her husband's money it is not caled as "thiruttu" ..it is "urimai"...Gayatri nee kelambu amma will not think bad about you" Finally Gayatri starts walking with KRISH and TK is happy to see this. They reach home ...Gayu walks in aone as Krish is parking the bike still. Paro asksGayu to stop," niludee...what are you thiking in your mind?...you have been always cruel to my son but now ..it is ok for you to take his money?" Hearing this Krish rushes in and makes Paro understand...but still Paro tells," ennamo daa...you are telling like this but my mind tells this may lead into some problem nu"
As she is telling this one policeman comes and asks for Krish and Gayu. He tells that the inspector wants to see them. Krish takes Gayu and starts walking with the policeman while Paro starts crying and tells," ayo kadavuleh...enna sodanai...now what will happen to this kudumba gowravam..?"
In the police station the female inspector is waiting for gayu and Krish. she asks them to sit and tells," the other day you people lost your gold...and then this Gayatri came here to sream at us...do you all think we police can protect all these multi crore people at the same time...? anyway...we have caught the thief..." One woman is brught to them and Krish and Gayu recognize her immediately seeing her during the wedding. The inspector tells," she has done so many crimes like this...here is the gold...just check and see whether everything is ok"
Gayu and Krish are so happy...Gayu checks the jewells and tells that every thing belongs to her sister and she thanks the inspector and also apologises to her for her bad behaviour the other day. Krish also thanks her and they both sign the documents ...Gayu and Krish excahange looks with happiness and...???

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Sudha husband sariyana maakana iruppon pola. He neither has courage to take his wife back nor leave her why people like get married and torture another persons life. I hate his character more than his mom b'cos they want to satisy everybody and finally make everyone miserable. Mental case.Why not Sudha get a job and look after herself and when he comes ask him to come with his mom . Vishnu enna baby evanu take care pannu innoru adult venuma.Intha amma adhukulle sudhave uyiroda kondrum apparam enna Vishnu kavanikka.And moreover if somebody torchers other person to take care of their son they will definitely develop irritation and resenment and will never take care of them.And also when this maamiyar ellam marumagale thirutharatha nipattao porangalo.

. Intha serial anba maamiyaar kamikaamaatangala...

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  what a boring episode there is no story for lead characters(krish &? gayu) so director is projecting to bring some more issues what all mils will do watching these type of serials they wil think how to torure their dils better to soon end up these serial so they will keep the good name of uravugal

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Thanks RP.
vaazhkkaila problems irukkum but problems mattum vaazhkkai aagum orE idam - thamizh serials. Rainy season la  Madras roads used to have ditches on the road, aanaa Chennai roads paLLaththukku naduvula road maadhiri..sigh..

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thanks for the update roja.

ungalukku kovil kati kumbadanum. ivalavu porumaiya update kuduthirukinga.

why this stroy is going more and more problematic.
none of the earlier problem is solved but added more and more.

Love bondage in the Initial stage of the story is totally gone. please director sir do something.

no uravugal at all.

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yempaa, veetla paNam irundhaa, adhu podhu soththaa? maybe if they were rajavamsam, then it is understandable. ivangaLE annandankaachi. idhula how can Gayu take that money? oru conscious (conscience - but serial people always use ulta) vendaama?

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Originally posted by eclat

Thanks RP.
vaazhkkaila problems irukkum but problems mattum vaazhkkai aagum orE idam - thamizh serials. Rainy season la  Madras roads used to have ditches on the road, aanaa Chennai roads paLLaththukku naduvula road maadhiri..sigh..
I second your opinion srongly about the serial and about the chennai roads...!!!

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Originally posted by newt2007

thanks for the update roja.

ungalukku kovil kati kumbadanum. ivalavu porumaiya update kuduthirukinga.

why this stroy is going more and more problematic.
none of the earlier problem is solved but added more and more.

Love bondage in the Initial stage of the story is totally gone. please director sir do something.

no uravugal at all.
appadiyeh pakkathuleh...enakkum oru chinna shrine kattidunga paa...naanum paavam illiyah???

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