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YIH 21st May MAHAEPISODE Written Update

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YIH 21st May MAHAEPISODE written update
here i cum with the update of agood mahaepisode of YIH...

The episode starts with the party preparations going on at party venue. Akshay asks Manjari to show him the cafe preparation she did. A happy Manjari says dont be so impatient, it wud be so good when Rastogi sir and Ranbir sir wil show the cafe to evryone to the press at 12 o clock. it wil be such a gr8 surprise. Akshay asks her why is she doing all this for him? Manjari replies "before getting separated from each other, consider this as a gift from me. u have always tried to make each and every moment of my life beautiful for me, this is nothing in front of that." And Manjari leaves from there. Akshay thinks "i have to still get the most beautiful gift from u, that is the moment when u wil accept our love. i have decided no matter whatever happens today, before the party ends, i wil let u say those 3 words from u" {Akshay . . i guess we are nw more eager to hear those 3 words from Manjari for u . .Embarrassed }

Rastogi is warning AK and Rhea to behave properly in the party. Just then Manjari cums praising AK and Rhea for doing such a wonderful arrangement for the party and asks Rastogi what he thinks about this new generation nw. Rastogi says he is impressed wid them. Akshay joins them in the discussion too. Rhea says that she forgot to mention that its a couple special party, so every couple outfit should match. if outfit dont match, then no dance for them. Manjari feels awkward on hearing this and then Rhea goes looking for her matching outfit.
Ranbir cums and Rastogi congratulate him for the renewal and bagging the new cafe project.
Puja cums too and dont like on Akshay Manjari talking to each other. Manjari gets happy on seeing Puja and meets her, says sorry for not being able to call, since she was busy in work here. Puja taunts her saying whenever they both r together, u both r busy. Puja and Manjari go to get ready for party.

In the room, Manjari is in the bathroom when Manjari mobile rings. Puja sees that its Anushka call, don take it and say to Manjari that its credit card people call. Rhea cums and introduces herself and says she bought saree for Manjari to wear in the party. She also mentions that it is couple special party so she brought matching outfit for Akshay Manjari and leaves. Puja thinks she wil not let Manjari wear this saree...Ouch Puja was keeping saree in her bag, just then Manjari cums from bathroom and asks her what is she searching? Puja takes a wrapped gift from her bag and gives to Manjari saying that Rhea gave the saree for her. Manjari takes the saree and was going to change. Just then Manjari phone ring again. Puja quickly picks it up before Manjari and inspite of Anushka call, says that it is credit card people call and tells to get ready for party which is more important than the call. Puja thinks that Anushka must be calling Manjari to inform about 10,000 robbery and have to keep Anushka away from Manjari today anyhow.

AK gives a golden sumwhat half sherwani kurta which doesnt fit properly to Akshay. AK gets worried on Rhea had arranged matching outfits for Akshay Manjari, but have to arrange sumthing else now.

In the party, Rastogi introduces AK and Rhea to Ranbir. Rastogi again warns AK to behave properly when he was about to take a drink. AK excuses sayin that he drinks sumtime that too when elders allow. Tongue

And here cums our HERO AKSHAY the party wearing blue jeans, a maroon shirt and black coat over it. . .looking dashing, smart and handsome as always. ...Day DreamingBlushingDay Dreaming
Puja cums in the party and dont Like on seeing that Akshay wore suMthing else and outfit not matching with her. Rhea notices Puja wearing the saree she gave to Manjari and wonders why Manjari gave her saree to her sis or Puja took it witout letting Manjari know. she sees that Akshay also didnt wore the Outfit she arranged. AK tells that Akshays outfit fitting was not proper. Rhea gets upset on her matching outfit theme getting spoiled and wonders what Manjari wil wear now.

Akshay is looking for Manjari in the party and thinks "Nazrein thak gayi Manjari tumhara intezar karte karte, zehan mein bas ek hi sawaal hai ki tum kab aaogi?" . . . .Embarrassed. . And here cums our HEROINE MANJARI wearing a maroon blouse and A black net saree . . . and looking stunning and beautiful. . . Akshay sees her. . .Manjari cums to Akshay. . .Rhea is happy that AKSHAY MANJARI clothes are color coordinated, and says its a miracle. . . . .Akshay is constantly smiling and looking at Manjari whereas Manjari is looking at him on and off. . . .Embarrassed. . Ranbir introduces AKSHAY MANJARI as the jaan and shaan of his office bcoz of them they bagged 2 important projects . . .but AKSHAY MANJARI r busy in their eyelock. . . . When people clap for them. . .they cum back to senses . . .LOL

Mallika cums in the Party wearing a white outfit matching with Ranbir. Ranbir asks her who invited her here? Mallika innocently says thaT she cant be away from him. Ranbir says dont be so innocent. Just then Rastogi cums saying that No. 1 RJ of Radio Mumbai have cum. He says when she and Manjari wil be together on stage, then party wil be happening. Ranbir was about to say thaT Mallika is no more part of his staff but Rastogi interrupts saying that wil do office talk later. Rastogi tells Mallika to anchor the party and coordinate wit Rhea to know the details.

