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~CONTACT~THREAD 2//ch-23-A/Updated pg-75(26/8/11) (Page 49)

khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tazeen_29

  loved it Khushi ..cont reading  parts 4rm 17-20 and enjoyed thouroughly ...fabulous writing ...amazing dear and those pics add beauty in the scene easy to imagine...their hidden emotions for each other is starting to come out ...loved it when Maan admit that how he has restrain himself  and why he never met her alone in nite outs .. wow ...perfect ...plz don't hold us  for long dear ..u knw we are impatient regarding maaneet ...thanx
Thanks Taz...i have updated part 21 also it is on page 49, links have been provided...and am now toying with some scenerios, and so the delay.

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by serenelove

Hey Sneha,

Came back to see 3 updates, WOW. Loved all parts. 

Liked how their relation developed bit by bit.

Geet knows that MSK loves her but he does not. Hope it works well.

Sasha is all set with her "plan" while Maaneet are united now.

Wonder what's in store 4 Geet by Sasha? & Maans thinking, making me think what's in his mind?

Please Continue Soon




Hey Saba...why so irregular now a days??? renovation not yet complete?? Loved it that u liked the parts. and yeah will update soon i hope.

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tazeen_29 Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 2:22am | IP Logged
 loved it ..lovely written abt their desire for eachother but maan's concern was so drama is coming up...looking ff

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katerpillar Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 2:33am | IP Logged
wen r u updating ???????? waiting eagerly...Day Dreaming

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t_areeb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 2:39am | IP Logged
liked it when he told her all the way that he can hurt her...but i dont want it to be a moment, hope they both understand it has to last forever
and sasha, hope your plans backfire

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Oblivion007 Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 7:34am | IP Logged
So much beautiful!pls can u add me to ur pm list and give me a pm whenever u update the next part!

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 11:43pm | IP Logged

                CHAPTER-22(CASTLE ON THE CLOUDS-A)

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.

-- William Shakespeare 

                           Geet opened her eyes slowly, wondering why she couldn't move. It wasn't morning yet and the sky was still dark. Groggy, she stared into Maan's face. It was only inches away from hers. In his sleep he had pulled her closer to him, wrapping his hands and legs around her, almost crushing her to him. Though his grip was almost guardlike, Geet liked it and found it incredibly sweet. She took advantage of the fact that he was sleeping to look at him closely without him being aware of it.


                         Geet had always thought people looked vulnerable while sleeping. But not Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, he looked like a volcano lying dormant, peaceful for the moment but one can never be sure when it will spring forth. He had the body of a fighter and the eyes of a man who could face anything and everything head on. Still, studying him she decided that, asleep or awake, he looked tough as nails. Had he always been like this? He smiled so rarely, but when he did his whole face was transformed. Her own lips curved as she watched him. She would, gently, teach him to relax, to enjoy, to trust. She would make him happy. It wasn't possible to love as she had loved and not have it returned. And it wasn't possible to share what they had shared without his heart being as lost as hers.


                        Sooner or later___ sooner, if she had her way____ he would come to accept that.

"Iam not letting you go", she silently told him, "You don't realize it yet, but I've got a hold over you and it its going to be mighty hard to break it."


                      He had such a capacity for giving, Geet thought. Not just physically, though she wasn't ashamed to admit that his skill there had dazed and delighted her. He was such a man full of emotions, too many of them strapped down. What had happened to him, she wondered, that had made him so wary of love? She slid up and lightly kissed her fingers and then placed them against his lips. Maan's eyes sprang open.


"So, you're a light sleeper_______" she began.



                       Before she could complete the sentence, his mouth, hungry and insistent, was on hers. Geet managed a quiet moan as she melted into his kiss.


                       Maan could feel himself all but drowning in her again. The magic was there again, the desperation to have her, the wonder of her, the pull, the tug of something evasive in him________ everything was the same if not more stronger. He stopped trying to reason with himself and just gave in to the moment.



