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Ripped Apart ~5~ (Maaneet) teaser ;) pg 130 (Page 2)

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looks like tum humein aur tarsane ka plan kar rahi ho i m sleeping bye

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Thanks a ton buddies for all your sweet comments and for you wishesEmbarrassed i;ll reply to the comments on the previous update in thread 4 itselfBig smile 
here comes the next part Embarrassed...
ok the flashback here is a random happy flashback... and i need to reply on a couple of comments b4 the update... will do that tomorrowEmbarrassed
Part 30
"Geet, remember I had told u about this man from Hoshiarpur who was ready to help you against Brij?" asked Gurvinder over the phone. "Haan, Gurvinder ji... mujhe yaad hai. You also said that I would have to go to Hoshairpur soon." Geet replied as she walked to the other side of the hotel where the new wing was being constructed. Not only she had to look for the banner positions but the place would also provide her some privacy. "haan Geet, but right now that man is here in Delhi. I would suggest you meet him once. He has some information for you" he said. Geet clutched her phone hard, "what information?" she asked with urgency. "He'll tell you once you meet him", he said. "I want to meet him now" she said immediately. "Relax Geet. I'm coming to attend the delegate meet in your hotel. I'll call him also there. I know he genuinely wishes to help you but it would be safe for you to meet him amidst crowd." He said cautioning her. "Theek hai" she said half-heartedly and disconnected the call. As soon as she was about to turn back, "Geet" she heard him scream and then her foot got stuck in some rubble from the construction work causing her to loose her balance. And then it happened so quick that she couldn't grasp the gravity of the situation or the flurry of movements around her. In the very next instant she felt herself being pulled away with a force and a terrible pain shot in her upper arm as something scraped against it. She felt the warm liquid running down her arm and shut her eyes as she yelped in pain. The next moment she heard the shattering of the glass followed by his voice. "Are you out of your wits?" Maan yelled and she snapped her eyes open to look into his terrified eyes.
Geet had not realized when she had bypassed the cautionary warning line. Gurvinder's call always left her dizzy with a very different set of emotions hitting through her system. Anger and distress over her helplessness at times and then the agony of her parents' loss... how a bunch of hooligans had ripped her of the cocoon that shielded her and provided her with love and care leaving her alone. She wanted those criminals to be put behind bars now. However, Gurvinder had always cautioned her to take things slow. The best strategy to strike the enemy was to catch them off guard when they would least be expecting that an attack from you. You shouldn't alert them nor should you let them find you before you get to them, he had told her and so they had let the matters cool for sometime. So when finally she saw things rolling in the defined direction, she lost track of her surroundings and didn't realize it when she entered the prohibited zone. The workers there were working on the exterior walls on the higher levels. Call it coincidence or fate, when she reached there a huge glass that was being fitted onto the windows, slipped from a worker's hand and cut through the air, crashing on to a stone structure in the mid-way before the huge chunks of it finally made it way to the ground.

He was inspecting the structural and the construction designs trying hard to stop himself from snapping at people who were not at fault. It was not the workers or their design engineers' fault if his brother was spending the assigned funds over his personal overheads and refused to shell it out to get the work going. Shouting instructions, laying out the new deadlines and briefing the project head when he turned to leave, he caught the glimpse of her. She was visibly agitated over something and getting all worked up. For days he had missed any emotions on her face and now when he finally saw her emoting, it seemed to be on the farther end. What could be so wrong and who could have managed to distress her so much, he wondered. And then he saw her crossing the cautionary sign. He tried to call her but the machine's voice drowned his own. It was then that he saw her approaching very near to under-construction structure... she was too close to the danger boundaries especially since the work now was with the exterior wall molding and window fittings. And who better than he knew about her slapdash stance and her penchant for troubles. So instinctively, he rushed towards her with an intention to give her a piece of his mind. She was so engrossed that his voice was lost to her and he wondered what could be so important that she even missed the yellow marking forfeiting people to enter that zone. And then as he neared her, he heard the snap and looked up to see the glass frame of the window swiftly cutting through the air. His throat constricted as the horror took him in its leap. He lurched towards her and pulled her away just in the nick of time.