Puja in room and says Manjari saved again. She sees a voice msg on Manjari mobile. The voice msg from Anushka says that "Manjari take care of urself since Puja is planning sumthing against her. There is some motive of Puja cuming in the party. We r reaching soon til then take care" . Puja understands that Anushka have doubt on her and hence nw she have less time to complete her plan.
Puja was going when she meets Mallika on the way. Mallika first taunts her for the failure of not able to ruin Manjari life. Puja is nervous. Then Mallika says that they both can still be together and show Manjari her place and teach her a lesson. Puja gives evil smile and says she also thought the same. . . .Angry

Rhea is clicking picture of Akshay Manjari. Puja is looking all this and jal bhoon rahi hai . . . . lol. . . Akshay Manjari are standing a bit far away from each other. Rhea says to cum closer. Akshay stands close to each other. But Rhea says more close and keeps Akshays hand on Manjari shoulder. Both look at each other. Rhea clicks the pic and leaves. Akshay withdraws his hand noticing Manjari feeling awkward. Manjari turns to go but Akshay stops her.
Akshay - Manjari u were away from me since morning and nw also going away. i mean u were talking about surprise. Whats the surprise?
Manjari - Cant u wait a little?
Akshay - Life is of just 4 days, how much more wil u let me wait...Embarrassed
Manjari - Just tonite. i mean i never gave such a good surprise to anyone. to give u sum hint, its all ur favorite. ur fav colors, furnishing, candle evrythng.
Akshay - u r forgetting sumthing . . . my favorite. . . . TUM . .
Manjari - Woh toh main hoon. . .
Manjari gets embarrased while Akshay is cutely smiling at her.
Manjari - (changing topic) i m feeling thirsty wil u bring cold drink for me.
Akshay - Til when u wil run away from ur feelings knowing that we have few moments left together with us. Anyways whatever is between us, i wil never let it finish.
Manjari - Whats in our destiny we dont know?
Akshay - Kismat ki baatein buzdil log karte hai. aur aaj kismat lakh chahe tumhe mujhse nahi cheen sakti. I wil brng cold drink for u.

And Akshay goes to bring cold drink. Puja goes and mixes sumthing in the cold drink. when Akshay cums on the counter, meets Puja there and gives orange juice to Akshay saying its Manjari favorite. Akshay takes and leave.

Manjari have the cold drink and Mallika who is the host invites the couples on the dance floor to rock the party.

Music plays of Aaj ki raat from Don, and Manjari who is not in her senses after having cold drink goes on the stage and start dancing. {Aaj ki raat hona hai kya, pana hai kya, khona hai kya . . } Manjari is full nashe mein and dancing. She is leaning and dancing with Akshay. Manjari brings Akshay to dance with him. During the song, Anushka Kabir are on their way whereas Puja Malika planning sumthing. other couples start dancing too. Akshay is enjoying to see Manjari dancing but stopping her a bit at the same time. Akshari having a bit eyelock mainly from Akshay since Manjari hosh mein nahi hai. . . .Song ends. . . {It was a good AKSHARI dance sequence . . .Day Dreaming. . }

Manjari goes to Rastogi and says that his round rouNd face matches with her grand father. Akshay tries to stop her from doing bak bak but Manjari says she wants to talk about AK and Rhea. Ranbir orders her to go to room but Manjari says she wil mend relations today. Rastogi says this is the reason he dont trust this new generation. Sumtimer back she was fine and now. Akshay tries to control Manjari. Just then Mallika cums handling Manjari and says sorry for Manjari behaviour since her cold dring got exchanged and Manjari had iT before she cud stop her. She says she wil take her to washroom and get her alright.

Akshay is waiting when he meets worried Anushka Kabir. Anushka tells Akshay that Manjari life is in danger. Akshay ask how? Anushk says thaT it is puja who is against Manjari, created differences between u both, did suicide drama, did robbery at home and now wants to harm Manjari. Akshay is shocked to hear this and wonders why Puja doing this. Kabir tells story of that person who help Puja and hence truth came out. Akshay understands that it was Puja who spiked Manjari drink and has taken her first step.

Mallika hands over an unconciOus Manjari to Puja. Puja brings her to a room and make her sit on chair and start her dialogueBaazi. . .OuchManjari is partially concious and listening. Puja says "U were about to giv surprise to Akshay, but now u wil be a surprise to tHis world. Yeh kismat bhi ajeeb hai. Since childhood u were ahead of me always in evrything, School, college, job, everything and mom used to say ur kismat is nice. Even u are most special for Akshay too. I dont understand kya kami hai mujhme {Akkal ki kami hai . . .Ouch } ki u r favorite for evryone. I dont carE whether Akshay is with me or someone else but I cant tolerate sumthing from me going to u. I wil finish evrything today. "

Akshay is searching for Manjari in the party whereas Puja puts kerosene in Manjari room and sets the room on fire and goes away. . . .AngryCry. . An unconcious Manjari wakes up and sees fiqe all around and shouts for help . . . . EPISODE ENDS . . .Dont worry Manjari, Akshay wil save u on Monday. .

PRECAP - Akshay ask Puja, where is Manjari. Puja say she dont know. Akshay says dont lie since he know her truth.

FINALLY THE UPDATE IS COMPLETE. . . .OVERALL A GOOD EPISODE...WITH CUTE AKSHARI SCENES...Embarrassed...but hated Puja's plan which will create problems for Akshay manjari...Cry


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thanks so much for the updae

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thnkss 4 d ud hun!!!

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thanks alot for the lovely update

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Thanks a lot for the awesome update...Big smile

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Thanks Alot For The Update. Puja Needs A Tight Slap From Askhay.

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