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~CONTACT~THREAD 2//ch-23-A/Updated pg-75(26/8/11)

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Maan Singh Khurana...a successful businessman...a man to reckon with...he achieves everything that he wants to...nobody can ever defeat him in anything...a man totaly in control over his body, soul and mind. He loved to be a perfectionist and had no time to waste.
Geet Handa...a girl full of life...a perfectionist to the core...but she loved life and intended to make the best out of it...she loved people and was quick to make friends... no problem was too big for her no person a stranger.
Relationships were something he was forever avoiding, he didn't want to be emotionally dependent on anyone for fear that they will ultimately hurt him, and so he jealously guarded his heart...
She believed in people and was forever making new friends, getting into new relations...she believed life to be too short not to do so...and loved to love the people she met, she received love and friendship always in return as noone was immune to her delightful smile and disarming nature...
This VM seemed so appropriate for my FF...All credit for the video goes to the creator, thank u MsDreamy Princess
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                                                    Part 1
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                                    THREAD 2
                                  CHAPTER-15(A) PG-1
                                  CHAPTER -15(B) PG-1
                          CHAPTER-16   PG-18
                          CHAPTER-17  PG-26
                          CHAPTER-18  PG-27
                          CHAPTER-19 PG-35
                                           CHAPTER-20 PG-41
                          CHAPTER-21 PG-49
                           CHAPTER-22(A)  PG-55
                         CHAPTER-22(B) PG-64
1 most important thing plz vote for our show as there are talks for closing down some shows of star one, so as every other show is petitioning fr their cause ..all of u too do this...i have provided the link below...go to the page, give ur full name and e-mail id, both of which will never come online on anybody's screens and sign the petition...
Plz go and read this post too u will come to know what is happening here.

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        Dips had stayed over at Geet's home for the night as she had been alone. At night Geet had told her everything...editing some few intimate details. After Geet finished relating what had happened, Dips was silent for some time and then she asked in a very curt tone...

"So, what are u going to do now?"

"What happened to u? Why are u so angry?"

"Why shouldn't I be? Who does he think he is?"

"No Dips  if I love somebody, there is no rule which dictates he should love me."

"But what does he mean by ? 'here?now', are u going to accept that...will it be enough for u?"

"I don't know...I sincerely don't know...just let it go Dips??just let it be for now..."

And they didn't talk about it anymore...

Geet didn't sleep long after Dips had dozed off...she wandered around the room...her music didn't touch her, her favorite books couldn't hold her attention. She had always been so cherished all her life, rejection or this feeling of absolute helplessness was so new to her that she didn't know what to do.

When the first rays of the sun found her she was sitting on the window seat, hugging her knees to her chest. She moved from there before Dips could wake up.

When she had finished her bath, she woke Dips with a breakfast tray and then she called up the office and spoke to Pinky and told her to inform MSK that she won't be going to the office that day. Pinky had wanted to talk to her but she didn't give her a chance to prolong the conversation. She and Dips then discussed things that they could do together that day...and they decided to catch a movie.

It was 2pm and they had just  come out of the movie theater when Geet's cell rang, she saw that it was from MSK's office, Pinky's desk. She deliberated  on picking it up and then answered...


"Geet thank God you answered, can you please tell me whereistheFirstAidBox?"

"Pinky...Pinky...slow down what are u saying??I couldn't understand a single word..."

"First Aid Box?where is it? It is not in its usual place..."

"Calm down Pinky it must be near the water cooler..."

" isn't there...and Ashok Babu is also not here...plz tell me where has it gone..."

And then Geet remembered, the night when Maan had kissed her...she had taken the First Aid Box to his room? might still be on the sideboard or sitting on top of the files behind his desk.

"Pinky, it must be in Maan Sir's cabin...he will know where it is, just go and look for it in his cabin or better ask him about it..."

" can't do that...i can't ask him, he will blast me off, if I do so is he who has cut his hand..."

Geet cut in sharply... "Who has cut his hand?"

"Maan sir has cut his hand badly on a piece of glass and now we are unable tofind the First Aid box..."

Geet again cut her off in mid-sentence...

"Go to his cabin Pinky, it is in there...dab the wound with some antiseptic and hold the cotton tightly over the wound and apply pressure on it, it will stop the bleeding...i am coming..."

"then come fast Geet...i don't think I will be able to do any of the things that you just said...I'll try but you plz come fast..."


And Geet ran from there, giving a very hurried explanation to a surprised Dips. She forgot all that she had resolved to do that very morning; all that she could think about was that Maan was hurt.

When she entered the office, she ran straight to Maan's cabin, but it was empty. She rushed back out and then saw Pinky coming down the corridor. Pinky gave a very relieved exclamation on seeing Geet and rushed towards her.

