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~CONTACT~THREAD 2//ch-23-A/Updated pg-75(26/8/11) (Page 32)

madhujasthi Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 4:34am | IP Logged

wonderful  story  

liked  the story and concept 

PM me on the further updates

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Update coming up guys... in fifteen minutes.

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mrk-1maankigeet4everFallen Angel

khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
I had thought to show you all Sasha's horns and tail in this part , but as so many of you wanted i have postponed it for some time and am building the story a bit...she will come with her vampness in about the third update from this for's that?

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asmi123Newdimemrk-118mypridemaankigeet4everFallen Angel

khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged

                         CHAPTER-19 (TIT FOR TAT)


" Love one another and you will be happy; it is as simple and as difficult as that."      Quote: Michael Leunig

                            Geet floated. Her days were spent in a daze of absolute happiness. She could categorize her life in two parts________ before she met Maan and after she met him.


Before meeting him, she had been happy with her life, content in her world with every aspect of her life filled her family and friends but after meeting Maan, her life seemed complete to her.


Those moments of loneliness while sitting among a crowd full of friends and family, seemed to have been a prelude__________ a waiting for him to arrive. For her, he was IT. She loved him with everything that she had and everything she was.


In the office, they worked together, sharing a very good rapport with each other, better than before, staying late at times. Sometimes she caught Maan looking so intensely at her as if he could see straight to her soul. She was just happy. Even Sasha was being so good to her. At first she had been apprehensive, but gradually Sasha had been able to win her over. Sasha genuinely seemed to like her now. She was giving Geet more and more big projects to share with her.


For Maan, she was a breadth of fresh air, her chatter didn't disturb him. He looked forward to her "non-stop bak bak", as he called it. The moment they called it a day, the world seemed empty and this made him call her at nights too. Initially it started with some or other excuse on both their sides, but then it became an unspoken habit. And by that unspoken rule, they never spoke about it during the day.


Their long intense looks made both of them yearn. And they discovered that they could anticipate what the other wanted even without saying the words. A distance of a hall full of people or a glass partition wasn't any barrier for them. At first Geet had been shy around him, but as days passed, she became her usual bubby self. In all this the only thing that always brought on a tiff between them was Geet's own fight with herself.


Maan wanted to take her out to dinner.

She declined.

Maan suggested a long drive on any day at the week-end.

She declined.

The more he pressed, the more she clamped up.


Maan was at his wit's end with her. The girl was so stubborn. She won't go out with him, she won't accept anything from him. He wanted to give her so many things. He wanted to take her places, but she had put her foot down. WHY? Is what he wanted to know and couldn't make it spill from her.


"go out with me tonight, your choice of restaurant." He sent her a sms.


"just give me 1 reason why?"

"no reason, just no."

"look at me."

Geet glanced through the glass partition. Maan was watching her steadily the  question still in his eyes.

 He dialed her extension, Geet smiled and picked up her phone when it rang.

"Tell me why?"

"There is nothing to tell."

"O.K., lets play a game, if I win you will go out with me."

"What if you cheat?"

"Lets see, I didn't know you were a chicken."

"Iam not!"

"Then prove it, come on, play."


"Look at me and keep on looking, lets see who looks away first."

"No! what if someone comes in?"

"Bad luck then, that's risk, iam also playing.


Maan looked at face, so eager to win, a twinkle in her eyes, full of mischief, and realized that she too would resort to any means to win __________ he knew her very well. He pushed the 'enter' button on his Laptop and waited with a straight face.


In exactly 3 minutes, Adi opened Geet's door and huffed''

"Geet can you please give me the Sinha Construction file, right NOW! The Boss needs to see the complete file right now!"

Geet jumped ________ she had gotten lost in Maan's eyes and she turned her head to look at Adi.


"Sinha Construction file Geet, NOW RIGHT NOW!!! "

"Yes, Adi Sir, just a moment," and as was her nature, she jumped from her chair and took out the file and gave It to Adi and as Adi left her cabin_____ then did she remember ______ that  she had lost  her bet.


She looked over at Maan's cabin, he and Adi had their heads together, over the file, and she repeated___________

"Sir needs to see the complete file right now!"

She was so furious that she stomped over to his cabin and without stopping to knock she barged in.


"Adi Sir, have you finished?"

