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Originally posted by luv2dance

^^^^ no kidding Nakhtapari Big smile Rajeev is awesome. We rarely get to see that combination of great choreographer + greater dancer. Rajeev all the way Party

oh yeahhh... he is the best dancer who has such grace n style while performing... he jus draws the audience to his side... Rajeev ROCKS... Day Dreaming

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Thanks for the post. 

This finale episode was pretty boring actually. No one really impressed me that much overall. In general, most of the contestants themselves looked pretty uninspired and bored to me. The Josh group dance, Mayuresh-Bhavna's duet and the last takkar were the only saving graces. 

Group dances:

Team Jalwa: Nothing extraordinary at all. Seriously how many times has this group done the SAME freestyle hip-hop stuff? And alot of the dance moves also are exactly the same! No wonder they have good cooordination and all, they've been doing the same stuff for most of their group dances! Can't be too hard to perfect something after doing it so many times now. Dance wise there was nothing in this act! Sure the sholey concept was a good thought, but even within the concept, these guys didn't do anything sholey related through DANCE. It was just a background concept! Meh. Seriously disappointing. I'd give it a 7. 

Team Josh: This one was miles better than the Jalwa group dance, though I wish there had been more energy in the performance. I think these guys should get credit for always doing something different with their group acts. Challenging themselves. And honestly, I think the creativity...DANCE wise in the Josh group acts is alot more than the Jalwa group acts. Jalwa has interesting concepts, but actual dance moves wise, group formations wise I think Josh has more creativity in their choreography. I liked this dandiya act as well. The best thing about it was the authenticity. I love the fact that these guys did a pure, authentic folk dance and performed it well. The group spirit was likable in this performance too. Thumbs Up I'd give it an 8. 


Mayuresh-Bhavna: As I said earlier, this performance was one of the saving graces of the episode. Bhavna has seriously been AMAZING on this show! This girl has really trained herself well! What I loved about this performance was the whole 'pal'/time aspect these guys showed with their bodies. They kept forming those clock/time poses and moves which I thought was really genius. Mayuresh did the floorwork contemporary stuff really gracefully as always too. I am just in awe of the way this guy performs contemporary. He's just SO graceful, smooth and easy. I loved how these two supported each other, it was actually TRUE teamwork/partner work. Amazing performance! I'd give it a 9 though since I think there was scope for improvement also. But definitely the best performance of the episode! Clap

Punit-Amrita: Pretty good. Amrita was wow. Punit was ok. I think if Amrita got a better partner, this performance could've been really awesome. Punit just couldn't match up to Amrita. The chemistry wasn't working either, because of the mis-match. Amrita is much more easy and smooth with her movements than Punit. Punit dances as if it takes him SO much effort! He's always so sweaty and tired afterwards too. Amrita on the other hand, was amazing with her expressions and movements! I'd give this performance an 8 only for Amrita. 


Prince: Seriously, you can count on Indian reality shows to hype up situations all the time! First the Jai situation was hyped up more than it should've been, and now this Prince situation. Why can't these people be normal about anything? Confused Was there any need to make Prince sound SO mahaan here? And comparing this to the Jai situation? The two situations were totally different. Prince forgot WAY too much in this performance. No way did he deserve 8's for this. He hardly did anything. I felt bad for him after, and his emotions seemed genuine also...but dance wise this performance did not deserve an 8. I'd give him a 5.  

Dharmesh: God, this guy has got to be the most hyped, overrated dancer I've ever seen. Seriously WHAT was so great about this performance? Dharmesh didn't do anything we haven't seen him do millions of times before. He had zero new moves! And his 'nautanki' type antics this time weren't pleasing either! Usually they enhance his performance...the little touches he brings in. But in this performance, I found them quite lame actually. This performance was just weird to watch for me, very honestly. Dharmesh was actually going off beat a few times too...which never happens with him. The dance moves totally did not suit the song in my opinion. I'd give this performance a 6.5. 

Siddesh: Also, pretty disappointing. Agreed with the judges here, the first half was very dull. Siddesh was totally not completing his moves, seemed low on energy too. The second half was more interesting though. I liked the fact that Siddesh atleast did something different in his solo. Compared to Dharmesh I mean. The hat prop and the moves he did with that were pretty cool. And his expressions obviously as always, helped. Otherwise, it definitely could've been a lot better. The choreography and song choice was actually really good. I'd give it a 7.5. 

Kruti: This girl is seriously awesome with the way she can express herself so intensely! She just goes into her character so well! However, dancing wise, I didn't think this was her best. I liked the fact that she tried to challenge herself with the prop though. And that prop worked with the concept too. The only thing I had a problem with was Kruti's dance moves. She wasn't holding her poses for long and her steps were also pretty hurried. Emotion wise she was awesome, but I think she needed more clarity in her dancing. To really give that impact this performance required. I think that Mahabharata chausar scene performance Kruti did in DID 2 still remains her best classical dance performance. Anyways, I'd give this performance an 8.  

