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~CONTACT~THREAD 2//ch-23-A/Updated pg-75(26/8/11) (Page 43)

ammu5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 6:00am | IP Logged
both the updates were beautifully written. loved both of them. vn will maan accept that he is love with geet??

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appyshenoy Senior Member

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 10:27am | IP Logged
you updating very fast these day. this was one of my favourite ffs when i joined geet forum.
i have been eagerly updating for your update. thanks for the update dear. your update was sooo good. i loved it.

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged




                         Sasha was at that moment in KC's offices. She had planned very long and hard. She knew she had to keep her head to beat Geet, as she saw it. She had been very slowly and gradually getting close to Geet, aiming for her trust and felt that she had almost attained it. Now all she had to do was to switch the papers that she had prepared and get both their signatures.

She paid off the clerk from the lawyer's office and stood with the papers that she had prepared.

For just a moment, as she slipped the papers in Geet's 'contracts' file, she felt a small twitch of guilt. The girl had not done anything to her yet, but then she remembered MK's face when he looked at Geet and it was enough to strengthen her resolve. She will get Geet to sign these without letting her read the contents and then catch Mk at a time when he will be otherwise involved or distracted and finish off what she has planned and then she can show MK what a cheap little tart the girl really was. She called Geet on her cell'''


"Where was the girl?"




                        Geet got down and stood looking at him with her arms crossed over. After a moment's hesitation, Maan got down and came to stand in front of her.


"You once told me, in that lift, that you can read my eyes, so look, read them and tell me, you don't know what I want?" Geet looked straight at Maan when she said this.


His eyes darkened. They were almost black as they bored into hers.. He gripped her arms, Geet didn't wince as his fingers tightened. Instead she lifted her chin, as if she dared him.


"Damn You".

He bought his mouth down hard on hers. To scare her, he told himself as he pressed her back against a pillar in her verandah and took his fill. To make her see what he felt and that this can't be stopped once he got started. He dragged his hands over her, knowing she will bruise, he wanted her to  tremble and ask him to stop. This was the only defense he had once she had  turned the tables and started her march forward. He wanted her to get scared.


Maybe then if she said so then he will be able to stop and turn away from her'''.. he couldn't do so if she looked at him like THAT. Did she even know what seduction her eyes wove.


He heard her muffled cry against his mouth and tried to step back from her''.but Geet encircled his neck and opened her mouth to his.


She gave herself totally, unrestrainedly, to the embrace. He was trying to hurt her, she realized and opened her mouth to let him know she was on to him. She gasped, forced to grip him tighter to keep her balance as his mouth roamed her throat, spreading luxuriant heat. The scrape of his teeth against her skin had her moaning.

He was losing himself in her. No, he was already lost. Her scent, the fragility of it, had his senses spinning. Her mouth, the hunger of it, clawed at his control. Then she said his name_______


"M..aan'" ________ it was a sigh, a prayer______ and it broke the last of his bonds.


Maan lifted her in his arms and carried her inside''..all the time their mouths fused together. Geet couldn't seem to get enough of his kisses, whenever his mouth roamed elsewhere, she grabbed his hair and brought him back to her.


He pulled her down onto the settee in the living room, desperate for her. The dress she had on had buttons in the front from top to bottom'''


"too many buttons'.", Maan muttered in his desperation to feel her skin.


He was trying to unbutton them, cursing them, cursing himself, impatient with encumbrances''.

"Geet help me'''" he moaned


Hot kisses raced over her face. She couldn't catch her breadth, not even when he popped some buttons. She swayed with the onslaught. His mouth traveled down her throat, nuzzling gently, to where he had unearthed the first sampling of her skin.




Silk beneath silk he thought. And so warm. Maan thought. Slowly he undid the rest of the buttons all the way.


"God." He'd never expected to find such a fantasy beneath. He'd prepared himself for her body, the wonder of it, the punch of desire. What he found was a baby pink slip, the forth of lace_____ had his fingers flexing hard on her shoulders.


The sudden leap of lust in those black eyes had Geet's heart slamming into her ribs. When his gaze left hers, traveled slowly down, she felt her skin go hot, her head go light.


"Geet did you intend to kill me?"


"who would have known my miss prime and proper had such a dream underneath her attitude."


"I haven't wanted anyone else enough to let them come close enough to touch me or know me."


It took a moment for his head to separate itself from the storm rising in his body. A moment to cool the mind to realize what she had just said.


She was all pink and white, like something deliciously forbidden behind thin glass. He wanted to smash the barrier and ravish, plunder, devour. 

He felt humbled with her trust.


"Geet I will hurt you''.. you need to rethink'"


She lifted her arms and took him under. Hers arms hooked around him, his blood took a quick, hard leap.