"N'no-nono Geet, we just started, why?"


Maan looked at her eyes and gave a small smile.

"Adi Sir, I need to discuss something of much importance with our boss, so, can you please give us a few minutes?"

She said this with an overly sweet smile directed towards Adi.


"No Adi, stay, this is much more important, and Geet iam not ur Boss." Maan said this, sitting back on his chair.

"Adi Sir, please can you step out for two minutes?"

"O.K. Geet."

"Stay Adi."

"Adi Sir!"


"I'll change my name!" Adi wailed caught between the cross fire.

Geet took pity on the poor fellow, she took a deep breadth and looked at Maan who was watching  her as if fascinated with something.


"O.K. you stay and Maan Sir, I'll speak with you some other time."

And so saying she left the room.


After fifteen minutes, Ashok Babu entered with a tray and two cups of coffee.

Maan understood that she was still angry on him and so hadn't bring the coffee herself.


"Even in her angry state of mind, she didn't forget my coffee, she is a gem of a girl." Maan thought and took his first sip of the coffee and immediately spit it out_________

"WHAT THE------------."

"What happened Sir?" Adi stared at him.

"How is your coffee Adi?"

"Delicious! Perfectly fine! As always Sir, Geet makes great coffee!" Adi took another sip as if to prove his point and then went back to his calculations.


"Yeah, Just great! As always!" Maan took back every good thing that he had thought about her.

"I'll not let her off that easily." Maan seethed''.. he was even more angry as he watched Adi sip and relish his 'perfectly fine, delicious' coffee and then he saw Geet collect her bag and almost run out of her cabin towards the elevators.


"Adi finish up and then go home, Iam off."

"Where are you going Sir?'

"I have a score to settle." And Maan too rushed out from his cabin.

 He stopped the doors of the elevators from closing by putting his foot in the opening and as the reopened he entered and then stood glowering at her.


Geet continued as if nothing unusual had happened and gave him a bright teeth flashing smile. When that didn't work and he started to take threatening steps towards her, she backed up and ended up with her back to the elevator wall.


"Sir, be reasonable, it was Tit for Tat."

"Was it, How? Please explain."

"I know you cheated and somehow made Adi sir, come to my cabin at that instant, all worried and nervous, so that I lose my bet, so I too_______"


"So you put SALT in my coffee?"

"Well I couldn't get hold of red hot pepper so''.." and she struggled not to laugh, she bit on her lips to stop the laugh that was struggling to pour out.


"A moment before I took that sip, I was actually complementing you and then''''" Maan shouted.


Geet hid her face in her palms and her body shook.


"Geet!!" Maan got alarmed.

"Iam not that angry, actually iam angry, but not THAT''..please don't cry."


And Geet removed her hands and doubled over with laughter.


"Iam not crying Maan Sir, how did you like the taste?"

"This is a laughing matter to you?" Maan narrowed his eyes.

"look at the positive side Maan Sir, if I would have found chilli flakes or red hot pepper, what would have happened to you then?" Geet laughed, her eyes dancing with mirth.


"You_______" Maan caged her by placing both palms smack on both sides of the elevator walls and then pressed the 'stop' button of the elevator.


Her heart thudded against her ribs. The joke forgotten.


He moved a little closer.

She looked like a doe cornered.

He looked more than dangerous at the moment, with his eyes so intense, gone totally black, he looked fatal.

He looked________ tempting.


"Look Maan Sir________"


He let his gaze wander down lazily before sliding up again.


"I like what I see______"

"Its not what I mean___________"

"Don't you think it is a little too much for me to keep walking away_____everytime?"


Her skin tingled as little pulses of excitement danced over it.


"I expect you to take a no for an answer."


"Do you? Why can't I read the no in your eyes then? They look at me with such yearning at times, that it takes all my will power to stop myself from taking you then and there."


He leaned in just a little_______ a brush of bodies, the feather of breadth over mouth.


"Your eyes are your greatest enemies Geet_____ I could have sworn that you were expecting this."


He lowered his mouth towards hers, stopping an inch before contact. He saw her eyes darken, heard her breadth hitch and knew she had stopped breathing.

He waited, while his blood pounded in his heart______ waited until he knew they were both suffering.


"Kiss me Geet, this time you kiss me _______ show me you want me as much b as I want you."