Vrushali: I was disappointed with this one too. I wanted Vrushali to do something different this time, if she had to do a solo. Expressions wise, she was fantastic. No one can beat this girl when it comes to expressions! She adds so much variation to her dancing because of her expressions only. But dancing wise, she needed more clarity. She missed a few beats too. Especially the moments where she had to do these subtle type of movements as opposed to the larger, more energetic kind of movements. I know usually Vrushali does these subtle movements also really well, as we saw with her lavani performance with Avneet last week. But she missed those beats in this performance. Another thing that bugged me was her 'mera piya ghar aya' classic step. I think she screwed that one up. All the other steps she did that were the original Madhuri ones, were done well, but Vrushali kind of messed up this particular step. It's a classic step, so quite noticeable if done wrong. And I didn't really like her ending expression either. Usually Vrushali is alot better with the way she ends her performances so expressively in that bollywood/adaa style of hers. I guess she was out of energy or something by the end to focus on that end/final impact. I think Vrushali's advantage though is that she has alot of energy, personality and expressions in her dancing. I also LOVED the fact that she did these old school type of dance moves. I swear, NO one else does these moves anymore! I miss them. I wish this performance was better though because I know Vrushali is a huge Madhuri fan, and she could've been so much more awesome for that reason alone.  Anyways, I'd give this performance a 7.5. 

Jai: When he started, I FELT like this was going to be Jai's moment. The stuff he did with the bars was amazing! So clean, so effortless, and smooth. The best thing I like about Jai's dancing is that he makes it look so easy and effortless, when really he does the hardest dance moves ever. I wish he hadn't included that trampoline bit though. That really brought the performance down. The trampoline just didn't work for him that day. I know he's awesome with that prop since we've seen him with it in DID 1. But it just didn't work this time. I was really hoping this performance of Jai's was going to be SO awesome. But I did feel a little let down by the end. The stuff he did on the bars though was simply amazing, and I loved the sincerity and the emotion in Jai's performance. Even the bit at then end after the trampoline was awesome. I loved the choreography and how he used the music too. I'd give this performance an 8.5 just for the bar stuff. 

Punit: Ok, I'd give him the props for the concept...but that's the only thing I liked in this performance. I just can't connect with Punit's dancing for some reason! Confused To me, this performance looked like it was Punit dancing only. He didn't really go into the character for me. I respect him for trying something like this. But dancing wise, I couldn't really feel what he was trying to portray. Punit's expressions also were very surface level. I think this performance just lacked depth from Punit's side. He didn't completely go into it, in my opinion. His actual dance moves also...I thought the DANCING itself...not the expressions...could've been better to portray that concept. I felt disconnected. An interesting concept, yet I didn't feel much. I'd give him a 7. 

Amar: This performance was atleast better than anything else Amar has done on DKS so far. Amar has majorly been very disappointing on this show. So this one wasn't as bad...yet still not that great either. Yeah I could see his struggle, and the postures just weren't graceful enough. I'd give this one a 7 too. 

Dance Takkar: Another saving grace in this episode. TongueLOL This takkar was really entertaining! I enjoyed watching this, though I wish the execution would've been better from Siddesh and Prince's side. I think creativity wise, Siddesh and Prince were better for me. The song choices, the choreography and the creativity was much better with Siddesh and Prince's portions. These guys had a lot of new moves and nautanki interactions and stuff. LOL Parvez and Dharmesh didn't really experiment that much, creatively with their performance. Though their execution was much more perfect. 

I loved the way Siddesh and Prince started especially. The Mahabharata theme song, indicating all their fights during DID 1. LOL And then all the peace nautanki afterwards. LOL SO creative and genius! I thought these guys had good chemistry here too. Loved the little making Prince smile nautanki too. Siddesh and Prince get an edge from me, for the way these two started. 

The solo portions: Again I thought Prince and Siddesh had better song choices and creativity here. I liked those random and spontaneous going on the knee moves Prince was doing. He did those with SO much ease! Impressive. Dharmesh's solo was nothing new at all. It was same old, same old. The song choice also wasn't too impressive. Parvez was really impressive with his solo though. Loved his song choice and that one move he did...sitting down with his one knee crossed. That was really well done! I think Siddesh and Prince could've had more clarity with their dancing so I guess Dharmesh and Parvez have an edge there. 

The second duet portions: I LOVED the song choice for Siddesh and Prince here. LOL The 'main anari tu khiladi' one! Totally suited their relationship I thought! I think Siddesh and Prince just have so much history to their relationship, so they had much more scope to be creative with their performance also. Something Dharmesh and Parvez lacked. I thought the choreography also was very creative here. I wish that lift would've been better, otherwise I enjoyed this duet. I liked the chemistry too. And I loved that end nautanki bit with the way Siddesh drags Prince out and then Prince goes and sits cross legged. I found that bit quite cute.  LOL

Parvez and Dharmesh's duet was really entertaining too. LOL Especially Dharmesh's expressions this time! He was really having fun here! Usually he's not so great with the expressions...Parvez toh is a natural with that anyways. But I was impressed with Dharmesh here. Their chemistry here was really adorable. 

And the end bit these guys did together was really good too. Especially LOVED those action/fighting moves! Such creative choreography there! LOL Loved it. Although this could've been more coordinated though. I wish these guys rehearsed together a bit more.

