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||Igniting the flame of Love|AR FF|Pt5:Pg25|8/30 (Page 18)

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Greaat updates :D

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Part 4: Friends with Benefits

"Hey! We meet again!" I said with a big smile pestered on my face. Every time I see him he brings a big smile on my face. "What a coincidence man" he said showing his priceless dimples. "Nah, it's serendipity destiny" I denied it being a coincidence, by now you guys would have got to know, I am a destiny believer, I believe that everything happens for a reason. "Nope Riddhima, it's a pure coincidence" he said trying to start an argument. I wasn't going to give up that easily, "I am telling you it's Destiny Armaan, we were destined to meet. If it wasn't for destiny you wouldn't have brought your niece to the same hospital I work in and on top of that I wouldn't have been her doctor and then our last meet at the club. Pssht whatever you say, it's definitely destiny". "Okay whatever I am not wasting my time arguing with you over stupid thing like this. So what you doing here?" he asked seeing me by myself roaming around in the mall. "I was bored at home, had nothing to do and Muskaan was busy with her so called lover so thought why not watch a movie, I was so waiting for this movie to be released couldn't hold any longer so yeah here I am. You say what are you up to?" "OMG really, I am here to watch a movie too, I have been waiting for it forever man! Now that finally it is out, I didn't have patient to wait any longer. My stupid a**hole friend was supposed to join me but he ended up picking his girlfriend over me." he said in his dramatic style. "Stop being so dramatic, leave that poor soul alone. Let him enjoy with his girlfriend, stop being kabab mein haddi. BTW what movie are you watching?" I was so intrigued to know what movie had pulled him here, inside I so wished it was the same one I was here for, it would be great to watch the movie together, our first movie together. "No, first you tell me what movie are you here for?" he said being a pain in a** why couldn't he just answer my question for god's sake. "Arghh Armaan, you are so effen annoying, no you tell me first, I asked the question first?" I asked him again, I couldn't control anymore of his annoying self. "Friends with Benefits" (I know the movie isn't out YET but I just had to put it in there, it suits them to much right now and on top of that I am impatiently waiting for the movie to come out). We both said it at the same time. Next moment we see people starring at us like we are aliens from Mars. We were so loud, "Yeshhh!" I shouted I was so excited; we were going to watch the movie together. I couldn't wait for it. He looked at me with weird expressions thinking why I was so happy all of a sudden. "Great, let's go grab some popcorn and soda and then head in the theatre" he said guiding me to the food counters. "Can I get 2 large popcorn with 2 large Pepsi please" he ordered. OMG no he wasn't just doing that, he just bought both of us. "No Armaan, You get whatever you need, I can buy my own things" I requested him trying to stop him from buying me food too, okay we were friends and everything but we weren't that close yet. Like we just met couple days ago. Him being his stubborn self didn't listen to me and ended up paying for all of it. Taking our orders we went into the theatre taking seats next to each other. The previews were running when we got it. Soon after the movie started, we were both enjoying the movie, munching popcorn. He was sitting on my right and his soda was between our seats I didn't even realize when I took a sip out of his drink. Kicking myself for doing that I thought he didn't see me do that but I was so wrong. He did see it from the corner of his eye, "It's fine Riddhima, nothing to worry about happens" he said enjoying every moment of it, it was so effen embarrassing. I started watching the movie trying not to look at him, I could still feel his intense gaze on me. Our arms touching or our legs brushing, every time intentionally or unintentionally his skin touch mine, it gave me goose bumps all through my body. I didn't even realize when I ended up putting my head on his shoulder, I felt so comfortable leaning onto him.

(Armaan's Narrative)

As we were walking around the mall after watching the movie I "accidently" grazed her fingers with mine. I mustered up enough courage to grab her wrist and move my hand down to cup hands. She looked at me surprised, her hand was so limp it felt like I was holding a leaf. It was awkward, for couple minutes we just walked in silence, not looking at each other. There was broken glass lying on the floor, I saw it and lightly pushed her to the side and changed holding hands from cupping to interlocking our fingers. Oh my gosh that was the BEST feeling ever, I gave her a little squeeze and she gave it right back to me. Our eyes met and we chuckled together. It felt like fireworks were going off in my head and my knees were going to give out.

(Riddhima's Narrative)

I had butterflies all over, the moment he held my hand, it was the BEST thing ever! I haven't felt like this before. There was definitely something about him that pulled us together, that attracted me.

