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||Igniting the flame of Love|AR FF|Pt5:Pg25|8/30 (Page 23)

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Part 5: Loves me, loves me not.

If I believed in love at first sight I would say I fell in love with Armaan the moment I met him. Unfortunately I tend to be a little on the cynical side about such things. I love those sappy love stories you see portrayed in movies where two people fall in love are torn apart and then find each other again but I never believed it could happen to me. I'm about as ordinary as they come and this is real life, not the movies, right?

Also in a very tender age my belief in relationships, commitments have faded away. At a point in my life I felt like a robot, an emotionless person who just lives for the sake of it. But since Armaan have came to my life, he has changed it. My life has turn upside down, I have become a completely new person. 

I have started to open up, he was changing my beliefs and thoughts, I started to believe in relationships, commitments and close intimacy. It was like a new birth of mine. 

It's been four months since Armaan and I first met. We have become best friends, we did what any normal friends would do we indulged in our never ending coffee habit, we went concerts, went out to shopping, to clubs and restaurants. Lately we did hang out a lot. We were always very flirty with each other. 

Technically we were said to be best friends, but from the very beginning I had started to have feelings for him which day by day were getting stronger. 

The other day when Muskaan and I were talking about her and Rahul and how they met and their love story, my mind drifted to me and Armaan. It made me think about our meetings and our behavior towards each other. That is when I first realized that I was in love with this man. That talk made me question "Could I really be in love with him?" 

I debated with myself over this issue, after putting all the pieces together, I concluded yes I was eventually in love with Armaan, but could he possibly be in love with me too? And if he doesn't love me and I take the first step to approach him about this will I lose my best friend? 

It was a very difficult situation, so i thought why not do something that would bring his real face out. That will bring the truth out. I was in desperate need for the truth, the earlier I found out what he felt the better it was for me.

And one day he texted me asking me to join him and his friend to club. "Yes, thank you god" I thanked god for being on my side. Today was the perfect day to test him out, to find out what he actually felt. I came up with a plan.

I was excited to go out with him tonight, but somewhere deep down there was a fear, fear of losing him. What if the outcome of my plan didn't end up in my favor, I would be left heartbroken. 

But I had to do it, otherwise I would never be able to find out about his true feelings.

"Hey, any plans tonight? A friend and I were thinking of going Clubing. Would like to join?"


Hmph Mr. Malik wants to know about my plans tonight. This should be fun. Asking Muskaan if she wanted to join I thought of letting Armaan know.

"Hey! No, I have no such plans for tonight. Muskaan and I are all in for the club."


"Okay then, we'll be there to pick you guys up around 7ish.  Please do me a favor and be ready no later than 7. Want an advice, I am going to dish it out anyways start getting ready at 5. I am positive you'll be ready by the time I come around then".


"W*F Armaan :O how dare you say that. You Jerk! I don't need 2 hours to get ready and that also for a guy like you. It isn't like I am going on a date or something, neither am I going out with a drop dead gorgeous guy that I need to get ready for".


"What! ^-^ you don't think I am Hot? You are gone nuts then, Girls die to have me around."


"Nah you are Okay I guess! I am not those kind of girls who have nothing better to do then owing guys. I have a life."


"Whatever, they have a life too Riddhima. They are so much better than you jungli billi".


"W*F W*F did you just call me a jungle billi, you monster. It's so much easier to praise yourself pssht so shouldn't be talking. You know what I dare you to get number of the first girl you see when we go to the club".


"You freaken jungle billi have guts to dare me. The most hottest guy around the corner. Get ready to lose sweet heart.


"Whatever Monster, we shall see that tonight"


Arghh he is so effen annoying. My life wasn't miserable enough with having one annoying person in my life that now I have to deal with two of them. "Why are you all red Riddhima. Whom did you get into fight with?" My mom commented as she walked into my room. "Uhm nothing Ma, this stupid annoying person annoyed the crap out of me. What do people think of themselves, I hate people who are full of themselves. Arghh they should just go get a life" My face got redder, I was about to blast and on the other side my mom couldn't stop laughing seeing my reaction. This has been a usual thing, every time he annoyed me I need someone to vent out with. And most of the time it would be Ma. She would just end up laughing every time which would increase my anger. "Arghh Ma you aren't making me feel any better" after venting it out I stomped to my closet in search of something that I can wear tonight. It was only 4 so I had enough time on my hands. "What are you searching for? Going out tonight or something?" ma commented seeing me go through my dresses. "Yeah going out with Muskaan and couple other friends. He is coming to pick us up at 7" I replied letting her know about my plans.

"I am on my way! Ready yet?"


