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||Igniting the flame of Love|AR FF|Pt5:Pg25|8/30 (Page 15)

scarlet.moon IF-Sizzlerz

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Thank you very much for all the comments and the LIKE! :) They mean a lot to me, they are the best inspiration and motivation for a writer! I really appreciate them! Next part shall be up soon, need to edit it! :)


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scarlet.moon IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 3: A new beginning?

Telling the nurse to bring breakfast for Mr. Malik and me I took seat on the sofa placed in front of the patient bed. "Yes, Mr. Malik what did you have to say about Arshia?" I asked him. "Hold it, first why are you calling me Mr. Malik, it makes me feel old, call me Armaan. Oh yeah Arshia, she is not my biological daughter, I treat her like my own daughter. She is my niece, my brother Atul Malik's daughter. She is everything to my family; she is the Jaan of the family. Actually what happened is everyone is out of town for couple days due to a wedding, I couldn't go because of an important meeting I had to attend yesterday. Arshia was home with maids and she was trying to climb the stairs when she fell on her head." Said Armaan. "I am so sorry for mistaking her as your daughter; I was wondering too you seem quite young to be a father of a year old. Ohh and also call me Riddhima". I replied.  We kept on talking about everything and anything, the first five minutes there was this awkwardness but after that we were comfortably chatting, pulling each other's leg and gossiping.  Time flew by talking with him; it felt like I was talking to a long lost friend, someone with whom I can share everything, someone whom I can talk about anything and everything. It was a strange feeling, also a very unfamiliar one. "I shall report back to my duty and I'll let the nurse know she will start getting the paper work together and we are going to discharged you in an hour or so" informing Armaan I left for the general ward on my rounds.

"Maam, the papers are ready. Please sign them so we can let Mr. Malik know and finish all the formalities" nurse said waiting for me to sign the discharge papers. "So Armaan, you are all fit and fine now and have been discharge. As for Arshia, I don't know what to tell you, to be honest we will have to wait till she gains her consciousness", letting him know that he can leave now I waved him bye as he left. I just stood there, seeing his face in my mind as he walked away.

It's been a week since he got discharged, in the midst of his work he does come to the hospital to visit Arshia, he spends most of his time in the hospital sitting next to Arshia's bed holding her hand, once in a while I have seen tears forming in his deep grey eyes. Somewhere deep down in my heart, I have started to fall for him. Just that one coffee date, I don't whether it was a date date nevertheless that is what I preferred calling it, that couple minutes talk we had has made a great impact on my life to an extent, the barriers those walls around my heart that I have build protecting my heart from another heart break, stopping myself from being vulnerable, those walls weren't as strong as before they have become shaky, they were on the verge on breaking any moment. They just needed a push or two. It started to feel different, everything seemed so bright and perfect, and all of a sudden I started enjoying my life, enjoying everything I did. This sudden urge to meet him, talk to him, like I have seen him around in the hospital but haven't got time to talk to him because usually when he came to visit it was during my duty or I had something or other on my hand which kept me occupied.

A Saturday night, one of those nights when mostly every single person wants to get out of their house and party till wee hours. I didn't feel good, and I didn't want to get out of my house. So I stayed back home while all my friends went to a party. And Muskaan came home, and pestered me to go out with her, because her guy was busy overworking. My readers now you will be thinking Muskaan's guy? Well Muskaan is in love wohoo, she has been in a relationship from past couple months with a guy name Rahul who happens to be a doctor at Sanjeevani too. Their love story started in Sanjeevani, the whole hospital knows about them, they make such a cute couple. Not wanting to make her feel worse, I reluctantly agreed.

We got to a club, and seeing that it was full with ear blasting music on and people swaying their bodies trying to catch up on the rhythm, we sat on a bar stool. A waitress asked us what we want. It was about that time I saw him sitting on the opposite side with his friends, a smile crept across my face. Feeling little heated inside, which was shone outside on my face. The next moment I look up I see him starring at me, the more he kept starring the pulse rate inside me went up with a thud' thud' sound. I was so trying to ignore the intense gaze of his that I felt on myself. Muskaan looked at me with a weird frown, nudging me she asked, "Riddhima, who is that? Do you know him?" I was so lost in my own dream world, so couldn't catch what she said. Another nudge came from Muskaan bringing me out of my dream world, "Huh?" I said looking at Muskaan, "I asked who is he? It seems like you know him, what's going on Riddhima?" she asked, "Muskaan remember I was talking about Armaan, the one whom I met at the hospital, who's niece Arshia is in coma, yeah that's him, I don't know man seeing him after long time makes me happy, I can't take my eyes off him, there is something this unknown feeling towards him, this unknown attraction that we both feel towards each other and lately I have realized the change that meeting brought in me, I have started to become vulnerable, it has made me realized I don't need to guard my heart anymore" I said trying to get everything out, all the mess that he was creating. "He is so good looking, nice catch Ridz, I wish I was single, I want to be single, and I miss flirting" she said praising his good looks and his charisma.