"I had a great time Riddhima! Thank you for joining me to the movies and then restaurant. Good bye, cyonara, alvida" he said while we were standing next to my car. "alvida nahi, alvida kahne se fir milne ki ummed mar jaati hai, kya pataa fir mile" I said trying to be as filmy as I could. "Stop being so filmy Riddhima, that sounded so bad; it's not like we are never going to meet again. Your so called DESTINY won't let that happen" he started pulling my leg again by stretching the word Destiny. He looked so cute when he said that, I couldn't control myself and ended up throwing in a hug. I love hugs they are awesome, unbelievable, fantastic, thrilling, incredible; I feel they are the best means of transmitting your feelings directly through human contact. In my opinion a good, comfortable, relaxed hug in which you pour yourself is often a lot more powerful.  "Stop blushing so much Riddhima" he commented coming out of the hug. No effen way, argh can he be any more embarrassing, I couldn't look into his eyes I was so embarrassed. Jumping into my car I zoomed out of the parking lot leaving him standing there. I could feel his gaze on me till I got out of his sight.

(A week later)

It's been almost a week since our movie date, our careers have kept us on our toes. We have been really busy with work. Lately I had to work overtime and cover shifts for other doctors who were on holidays. Work has literarily drained me, I so need a good break. Even Armaan's work load has increased. We only got chance to text and call each other, in between of our hectic work schedule we didn't get time to do much. Taking some time out we did end up going to couple coffee dates but that's about it. Every time I met him it made me happy, I am content with my life right now. I can feel the change he has made in my life. Deep down there are new feelings that have started to bloom. I don't know about him but yes I have started to become vulnerable around him, my disbelief in relationships, commitments, and avoidance of intimacy has started to fade away. Even though all my fears are slowly fading away, there are some we have to work.

Hey Armaan! I have a good news for you! Reach the hospital ASAP with family! J


Good News? :S Hospital? Is it something related to Arshia? We shall be there in couple minutes.

Arshia just came out of coma after doing a full check up and making sure she is perfectly healthy I texted Armaan informing him to come to the hospital. Since I was done with my shift I headed towards Arshia's room till Armaan and his family get here, in just couple of hours Arshia and me have grown close, she has started to become fond of me. I saw Arshia playing with several toys on the floor under observation of a nurse. She is so cute, seeing me standing at the door she crawled to where I was standing holding onto my legs she tried getting my attention. "Hey baby!" I said in babyish language picking her up. She giggled as our noses touch, she was the cutest baby I have seen. Seeing no one familiar around tears started pouring from her eyes. I tried to soothe her, roaming around the room with her head on my shoulder.

(Armaan's narrative)

As my family and I were standing at Arshia's room door we saw Riddhima roaming around the room with Arshia on her shoulder sleeping very comfortably.  I couldn't take my eyes off Riddhima, she looked so angelic.

"Who is that Armaan? Do you know her?" My mom Naina Malik asked pointing towards Riddhima. Yeah mum I know her she is a friend of mine. We first met when I brought Arshia here; actually she is a doctor here. Let's go in. All of us were so happy seeing Arshia fine, we got our angel back. Anjali bhabhz couldn't control her happiness. "Ahem ahem bhabhi, I know you are happy and all but why the cry then?" I said teasing her. "Shut up Armaan, they are happy tears. My angel is perfectly fine now. Thank god" she said slapping lightly on my shoulder.

(Riddhima's Narrative)

As I was walking around the room, I heard people talking and looking at the door I saw Armaan and his family standing there looking at me. Their family seems to be close-knitted. Putting Arshia down on the bed, I headed towards where they were standing. "Namaste auntie! Nice to meet you! I am Riddhima Gupta, Arshia's doctor" I introduced myself. Before I could finish another voice from the back said "And my friend" yes the voice belonged to none other than ahem Mr. Armaan Malik. My cheeks turned slightly red when he said that. "Hello Riddhima. Nice to meet you too sweetheart! How are you? As you might have already figured I am Armaan's mom" she said ignoring Armaan's nautunkis. "I have done a full check up of Arshia and have done several tests and everything is fine. She is healthy and ready to go home. I'll take your leave and get her discharge papers ready" Assuring them everything is fine I headed towards my cabin to get Arshia's discharge paper ready.

(Arshia's room in the Hospital)

"She seems to be a nice girl Armaan. Are you sure she is just a friend of yours?" My bhabhi said with a frown trying to pull my leg. I couldn't help but blush. "Huh what's all this blushing all about" She caught it again, this hasn't been the first time she has caught me blushing. It's atleast once a day she either catches me day dreaming or blushing or on phone when I am talking to Riddhima or on my computer when I am on skype chatting with Riddhima. Till now she doesn't who is behind all this, whenever she comes to my room I somehow get away with it by either hanging up or turning off my computer. "Armaan stop running away from this, this isn't the first time I have caught you blushing or ahem ahem. Come on spill the beans" she said embarrassing the hell out of me. Arghh this couldn't get any more embarrassing, it's the limit man and that also in front of ma and pa. I am sure gone. Trying to run away from the situation I said "Dad, I'll be back. I'll go get Arshia's medicine from the hospital pharmacy and finish all the formalities". "Are you sure Armaan you are going to the pharmacy, I doubt you are" she said with a frown. Before she could stretch any longer I zoomed out of the room.