"Yeah almost, come on in once you get here"


In next few minutes I could hear someone honking outside, it didn't even take me a sec to realize it was none other than the impatient creature Armaan. "Come on Muskaan, let's go before we get our ears damaged". I said rushing Muskaan who was trying to put her shoes on.  Coming I screamed standing at the door way. Dressed in a white shirt with denims he looked so angelic. As much as I didn't want to accept it he was drop dead gorgeous, he so had the potential to make any girl go weak on her knees. "Hello Ladies, ready? Let's rock'" he didn't finish what he was saying when I noticed what has caught his attention I was surprised to know. He was checking me out, that was scary okay not that much but yeah it was scary phew.

(Armaan's Narrative)

I just couldn't take my eyes off her. A small silent Gorgeous! was only I could manage. Having a black dress on with light make up possible she looks absolutely gorgeous! How can someone be so beautiful I thought to myself.

(Riddhima's Narrative)

I couldn't stop blushing seeing his eyes on me. If it wasn't for Muskaan who gave a light slap on my arm we would have been standing there god knows for however. "Hey guys, why are you standing here? Where is your friend Armaan?" said Muskaan curious to know who was that friend of Armaan. "Why are you so intrigued about who it is Muskaan? I thought you already had a boyfriend?" Armaan retorted raising his eyebrows trying to pull Muskaan's legs. "Gadhe, I didn't mean it in that way, so sick minded person you are. Okay whatever let's just go" Muskaan said annoyingly. "Hello everyone!" a person standing near the car said making his presence known. "Muskaan this voice seems so familiar. Doesn't it?" I asked without turning my back and seeing who it was. "OMG nah it can't be you" Muskaan screamed getting my attention, I noticed it was none other than Rahul, Muskaan's boyfriend. "Really I didn't know you and Armaan are friends." I said in a surprise. I have known Rahul from quite a time, he works at the same hospital Muskaan and I do. "Yep, world is such a small place, Armaan and I have been friends from childhood." Rahul was as surprised knowing that I was a good friend with Armaan.

(Armaan's Narrative)

"So this is the chick you have been talking about lately, the one who gave you sleepless nights" Rahul couldn't control anymore, so annoying he was. Thank god it wasn't too loud for Riddhima to hear. "Shut up Rahoool, let's get going. We are getting late" I said slapping Rahul on his arms trying to change the subject while Riddhima and Muskaan just stood there laughing.

(Riddhima's Narrative)

"Don't forget the dare Mr. Malik" I reminded Armaan of the dare I gave him today evening. "Of course darling, No one can ever resist Armaan Malik. Don't worry get ready to lose. You will have to do whatever I say for a week if you lose tonight, Deal?" he was so over confident he was going to win tonight. "Okay whatever done. Let's go in there get ready remember the first girl that comes in our way" This was so going to be fun.

Muskaan and Rahul were in their own little world, they were by themselves enjoying. They didn't need anyone of us now. As Armaan and I walked in the club, this chick  wearing mini dress was coming our way Armaan. 

Nah this was so not happening. "See I told you, I didn't even have to do anything and here she is, walking towards me" he said with a big grin pointing towards the girl. "Don't be so overconfident Armaan, let her come close first" I retorted, what does this man have, any girl gets attracted to him. The charm he carries can make anyone go weak on their knees.

"Hahahaa what ya going to do now Mr. Malik? The chick just passed you and went to that guy" I said laughing my ass of as the chick walked passed us in the arms of another guy who seemed to be her boyfriend. "Plus that guy seems to be her boyfriend, remember my dare, it was the first girl and here she is, someone who is taken. Thats a tough challenge now to get a girl's number who is already taken. Have fun Armaan" I just couldn't control my excitement.

"Hold on, the story's not finished yet. I still have the whole night remember, Armaan Malik can get any girl he wants, even if she is taken. Just wait and watch, don't get too excited. Just a heads up you know" arghhh he was so not going to give up. 

He stood at the bar observing every move of that chick, i was getting really mad. why in the world did I come up with this dare, instead of checking me out and asking me to dance he was busy with that chick. As he saw the girl's boyfriend leave the club, he went over to her. "Hey Sexy! Wanna dance with me?" he asked her for a dance. 

I being myself couldn't control and followed him standing couple feet away from where he was with that bitch. And that bitch agreed to dance with him, who wouldn't. 

I saw him reading something on a tissue, what could it be I thought to myself. And then when I saw that bitch smiling I knew it was none other than her number. I went where they were standing.

"So when should I expect a call from you handsome?" she asked Armaan. I couldn't help but curse her under my breathe which unfortunately were heard my Armaan. "Leave the poor soul alone, she hasn't done anything bad to you." he commented taking that bitch's side. 

"Uhm let me guess NEVER!" he retorted to that chick. At first I couldn't believe what he just said. "WHAT?" the bitch said in shock, "yeah you heard it right, sorry I am already taken" Armaan told her. "WHAT?" no that wasn't the chick, it was me now. My turn to be shocked. "Whats up with you now? Why are you so surprised love?" he said putting his hand around my waist.

"Don't you get it I am already taken" he told that bitch pointing towards me being his girlfriend making that chick furious. Cursing Armaan under her breathe she stomped out of the club.

