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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
Hey  guys I found yet another chat of Amit with his fans.
check this out Big smile

Chat with Amit Tandon

The television's bad boy and an Indian Idol finalist... Amit Tandon knows his chords right and his acting skills too. He speaks about his upcoming album and more!

indya: Hi all and welcome to the chat with Amit Tandon!
amit_tandon: Hi all.

guest7: Acting or singing, which do you enjoy more?
amit_tandon: I love both equally. Acting is natural, but singing needs practice. Singing makes you improvise all the time, I like both.

guest37: Are you and any of the Indian Idol contestants still in contact?
amit_tandon: Once in a blue moon. Everybody is trying to make a mark and are busy! I am not in touch.

guest7: After Indian Idol, why didn't you start your career in singing?
amit_tandon: To be honest... I wasn't a well trained singer then, which I am now. I wanted to make sure that when I come out with my album, it had to be the best!

guest37: There were rumours that on the sets of Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai there were differences between you and Iqbal Khan, is it true?
amit_tandon: No, Iqbal and I clicked well. I want the best for him, so does he. I do accept that I wanted the role of Angad, but personally I think he is great.

guest46: Are you planning to act in movies?
amit_tandon: Many television actors say that they are not keen on films, but fact is that film is a bigger canvas and that is the end goal. With my album I am creating a brand image for my self.

guest56: Do you have any mentor?
amit_tandon: When it comes to singing, I think there are many people - Sonu Nigam , Kishore Kumar, Shaan, Kay Kay, Gurudas Mann - their language clarity is great. I try to look up to the best.

guest56: Your favourite holiday destination?
amit_tandon: London, Greece, Italy. I want to go to Barcelona. Of course, I was born and bought up in New York. Times Square is a landmark spot I love.

guest7: How was it behind the scenes during Indian Idol? was Anu Malik harsh with contestants, as he was on screen?
amit_tandon: He was at times, it's necessary. It is a contest, one should take it as constructive criticism. Like a challenge, which one should take it up.

guest37: What is your wife's name and when did you meet her?
amit_tandon: Her name is Ruby. She is a doctor at Chicago. I met her by chance, she wasn't interested in actors, but we are a match made in heaven. We dated for 6 months and got married on Jan 6, 2007.

guest73: Which serial do you prefer - Kyunki or Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai?
amit_tandon: I like the character Manthan, lots more can be done with the character. He loves his mom and his sis. The creative writers I think are yet to realise it.

guest73: If you were given a chance to go on a date, with whom would you go?
amit_tandon: Absolutely nobody! I am very happy with my wife - as of now I am climbing the Vaishno Devi hill with her for the sake of my new album - I am very glad to be with her.

guest46: Do you have any pets?
amit_tandon: Yes, a labrador. We call him Franky, he is a year and half old.

guest79: Who was your good friend at the sets of Kyunki n Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai?
amit_tandon: Everyone. Suvarna and Neha were my good friends.

guest79: How do you feel when you are surrounded with many fans?
amit_tandon: Fans are great to have. Every actor works to be appreciated and television gives us that. Even here at Vaishno Devi many ppl stop me every two mins! Its very nice.

guest73: Can you tel us any memorable moments in Kyunki'ssets...
amit_tandon: My entry scene was great, I felt like a star. I got great response for the same.

guest90: Any specific reason for you to climb Vaisho Devi hill?
amit_tandon: My wife and I took a mannath for my album. Then I am goin to Amristar, boarding plane to take her to for honeymoon to Italy, which we had put off to make this album happen.

guest73: Are you a Punjabi or a Gujrati?
amit_tandon: I am fully and 100 per cent Punjabi.

guest56: Who is your favourite actor?
amit_tandon: Amitabh Bachchan

kanusharma: What is your educational qualification?
amit_tandon: I have graduated from a college in New York.

guest7: Which is your favourite food?
amit_tandon: I love Chinese, Sushi, rajma - chawal and butter chicken!

guest103: Hi, I like you a lot in Bhabhi. You really rock! You suit the role of Nihall better.
amit_tandon: I really appreciate that. It's hard to replace someone, its great that you liked it so soon.

guest103: What are your upcoming serials?
amit_tandon: Television is too hard a medium to do too much. I am only doing Bhabhi and Kyunki, my concenration is mainly on my album. Its number 1 on my priority list, but I do love acting

mnsarang: How was your experience while recording for your album?
amit_tandon: It was the best, I loved it. From the moment we stepped into the studio, we start from nothin to something with emotion, love and hard work. I pray to God that I will be given more such opportunities.

indya: Ok... Thanks Amit for joing us on the chat and making it really special. Before we leave, any message for your fans? And an email id that your fans can write to?
amit_tandon: Thank you all, this is the first time that I am doing an interview on the way uphill to Vaishno Devi. It's you fans who have made me what I am today. I am gratefull to you all and Indya.com to make this happen. Love you all! Keep the faith! You can mail me at [email protected]
indya: Thanks a lot... All the best for your album.

