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~CONTACT~THREAD 2//ch-23-A/Updated pg-75(26/8/11) (Page 56)

khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 12:21am | IP Logged
yeah update will be in after this i might update after a long time.

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namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged
amazing update...loved it.

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Eccentric.Being IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by khushi_4ever

yeah update will be in after this i might update after a long time.
Waiting For Update & dreading the time u will take to update next one.

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by serenelove

Originally posted by khushi_4ever

yeah update will be in after this i might update after a long time.
Waiting For Update & dreading the time u will take to update next one.
BOOHOOHOOHOO!!!! iam not that bad in updating...u have to agree i have been consistent enough lately...  

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Part B is coming up within 20 minutes...

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tazeen_29katerpillarputhsanu3108maankigeet4everFallen Angel

khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged


Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
-- William Shakespeare
                          Geet was wet and she was impatient'''.and was fast loosing her patience. She was in a cab not one block away from KC, but due to the heavy rain she couldn't make a run for it. Oh! Why wasn't the traffic moving? It was now 10 days since she had last seen him and it felt like a lifetime. The closer she reached to KC the more impatient she became to meet him.


                            They had spoken to each other only a few couple of times as it had been impossible for her to call him. And whenever he had called it was through someone else. Why hadn't he called to know why she had gone so suddenly? Why hadn't he simply called her? Doubts plagued her mind.


                            Did he miss her? Did he think of her, yearn as she had yearned so intensely that it had felt as if she could have just hopped on the next flight back. Love was so bittersweet. Her mood swings didn't go unnoticed by her Mama, and she had asked her a few times what the matter was with her. But Geet who had always shared every small detail of her life with her Mom, had for the first time guarded this secret to her heart, as if it was too precious to speak out loud. She wasn't scared that her parents won't understand her or will get angry on her or any of the sort which people sees in other families''.her parents had also married for love''''.and whenever Geet saw her parents together, she wished that she also should have what they still had_______ an undying love for ur partner.


                            Geet knew it in her heart that Maan was it_______ that her heart has recognized its mate.


                            Eventually the traffic jam dispersed and she could pay off the driver and make a dash for the building. Pinky was very glad to see her and she started talking ten to dozen, but Geet had her eyes only on the cabin to the far side.


"Pinky_______ I will tell you everything, you first tell me where is Maan Sir?"

"Oh, he is in the conference room."


"Yeah'''but hey!! Geet!!" but Geet had already started to walk towards the stairs.


                           The meeting was in full swing and as the lights were dimmed while Sasha gave her presentation, noone noticed Geet entering. She slided in quietly. Even in the dark she could make out Maan's features from the light from the screen. She caressed him with her eyes. A drink of water for a parched soul.


                           The presentation was one that Geet had prepared before she had gone'''''all the finer designs were hers''..and as Maan saw them, he closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them again, he gazed at the lines of the room being described by Sasha, that Geet had drawn''a interior design had never looked so attractive to him.


                           Mrs. Soni, the client, wanted to know the contrast colours that are to be used. Sasha shuffled through the stack of notes and colours that were on file but couldn't find them''..she was about to apologize to the client when Geet stood up.


"Mrs. Soni, Hi! Iam Geet Handa, and I had talked to you over the phone. The colours that you had specified, I have used them in ur rooms, let me show you how we have off set everything ____________" and Geet took over the presentation.


                           Maan could just stare_______ a second earlier he had been_____ he shook his head. It was as if he had conjured her from thin air. He could just look, drink in the sight of her. She was wearing a white salwar kameez, rain drops glistened on her hair, which sparkled as the light from the various screens fell on her hair.

                           Geet had taken the flashpoint and was elaborating her point. He could only be grateful that she was talking and her attention was otherwise engaged at the moment he needed more than a minute to find his balance. He had decided against her, hadn't he? Why then was he viciously fighting the urge to grab her, to enfold her in his arms and to kiss her right this second?


                           Geet finished the presentation and as the lights came on''she was surrounded. Maan too stood up''...very much unaware what he was doing'''.her smile beckoned him''... then Mrs. Soni also appreciated her drawings and her presentation, she was very impressed.


                          Maan couldn't get close to her without being obvious about it. He then realized that Geet wasn't looking at him. Damn the girl. She wasn't even looking at him and he was in knots because of her. MSK became so angry that he stalked out of there.


