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Ripped Apart ~5~ (Maaneet) teaser ;) pg 130 (Page 42)

euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by basicquestion1

uff sonia i'm so lookin forward to this update. i always believed in maan n now i can't wait for him to turn the tables around.

wooh i didn't evn realize that u updated already.
what a progressiv update. oh hooo  ji maan khurana in action. arjun to gaya kaam se and plzzz maan kiss geet already.Wink i've been waiting n waiting Day Dreaming

luvd how vicky was so defensive about geet n clearly stated whatever he knew about her. Thumbs Up
maan didn't even realize that whn geet came the nxt day, what was he doing that she left. 
uff maan jaldi jadli connect the dots. thori si to apni aqal lagao yaar ya sab geet aur vicky se he pocho gay.
Thanks a bunch Arzoo...
I m glad that you liked and enjoyed the updateBig smile
yup Maan is a man of vigour and valour and now with truth in front of his eyes... he's not going to stay behind and watch the play... he'll plunge to take matters in his own handsEmbarrassed
ab aage he'll use his akal more than everBig smile no instant food packages for himWinkLOL
and yes about the kiss... well i had promised rightWink it will comeEmbarrassedLOL
Originally posted by aditiwalia56

Like she gonna tell him. . . . Maan bete hardwork karna padhega aapko. . . . Aur waise bhi vicky ko kafi hint de diya geet ney. . . . I hope anu won't be heartbroken after knowing d truth . . . . Poor girl
Thanks AditiEmbarrassed
Right... as she's going to be so easy for him! but he'll try his best to get her to speak...
Anu will be strong and would have Geet and Yash along with Maan and Vicky to support her naSmile

euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet coco

Okay so I didn't comment on the last section as much as I wanted b/c of MCATs but I'm officially done with it!!!!!

Okay so last section: AMAZING!!! The necklace part was golden...he caught it and the chase for the truth started!!!

The Vicky and Sasha parts are absolutely divine...and so glad Maan found out about Adi being Geet's bro!!! But poor Geet and seeing Maan sad is so depressing!!!! Love all the flashbacks...and no exception here either...Maneet in the office...the nok jhok was adorable!!!! AWWW!!!

Pammi-Geet scenes remind me of all the old Rano and Geet scenes...I miss her parents!

Now this part!!!!!!!

Totally amazing!!!!!!!! Beyond brilliant!!! Vicky-Sasha awww moment! And then the ultimate showdown between Vicks and Maan...loved Vicks...he was so confident and held his own opposite Maan...lovely!!!! 

But the truth came out...well a part of YAY! It was s beautifully written...powerful dialouges babe! And then Maan having his sad! Def depressing, but I love how that love surfacing again! The change in his outlook, personality, behavior = superb!!!!

Anu was such a treat...I miss her! Stupid Arjun needs to die and soon! Hopefully Yash-Anu happens!!!! The note was cute! and OMG...Maan still wants to know about the hubby...this is gonna get intense! 

The last scene is so fantastic...he's determined and for all the right reasons! But Geet feels so guilty and considers herself the root of all problems...However Maan is on it more happiness to come, right?!

Give me hope!!!! 

Loved it to death nonetheless!!! I can't believe how far we're come!! keep 'em coming...if you gonna do 2 maybe 3 updates a week...I'm so game for it!!
No problem dear... exams are more importantSmile
I hope u had a rocking paperBig smile
Yup it was like a dying man looking for some hope and he got it in the form of the chain he saw she was still wearingSmile... glad u enjoyed the fb... oh i miss writing things abt the FB too... the left behind charactersCry
Vicky is Maan's brother after all... and since he saw things from a third person's POV he had a better prospective of things than Maan did... and he knows his bro well enuf to get him around to listen to him! The mart KhuranaLOL
Maan has always been an introspective guy that is when he wanted to see things and it was obvious that he just needed an opening to see.. after all he loves Geet too and was fighting against himselfConfused
I  miss Anu-Geet too... it was fun to write them... *sigh* u r right it looks like we have come a long wayTongue
and to give u hope... nothing wud go wrong nowEmbarrassed

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euphoric IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 August 2005
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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Viji79

No amount of demanding is going to help you Maan, your lady love may open her mouth only when she will know that Anu is getting engaged to Arjun.