"Thank God you r here...he won't let anybody do anything and the blood hasn't yet stopped completely..."

"Where is he?"

"in Adi sir's cabin..."

"what is he doing there and how did this happen?"

Geet had already started to walk very fast towards Adi's cabin...

"he has been working in Adi Sir's cabin since morning and then that horrible Mr. DeMarco guy called, he had some heated words with him...and Sir got up while talking to him and in a fit of anger he pounded his hand on top of the table without seeing what was kept there and Adi Sir had a showpiece miniature of two dancing dolphins...and Sir's hand fell on top of them?.smashing that showpiece...

Geet flung open the door to Adi's cabin

Everybody inside, including Adi, was standing, hovering all around MSK, but nobody had the guts to do something or try to help him...

"Pinky did you bring the..." Maan stopped in mid-sentence when he looked up and saw Geet.


Geet looked at Maan and realized she really didn't have a choice anymore...whatever fate  had in store for her, she was incapable of staying away from him...he might not love her, but she did and she would take her chances...rather with him than without  him...


Maan watched as Geet walked towards him...there was something in her eyes...something beautiful and strong as if she had been worried about something and now she has found the answer.

He forgot the pain in his hand??and drank in  her sight. His face softened, his gaze softened...he looked on as she walked towards him and looked as if she had eyes only for him.

Adi and Pinky looked at each other. Adi could practically feel the pulsating air around his Maan Sir and Geet.


Geet walked up to Maan and silently extended her hand for the bottle of antiseptic that he had been holding...

"aap baith jayea Maan Sir."

She made him sit on a chair and pulled up another one and sat on it and then lookd closely at the cut.

"Pinky I need a pair of twisters... does anybody here have twisters?"

Everybody scattered, specially the girls in search of twisters...

"Do you see Maan Sir? there is a  small piece of glass struck there, so the bleeding has not stopped yet..."


Geet looked up at Maan, who hadn't yet said a word since she had come in. he was looking down at her...and as she looked up into his eyes, she gave a small smile at him.

"Good Afternoon Maan Sir."

"Good Afternoon Geet."

"What are you doing here Maan Sir, in Adi Sir's cabin?"

"umh...i didn't like the de'cor of my room."

Geet again smiled, "that I can help you with... after all iam an expert in..."

"What are u doing here Geet?"

"I am cleaning up ur cut Sir."

Maan shook his head...and stopped her with his other hand...


"I already told you sir, I don't have a choice."

"Geet but i..."

"Don't say anything Maan Sir...both of us know where we stand...i don't have any illusions Sir."

Just then Pinky came in with twisters.

"Sir you might need stitches for this..."

"No, its ok...I don't need stitches."

"No you have to Maan Sir, at least you have to show this to a nurse... every time you flex ur fingers the wound will open up and bleeding will start again..."

And MSK had to go to the nearest Hospital along with Adi.


Much later in the evening, when Geet entered Maan's cabin Adi was there and they were discussing about something and Adi was doing MSK's typing on the laptop for him.

Maan looked at Geet and he felt the glow of wonder of her being there for him. Geet set down the tray that she was carrying with three sets of coffee cups. Adi was delighted to get a cup too.

"How are you feeling Maan Sir?"

I am fine thank you."

"I'll be off then...did you need anything before I go home?"

But before MSK could answer Adi spoke up...

"Geet you r going to be on time tomorrow right? What with so much work to do and Maan Sir's hand, there are many meetings scheduled for tomorrow..."

Maan looked straight at her eyes...and Geet looked back. The question had been asked by Adi but it was reflected off of Maan's eyes. It seemed as if Maan was asking the question from Geet.

Geet smiled at Adi and looked at Maan and said,

"Yeah, I'll be on time."

The next day when MSK came in Geet was taking measurements of his cabin.

"What are you doing Geet?"

"I am taking ur cabin's measurements Maan Sir."

"So I can see...but why?"

"You yourself said yesterday that you are not liking the de'cor... so I was thinking of changing it..."

"I changed my mind..."



"So soon?.."

"Yeah.i am Maan Singh Khurana, I can do whatever I feel like."

"o.k. my full hour wasted..."Geet pouted. 
Maan was walking towards Geet while talking and she was retreating.(I loved this & so I copied it)

"Maan sir?"

"Huh Geet?"

"O.k. fine as you seem to have changed your mind, I should get going..."

"hummm...ok.." and he stopped and stood there and crossed his arma and smiled.

Geet realized that if she was to go out of the room she had to go past him as the door was behind Maan.

"Maan Sir, I need to go..."

'Iam not telling you not to..."

