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~CONTACT~THREAD 2//ch-23-A/Updated pg-75(26/8/11) (Page 37)

shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
superb update.
love it

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20tullip2000 Goldie

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
vry nice part dear ...loved it to the core !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

will b waiting ...for nxt part

update soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:11am | IP Logged

                 CHAPTER-20 (BLISS) 



" Women wish to be loved not because they are pretty, or good, or well bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves." Quote- Henri Frederic Amiel



                         This date business was nonsense. Geet decided as she got ready for yet another night with Maan_______ and his friends. She saw him everyday in the office. They spent almost 9 or more hours of everyday together. All through the working, unless they were at two separate sections of the office, she could almost feel the blazing hot trail of Maan's scorching eyes following her everywhere. The way the man looked at her made her look in the mirror trying to see what has
 him so mesmerized.


But in all these 'dates' or 'dinners', he was the very image of restraint.

Oh! The man was just trying her patience. She hooked on large hoops to her ears.

'Sincerely how many dinners had they had by now? Oh! Who was counting?' Geet huffed as she brushed her hair. The point was that, never in all of these outings in the evenings were they ever alone, always accompanied by some or other couples or MSK's friends, or they went to his club ad were joined with by his buddies.

"Geet! What is wrong with you!" They were seeing just seeing each other because they enjoyed each other's company, they enjoyed the time spent together, found so much to talk about and they made each other laugh______ at least she laughed too much and he just gazed at her face and when she did so.


And when he kissed her, her brain exploded. Geet pressed her hand to her stomach. He hadn't pressured her to take it any further than those brain draining kisses. Why the hell wasn't he pressuring her? It was driving her crazy, the way he left her shuddering, all but gulping for air, and never insisting they take it a step further______ not since the first time_______ it was as if he was waiting for a sign from her.


"Oh God! _______ what am I to do with this man! _____ and with myself !" Geet added in an afterthought.


Wasn't it she who had asked him to back off and spouted something about knowing him better and now here she was sulking all becoz he wasn't doing the Neanderthal act, grabbing her by her hair and dragging her off to his cave.


Geet gave a giggle picturing him in buckskin''. Not that he won't look good in that too______ actually he looked good in everything, or maybe her brain cells were fried and she needed a good eye checkup.


The door bell chimed.


She opened her door to find Maan leaning casually against one of her verandah pillars.


And as always her heart gave a jolt on seeing him. How did God create such a perfection? Maan did his own slow appraisal which he always did whenever he came to pick her up and let out his breadth in one slow rush. He never stepped a toe, let alone a foot inside her door. Geet had invited him the first time and after he declined she hadn't repeated her offer. Some things were better left undisturbed.




"yeah, so where are we going today and who with?" Geet asked struggling to hide her sarcastic tone from him.


"I have a special treat for you today, how would you like to fly?"

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see." And Maan didn't say another word. After about half an hour in the traffic, they arrived at a private airstrip.

"Do you trust me Geet?"

"You know I do."

"Then don't be scared and come with me."

Maan took her hand and walked towards the offices. There in short order he had signed some forms and other legal papers and was taking her towards a small private plane parked on the runway.

"Geet this is a Cessna Citation Jet. This jet can be explained in three words______ simplicity, economy and performance and it has an upgraded natural laminar flow wing, the speed is provided by two Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-IA engines and it burns about 30% less fuel than any comparable jet engines."


Maan continued his rundown of giving her the stats of the plane, very much aware she wasn't taking in any of it and all through his monologue, he made Geet sit down in her seat besides the pilot seat in the cockpit, strapped her in and then proceeded to do the same himself.


Geet found her voice when the ground clearance crew gave Maan the thumbs up signal to go ahead and he radioed the tower asking for permission and required knots zone for safe flying. Maan had started to confidently started clicking overhead switches, twisting this, turning that, the engines started humming all around her and Maan was constantly talking in his very official looking headphone. The plane had actually started to taxi on the runway when Geet squeaked_______


"Maan you are actually going to fly this?"


"Well Yeah Geet and don't worry this is not the first time that I have flown this, I regularly come here whenever I get ample amount of time. Actually I love flying."


Geet was so scared, sitting in her seat in the belly of the plane whenever she had previously flown, and sitting in the front that too in the very cockpit, surrounded with all the numerous switches that read off so many informations in some strange language, blinking, multicolored was a wholetogether different experience.


"Maan but this is such a small plane, can it fly?"