                         Everyone stared after him, surprised, Geet just smiled. She went to Adi and whispered in his ear. Adi leaned back and looked at her face startled, but then he gave a slow smile and nodded.


                         Maan was so angry on himself_____ why did he have to let down his guard. It had meant nothing to her. Why was he making it out to be something else? She hadn't ever said that she loved him after that first time_____ maybe now she also realized that it was not true. See this just proves that I was right again. Why then did he feel this irrational anger at the thought of her not loving him?


                         Adi knocked and entered and told him that Mrs. Soni was leaving, but she had wanted to see their indoor decorative fountain...

"So Sir, are you coming?"


"Yes, in fact I will take her there, Thank you Adi." So saying MSK strode towards the back where their office boasted of a indoor fountain and a mini garden which was off set with Mirrors on three sides, giving the illusion that the garden stretched all around.


                           Mrs. Soni wasn't there, Maan went in but indeed noone was there______ he was just about to go back when Geet slipped in from the opposite side through the rear door. She stood there for some time...their eyes locked with each other and right when Maan remembered that he was angry and was about to turn round...Geet came almost running and launched herself in his arms...encircling his nape with her arms...tucking her face in the crook of his neck. Maan stumbled a step back before he stood firm and his arms on their own accord returned the hug and closed around Geet.


                           They stood thus______ their heartbeats seemed to mingle and become one... the moment seemed so poignant to both. The mirrors on three sides reflected back their images.


                           Geet wanted to say, 'I love you Maan', but was afraid that he will again laugh off her words. She substituted______

"I missed you so much______ I never thought it was possible to miss someone that much."

Maan felt his heart settle______ as if some inner peace has been granted. It felt like coming home after a long period of absence. Wait! What was he thinking; she had come back_______ not him.


                           Just then they heard footsteps and sprang apart and as suddenly as she had come there, Geet ran out of the rear door, even before Maan could utter a single word. Sasha came there and was surprised to see MSK looking so lost.


"What is the matter MK? Are you ok?"


"Yeah____ why do u ask? Did you need something?"

"Yeah, Mrs. Soni wants to close the deal, you need to come..." She trailed off when she saw MK smiling.


"aahm, what is so funny?"


"Nothing, nothing at all...chalo, lets go." And so saying he led her from there.


                              When they reached MSK's room, Geet was already there talking and laughing with the client. Geet just gave them a fleeting glance and then again turned to her side and went  on explaining whatever she was explaining before they had come in.


                              Adi and another of their finance personnel also came in. Adi walked up to Geet and raised his brows slightly. Geet just smiled.

"Geet when did you arrive here? And what was the emergency?"


"My Uncle who had gone to Kolkata has had a accident and everybody were tensed as he had slipped into coma. But now Thank God he is out of it and is now enroute to recovery."


                                Again she was almost surrounded by her colleagues, who all liked her very much, and this was very much apparent from the way they hung on her every word.

                               After Mrs. Sony's deal was closed and she had left_______ Geet got up thinking she would go to her cabin, or freshen up in the washroom... she really actually wanted to get out of MSK's presence, as even being in the same room as he was effecting her concentration. She had acted on impulse when she had asked Adi to bring him there. And once seeing him after so many days she had gone with her heart. But he had reciprocated. She hugged this knowledge to her heart. But the way he was watching her was making her heart do somersaults, and she was afraid she would make a fool of herself in front of everyone.


As she got up to go_____ MSK stopped her.


"Geet have you seen what we have done with the Modi file? Their renovations have already started...", he came near her_____

"So, it will be better if you look into them ."


"OK I will go and have a look, I also wanted to see how it is coming along..."

                               Geet muffled a gasp when he took her arm and almost started frog-marching her towards the elevator
"Come let me take you____ we need to finalise some details for that..."
                              Not now, Geet decided. Definitely not now, when she couldn't put two rational thoughts together.
"I don't want to interrupt your work. And I have to freshen up, make some calls______"
"Won't take long."
"Oh!...huuummmh...fine I will freshen up later on, but_____"
"Good for you."


                               Two of the employees were getting on the lift at that moment, MSk gave them such a stare that sent them scurrying away. Geet was almost running to keep up with his pace. They got in and Maan punched the basement button.


"Iam also anxious to see the________"


                              The sentence ended against his mouth. He had her hauled against him, her hair fisted in his hand and her lips captured in a hard greedy kiss before she could take one full breath.