Geet walked towards him slowly...her heart beating louder  with each step and Maan just stood there waiting  for her...watching her coming closer. Geet came beside Maan standing shoulder to shoulder...they both looked at each other sideways...nobody saying anything...Geet brushed past him...Maan inhaled...he took in Geet's fragrance and Geet the sensation of her hand brushing his.


They were so attuned to each other that even with the barrier of the glass  between them they could understand each other's thoughts??read each other's eyes. By unspoken rule both of them started to match everything to each other's clocks as much as possible...

Both came in at the same time and walked  back out at the end of the day together...and talked and talked...most of the time MSK would just listen to her...Geet would become so animated with something she strongly feels for or when she was very angry...

Maan had thought of offering to pick her up...but then it had seemed like a further step into a relationship to him...he couldn't accept the one glaring fact staring him at his face that he already was way in too deep emotionally. He told himself that if he offered to pick her up or drop her off, then she would decline, as she was a stickler of social norms and about people noticing.


Their days passed in a glow of happiness, Geet always had a spring in her step and MSK had forgotten to frown. Everybody in the office noticed the change and knew or guessed the reason, but they were loyal to their Maan Sir and so were happy for him , and almost all of them loved Geet and they couldt have thought of a better person for their Maan Sir.It was one such day that Sasha came back form her vacation.



MSK was looking at her through the glass partition as he dictated Tasha a letter which was to be dispatched, and was wishing that Geet would turn her head and look at him once as he hadn't seen her the whole day. Geet did turn towards him but the moment she saw that he was with someone she not only turned back, but she even angled her chair away from his view.

This amused Maan to no end, as he himself didn't care what people thought about but but Geet did and it was manifested more, especially after the incident last week...


credit for the VM goes to the creator...

Comments and likes make me very happy as they are fodder to i need loads of comments and likes...i will be uploading part 15[B] by evening today, so plz keep checking this thread...

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                              It had been raining and there had been an urgent conference and presentation scheduled as their overseas client had come unexpectedly and demanded to see a complete presentation of detailed designs for a campus for their employees of an upcoming venture. The conference hall was dark as the projector was projecting out the images that the whole team had prepared along  with MSK and he himself was giving the presentation. Everybody was sitting at small tables facing the screen and Geet was sitting at the very last table and she was pushing the button for the projector at MSk's prompt. MSK was walking around the room while telling the finer points of the drawing for the project. As he passed the last table intending to make his circuit around the room, he realized that it was Geet who was sitting at the last table, all by herself, facing the screen, changing the slides, behind everyone.

And Maan couldn't stop himself, he had told himself that he wouldn't touch her??? but she was looking so sweet in her black halter neck and rumpled, white skirt, which reached to her ankles??she had big loops on her ears??..her hair was slightly wet , maybe from the rain and Maan lightly touched her hair. Geet who had been following him with her eyes, felt the touch, even though it had been a very fleeting one, she felt the caress...she felt a warm glow within her and felt very happy and as he moved off, she gave a smile looking at his silhouette as he walked back towards the screen...
She didn't know in that half light falling on her face from the screen, her smile had looked so enchanting to MSK that he flattered in his step, looking at her smile so freely at him...and he slid unaware, painlessly, effortlessly into love.
But adamant that he was he didn't understand the ministrations of his own heart and just felt the delight of her smile at him, a joy a happiness.

He came back and stood behind her...she sensed him, but didn't turn her head...he didn't touch her or do anything, but just stood there...continuing his presentation...then he walked off.

Geet let out her breadth that she had been holding. Everytime he completed the circuit he came and stood behind her...both of them as if waiting for something...the air pulsed around them...both aware of the other one...
All around them, all their colleagues had their eyes glued to the screen as they needed to remember all the finer points and whatever MSK was saying pertaining to the designs...


MSk continued this a couple more times...he had eyes only for her and she followed him with every prompt of his for "SLIDE", she mechanically pushed the button, as she no longer could concentrate on what was being shown...or what she was doing...
On the seventh circuit...MSK stood behind her and slid both his hands from her arms to her hands and interlaced their fingers over the back of hers. Geet felt her heart stop with a thud so loud that she was sure everyone in the room must have heard it...


"and now you can see the streets are marked in this drawing..."

and Maan sank his face in her hair and inhaled deep...


"you will notice the pavements have been done in such a way that a baby-stroller or a wheel chair can easily be pushed or pulled up from the streets..."


and His nose grazed Geet's cheek... Geet was inhaling through her mouth...her throat dry...




And MSK himself lifted her hand laced with his to push the button ...


"and now here's the park adjoining the health centre..."


He kissed her left ear...


"there are three such parks planned...2small and this one the biggest..."


Maan released her hand...removed her hair from her neck and gave her a kiss on that side of her neck...

"SLIDE...and now we come to the last slide...Gentlemen you can all see the overview of the whole campus, along with the boundary wall surrounding it..."