Anyways, a really entertaining takkar for sure. Siddesh and Prince had an edge with their creativity while Dharmesh and Parvez had an edge with the clarity and execution of their movements. But yeah, I think it's fair that Dharmesh and Parvez scored a little higher. 

Overall though, a pretty boring episode. I was disappointed with the judges too. The comments were just not helpful at all. The same old catch phrases all these guys have of their own. Ermm Too many judges and too many catch phrases for me. So many judges, and not one dhang ka comment after the performances! *sigh* I miss Terrence! 

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Oh and about the judges performances, Remo was pretty disappointing too. This guy just lacks the ease required for the MJ style. And Shiamak was just lame. This guy is such a wannabe. Rajeev on the other hand though, is an awesome dancer! So much energy...and he has so much fun. Impressive. 

And finally, one qualm I had...was that HOW in the heck were Mayuresh's Chinese pole and Siddesh's lyrical solos NOT nominated for the solo award? Although I was glad Mayuresh won the award in the end, anyways. But seriously those two performances have been the best solos on this show by far! The emotion and depth with those performances was just on a whole another level. Bad selection. Mayuresh totally deserved that award for his Chinese pole act! 

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Can I say the finale was supremely disappointing? Not because of the result..but because of the actual performances. It was not what I would expect from a finale.

Anyways I'm not in a mood to write an analysis for every performance..just gonna talk about the ones I liked.

My favorite of the day: Mayuresh-Bhavna. Enough said.

I really liked Jai's solo, especially his bits on the ballet bars. He was very effortless on those and its damn hard to balance on those let alone do what he was doing. The trampoline was not as smooth as he has done it before so that was a slight let down. But overall I really liked it. 

Takkar was awesome. Thumbs Up  For further details, read Pallavi's (pigbelly4myfeet's) analysis.Embarrassed LOL

I wished the entire team had done something of their own today. Why was there only 1 duet from each side? And just 1 takkar?

The format changes really left a sour taste in my mouth. I would honestly have enjoyed the win more if they didn't happen. Oh and no comments on Zee's mahaan mathematicians.

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Originally posted by pigbelly4myfeet

Oh and about the judges performances, Remo was pretty disappointing too. This guy just lacks the ease required for the MJ style. And Shiamak was just lame. This guy is such a wannabe. Rajeev on the other hand though, is an awesome dancer! So much energy...and he has so much fun. Impressive. 

And finally, one qualm I had...was that HOW in the heck were Mayuresh's Chinese pole and Siddesh's lyrical solos NOT nominated for the solo award? Although I was glad Mayuresh won the award in the end, anyways. But seriously those two performances have been the best solos on this show by far! The emotion and depth with those performances was just on a whole another level. Bad selection. Mayuresh totally deserved that award for his Chinese pole act! 

It was sooo stupid and didn't even seem right. For the life of me I cannot comprehend why either of those 2 solos weren't nominated. Mayuresh deserved the award for sure though. I just wish it was for the Chinese pole one.

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pallo and himani
totally agree to what u guys have said!

siddhesh must have been atleast nominated fr his lyrical act. that was too good

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^Yes he really needed to. It was SUCH a novel concept. I remember when I heard him talking about it..I was thinking lyrical hip-hop. But it turned out to be completely different.

Oh and for the Josh doesn't work like a team allegations. It was so sweet to see how supportive Josh was of Prince's mistake, especially Siddesh because these 2 were always at loggerheads in DID1. They all kept telling Prince that it's happens ..kuch nahi hua.

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Originally posted by luv2dance

Well, we dint forget to mention any contestant performance but we sure dint mention about Shiamak and Remo sirs performances LOL I will write about that too just to make our analysis COMPLETE and FLAWLESS Tongue

I may sound really silly and stupid but as of now I am never impressed with Shiamak's dance ya Unhappy The background dancers are brilliant and their formations are incredible. Everything is perfect but IMHO just Shaimak sir's dance never attracted me. I only see him doing some extensions. He could be like one of these outstanding choreographers but not that great dancer Shocked I don't know if I am making any sense here LOL but just said what i felt Big smile

Remo was hawttt Big smile It was too good. He is a such a stylish dancer...I just loved the choreography, his peformance...everything was just perfect Clap

Lol, dude, shiamak is 50 now , do u expect him to dance like a guy or girl in their 20s or even 30s?
 that the Bg  people were doing great is a testimony to his choreography skill, i agree with u there

besides he was singing, i never get the idea of singers dancing like dancers on show, and dancers singing while dancing, it makes it so incomplete, na idhar ka na udhar ka, obviously when u r singing you cannot give your whole effort in dancing and vice versa.

Remo was good, to think that the guy still has problem with one leg and despite of that pulling dance off is not a simple thing. Although i have never been a fan of certain MJ moves and i really dont understand why people idolise it, it was good, but rajeev is more full of energy.
 in the inpromtu dance, when remo was dancing with the jhanz, i wanted rajeev to do it, coz i remember he did an extraordinary  1 min portion in NachBaliye 2 with jhanz, remo , coz of his leg or for whatever reason, couldn't pull it  off.

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