She was still trying to comprehend what had happened or could have happened when he pulled her in his arms and tightly embraced her. She was taken aback at the sudden warmth and then the pain in her arm shot back as her eyes travelled to the ground at the broken pieces of glass. "Ahh!" she winced once again and at once Maan drew himself apart to look at her. She stepped back immediately adding some distance between them as her other hand moved towards the wound. As soon as his eyes fell on the wound, he snapped back to where they were, "Let me see" he said severely concealing the bouts of concern behind his stern face. "I'm alright sir" she just managed and started to walk away but he held her in place by placing a firm hand on her shoulder. She shut her eyes not knowing what was to follow. "I said let me see" he demanded. She didn't speak as he examined the gash and the next moment, pulled his phone and barked instructions to the receptionist asking her to send the resident doctor immediately to his cabin. When he slid his phone back she spoke as she tried to wipe the blood from her arm with her dupata, "Its ok sir. You don't need to worry about me." While she didn't look at him, her comment infuriated him. He was about to reply back, tell her off that he wasn't worried and it was mere an act of humanity when his eyes fell on her now bared neck and words died in his throat as he saw the pearl pendant radiating the sunlight back. She was still wearing the chain, the chain that he had made her wear. She never wore any signs of her marriage but it was no big deal as in professional spaces many women these days avoided it. But she was wearing his chain and involuntarily his hold on her grew tight as his finger dug into her soft skin. "Ouchh!" she yelped once again and he dropped his hand, looking away. "Didn't you hear that the doctor is waiting for you? Chalo mere saath" he said a bit taken aback and turned to lead the way. Geet frowned but didn't realize that her chain was in his plain view. Clutching her arm tightly, she simply followed him.

Maan intensely looked at her while the doctor examined her arm. He was sure he had seen her wearing that chain he had clasped around her neck on that beautiful night. But when they reached his cabin, her dupata was in place and he could no longer see it. "Had she been wearing it all this while?" the thought hammered him. Vicky's words and her indifference had already started cutting through him and now the mystery of the chain was adding to his quandary. He wanted to ask her about the chain. Wanted to know if she had discarded him out of her life then why was she still wearing something that signified his love, their love. "Ahh!" she winced and shut her eyes as the doctor cleansed her wound. Maan turned his gaze away momentarily. He wanted to go and sit beside her, to go and hold her other hand to soothe her. However, Geet refused to spare him a single glance. To think of it, there was a time when she would do silly stuff just to pull her attention to him.  