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by muni-loveAN

ok rucha its time for me to sleep hope we will talk soon
byeeeBig smile

ok muni.bye.GN.tc shwit dreams Big smile

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
amit_tandon: I love Chinese, Sushi, rajma - chawal and butter chicken!

awww mujhe bhi pasand hai ye sab.Star

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jsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2011 at 12:34am | IP Logged
Amit Tandon /TV Actor
Chat Live with your favorite TV Actor every Wednesday at 3 PM. 

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV Actor Amit Tandon on Wednesday 6 th May at 3 PM. 

I try to put Amit Tandon in everything I do 
Amit Tandon 
TV Actor 

cindy > Which are your new serials 
amit > Hi rite now in doing DMG on star one and Special serial with Vikram Bhat on Sony. 

cindy > Hey can we see some music albums from your end? 
amit > Hi I m working on a Punjabi album ... full on dance album .. It would be out by September 

siya > Hiii, who is your inspiration? 
amit > Hi dear in terms of acting I do look upto Amitji... I have grown up watching him.. Aamir khan, Balraj Sahani ji etc... I like watching them. In Music there are lots from Mohd. Rafi to Sukhwinder Singh, KK, Gurdass Mann... love hearing his voice . 

pawan > Hi Amit are u planning to do any bollywood movie?? 
amit > Hi Pawan ... Soon by the end of this year ... once my album is done u will hear good news from that end. 

akanksha > I wanted to ask if its really tough to face the camera for the very first time? 
amit > Hi kansha .. I think it is difficult for the first time as u do not know the angles, you get nervous... so it gets better with time ...one has to have confidence ... u have to believe in what u are doing and portray what u are doing ... this help in resting the nerves. 

Heaven > How do you feel about working with DMG Team 
amit > Hi DMG is very kool... I am good friends with Karan, Shweta , Jennifer we have worked in reality show .. It is a good team we share kool chemistry on screen... It is a fun unit to work with ... It is a very young fresh show not usual Rona Dhona ..Something different to do . 

lovely > Hi AMit don't you miss KSBKBT?? 
amit > I really liked the character of Manthan ... unfortunately it was not used well, the character was not utilized well. So it was a bit disappointed ... it was nice working with that team ... Smriti was also very good to work with.. 

vaibhav > Hi AMit what do u think is the USP of your acting and singing too 
amit > Hi Vaibhav... I think everything I do come thru my heart ... acting I try to do naturally ... I try to put Amit Tandon in everything I do ... I try to be as natural as possible ... I have grown well as a singer ... I m more confidence now... 

Samyukthapc > Do you think reality shows are very important? 
amit > Hi ...I think they give good training and opportunity for talented people ... It is a kind of platform to enter the industry...They allows people to succeed. 

swapan > Hi Amit.. Tell us about your exp in DMG?? Why are you doing a negative role? 
amit > Hi dear .. in DMG I am not doing a negative role he is very positive ... sometimes he do things out of his responsibility for the hospital... it is a nice show that allows me to be khadoos sometimes, a lover boy and a fun loving character in one serial .. There is nothing negative about him he stands up for whatever he believes in. 

pratik > Hi AMit, from all the singing reality shows that u have done which is your favorite performance and why? 
amit > Hi, I am too waiting for that .. I think I have underperformed in all the shows I have done... after Jo jeeta wohi superstar I have a new guru ( Mohd Taheer ) he is a very very good Guruji ... i wish i hade met him earlier so that people wud have taken me seriously ... Kya hua tera wada is my favorite amongst all my performances... 

geetika > You have hosted shows on channel V, you have done singing and now acting... what is the next in the pipeline for u 
amit > Hi ... Singing in my films ... Touch wood 

geetika > What you enjoy doing the most is it hosting, acting or singing? 
amit > I enjoy entertaining .. I am an actor first that is my strength...I am training for singing ... I am an okay dancer ... so I enjoy being an entertainer. 

Samyukthapc > Serials often portray rigid stereotypes, but they can be used to reflect good sensible story lines. What made you choose a career in serials? 
amit > Hi I don't think to choose your destiny in this industry ... I always wanted to showcase my talent .. I did what came to my way ... it was not a deliberate effort... But I am thankful to God that it happened to me .I have learned a lot. 

sachin > HI Amit of all the roles that u have done which one you can relate to the most?? 
amit > Hi dear, I think in some ways I put a little bit of myself in all the roles I do ...I am currently enjoy the Role of Abhimaniyu... 

shruti > On the sets of DMG with whom you are most comfortable with? 
amit > Karan , shruti, sunaina .. I gel along well with all of them. 