She couldn't have stopped herself. In that long moment when their eyes had held, she hungered, and desire poured through her like heated wine.


The instant she put her lips against his, need slammed into her like a velvet fist. In the heartbeat that took for the kiss to deepen, pleasure streaked through them like white hot light.


Geet moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck and met greed with greed.


"Oh my God!" was all Maan could think before he drowned.


There was no gentle exploration, no easy sampling. This was all heat and hunger, passion warring against passion, strength pitted against mush.


She was all wild tastes and silken textures. She was arousing scents and soft sighs. Her mouth was pure sin and was rapidly driving him beyond reason. His hands tangled in her hair, dragged her head back so that he could have more, still more,

He tore his lips from hers to race them over her jaw, down her throat_____

She gave an impatient murmur and dragged his lips back to hers by holding on to his hair_____

Her mouth seemed like a erotic dream come true____


"where were you______" Maan murmured.


His hands couldn't get enough____ he lifted her kurti and touched her warm silken skin, heated, from the passion now racing over her.

"Geet let me have you_______"

"I '''" her head was spinning, her breath came in rugged gulps!

The place where he held seemed to have come alive, she could feel every pore on her skin there.

"Wait, just wait_______"

"No______" Maan brought her even closer to him, flush against him and let her feel how much she was effecting him.

Oh! torture was so sweet, so drugging!

"You are killing me Geet, this is torture, plain and simple!" Maan breathed and bit on her earlobe.

"Wait______ please wait!" Geet pressed her palm on his chest.


"I need to think____ I wasn't thinking."


"then don't think______" Maan nibbled on her neck.

"Please". It was more her tone than her hand that made  Maan stop and look at her.


Dark eyes stared at her brown depths, both panting'' he skimmed his hands in one long stroke down her sides_____


"I can fix it so that neither of us will be thinking again."

"Iam sure you could, but I know you won't, so please back off a minute."

"You know that won't change anything, iam still going to want you. You're still going to want me."


It cost him, but he dropped his hands.


"Geet how long are we going to pretend that this is enough?"

"Iam not pretending Maan! I just need some time to adjust to the thought, I just need to know you better, can you understand That?"


Unaware that she had just used his name for the first time without adding her usual 'Sir', Geet put both her hands on her waist and took a lungful of air to stop her heart from racing on.


Maan heard and smiled, pleased.

"I understand______ why do you think I have stopped short everytime, if not for you then who was I thinking of?"

Geet knew this for a fact.

"O.K.! I'll go out with you___  if that's what you want. I'll have dinner with you, that's what you wanted right?"

"Among other things_____ yes." Maan nodded.



credit for the pic goes to the uploader


Unedited version bear with me... second update after 12am tonight guys... PMs later let me know how you all liked it...(imp note on pg-39)


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areee me read it two times one  unedited one and again with pics version eye tonic ka khayal bhi toh rakhna padta hai.LOL

loved it   loved it    loved it 
intense look in maan's eyes marjawa !!!!Dead

 blend of emotions,need,,longing and smile hayeee 
maan to gaya kaam se LOL 
 khushi kis ki coffee mein salt ya pepper milaya sach sach bata na hmmm doubt hota haiWink

yaar lift scene was dhak dhak  donno what to do of maan ?? wow this time he gave geet fulltoo chance mind blowing dear and geet ne bhi poora faayada uthaya mazza time ah !

kuch kuch andaza ho raha hai ki aage kya hone waala hai waiting for IT to happen Wink

wanna see khushi ki pahuch kaha kaha tak haiWink 
adi bechara maneet ka maara apna naam badal ne pe utaroo ho gaya it was hilarious chalo usko coffee to acchi mili ,the best part was maan thinking geet too good not to forget coffee bechara aasmaan se gir ke  lift mein atak gayaLOL ab badla toh banta hai boss LOL

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appyshenoy Senior Member

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awesome yar.
kya bath hai you are giving a fast update .
can you pm me ?i have already sent a buddy request.

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sanjh1234

How much longer are you going to take to read this???? jaldi kar na!!!!Tongue

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khushi_4ever IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by appyshenoy

awesome yar.
kya bath hai you are giving a fast update .
can you pm me ?i have already sent a buddy request.

Certainly...i have already accepted your friend's request. Next update will be by 12 am tonight so read on...

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