She shivered, arched backward, when his hands cupped her, when his thumbs brushed the swell and curve of them. Their moans mixed when he eased the dress from her shoulders and it slipped down and pooled at her feet.


There was no turning back for them. She heard her name on his lips as he whispered it. She sighed. He tasted her yielding'''glorified in it and then left her mouth and slid down. He tasted the heat and desire as he took her in his mouth through the silk. A breathless moan escaped her at this new intimacy.

She clutched his hair. Maan removed the barrier and then his tongue began to stroke and tease, the pleasure built, painful, beautiful, tugging at her centre as his teeth tugged her. It was unbearable. It was glorious. She wanted to tell him somehow, but all she could say was his name again and again. He stroked a hand along her legs and cupped her. He heard her gasp of surprise, her moan of desire. HIS.

She was his.

This one thought soared in his mind.

He took her gently as his grinding need would allow, she crested and curved like a bow. The breadth burned in his throat as he crushed her mouth. She held on rocked, dazed and desperate.


Terror rose up to grab her by her throat. But it wasn't terror of him. It was terror of the need that had taken possession of her. It drove her, ruled her, beyond what could be and what couldn't be.


Too aroused to be shocked by her own actions Geet yanked up his shirt from the waistbands of his jeans. She wanted to touch him, feel the warm skin underneath.

 "I want to touch you," she said 


In short order his clothes were disposed off. And still he hesitated. Geet sensed his hesitation''.. she looked in his eyes and saw everything that she had dreamt of.

Her heart started a fresh sprint as she looked at him. There was strength in him that excited, perhaps because she understood that he could be ruthless. There was toughness in him which spelled a man who fought, a man who would fight and win. But his hands were so gentle on her now, almost hesitant. Her excitement leaped higher, and there was no fear in it.

Almost reverently she trailed her fingers from waist to his chest and he shuddered.



"just kiss me Maan''."


He was helpless to refuse. He wondered if she realized that he was powerless to refuse her anything at that moment. He knew he could touch her and make her go limp and wild and weak, but it wasn't power that filled him, but awe.



He didn't want to hurt her. With that part of his mind still functioning, he prayed, he could take her painlessly. And when he was sure that she was ready, when he felt certain that she will feel more pleasure than pain, his breathing harsh and ragged, he entered her slowly, trying to sooth her with his hands and mouth.

Lights exploded behind her eyes, brilliant white lights that flashed into every colour that Geet had ever seen. The heat built and built until she was gasping from it.

Then they were racing. Racing, speeding, towards something unknown, something utterly urgently desired. Like breadth. Like air''.

"Please''.Maan'" Geet cried out unsure what she wanted..what she was asking for''..and then he kissed her and they both grasped the rainbow''..gloriously spent.


Geet wrapped her arms around him to keep Maan from shifting away.

"Don't move."

"Iam hurting you."

"No you are not." She let out a long sigh.

"I'm too heavy." He insisted, and compromised by gathering her close and rolling so that their positions were reversed and she lay on top.

"Okay." Satisfied Geet rested her head on his shoulder, snuggled her head and promptly went to sleep.

Maan carried her to her room, which she had mumbled and given instructions of, and laid her on her bed in the dark. He had wanted to settle her down and go but he couldn't resist the urge to snuggle with her''..he settled with her in his arms, held her  for a very long time and stared into the darkness.


 PMs later...unedited version, so there might be loads of mistakes...the effort that i had to exhert for this one, surpusses all others... hope you all like it...let me know

Link to CHAPTER_22 PG-55

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puth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 10:27am | IP Logged
HAWT updateBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
what is Sasha planning????????

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smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 10:38am | IP Logged


with so much passion running
heat burning
you have to mention that Shasha
it seems that the title is just on the verge of justification
I give you a standing ovation for such a remarkable work

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esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Hot n romantic yet beautiful n sensual...I liked how Maan hesitated more than Geet at each step thinking he'll hurt this point I'll hate it if they'll get separated due to any MU's Sasha is trying to create...but lets see what she has actually planned..??I just hope they'll come out of that together...

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jazzerette IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged
You left me spell-bound!! It was beautifully written! Poetic in fact!!

The way the souls coalesced, the bodies were far left behind. 

Very very poetic, very lyrical! 

I am not in a state to say much more than this. Seriously! Splendidly written!!

But my heart does constrict thinking of what Tomorrow awaits for them. Shasha seems to have planned something really trust-shattering. Just hope Maan has seen more than enough trust in Geet's eyes to secure this bond forever.


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ammu5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
beautifully written. hope sashas plan fails

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