"Maan, kitni der aur?" Geet whined impatiently tapping her fingers on the desk. "Geet... I told you 10 minutes" he said in a detached tone as he placed his hand on hers to stop her persistent tapping movements that were distracting him. Geet huffed as she complained, "ae lo, ek baar aur 10 minutes... have been hearing the same for the past 1 hour... waise toh roz kehte rehte hain ki mere paas inke liye time nahi hai. Aur ab main yahan hoon toh inke paas meri taraf dekhne ka bhi time nahi hai. Dekha na Babaji, dekha na... bas itni hi importance hai meri" she complained. He was still absorbed in his work.
It was late in the evening and the office was mostly vacant, the reason she walked in so freely and leisurely sat in his cabin. She had an assignment to submit the next day and so she had spent the most part of her evening in the college library. By the time she finished, she realized it was past 6 and knew well that Khurana Estate would be a deserted building for the most part of it. However, she had called up Sapna for a casual chat with a motif to confirm that he was in his office. By 7 when she reached the Estate building, she straightaway headed to his cabin. Of course, he was happy and pleasantly surprised to see her but then he too had some proposal to be submitted to the client tomorrow. And so he asked her to wait for sometime until he finished with the final nuances before they could head out for a simple dinner. So here they were, it was 5 minutes to 8, Maan was still engrossed in his work while Geet grew irritated every passing moment. She was irritated by the fact that after the formal pleasantry he had not even looked at her once.
"Mujhse achi kismat toh is laptop ki hai... I'm sure you love it more than you love me... (pausing for response but hard luck) main kabse bole ja rahi hoon aur aap hain ki aap ko koi farak hi nahi padta" she added grumpily. "Mishti, if you keep ranting its only going to delay my work" he warned her. She whimpered. "Better hota main Anu se milne chali jati" she said. "She's not home and you know that" he said monotonously. "Toh kya hua, Main ghar chali jati... I could have gone to bed early" She added and pretended to muffle a yawn. Maan rolled his eyes at her antics as he smiled inwardly but kept his eyes glued to the screen. He knew what she was doing. When none of her charade worked, she got up from her seat, went behind him and encircled her arms around his neck. Leaning towards him she kissed him on his cheek and whispered in a babyish voice, "Maan, I'm getting bored". She knew she was being childish but with Maan she would behave and act as she would like. She loved it when he pampered her. She loved it when he would fulfill all her whims and fancies. He sighed, she would be his undoing. He was genuinely trying to speed up his work provided she let him do that. Her warm breath continued to fall on his cheek stirring his innate desires for her. In her innocence she would surely drive him insane.
"Geet, I'm almost done" he said firmly this time. However, she had had enough. Pouting at his tone, she now said, "Fine... I'm leaving... aap kaam kijiye... I won't come back to you even if you call" and instantly withdraw her arms from him as she started towards the door. That was it! While she had said what she did, she had failed to realize the profundity of her words because she simply didn't mean it. She could never mean it. However, the statement moved the deep insecurities inside him. In the next moment, he grabbed her wrist and thrust her back to him. He had already risen to a standing position and his expressions were grave. His eyes dark when he looked directly in the depths of her eyes. Not really comprehending what provoked him to suddenly turn so forceful, she gulped the lump in her throat. "What did you say?" he asked her as his hands gripped her waist and lifted her to make her sit on the desk. Her thoughts raced back and then she realized. "Maan, main toh... I was..." she faltered in her words. The next moment he leaned in and his lips caught hers in a sweltering kiss that blazed her insides. She gasped as his hand around her waist pressed her to him while his other hand held her head making it impossible for her to protest or move. His kiss was different... his hold today was different and and she knew why. His lips kept assaulting hers and he bit her lower lip as his hands moved on her back.

Instantly the shock turned to guilt as the comprehension drew. She knew she had said the unthinkable and now, all she could do was to assure him and comfort him with her presence. Her hands clasped behind his neck as she part her lips allowing his tongue inside. He held her tight in his embrace and pulled her more to him if that was even possible. She shuddered in his hold. The way her hands worked in his hair, drove him to the edge and for a moment, he lost his sense as his hands sensuously moved down to tracing her cheeks, her neck, her nape, her shoulder and further down to her sides tracing the contour of her curvaceous body. She froze as she clutched his shoulders tightly. Her sudden rigidness brought him back to his senses and he pulled back. However, she didn't let him go. He gently held her and stroked her back to calm her. Minutes passed before she finally whispered in his ears, "I didn't mean that". He pulled her back and looked deeply in her eyes, "Nevertheless, don't ever say it" he was gentle yet firm as he stroked her flushed cheeks with his thumb. "I love you" she said in daze. He smiled, "Love you too" saying he kissed her forehead and asked, "Bhook lagi hai?" she gave him a small nod and her kiddish pout was back in place. He chuckled, gave her a soft peck and said, "chalo". She smiled ear to ear as he packed his laptop and then the two left his cabin together.


