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~CONTACT~THREAD 2//ch-23-A/Updated pg-75(26/8/11) (Page 66)

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Will be waiting  Smile 

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WAITING...WAITING...WAITING...Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

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Eccentric.Being IF-Rockerz

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Where r U Sneha? 


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Khushiii...Where are u...
Waiting for the update sweety.. :)

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will u be updating 
pleaseee do

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So guys here is chapter-23(A). so sorry for the long wait, but i had my exams, career bhi toh jaruri hai na. and further more i was down these last few days as i have to leave my home, my hostel, where i have stayed for the last 6 years of my life... and so many friends too and shift to a new place, thankfully in Delhi only. Thank u all those who have been prompting me to update , you all made me sit up and do this and so a very tasty, sexy long  treat for you all. Hope you all like it, do tell me...what u felt on reading this... update up in 5 minutes.

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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  "Thou art to me a delicious torment."

           The whole office especially the design section and the finance section were working in full swing as a very big project was being targeted by KC group and MSK really wanted to get the project. There was an atmosphere of suppressed excitement in the office, everybody knew that if MSK got the job, they will have a nice fat raise in their bonus package this year.


After every detail had been painstakingly polished out, MSK, Adi and a group of their finance personnel went to give their presentation. When Maan came back he was so happy with his presentation that he couldn't wait to tell Geet all about it and so he did what he had never done till now... he went straight to her cabin and even though she had been on the phone speaking with someone, he cut the connection and then gave her a solid smacking kiss on her lips.

Geet first squealed and then looked at him with her big round eyes_____

"what ???? I was talking to______ why did u do that???"


"Nothing!! I just felt like doing so!!' and so saying Maan left her cabin to go back to his own one.

Geet could just stare back at him, she had never seen this side of his before and was he irresistible_______  "Lord! Thank You, that he is being a Dust Danav the rest of the time or he would have killed the female population of his sphere". Geet giggled thinking.


That evening a small get together was organized as it was the B'day of one of their oldest employees and it was organized by Adi and a few other boys. Some of their old clients were invited.Maan had already reached the terrace and was looking around for Geet without being obvious abt it.

"Where was the girl? I have so many drawings that I have to assign to her."

Geet was at that moment in the girl's washroom with her friends changing; all the girls had brought alternate clothes to change into as they couldn't go to their homes to freshen up.

Maan noticed that all the girls were in some sort of same dress code'.. then he noticed that the men were also either in open necked  same office shirts or had changed into shirts which were rather like those worn in a garden party.


Adi saw him looking at them with a raised brow and he came forward.

"Maan sir, we had actually set a theme for the party as we were organizing this here at the office terrace, so to make up for that we had thought of this garden party theme'.. I hope u don't mind", he finished lamely.

Maan realized that none had the courage to come to him and tell him about the theme.

He gave a nod and then a small smile, "No go ahead, enjoy urselves, it is after all after office hours."

Adi stared at him, then smiled back and stuttered, "t'th'thank u Sir," he realized how rarely he has had his Maan Sir smile at him thus and then he thanked his God that Geet had come in MSK's life as Adi knew very well that she was the reason he was standing there among them for this party.


Maan had been talking to one of his senior employees when he turned in response to someone else's question and his eyes fell on Geet who was standing on the entrance of the terrace, he barely noticed his jaw drop. She was wearing a dress_____ rather a frock which fell to her mid-legs below her knees, it had a small collar on the neck which was a halter with the knot tied at her neck. The dress was snug, electric-blue and very sweet actually but _________ his mouth watered just looking at her. She hadn't yet noticed him. She was talking to her friends and laughing at something Pinky had said to her. Her hair, curled madly, just on her shoulders_____ and seemed to dance with every shake of her head and brought the images of gypsies and campfire to his mind. He knew he stared but he couldn't help himself. His mouth felt so dry and MSk grabbed a glass off a tray from a serving waiter without even noticing what he had picked up and sipped. Her mouth was red and wet, her eyes seemed huge and dark with whatever she had done to them.