And even as she said it, she felt the plane's nose start to lift________ Geet clutched the armrests on both sides and closed her eyes. And then she felt Man take her hand in his and say_______

"Geet open your eyes and look around."

The moment she felt his hand in hers, she clutched it like a life line and then tentatively opened her eyes and looked_______ they were soaring, flying over the city. Delhi lay spread below them, lit up, it seemed as if numerous lamps had been put on just as during Diwali. The sight so beautiful that she forgot she had been scared just a few moments ago, she unconsciously squeezed Maan's hand in her excitement.


"Maan this is so beautiful_______"


"Yeah______ I know, I love the view."


Geet was mesmerized. She turned her head aware that Maan was looking at her  and saw for the first time the depths of his feelings in his eyes. The feelings she felt almost choking her, reflected in his eyes too.


"I have never shared this with anybody else before."


"He loves me!" Geet's heart sang. Geet stared wide eyed at him.

Maan frowned.

Geet touched his face with her palm and he smiled and then turned back to the controls, unaware what his eyes had let on.

"and he doesn't know it yet! WOW! How is that possible?" Geet thought.


After they had landed and Maan had brought her back and parked the car in front of her house, Geet turned towards him______


"Thank you".


"You are welcome."

"Thank You for everything."

"What was this second thank you for?"

"Aeiwai______" Geet shrugged, "I just wanted to say that." Then she drew him near holding him by his shirt, "but if you want specifics then that one was for such a beautiful evening." And she gave him a light kiss______ "also for sharing something like that with me." And she gave him a second feather-light kiss.

Maan groaned, and held  the back of her head and angled his head and dove in and within seconds both could feel their heart pounding away.


"Geet you better go____ now!" Maan rested his forehead against hers and closed his eyes.


Geet closed her eyes for a second, took a deep breadth and shutdown her brain's reasoning and listened to her heart's wishes and plugged ahead.


"I don't want you to go."


Maan became deadly still for a quarter of a second_____ it felt as if he wasn't even breathing and then he opened his eyes and gave her one of his long soul-searching stares.


"I don't want you to regret anything Geet."


He said in a very quiet voice.


His voice seemed to be coming in from a very long distance, above the drumming of Geet's heart.


Geet just shook her head.


"You do realize what will happen if I stay?"


Again Geet just nodded, staring at him with her wide doe eyes.


"Geet I want you to tell me that you know what you are doing_______ exactly! Geet, I don't want any misunderstandings, I don't want to start something and then have to stop, becoz in spite of what you might think me capable of, I don't have some superhuman restraint to walk away from you after you say such a thing. Iam actually at the end of my leash. Why do you think we have never been alone whenever we have gone out?"


Geet felt thrilled at hearing Maan say these words. The man who was a terror to everyone in the business community, who was considered a very savvy businessman, didn't even realize, wasn't even aware how much he was revealing. And in the age old way in which women have been always superior to men in the matters of heart, she felt the last doubts of her mind lift and she smiled.


"Geet?" Maan looked at her with a frown on his face, "did you hear anything that I have just told you?"

"Yes, I have."

"Then I need you t tell me what you want."


"If I have to tell you then you're not nearly as quick as I thought you were Mr. Maan Sing Khurana."


Maan didn't understand her changed attitude and still gave a very skeptical look at her.

"You once told me, in that lift, that you can read my eyes, so look, read them and tell me, you don't know what I want?"

So here is chapter-20 for u all update will be in very soon as i plan to complete this , but along with what i know all of u will be anticipating after reading the last part of this update Wink, let me tell u Sasha will have to intervene this time in the next part, but i promise u will all love what ever happens after THAT.
So Guys get to work, i need loads of 'LIKES' and comments.
Link to next part...CHAPTER-21 PG-49

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they both r crazy about 4 eachother...
wats d thing wid maan...commitment...da...does he even realise he is already geet ofcourse...
commitment does nt always come in words...actions speak louder then wrds...lvly update...

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Hi Khushi..thanks 4 da pm n update! It was fantabulous! Well written! Maan has no self control when it comes to Geet lol! He still does nt understand that he is in love wid Geet! Geet asking Maan to stay has den confused him lol! Please update soon...waiting!!! Wink

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mysteriousmilli IF-Sizzlerz

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mind blowing update...maan is confused...Embarrassed  continue soon...

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Awesome update. . . . OMG!!

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Awesome n thnks 4 pm

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