  Back to Present

Just then Adi barged into his cabin pulling him out of his reverie, while catching Geet and the doctor off guard. Adi had always maintained high professional standards and so this sudden act and the worried look on his face, alerted Maan. But before he could ask, Adi made his way towards Geet while Geet looked at him with innocent eyes. "Don't give me that!" Adi said sternly and turned to Maan, "thank you sir, for calling in the doctor." Adi who was informed by the receptionist about Geet's injury was also told about that it was Maan himself who had asked the doctor to come in. He then turned to the Doctor, "I hope its nothing serious doctor" he said leaning in to get a better view. "It's nothing serious. I'm fine" Geet offered. "Maine tujhse nahi poocha? I'll talk to you later about this" Adi replied glaring at her and turned to the doctor who assured him that she was fine and the wound would soon heal. Maan was puzzled at the commotion. He wondered about Adi's concern but could find no hint to satisfy his curiosity.
As the doctor tied the bandage around her arm, Adi sat beside her and held her hand, "Dard ho raha hai?" he asked. Geet shook her head in negative. "Jhoot bol rahi hai?" he asked again to which Geet nodded in agreement while she muttered a no. Adi chuckled and asked her about the accident. Maan was growing uncomfortable now. He definitely didn't like Geet's comfort with Adi. However, Geet fumbled, she couldn't tell him that she had lost track coz she was speaking to certain Gurvinder, about whom Adi didn't know and he was trying to help her nail Brij and Arjun. "Woh veerji, main... actually main...  main woh... haan, I went there to check the banner locations." Adi frowned at her while Maan's tightened jaws and muscles loosened at the revelation. Adi was Geet's brother! She lifted her eyes once but when it met Maan's she immediately lowered it. "Geet, how many times do I need to tell you to be careful? Lag gayi na?" Adi admonished her. Geet pouted a little, "Sorry Veerji"  Adi, shook his head and smiled a little at his sister. To him, she was still a kid, the same old Geet who would jump on his tummy as a kid or break his toys whenever she came during the holidays. As the doctor, shut the first aid case, Adi stood up to thank him. And then thanking Maan once again, he took Geet along with him.
Geet sighed in relief as soon as she left his cabin. While she was trying to wipe out the blood oozing from her wound with her dupata, it had accidently come off her neck revealing the chain she still wore. How many times had she tried to unclasp it and get it off her but every time she tried, she failed. Never could she muster the courage to do that but she was not going to let that weakness of hers out in front of him. So she had ever been extra cautious to hide it from him. But when he turned towards the hotel asking her to follow him, it was then that she had noticed him looking at her bare neck once, or so she thought she noticed. And she had quickly set her duppata right, fervently wishing that he hadn't seen it. And then she had noticed him staring at her all the while when she spoke to Adi. She was scared that he would tell Adi about her being lost in her conversation while she strolled her path. This would surely make Adi suspicious. 

"Bachchi, tu jaake apna bag le aa, we'll go home" said Adi, breaking her chain of thoughts. Geet shook her head, "Nahi Veerji, I need to get some work done." "No! tere kapde bhi kharab ho gaye hain and you need rest" he said with finality. Just then Pinky came running to her, "Haye Geet, Kya hua tujhe?" she asked worriedly. "I'm fine bhabhi don't worry", Geet said assuring her. "Haan pata hai kitni theek hai, where do you think were you walking? Kyun gayi thi wahan?" she asked a little heated. Before Geet could reply Adi chuckled deepening Pinky's frown, "Ab aap kyun has rahe ho?" she asked placing a hand on her hip. "Has kahan raha hoon sweetheart. Meri itni himmat? I'm just happy that mere ghar main saas-bahu wale serials ka repeat telecast nahi hota". While Pinky looked on confused, it was Geet who asked, "Veerji matlab?" Adi positioned Geet in between himself and Pinky and then said, "Dekh na Geet, abhi jaise Pinky ne react kiya, I could so imagine ma reacting in the similar way. A specimen, mirror-image saas-bahu Jodi, nahi?" he finished teasingly while Geet covered her mouth and started giggling. "Adi!" Pinky marched a launch towards Adi who was standing behind Geet. "Wifey, I was just joking" he said shielding himself when suddenly Geet winced, "ouch!" catching both Adi and Pinky off guard. As Geet's hand flew towards her injured arm both of them got worried and came together to look at her arm. Geet grinned ear to ear and pronounced, "Gotcha!" and ran away from there before Adi and Pinky could realize that Geet had tricked them. While Adi narrowed his eyes at his little sister's antics, Pinky chuckled at her. Adi's features softened as he held her hand and said with a hint of pain in his voice, "I want my Geet, my bachchi back". Pinky smiled a little as she placed her hand over his and softly, "she's trying" Adi sighed and simply nodded in agreement. "Now, I'll get her stuff packed for the day while you go and get the car. Let's have some family time today", said Pinky warmly. Adi bowed in acceptance as Pinky headed towards Geet's cabin. 