And he slightly first bit her on her other side of her neck and then kissed her there and then walked off  towards the front of the room...


The whole roomful pf people were totally oblivious to what had been going on...

"Lights", MSK said and as the lights came on, he looked directly at Geet...her face was flushed and her eyes looked huge and heavy, and  looking at her he felt the punch of it in his blood which shot straight to his head and his gut.
The clients were saying something and they had to repeat their question as he hadn't heard them the first time.
"what is wrong with you?.why did u do that??.?" Maan berated himself, "what was I thinking?"
But that was just it he hadn't thought anything he had just gone with the flow...he knew he could afford to be alone with her tonight...


A girl from the planning section asked her what has happened and Geet just mutely shook her head, she kept her eyes on her notes, her heart was still galloping...she was scared to look up for fear that everyone would look at her eyes and know what had happened here...


All around her people were  either pushing their chairs or talking or discussing the project, but Geet just sat on her chair looking at her notes...the words blurred...her tongue curled inside her mouth, her lips slightly open...


Maan watched her from a distance, he got worried, "why wasn't she moving from there?"

Her stillness was disturbing to him. He kept on talking to his clients all the time steering them towards the door...towards where Geet was still seating. He motioned to Adi and then in a very low voice told Adi, "Adi it seems Geet is not feeling well...can u take her to her cabin..."

Adi nodded and then went to Geet and sat down opposite her...


"Geet? Are u ok? Maan Sir has asked you to go to your cabin as you are not feeling fine..."

And without a word or a glance at MSK, Geet went out of the conference room. Maan  was worried and distracted...he had to know what has happened to Geet, why was she behaving thus?

After half an hour, he directed his clients towards their banquet hall where an arrangement for lunch had been done...but when he reached there he saw that Geet wasn't there, ideally she was supposed to be there, as she had organized the whole thing and it had been her idea n the first place as it would afford ample opportunity for the clients to get to know the people with whom they were going to work for the project...he asked Adi and  few of his executives to take over and excused himself from there.

The office downstairs was deserted as everybody was there at the luncheon; he went straight to Geet's cabin, she was standing with her back to the door staring out of her window.

"Geet??.are you O.K?"

Geet didn't reply...
MSk went upto her and turned her to face him and was shocked to see that she was crying...

"Oh my God Geet...why are you crying? Plz don't I won't ever touch you again...iam so sorry...i..."

And Geet flung her hands around his waist and cried even harder on his chest. Maan was so puzzled, he didn't know what to say... And just let her cry her heart out. When the tears dried up and she was left with sniffles?he held her chin and made her look up... 
She looked like a small girl with her red nose and red rimmed eyes...
"Are you going to tell me what is the matter with you? Just tell me and I won't ever touch you again, but please don't cry..."
Geet sniffled and lowered her eyes.

"you have to tell me Geet..."

"There was so many people all around us..and I was so lost in what you were ..."and she blushed
"So?"Maan prompted
"So...I got scared once the lights came on...what if someone would have seen us?..i have never done something like this ever...never lost sense of everything like this..."
"And so you started crying..."
"Delayed reaction...I was scared but I..."
Geet shook her head
"Come on tell me...what?"
"No you will laugh at me again..."
"I won't...  tell me."
"I was sacred...but I had liked it and I got more scared that people would I started crying..."
MSK let out his breadth and leaned his forehead on hers...
"What am I going to do with you??and so you have been crying and hiding out here..."
Geet nodded.
"Are you ok now?"
Geet again nodded.
"Fine I'll never again do such a thing, ok... Now come up there or otherwise people surely will start asking questions.




Maan went on dictating to Tasha and it was then that Sasha came in and she saw MSK looking at the back of Geet's chair with a slight smile on his lips and she stood shocked, she had heard from Tasha about the change in MSK, but she hadn't believed?..but now looking at him thus, unaware, she understood that something was definitely going on.


credit for the VM goes to the creator...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------COMMENTS AND LIKES...I NEED THEM LIKE ANYTHING...THEN ONLY DOES MY BRAIN START TO WORK...SO NOW U ALL GET STARTED...I GAVE U ALL A BONUS TODAY SO...GIVE IT BACK TWOFOLD TO MEWink

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Need loads of comments and likes did u all like the introduction this time...plz comment on that too...

Guys plz go to the link that i have provided above and sign the petiton to save our show...

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me waiting Day DreamingDay Dreaming
hurry up CryCry
finally u have updated SmileSmile
i was waiting like anything WinkEmbarrassedWink

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Great update dear!! worth the wait ..I must say!!The story line is amazing and so is your narrative style..Please give us more frequent updates...please...pleaseEmbarrassed

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Thank you...Hug...but am getting disheartened why so few comments and likes...Cry

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