Maan realized that Mr.Shorf was saying something to him and he turned his head_____ "Excuse me what did u ask?"

"Mr.Khurana, when do u suppose the Gurgaon project will be finished?"

For the life of him Maan couldn't remember which project Mr.Shorf was asking about and then his client noticed Geet and called out to her. When Geet came to join them, the scent of her reached him ten seconds before she did and delivered a bread taking punch straight to the loins.


"Miss Handa, how are u? I was just asking Mr. Khurana when our project will get finished."


Geet answered but all the time her eyes were on Maan's face, he was looking at her very strangely, she frowned and yet he looked the same way. She turned away and answered something else asked by the client, her nape hairs pricking as she was well aware of Maan's unblinking stare, he was looking at her as if she was a worm on a Petri-dish.


Was she wearing her dress inside out? Or was there something on her face--? What was it?


When the client moved off towards the buffet tables, she went to MSk__

"Maan Sir, are u ok?"

Maan didn't want to look at her right that moment, he was trying to regain his balance, so he just looked the other way and walked off.

Geet's eyes widened, "what is wrong with Maan Sir, I asked him something and he just walked off? Now what did I do wrong?"


For the better part of the evening whenever Maan needed Geet's help for answering to any client's questions he called her through someone and then as soon as she came there he would excuse himself and leave her there among them with Adi and Sasha. Geet was slowly and surely getting angrier. At first she had been puzzled by his behavior but then she summarized that, in his own unique way, Mr. high and mighty MSK must have found some fault with her tonight and was thereby giving her the cold shoulder.


Mrs. Soni had come there with her son and the young Mr. Soni was much taken with this amazingly beautiful girl wearing the deep blue dress. He went up to Geet and started to chat with her earnestly. Maan saw them talking and walking off towards the other end of the room and seethed. His eyes were drawn again and again towards Geet and her group, when he couldn't take it any longer he asked Adi to call Geet and thought to give her the details of the next assignment for her.


"Ok now he wants to talk with me after ignoring me for the most part of the evening, chalo lets see what does AB want" Geet thought.


"You asked for me Maan sir?"


"yes, Geet, I wanted to talk to you about_______" he made the mistake of turning and looking at her again. She was at that time a very annoyed woman, but it only added to her appeal. Her eyes and mouth were sulky, her body braced in challenge and Maan forgot what he had wanted to say.

"Geet---- ah---yeah" and Maan pitched around in his mind for what he had been about to tell her.


She didn't want to be flattered. She certainly didn't want her heartbeat to pick up speed and lose its rhythm. But it was difficult to control either reaction when a man like Maan Singh Khurana was standing there looking at her as if he'd go on just looking at her like that for ever, oblivious to everybody else and anything else. As if he wanted to devour her as she stood there_______  that thought brought on a red blush on her cheeks, enhancing their colour, and Maan watched mesmerized how she bowed her head with the blush creeping all over her.


"What was she thinking to be looking so shy?" he wanted to ask her badly.


Geet was well aware how all the girls in the party had eyed MSk when he had come in, and she knew it for a fact that this was the case with almost every female who met him, but Maan didn't seem to notice them ever..

Geet  took a careful breadth, "Sir, you wanted to talk to me about_____?" she prompted.


"The pantry_____" Maan said

"The pantry? You wanted to talk to me about the pantry?"


"No, what I mean is that______ Mr. Shorf particularly wanted a large pantry for his penthouse and I had forgotten to tell you that and you can get everything on our previous jobs in the record room and u will need to study those before our meeting tomorrow."

"You mean the archives?"

"No, in the record room where only the CDs are kept."

"O.k. I'll get them and take them with me to watch over in my home, if that is ok with you?"

"No Problem."

" So, should I go Maan Sir?"

"Yes___ Yes certainly, enjoy the party."