                      It was morning when Geet opened her eyes once again, immediately she knew that she was lying on her bed all alone. She traced the depression on the pillow and put her face there, inhaling the smell which was all Maan and tried to quell the disappointment and hurt that pierced her heart.


"You knew he won't stay____ you knew he wasn't ready yet, accept it Geet''. You are not a mopper, so get up and face it''.come on."


                      Geet made herself get up and switched on some song which she loved and then she got busy in preparing for the day.





                      Maan got out of his shower and immediately he remembered how Geet had looked sleeping, when he had left her, on her bed. He had never had to resist such a temptation as he had done that morning...he had wanted to stay right there on her bed, beside her, kiss her again and make love to her again'' only the thought that she was going to be very uncomfortable today had stopped him.

The feeling that crouched through him whenever he remembered what she had said just before things had gone out of hand for them_____


"I haven't wanted anyone else enough to let them come close enough to touch me or know me."


                        He searched round in his heart for the guilt...but all he found was a deep sense of joy...of possessiveness________ a feeling of humbleness... at her gift.


                         He had so wanted to turn her over in the first glow of the morning sun to see if what they had experienced, had been real. But, he stopped himself, if three times in one night wasn't proof enough then nothing will be'''. There was just something about the curve of her cheek, her delicate shoulders''.which tapered down to that waist____ she slept face down when she slipped into deep sleep, one more thing about her that he knew today.


He grew restless...


                         The lid that he had always screwed tight over his feelings was rattling... He so wanted to see her right this moment and Maan didn't know how to act on his wishes. What is she doing? Now at this very moment? Is she ok? Does she have any soreness? He should have been more gentle with her. And this brought forth a fresh series of memories and longings.


                          He rushed through his morning activities without being aware of his hurry. Adi called to tell him about the finance meeting scheduled for the afternoon and he answered vaguely.



                          Geet was in her shower when she heard her phone ring. She dashed out reading off the CLI

 "Hello Sasha, Morning, what's up?"

 "I have been trying to call you since evening yesterday, where have you been?"

 "OH! i' actually I have been busy_____ you tell me what is it?"


                          The word 'busy' made her blush all over______ all the aspects of being 'BUSY' came back to her, she could actually feel him, taste him, if she closed her eyes.


"______ '.. so it is very urgent, that is the reason I have been trying to call u since yesterday."


                           Geet hadn't heard a word of what Sasha had said and she was too embarrassed to ask Sasha to repeat what she had just said'' which wouldn't have been the case if she hadn't been thinking about Maan.


"O..K'. so what do I do?"

 "What do u mean, 'what do I do', come fast and sign the papers otherwise they will close down and demand an explanation."

 "Yeah, sure''.i'll be in by 8.30, so I'll meet u then?"

 "Can't you make it a little bit early, coz you are the only person left to sign and I had thought after you signed I'll have it delivered today itself by express courier so that they don't have anything to complain about ."

 "O.K. I'll come in by 8 then."


"Yeah that will be fine then, I'll be waiting."


                               Geet went back to her shower, with a spring in her step. She looked at herself and saw that his stubble had marked her at various places around her nape...she remembered the feeling...and gulped...she was sore, but she also felt the rush when she remembered how he had hungered for her and yet had kept her pleasure, her comfort uppermost in that hour of passon.

                               She stood under the shower______ with the water cascading all over her, remembering how he had muttered her name'... "Geet" varying degrees of passion, as if she , her name had anchored him.

                                Geet slipped into her bathrobe and looked at herself in the mirror. Outwardly she looked the same, if one overlooked the twinkle in her eyes, the blush which was chasing one after another... but inwardly she was changed. She had known she loved him, but to what extent was something she had discovered yesterday.

"Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, u love me too_____ at least u care deep enough to try and take care of me even in the theos of passion. Don't admit it now, but one day you will. I'll be waiting."


                              Just then the phone rang once again''.Geet rushed out of the bathroom and when she saw who was calling she let out a shriek of delight''.


"Mama''.how are you, Good Morning''why? What happened??? Don't cry'..yeah iam coming''.