"I think we should book the Marriot!"  chimed in Naintara while they all sat in to decide the Anu's engagement venue. "Oh! So that the industry mocks us! Don't you realize they are our competitors, Naintara?" scoffed Savitri Devi at the thoughtfulness of her grand daughter-in-law. Anu suppressed a chuckle while Dev only shook his head at his petulant wife. "I think we should rent out the Udaipur palace. Its exquisite and perfect for my daughter's wedding ceremonies" Nandita said excitedly. "I would still say we should have it at Khurana Mansion" Dadi Ma opined. "But Ma that would be so not happening. We host so many parties round the year. I don't want any monotony in this engagement." Nandita said with a small frown. "Nandita, aap bhool rahi hain ki Khurana's ki parties are always exclusive. We'll get the best event planners. Infact, I have contacted a well-known name in France. Dev you should see their designs" Savitri Devi said with an awe. "But Dadi Ma, do we have that much of time? I think we should have the ceremony take place in the huge lawn near Veerji's cottage. The lake view with enormous shamianas would add to the grandeur" Dev contributed. "No! Khurana Mansion!" Dadi Ma stated. "Ma, Udaipur palace!" Nandita whined. "Lakeview!" Dev objected.  And it went on for around half an hour, no one ready to budge in their opinion. As Naintara, sat silently her arms crossed over her chest, Anu rolled her eyes and said with finality, "MUMBAI!" and all eyes turned to her.
"Mumbai?"  the three asked in unison. Placing her hands over her hips she pouted, "Amazing, meri engagement hai aur mujhse koi kuch pooch hi nahi raha. I'm getting engaged in Mumbai at East Villas! Take it or Leave it!" saying that she stomped out of the living room while Dev shrugged, "So, I guess the decision is made!" Nandita sighed while Savitri Devi stood in arrogance, "Humne toh pehle hi kaha tha ki sagai humari premises main hi honi chahiye", as savitri Devi left the room Nandita and Dev kept gawking behind her back. Savitri Khurana was an unbeatable force who always had her way!
Once out of the sight of her family, Anu quickly ran to the confines of her own bedroom and did a small happy dance. She was very happy today. She was getting engaged to her love, her Arjun that too with the consent and blessings of her family. She would have all the people who mattered to her present in her engagement. She would finally be able to see her Geet. She would hug her, cry with her and the two will share and catch up with everything. And definitely, she would knock some piece of her mind into her Veerji's head once she finds out the whole truth. "Here I come Geet!" she said to herself with a huge smile plastered on her face. Just then someone cut her thoughts, It was one of the servants, "Anu Bitiya, Aapse milne koi aaya hai" he said and moved out of the way. Anu squealed as she saw the person, "Yash!" she yelled and sprang towards him. "Whoa!" Yash managed as he threw his hands in air when Anu literally hung around his neck. "Whoa... Whoa... tumhare yahan guests ka murder karke unka welcome karte hain kya" he said choking as he tried to pry her hands off. Anu quickly left him and smacked his arm, "Shut up you idiot!" she chided him. "tumhara irada toh mujhe humesha ke liye shut karvane ka hi lag raha tha" he said as he turned his face left and then right trying to flex his muscles. "I wish!" Anu said but pulled him in her room. As he sat on the small couch in Anu's room, he asked, "By the way, you didn't tell me about the noble cause jiske liye main shahid hone wala tha!" Anu threw a pillow at him, "I'm not letting your sorry sense of humour to put my mood off. I'm on cloud nine right now" she said dreamily. He chuckled making her frown, "By the way, you didn't tell me what brings you here?" she asked raising her chin. "That's so rude! Us din ke baad tum gayab ho gayi... just thought I'll check on you once" he shot back.
She grinned, "By the way what you doing on the 10th of next month?" she asked. "Nothing specific, kyun?" he replied. "Cool, then you are coming to Mumbai!" she pronounced.