It was past nine when the party started to wrap up. Almost all the clients and outsiders and some of the office staff had also gone.  Adi, Pinky and Geet were sitting down and Geet was massaging her ankles as she had worn very high heels with the dress. It was then that Mr. Soni again approached Geet and started to ask her if she needed a ride home, Geet politely declined. He stood back as they all stood up and all of them started to laugh at some joke that Pinky had cracked, Maan found then thus laughing and joking and saw the easy way with which his client was interacting with Geet and became angry. As he neared them, he again heard Mr.Soni offer Geet a ride home and without a second thought in his mind he blasted them________


"Don't you three have a job tomorrow? What about the assignments that I have given you to be completed by tomorrow? Did u all think that just becoz we were in a party today I will forget about them?'


Both Geet and Adi were surprised to hear Maan speak thus.


Mrs. Soni had organized a huge project launch party. And everyone was pretty excited. The party was on the day after tomorrow and her son again reminded everyone about that saying he will make their acquaintance there once again.


But Geet didn't even hear him, "What is the matter with Maan Sir?" Geet thought and without another word she stalked off from there.


Geet had gone halfway, when she remembered that she had to take the CDs for the penthouse. She again rode up the elevator and went into the records room. The CDs were kept in an alphabetical manner and the CD that she wanted was on the top of a shelf. She grabbed a high rickety 

 three limbed stool and stood on it to better reach the CD case lebelled 'S' and as soon as she grabbed it, her stool seemed to start dancing on its two long and one short leg and she was left balancing on it with the CD case still in her hands.

"Let Go"

"Maan Sir?"

"I said let go of the case or u will fall."


But Geet wanted to salvage the CDs inside the case and tried to put them back on the shelf and toppled backward straight into Maan's arms.

Geet gave such a loud shriek that Maan almost again dropped her on the ground.


"Will you please stop destroying my ear drums?"


Geet took a moment to still her racing heart and understand that she had not landed on the hard ground as she had feared_______ but then she realized that Maan was still holding her high up in his arms and her heart again started on a fresh gallop. His face was close to hers and his beautiful, dark eyes were looking deep into her ones. She then remembered that she was angry with him.


"Who asked for ur help, I was managing just fine."


"Is that so? From where I was standing it looked like u very desperately wanted to fall on ur back, what were you doing here by the way?'


"You yourself asked me to come and get the CD and now you are asking me why I came here? Actually on second thoughts, you are responsible for this."


Maan remembered how he had said the first thing that had come in his mind then at the party and he realized he was still holding her, close to his chest. They both seemed to realize at the same time as the environment turned intimate. They could still hear the sounds made by Adi and a few of the staff members who were closing up for the night, but they had eyes only for each other.


Maan brought his head a little closer to hers and asked her the first question that came to his head______  "Did u wear this dress to torment me?"


Geet shook her head, unable to speak.


"Do u know how beautiful and sweet you were looking tonight?"


Geet shook her head______ a blush crept over her face seeing the intensity of Maan's gaze on her.

Maan dipped his head a little lower, hovered______


"And when you blush like this" ---------- he let his lips graze her cheek, " I want to touch you to see whether ur skin will feel as hot and warm as it looks_____"

Geet tried to think---------- To say something---------  but her cheeks grew warmer with his murmured words.

Maan let her slide down the length of his body______ they fit so perfectly, as if two pieces of a puzzle.

Maan leaned down and let his nose brush along ----against hers one, no other part of their bodies were moving----- he tilted his head and let his nose graze her cheek, brows as if memorizing her scent.


Geet's heart hammered against her ribs as she stood with her eyes closed savoring this slow seduction to her senses.

Every time their lips would come close----Maan left the spot and went off in search of some other place to torment her with. A small sound escaped Geet's lips------ and at last Maan responded to her wordless plea and took her mouth with his.