"Can I come in?" I knocked on Riddhima's cabin door. "Yes, come in." "tum, you don't have to knock, could have just walked in" she said looking at me. "Oh really I see!" Now it was her turn to be embarrassed. I just couldn't get enough of it. Every time we met I had to embarrassed her, she looked beautiful when blushing. "Is the paper work ready?" "Yeah here you can sign here and you are all set to take her home" she offered me the papers to sign. 

As I went closer to sign the papers our eyes met resulting in an intense eye lock. There was the big silence, it seemed like time froze and we were looking into each other's soul. I couldn't take my eyes off her deep hazel eyes, they were so pretty. If it wasn't for the knock on the door we would have been there starring at each other in our own dream world. "Ahem Ahem are you guys done yet? What's going on in here?" Muskaan said with question look on her face.  "Look at your face Riddhima you blush so much man. It gives out everything". "Uhm nothing, I was just here to collect the discharge papers of my niece." I said trying to change the topic saving Riddhima from getting anymore embarrassed. "Yeah right, like I am going to buy those bull crap. I know Riddhima way better than this" said Muskaan, she was so not going to buy the lie. It looked it she did have a hint of what was going on, might be because of Riddhima. Riddhima might have told her about our friendship. I have seen Muskaan before with Riddhima at the club. I have also seen her around the hospital working. "Alright thank you for everything Riddhima, I shall leave now. Everyone is waiting for me. Bye Riddhima. Muskaan you too!" waving her bye I got out of her cabin. Collecting everything my family and I left for the Malik house.

(Riddhima's narrative)

"So what was going on missy? Do you like him or something? Are you guys just friends or ahem something more?" Muskaan asked. "Stop with your questions Muskaan, are you a mission or what?" I said trying to ignore the talk. "Yeah whatever you want to think, I am on a mission called "Grill Riddhima". Common spill the beans now, you know you can't run from me". Muskaan was so not ready to let it go. "Nothing he came to sign the discharge papers of his niece and then we didn't realize when that eye lock happen. About liking I don't know man, like I feel a change in myself and deep down I might have started to feel something for him. We are just friends, I don't know if he has the same feelings as me." I said venting out.


I know I haven't update for so long...I really apologize for that! So guys the part is complete.Thank you for all the comments, I appreciate them! I hope you guys like the part! Let me know what you think. Everyone who isn't commenting, guys please comment they inspire me and make me want to update faster. Please thats all I am asking for, I put so much time and effort in writing updates only asking for comments in return. 

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lmfaoo why did Armaan wanna watch a chick flick ;) or did he guess already that the movie Ridz wanted to watch was FWB LOL

I mean it's kinda unlikely for a guy to want to watch FWB ROFL it's a total chick-flick and I'm sure Armaan was prbly the only guy in the theater LOL

okay btw the hand holding part was so not expected!!! eekss and then the hug <3
aww Armaan blushes too :$ that is just even more adorable than Ridz blushing tehe

ohhh and Anjali and Muski should like form a team and just tease these two always LOL oh jeez their legs get pulled so much!! AHH THEY SKYPE ShockedEmbarrassed HOW CUTEEE!!! dude you need to have a short update on their skype convo once Tongue that would be really cute tehe
Ridz can blush the whole time cuz I am sure Armaan would never blush in front of Ridz LOL he'd tough it up Tongue

but this was such a cute update <3 i lovers it Pixxieee <3

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Part Completed! :)

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Aww that was cute Ko :-)
Sorry i was so busy in the new place I dont know if i could comment But now i'm back home so i will defi comment on all :)

This update was- You know it was so natural and the flow was so good - one could actually visualise those little little things that go into making a new budding relationship

Ah shoo romantic-their movie date- if its destiny I am sure I agree with Armaan;they wont be staying away from each other for too long ;)

What i loved is how they are being such nice and caring friends and not letting any awkwardness change that hehe but the eye-locks and blushes are just getting them closer to the point of no escape ,eh? :) Me likes

Will love to read more- continue :)

PS: Miss talking to u :(

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..Ashi.. Goldie

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awesome update Komal...ur an excellent writer
sorry cant leave long comments for now
but beautifully written
love this ff
update soon

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nice part

update soon

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