Awesome dear, you are a seasoned writer
Thanks Viji...
I m glad you liked itBig smile
you are right its Geet turn to play tough nowEmbarrassed
Originally posted by Rocks.Dhara

awesome part...!!!
Thanks DharaBig smile
euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Shika--

Yayayayayay! finally!! Maan got to know half the truth atleast..
he got to know that Mohinder and Rano passed away and he is finally using his brain!!
Am glad..Big smile
Maan's self analysis was awesome..the key points which are very important to the mystery was easily caught like why is she back to delhi the next day of her marriage and all that..
Hats off!!Clap
And then comes Vicky Anu conversation.. these two are my eye candies..Embarrassed
Their concversation was awesome. However Vicky's line was hilarious.
"Anu I'm telling you he's obsessed! Itna toh Geet kya koi wife apne husband ko leke obsessed nahi hogi jitne Veerji, Geet ke husband ko leke hain.."
Very well saidLOL
NT's phone call gave me a shock!
Arjun is searching for Geet?
Does that means he's in Delhi?
I hope not!
And Dev! Finally uska kuch toh kaam aa raha hainLOL
It's okay that he doesn't know Geet but he knew Anu for God's sake and isn't it clear from her words that she was speaking to Arjun? it not enough for him..
but well Dev being Dev...ignored themLOL
I guess Dev ka dimaag k bathi future mein jalegaLOL
Finally!!! he cares..
i mean she sensed something different in his wasn't hatred and it is concern..
wow! i was on cloud 9Embarrassed
And Anu's card was really sweet like her. I was grinning like a fool reading the note as if i received it myselfLOL
And the almost outburst..!!
i now understand why Geet wasn't telling anything to Anu. 
because she thinks it is her who is responsible for their break up and she doesn't even know about their patch up yet!
OH.MY.GOD!! once again you deserve a huge round of applauseClap
really yaar. Every point is beautifully framed..
And tlast but not the least..the confrontation..
Maan want to know the truth!!
Finally!! uffSleepy
Please update soon..
PS: I slept off switching ON internet in my mobile as alwaysLOL
And as i was thinking about RA continuously, i dreamt of it..i didn't remember exactly what but i remember me taking two names constantly in my sleep anu..Geet..
And guess what my friend did a wake up call to wake me up and i said "haan bol anu"
And she was like who's Anu?
And one more.. i called my own brother VickyShocked
Bless him! he haven't heard itLOL
PPS: These are ust to tell you how much am in love with this FF. Please PLease do update soonBig smile

On hearing the truth about her parents... his brain cells are finally churning fast and its here to stay... he's be the man in force... but don't forget, Geet is his girl.. he'll have to do some serious hard work to get around her nowLOL
i m glad u enjoy the Vicky- Anu bond.. the younger sibblings to Khuranas... and to say the truth Maan is obsessed with anything and everything related to Geet, isn't itWinkLOL
Well Arjun is in delhi but his days r now counted... the engagement will certainly not happenWinkLOL... Dev will stand up too at one point... and tht was partial or convinient hearing naLOL
Self blaming is human tendency of things na... and since she has been thru this... in HP... Daarji blamed her for everything... somewhere the seed of self loathing gets sownOuch it will be uprooted though... don't worryBig smile
i m sure they wud thing u hv lost it! OuchROFLROFLROFL
Thanks a bunch for the sweet comments dear...
Glad you enjoyedBig smile

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euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 12:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by seema_sg24

Superb part, loved it plz update son
Thanks Seema
Glad you enjoyedEmbarrassed
Originally posted by shah10

amazing update.
plz..geet tell him the truth..
Thanks dear
Don't worry he'll find out the truth soonBig smile
euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 12:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by blueopal

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  superbbb Clap  dear...
finally  maan  know  some  clues  abt  geet  from  vicky...
now  maan  ask   geet  abt  truth  na...i  hope  maan  came  to  know  the  truth  from  geet  sooon...please  let  her  to  share  her  pain  with  maan...please  yaar...
looking  fwd...