Throwing his head back on his chair, he rubbed his temples with his fingers. It had been four hours that she had left with Adi and ever since, he was trying to focus on his work however all his efforts were turning futile. He was lost in her and the moments he had spent with her. Events of the day, some revelations along with her thoughts kept boggling his brains. She refused to evade his thoughts. Evidently Geet had started her countdown to quit. If her absence had made him realize what just her sight meant to him, this accident made him realize that he still couldn't bear the sight of her being hurt. Vicky's words about Geet going away forever... about she being hurt too, were already feeding on his mind. If those were not enough he had seen her wearing the chain. Adi was her brother. However, this explained why he always found her with either Adi or Pinky around. He remembered her talking on phone and lying to Adi about the call. He couldn't help but wonder about the caller. Who could it be? Her husband? Was she having troubles in her marital life? If yes, then what could the problem be? And then her eerily calm appearance for the past few days... or ever since he had met her in Mumbai, the only difference being... earlier he didn't gave much attention to it. But now when he was more conscious about her presence he was catching on the cracks in her demeanor. Was everything alright? Did her husband treat her well? Or was he mistreating her? He thought as he clutched the edge of his desk so tight that his knuckles turned white. Just the thought that she was being mistreated made him want to knock the day lights out of her damned husband! A whole lot of befitting questions wandered around him. He even chided himself for allowing himself to think about her... worry about her. However, he couldn't help but sink deeper and deeper in the web of the whole puzzle. 

As Pinky had sought, the family was engrossed is some fun time. As Adi had predicted, Pammi had got really worked up seeing the bandage on Geet's arm. However, after a lot of assurance she had calmed a bit but refuse to let Geet out of her site. Later, Pammi, Adi, Pinky and Geet sat in the living room with ice-cream bowls in their hands. "Hmm this one is so good" Pinky mumbled putting a spoonful of her chocolate ice-cream in her mouth. Adi chuckled, "Whats a big deal Pinky. Anything edible is enticing and yum as far as you are concerned!" he teased her. "Dekha aapna mummy ji. Humesha mere khane pe nazar rakhte hain" She complained while Pammi chided Adi for troubling her daughter-in-law. Grinning, Pinky turned to Adi and said, "At least I am not as choosy as you are. Pata nahi aapko khaane se itni kya allergy hai" she teased him. Adi shrugged and said; "Well if the palate is delectable I don't have any reservations you see" he winked and savoured her with his eyes making her blush profusely. Adi's undertones may have gone unnoticed by Pammi who was now deeply engrossed in her daily soap drama but not by Geet who smiled at the couple and dragged Pammi out of the room too, giving the couple some privacy.

Next day Geet took an off as Pammi didn't let her go to work since her wound was hurting. Sasha assured her that it would be fine as the preparations for the conference were all done. She asked her to co-ordinate with the vendors from home. However, when Maan found this out he was not happy. She kept haunting his thoughts and another day was wasted at work. He wanted to assure himself that she was fine... that there were no problems in her life... and if there were... well... that could be sorted later... but who could tell him all... who could tell him about her problems? And then he remembered Vicky mentioning about it... sure enough his brother knew what was wrong. He snapped out of his chair and stormed out of his cabin to head home.

Over to you... Love you all...

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kamini kahi kiAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

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Loved it.. So Maan has started realizing.. Waiting for him to know the truth.. Awesome as always.. Smile

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Soni princess luved it,WinkWinkWinkWink

wat an brilliant updateStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
finally Maan's starting to think some senseClapClapClapClapClapClap
but Anu is bringing everyone to MumbaiShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
dats gonna b dangerous 4 Geet
hey didn't need any tissues 2dayLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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congrats on new thread Smile

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