With the first contact, all the patience and calm fled and as if they had both been electrocuted , they felt the jolt, straight to their bones. Hungry and fierce and mindless. His mouth was hot, and it was hard, and it was heathen as he crushed down to devour hers. She gave in to it and felt her body rule her mind and her blood roar over reason. The thrill of it snapped through her like a whip, sharp, painful and with a shocking burn.


"God!" his breadth was gone, his mind was reeling. Reflexively, his hands dug in the shelf behind her and then he gave in and held her.


He shook his head-----------this should have dimmed, this craving, this pull______  Whatever he'd expected, whatever he'd imagined didn't come close to the volcano that had so suddenly erupted in his arms. He had made himself believe that whatever had attracted him towards her have been quenched that very first time. But it seemed as if intensified. He dragged a hand through her hair, the wild, curling mass of it, and then plundered as if his life depended on it.


"Can't", Geet managed, even when she held on to his shirt.


"I know----not the right place", but his arms wound around her, banded around her until it seemed her heart wasn't just thundering against his but was inside his. Geet's moan was a rumble of desperate delirious pleasure that sounded in her throat exactly where his teeth nipped, then scraped, then dug greedily into flesh.

Her scent seduced his senses. Her name was a murmur on his lips, a whisper in his mind. Her body was a glorious banquet melded to his. No woman had ever enticed him so much for him to have forgotten the time ad place, so completely, so utterly to the exclusion of all else.


"Let me______" Maan said, and even as Geet started to nod in affirmation, he moved away______ turned his back towards her with his hands on his waist.

"No, don't say anything____ just don't-------- give me a moment."

Geet realized she would have answered, "Yes" there would not have been any argument from her side, such was her yearning for him, but even now her Maan sir was thinking about her.


Maan took long gulps of air and turned to face her and then promptly circled the small desk at his back and went to stand with it between them. He had to stop give himself a minute. He decided if they were to have a sensible, more than three second long conversation before he grabbed her again, he'd better stay on his side of the desk, with it between them. His mind was mush and was unlikely to clear if she kept looking at him with those deep, sexy eyes of hers that were clouded with passion.


"I don't believe iam saying this but this is not a very good idea now. This place---- this way is not for you, I don't want anyone to walk in on you thus, even by chance."

He could still taste her, and the flavor on his tongue had outrageous hunger stirring in his belly. "God Geet what are we to do?"


Geet smiled, "Maan Sir, you care for me," she thought. She found it incredibly sweet the way he thought of her well being first. Her pulse was hammering everywhere at once. The way he had looked at her before kissing her, the way he was still looking______ that one long intense stare.


"We have to get out from here."


"We need to walk out of here."

"Yes Maan Sir."

" Geet have dinner with me.'


They walked out of the room, keeping  a safe distance between themselves. The ride in the elevator was also done in complete silence with both of them, looking at each other while standing on the two opposite walls of the lift as if guarding their frontiers.


They sat in Maan's car facing the windshield, Geet kept her hands folded in her lap and Maan gripped the steering wheel a if he was glued to it. He very carefully pulled out of the parking lot and eased the car into the traffic.


"This upcoming party will be a double celebration for us." Geet said, she wanted to diffuse some of the tension currently lying think inside the car.

"Mrs. Soni seems to be a very good person."



"Adi Sir thinks w are sure to get that contract."




"The weather forecast predicted rain."


Maan stopped the car in front of a renowned restaurant.


"Geet are there anything else I should know about the general state of affairs of our city?"

 He turned his head and gave her one of those deep searching looks which always started a flutter in her stomach.



Desire for her was a hot fist in his gut______ "Geet?"


She knew what he was asking__ " Maan sir----- can u drive very fast."


Without another word Maan turned from there and started to drive towards his home. For once he had to concentrate on his driving, particularly since he attempted to break the land speed records. He didn't once glance at her as he didn't want to cause an accident. Geet sat perfectly still and didn't further say a single word.

When they turned in his driveway, he braked and sat for a moment before turning towards her.