Then breathing didn't seem so very important. The bag she carried fell out of her hand, hitting the floor with a thud.


"Someone might press the button, anyone can see..."


"Shut up Geet." Maan kept right on kissing her...he trailed down to her chin, her jaw.


"Okay, all right."


                             With a broken moan she trailed her hands up his back, hooking them over his shoulders and then just as he had done to her''.. Geet fisted her hands in his hair and kissed him.


                            Maan all but slammed her against the elevator wall. Extended a hand and stopped the lift. Bending he encircled her waist with both his arms, he crushed her to him, lifting her feet right off the floor in the process. 


                            Geet kissed him like there was no tomorrow. Her face was higher up than his, after he had lifted her and using this advantage she bent his head back with the onsult of her kiss.
                            She was as erotic as any temptress, as dangerous as any siren. The blood raced through Maan's veins, with the flavour of her spiking it like a drug.


"Geet_______ I missed you too."

                       Geet's eyes misted over. She knew coming from him, this was a huge admission. She held both his cheeks in her palms and gave him a sweet kiss, a kiss of recognitation.


                          He lowered her to the floor and they stood panting with their foreheads pressed against each other.


"We have to get out of this lift." Maan tucked a stray hair behind her ear.


"hummm, give me a day____ I think by then my legs will know how to function."


                            Maan couldn't help smile at her words. He pressed the start button once again and when they reached the basement, there wasn't anyone there except themselves and without stopping to think or rationalize his own actions____ Maan scooped Geet up in his arms and carried her to his car.


                           Geet first shrieked but then held his nape and enjoyed this unexpected gesture.


"What?", Maan asked her, seeing that she was looking at him, "You yourself said you couldn't walk, so I saved my time like this_____ no other reason."


"Did I say anything?" Geet raised her brows.


"Yeah, I just wanted to straighten the facts."


Geet shrugged, "No problem''.i never say no to a free ride."


"Where to?" Geet asked once she was settled in.


"To the Modi House off course''.where else?"


Geet gaped______ "we are actually going to se the renovation?"


"Yeah''I never lie, you know."


                               Geet shook her head, crossed her arms and huffed, so much for spontaneous gestures.

"What are you muttering?"
"In thy face I see honor, truth and loyalty."


"Shakespeare." Geet replied without looking at him.


"So you know Shakespeare too?"


"I love books_______ I have been known to love literature too."


                             Maan gave a sigh_____ "Geet iam like this, I don't know how to make grand gestures, I go with what comes to me, if you are looking for romance and poetry or such gestures then you are building castles in the clouds."



                              Geet didn't like what he had just said, it had a very ominous ring in it and yet she couldn't bring herself to ask him what was foremost in her mind_______ why does he shy away from Love and Commitment?


"So how is ur Uncle now?"


"He is fine now, so I could come."


                                 They had arrived at their destination and then they got to work. Much later when they had finished Geet sought Maan out and told him she wanted to go home.

"Aren't you hungry?"


"Yeah iam, but I thought u might have some other plans."

"Come lets have dinner."
"But I haven't changed''.i look rumpled'.." Geet trailed off, all of a sudden very conscious of herself.
                              Maan put his finger on her lips, gave her a once over and then looked deep into her eyes and said, "U look beautiful, and you know I never lie."



                                Tasha was curious to know what Sasha had planned. She didn't have the guts to ask forthright but yet she was dying of curiosity. Sasha had gone to the washroom, when Tasha saw that she had left her work diary on her desk. She quickly scanned the pages starting from the last and then when she saw Sasha's neat handwriting detailing her plan, Tasha was chilled to the bone.


So here's part (B) get to work, read and let me know how much you all liked it... i have my exams right outside my door, so i will be a little late to update...but relieve me of my anxiety by telling me ur views how u all liked this part. I have actually already written the next part partially...ur comments will decide whether i devote my recreation time to this or notWink

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tazeen_29 Goldie

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  loved it khushi ..but now i think scary part will be here soon...sasha's evil plan ...but the lift scene was so romantic and the kiss ..i can actually imagine maaneet in every scene for real...thanx dear..

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tazeen_29 Goldie

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 loved it Khushi...fantastic... true description of craving for each other...lovely lift scene ..i can actually imagine maaneet in that romantic..but i guess scary part is comming up with sasha's evil plan...thanx

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