Thanks a bunch Pal
I m glad you enjoyed itBig smile
he'll find out the truth soon... but not the way he's asking for sure... some hard work thereEmbarrassedLOL
Originally posted by simi91

i real love maan reaction
when he  find out  the truth of geet
adi su sweet brother
vicky & sasha scene cute
wow geet outburst glimpz
of truth to vicky
brother to brother conv super
sonia not fair yu left us
cliff hanger yaarAngry
pls pls pretty update
one more
ur damn good writer
keep it  upClapClap
waiting for maan
to know the  whole truth
so they can send arjun
to tumbuk2
I m sure Maan would have another plans... he would rather send him to kala pani or deport him in spaceWinkLOLLOL
will update soon dear... as u see the glimpse of truth in open... his brains r working too...
Glad u enjoyed the update
Thanks a ton SimiEmbarrassed
euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Myra.nelly

Loved it!!!ok,so now he knows some part of the truth and more will come!i like this vicky character,he is wiser than maan sometimes!! I foresee a "batle" arjun-geet-anu!!looking forward to see maans reaction if she tell the truth,hope she does,will she?!
Thanks a bunch dear...
yes he knows part of truth and he's hell bent to find the rest of it... he'll but not so easily... the battle will now only throw Arjun out of the pictureBig smile
vicky is seeing as the third person and so is better judge of a person tooEmbarrassed
Originally posted by punjabi.princes

wow awesome part
the truth is soo close to being revealed
plz let her say it in the next part
con't soon
Thanks dear
glad u enjoyed...
the truth would be out and soon but not like thisBig smileLOL
euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 12:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by maneet1985

oye soni... tune phir... raaste pe chod diya... i am hanging there... so bad so bad and so so bad...

no re.. absolutely wonderful update... loved Vicky to the core...Winkvicky and sasha have a beautiful relationship!! hope nothing tampers that... and they will be a good path for maan and geet to reconcile...

Maan ko atleast itna pata chala ki geet is parents are no there any more... he is MSK.. he will join all the dots and find the truth!!

not sure geet will tell him the truth!! but he will find it!! he just wants to know if Geet is still his... after that... he will do justice... for her...

he is pining for that confirmation taht geet is not married and still his... 

Geet... not sure what she is gonna do.. hope she doesnt fall into any trouble.. now that she is hell bent on giving her parents justice...and with anu and arjun and their family coming to mumbai for engagement!! God help Geet!!! ( still as long as Maan is with Geet... he has his both eyes on her all the time.. 24x7)

Anu's boquet was so cute...

'the lines you wrote.. reminded me of aashu'... the way she speaks... that was really cute...

geet should have told vicky about arjun... poor geet doesnt know what anu is gonna face...

ok.. now.. u cant keep us hanging for long!!!!...

update soon ok!!

crazie deepz!!

Awww... sooo sorryy deepzEmbarrassedLOL... but tune aur kya expect kiya tha?Evil SmileLOLLOL... nah kidding... the upcomin confrontation would only stress Maan moreOuch
Don't worry nothing will trample Visha... Ashu kamini mujkhe maar dalegi unko haath bhi lagaya tohLOL and over all too nothing bad would happen now... it would only be for good nowEmbarrassed
u r right... with a bit of truth in open its not tough to see tht things were not wat they seemed to be... ideally it was a house of mourning where wedding preparations were being made! so he'll see things and find things for himself now...
Geet won't tell him!!!LOL
And she won't fall in any trouble too...
Once again muaaahhh... for making ur point on Anu's noteWinkLOLLOLLOL
Thanks a bunch deepzEmbarrassed

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