"Geet are you absolutely sure about this? Coz if you have something to say, now is the time, once I touch u I will not be able to stop"

Geet looked at him and nodded.

"Maan Sir are you absolutely sure?" Geet asked the same question.


"I want you like I have never wanted anything else in my life."


Geet got her answer, she leaned forward and kissed him lightly on his lips for such a sweet answer and just like before they caught fire. He hit the release button for his seat belt and before she could do the same, he managed to shift towards her, grab hold of her and let his mouth ravish hers. When they came up for air gasping, he leaned and rested his forehead on hers-----

"What have you done to me Geet? I feel like a teenager and even then I never dreamt of doing what I want to do so desperately to you right now here in this car."

When he hit the gear shift with his knee, he let out a long curse-----

"Damn car all of a sudden seems too small. Stay put iam coming to your side."

 He rushed out and then with incessant care lifted her in his arms and carried her inside his home. Geet had a very fleeting glimpse of a wide hall and a equally big drawing room before he was kissing her and climbing a winding staircase with her in his arms. At the door of his room, he fumbled with the door knob. Once inside they forgot all else, he stood her against the door with the idea of switching on the lights but Geet choose that moment to run her hands over his chest and snake her fingers into him hair at the nape and he was lost. The heels brought her in an angle close to his height and he felt them fit together______ then it was a toss up as to who did what______ she yanked and tugged his jacket away, he untied the knot at her nape_____ her mouth warred with his, breaking only when unable to wait she simply pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside_____ he kneaded the treasure he had unearthed and her head fell back, allowing him access to her neck_____ his hands found their way under the dress and he cupped her_______ she cried out, he all but lost it to find her hot and ready and waiting______ he lifted her and she circled his waist with her legs and he walked thus backwards towards his bed.


He drove her up again and again, the rainbow just within reach, beyond moans and cries, storming her system with his hands, with his mouth. Heat sheathed her, slicked her skin as he dragged the dress away from her and fed on her. Everything she wanted, he realized, more than she could imagine, rough and urgent, he grazed on her.

Owned her, Gee thought. Did he know? Could he know?

Want was enough, to want like this, be wanted like this. She would make this enough. For both of them. In that moment before he plunged, the look, the feel of her, the taste of her consumed him. The look in her eyes would stay with him forever and Maan knew something within him shifted and found light. Then with a new kind of urgency they fought for release, with her saying his name over and over again.


Release was both brutal and glorious. He wasn't entirely sure he was still alive, or that his heart would ever beat normally. It continued to jackhammer in his chest, making the base act of breathing a challenge.


"Are we alive?" Geet asked

He chuckled, "what do u think?"

"Think? I don't know, it seemed like I ought to die after something like this."

"Want me to prove it to you that you are alive?"

"you can? NOW?"

Maan laughed, "God Geet you r really priceless."

He cradled her head and tucked her securely in his arms and within moments Geet was asleep.

Maan gazed at her, so sweet, so innocent in her sleep. He knew that their time together was cherished by both of them, but he also believed that a time may come when she would tire of him. His mind shied away from any such possibility. Was it possible to keep her always like this with him? What would she say if he asked her to marry him? People laid the foundation of their marriage on even less a foundation then what he and Geet shared. What would it be like to always have her near him? What if she declined? For that matter she had never again told him that she loved him after that. Has she fallen out of love with him?

The very thought made him restless. What if she asked him, whether he loved her? What if this caring that he felt for her wasn't enough for her?

He decided to ask her first thing in the morning before she had a chance to change her mind, she cared for him he knew but yet he didn't want to take the chance for her to have any doubts. Riddled with all these questions he fell into a troubled sleep.

Now get to work and give me loads of 'likes' and 'comments'. i will send out the PMs at night and put in pictures according to the scenes later on. Enjoy.

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awesome update dear
luved that maan cares for her
really luved to see jealous maan.
waiting for next part.
plz continue soon

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