"Why are you looking at me like that? he just couldn't stop laughing at my shocked face. Okay what was I supposed to say, he just told someone I was his girlfriend. "Oh don't take that statement of mine seriously, I just said that to get that chick off my back" he explained. 

"let's just get out of here. Btw I won the bet, now you will have to do whatever I say for a week" he said escorting me to his car. He opened the door for me and then we drove off the parking lot. 

"Wait what about Muskaan and Rahul, aren't they coming with us?" I asked him coming out of the shock realizing. "They already left, Rahul called his driver to come pick them up" he replied. 

I wasn't just ready to go home yet, "Armaan take me somewhere? I don't want to go home" I said. "Take you where? Aren't you supposed to go home?" "No, jjust take me somewhere". "Alright!" he said.

He turned on the radio and the song Ik tara was on. I loved the song, it was so soothing. I could so related to the song at this point of my life, I was dreaming about something which was quite impossible. I wasn't realizing what I got myself into, slowly and gradually I was becoming his but where was the ending of the story. What was the whole story. I drift off listening to the song.

"Riddhima get up, we are here" he was trying to wake me up, the next thing I know water was splash on my face awakening me. "Armaan? where are we?" I asked him. "We are at the beach, come on get down otherwise I'll drive you home if you don't get your ass down now" he said.

The night creatures were already busy with their activities, the wakes broke gently on the shore sending up sprays of phosphorescent surf. The bright moon light shining above our heads, the sounds and sights of nature were wonderful. The noise of occasional traffic along the road nearby was the only blemish to the otherwise perfect natural surroundings. 

"Have a sit" he said sitting on of the rocks. "So out of all the place why beach?" I was curious to know, out of all the places in the city he picked a beach. "Because I connect with the ocean, It relaxes my soul and touches my inner spirit. I enjoy being in the water and on the beach. Feeling the breeze, listening to the waves gives me happiness. This is the place that brings my inner self out" he said.

"Why don't you like the beach?" he asked me. "yeah I do, this is where I usually come when I am confuse and don't know what to do. I can be myself, the natural setting helps me calm down" I love beaches. Everyone has different reasons why they come here.

"Is there anything you would like to tell me?" he asked. "The weather is so nice here na? It's so calm and romantic". "Riddhima, can you please stop beating around the bush and come to the point" he knew I had something else to talk about. "You are good looking, smart, haven't you found a soul mate yet? Someone you like, maybe love?" I asked 

"Why are you asking me, you love me or something?" he said with a laugh. "Okay, I am being serious Armaan" I told him. "Yeah I have met someone who I have feelings for, strong feelings but I don't know whether she feels the same for me." So he does love someone, who can it be?

"Why don't you just ask her directly?" I was being really curious on finding out more about her. "I would but I don't know I am scared of rejection". he retorted. 

Who was he talking about, a friend of his. Our situations were quite similar. As much as I wanted to know who it was, I didn't have the guts to ask him.

"Do you like some?" he asked me, ohh no this was so not coming on me. I didn't know what to say. "Yeah, but my situation is quite similar to yours. I am scared to ask him, he is also a close friend of mine so I don't want to risk our friendship." 

"Tell me who is he? I'll find it out for you" he wanted to know the guy I loved's name. There was no way in the world I was going to tell him. "No first you tell me her name" I retorted back.

"No first you, I asked you first" he was not going to leave it. "Okay, let's do this, both of us say their names on the count of 3" I was nervous to say his name but couldn't find a way out. "Okay, I like the number 3. Let's do it" he said after which he started doing the countdown.




"Riddhima" "Armaan"

We are shocked as hell, we just said the name of the person we loved and we ended up calling out each other's name. "WHAT" both of us shouted, with open mouths. It took time for the fact to sink it, but once everything was settled I was happy, on cloud nine. The feelings were mutual.

"let's go for a walk" he said. I couldn't help feeling the adrenaline of my heart when he first took my hand in the moonlight. I felt so protective and secure in his presents, that I hadn't taken much notice of where he was leading me. The scenery was so exquisite, that it left me breathless to the shimmering of the water, left with the moonlight ray as it painted a precise picture of the perfect scene.

We stood there under the moonlight ray, His lips reached my jaw, tracing the lines of my ear to my collarbone. They were so warm against my skin as they reminded my of soft, little fluffy pillows; and for that moment, reminded me of fairy floss. I couldn't stop my heart from pounding in my chest. My blood flowed rapidly in my cheeks, making my face as red as ever. I lifted my hands out of his, and pulled them up high to his shoulders, where I entwined them with his soft brown hair. He put his hands down at my waist while pulling me closer to his chest. I was his, and he was mine.


Here is the complete part, the confession. I bet none of you's were expecting it this early. I was thinking of making the FF, a SS (short story) with not many parts left. I am not sure yet. Let me know how the part was, was it upto your expectations? Sorry if it wasn't. Awaiting your comments. 

Thank you so much for all the comments! Really appreciate them. 

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