                              By 8.30am some of the employees have started to come in and as MSK entered almost the whole office was there.


                              He collected his messages from Pinky and then shrode towards his cabin. As soon as he entered his cabin his eyes went towards Geet's one, but she was not there. He looked at the clock, it was 30 minutes past the time when she usually came in. Maan frowned, he sat behind his desk and looked through his messages which Pinky always gave him in separate square slips of paper, stapled together, according to the time when received. When he came to the last one, he sat forward, this message was not written in Pinky's precise handwriting, but was distinctively Geet's.




"Maan Sir, iam so sorry to be communicating thus, but I have a family crisis and had to rush to Kolkata. I had called you at ur home, but you were having ur breakfast and so I didn't ask them to disturb u. I'll rejoin as soon as possible."

p.s. "Sasha Mam has all the details about your various meetings"

p.p.s. "Take care"


                             Maan sat back staring at the piece of paper as if it would yield more information.

                          By the end of the day Maan had become his irritable self again...snapping at everything out of order. Adi had actually gone up to Pinky's reception desk to ask her when Geet will be back.  

                             When MSk had finished for the day, he came out of his cabin at 7 sharp__________

Sasha rushed out to him, breathless...

"M.K. wait up''you need to sign these papers." She held out a pen

 "What are these?" MSK started to go through them. Sasha dialed Geet's number''


"I don't know, Geet had asked me to give these to you to sign, she came in before leaving for Kolkata and i couldn't meet her, so she left these on my desk with a note for you to sign'.wait a minute, iam calling her now."


                                  MSK stared at one single piece of paper, without reading the words'''his ears perked up to Sasha's end of the conversation''


"Hi did u reach safely? Yeah, OK, I just gave him the papers to sign, why are these so important? Ok'Ok' fine I will tell him."


                                  And she clicked off her cell. Maan felt himself tasting disappointment''.something which he hated to feel. And becoz of that he got angry. He signed the papers without stopping to hear what explanation Sasha was giving, handed her the papers and then walked out of his office.

                               Maan brooded into his beer while the jukebox sang of love and sadness. Didn't that happen always? That is why an intelligent man knew to steer clear of that emotion.
                              It was a good thing that he'd had a couple of days now to cool his heels, kick back and come to his senses. Tangling with her with her was bound to cost a man. He told himself it was safe enough to want. It was the crossing the line from want to need that was dangerous. He didn't want to come even close enough to that very thin, very shaky line.

                               When a woman got inside a man this way, it changed him, left him wide- open so that he made mistakes and exposed pieces of himself better left alone. He didn't want the desperation, the vulnerability, the loss of self that went hand in hand with genuine intimacy______ not just intimacy of bodies but of souls and mind. He'd stopped himself and was now incapable of those things.

                               Which meant that here was nothing to worry about, he told himself, as he sipped at his beer. For God's sake she wasn't even beautiful'' except whenever he looked at her he felt like he had been slugged right between his eyes.

 One of his friends joined him on a a stool.

 "So, M.K. how's it going?"

                             Maan's response was a grunt. He didn't know why he had agreed to let his friends talk him into coming for a beer. He wasn't in the mood to socialize. But he hadn't even been in the mood to go back home after work, either. Actually he didn't seem to be in any mood except foul for the last 5 days.



Unedited version again...part B coming up shortly (tomorrow i promise) am writting it now. Now you all get to work and let me know how was it???

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oh la la la me first to comment  wow yaar awesome the after feelings u voiced them so well like we all r feeling them wid geet n maan ,contentment,attraction,love,passion and yet confused abt everything maan gaye ustad !!!!LOL kya likha hai love it and again loved it more .
waiting for next part and do sms me i again wanna be first ha ha ha LOL
i knew it u were bowled over by  what happened yesterday ...and that image still  teasing n testing ur brains omg even then u updated  !!! ye kya hua kaise hua ?????ROFL
ab sasha ki bachchi ne kya kar diya hmmm 
she digging her own grave LOL nice n interesting twist to come me waiting...

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