namita > If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 
amit > I am very emotional , they say think before u speak that implies to me a lot ... I am okay otherwise .. Quite Happy 

jigisha > what has been the biggest turning point in your life... 
amit > Hi marrying my lovely Dr Ruby Tandon. 

jigisha > What is your date of birth?? 
amit > April 11th 1979 

tanvi > You cherish the memory of the day when... 
amit > The day I got married, the first day of the shoot, I'll be having a few more in the coming times .. The best is yet to come! 

raj > What do you like when you're not shooting, any hobbies in particular? 
amit > Hi , working out , boxing , martial arts, watching films , having nice time with my wife. 

monu > Hi Amit, how difficult was your struggling period. 
amit > It wasn't that difficult ... I was born in US so my struggle was adjusting in Indian conditions... the rest things followed... 

akanksha > I really like your work in DMG...u look fab... ? Please do not leave the show. 
amit > Hi Thank you so much I won't leave the show that soon... 

Message for Fans> 
amit > Thanx to u all for chatting with me ...keep watching me ... I'll keep entertaining you...you can get in touch with me at www.amittandon.net <http://www.amittandon.net> 

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Originally posted by ANrucha

amit_tandon: I love Chinese, Sushi, rajma - chawal and butter chicken!

awww mujhe bhi pasand hai ye sab.Star
Muje b except butter chicken.Embarrassed

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Another article about his album.(Do read it. You will find something intresting.) Star

Amit plans to call his album 'Mera Dil'

Amit Tandon aka Manthan from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi has been absent from the small screen for the past few days. The reason: He has been busy cutting his first album.

"Well, I feel blessed," said Amit, when asked about being given the opportunity by Tips. Amit gave us all the details, and was anxious to say all he could about his influences, his career and his dreams of being an entertainer.


Tell us about your album.
My album will be released some time in the middle of the year. It's a great feeling and I am really looking forward to it. The name has not yet been decided, but I'm planning to call itMera Dil. I've shot two videos for the album. The first song's called 'Tanha', the second one is 'Phir Teri Yaad'. They will both be releasing very soon.


Could you tell us a bit more about the two songs?
Tanha is a mix of jazz, Indi-pop, rhythm 'n' blues, but it also has some elements of Sufi music. You could call it something similar to Jay Sean's music, but that's the closest you'd get to it because it has a lot of Amit Tandon in it. It is a song that says I have arrived. Shooting for the video – it also features a Brazilian model called Flavia – was a great experience. The second song is different from the first. There's a story to it. The title says it all.

Would you like to be described as an actor who sings or a singer who acts?
Well, I enjoy them both. But what I really enjoy doing is entertaining. I mean, there are a lot of people who can go on stage and sing. But very few can get the crowd to actually feel the music; most Indian singers can't manage that. I think I have that in me. I mean, it's the norm in the west. I want to be more than a singer; I want to be a pop star.


Have you been offered any films yet?
Not yet, but film producers are always looking for new faces. I have worked out a lot to make sure I'm as fit as possible so that I look good in the videos, so I wouldn't be surprised if I were offered a film very soon. I'd love to be an actor who can sing.


So, you want to be the ultimate entertainer.
Yes, you could say that. Himesh Reshammiya has earned rock star status. He has revolutionised the music industry. I think I can do it as well. I want to be up there.


What else are you working on?
Currently, I'm working on a few other projects. I will be anchoring a TV show called Bolo Yo! The show is very similar to MTV shows – there'll be a lot of talk about music, movies and entertainment. Often, there will be guests on the show from the music and film fraternity. It will be a lot of fun and I'm sure the youth will be interested.

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Amit Tandon back from hibernation

Amit Tandon who rose to fame from Kaise Yeh Pyar Hai is not seen on screen these days. We called him to know what he was doing on the work front.

'Next month I'm coming out with a new album with Tips. It's a great feeling and I am really looking forward to it,' says an excited Amit.

'The name of the album is not yet decided but tentatively it is titled 'Mera Dil'. I recently shot for its first video and it was a great experience. The first song of the album will be 'Tanha'' and the second one will be 'Phir Teri Yaad'' he adds.

You are not seen on Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi since long. Have you quit the show? 'I had taken a break from television but now I am coming back with a new show on SAB called Bolo Yo. About Kyunki I really can't say whether I'll go back or not,' he explains.

Tell us something about your new show. 'It's basically a show which includes music, the latest movies, college campuses, etc. We are also going to have a special guest from the music and film fraternity. I don't have much idea of whether it's going to be interactive. You can say that the format is similar to the MTV shows,' he informs.

Is Bollywood your next step forward? 'Well, it should be. I think film producers are looking out for new faces. I have worked a lot in my solo album and I guess this should get me some good film offers. As of now there is nothing but I want to get the ball rolling,' concludes Amit.

We do hope Amit that the ball keeps rolling

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Does anyone know, anyhing abt his show called Bolo yo! ??

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