 Trembling I took out all my boldness and approached him. The moment I was near him, I could smell his best perfume, I tried to sit next to him, still shaking with the fear of love inside "Hey Armaan" I said, he replied back but I was lost in my own word, so couldn't catch what he said. Sipping to our drinks, we just sat there looking here and there and trying to catch a glance of each other when the other one wasn't noticing. "How are you and when did you come?" was the basically the whole conversation we had, we didn't notice that we had sat there together almost one and half hours speaking nothing.

Muskaan who was enjoying herself on the dance floor with our other friends came near me, "You should write your phone number on the tissue, I would if I was single but I can't so you should" she whispered making me think about her idea, actually it wasn't that bad. "Should I?" I giggled. It was silly, but I had this sudden urge to leave my phone number, hoping he would call me. "Do you have a pen?" I asked Muskaan as I dug in my own purse. Neither of us could find one. Muskaan being the impatient one gave up. "Well sorry! Maybe the next time," she piped. But I was too determined to just let it go, I searched my purse again to find anything I could write with. "Got it" I screamed, "What are you talking about?" asked Armaan. "Uhm nothing, it's just that I found something I was looking for so long" I replied stammering "Okay!" said Armaan with this weird frown; he probably thought I was some kind of weirdo. Finally, a lip gloss I giggled, stop laughing at me my readers, I didn't have anything else to write with and me being myself wasn't going to give up on a wonderful chance I got. I doubled down, and wrote my name with my phone number and slipped it in his hand whispering "Open it once I am gone".

As me and Muskaan walked out of the club, we started laughing at our silly actions, many people thought both of us were drunk! When we walked out, and got a blast of fresh air, we burst out laughing hysterically, poor guy would be thinking what kind of people he got stuck with. Dropping Muskaan off at her place I headed home.

As I got out of the shower, I saw the light of my phone flashing; looking at it I found I had a missed call. It was from a number I didn't recognized, I wondered whether it was from him or was it just a bogus call from a call center or something? I was about to ignore the call and go to sleep when I received a text, OMG I screamed it was him.

"Hey Riddhima, this is Armaan. You know you didn't have to write your name on the tissue I know it already. Thanks for the number btw, get ready to be annoyed now" I kept on reading and reading the text, usually I get pissed off when anyone tries to annoy me but with him it was different, I wanted him to annoy me.

"He called, Muskaan! He called!" I couldn't resist telling Muskaan. "Who called'he called? What did he say?" asked Muskaan. "Actually he called but I was in shower so couldn't pick up but then I received a text from him. He seems so sweet" I couldn't stop going gaga over him.

I was excited but also very nervous to give him a call, I wondered what I would say if he did answered; I wasn't very good at being the first one to start a conversation. We talked about for an hour, he kept teasing me about my silly way of giving him my number and about how I ended up writing the number with my lip gloss. While we were talking I could hear his sister bugging him now and then, asking who was he talking to? She was screaming into the phone, saying he was blushing while speaking to me. I couldn't help but blush either. Both our feelings were mutual; he seemed like a really nice, sweet and happy-go-living type guy. We cracked so many jokes and ended up laughing every now and then. I didn't feel like hanging up but it was really late saying a quick bye I hanged up. Smiling to myself, I felt like dancing around, I was so happy today, it felt like I have found someone whom I can look up to, someone who will be there for me, someone who cares for me. Thinking about everything, day dreaming about us I didn't even realize when I fell asleep.


Phew that came as a surprise didnt it? Looking at my previous update record! LOL I myself am quite shocked, it was quite earlier then what I expected! Anyways Part 3 is up, awaiting your comments! Now knowing that Arshia isn't Armaan's child, it will hopefully bring a smile on your faces! :) 

P.S. Thanks for all the comments, sorry I couldn't reply individually!  

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wow komal that was a great r sooo cute. just lovd dm...


      n thnx 4 da pm

             lv   meena

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hey komal
 awesome part loved it .
 do continue soon
 n thnx 4 da PM!!!

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Stern Smile
but I think the laziness gets the better of me when least wanted LOLEmbarrassed

okay moving on to the part :)

YAY hubster you didn't make her his daughter!!!!!! WEEE I am happy!!! :D

okayy Ridz is sooo cuteee <3 lmfaoo she is like already gaga over Armaan and psshtt who wouldn't right? it's Armaan for God's sake <3

I love Muski and Ridz's friendship!! I love how they tell each other everything!! and Ridz is just so cute when she is looking for the pen but instead finds a lip gloss cuz she just wanted to give the number to him LOL
and omg sitting with him for 1 1/2hrs and just barely talking :| didn't think Armaan would be silent for this long Confused but tehe their phone convo made me smile Embarrassed it reminded me of the times when Armaan would call Ridz to annoy her LOL

Pixxieee ju write so well Embarrassed like are you sure you write it and you don't have someone write it TongueLOL

*wifey runs away before hubster decides to kill her* Tongue

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Awesome part. Loved it and thanks for the pm

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Originally posted by Dr.BasketGupta


oh um i thought you would update like wayyy wayy wayy late, but i love the surprise Embarrassed
i'll edit the two spots tonight Embarrassed

Even I thought I won't update till like next week or even after that, came from driving lessons and was in mood to write hence the updateEmbarrassed

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itz so cute...


cont soon

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