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Epi 339: D-N The Real Eternal Story (Page 11)

TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged
Maybe we have to ask them to upload the epis.

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Ani_La_Iam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kshreya2002

Maybe we have to ask them to upload the epis.

I did...I can not find the episodes anywhere else. Unhappy

I live in Denmark so my only option is the net.

They should like America make DVD box set with hit TV shows.

I would properly only buy LS and LTL ( or anything else with Mishal)...but it can be a good business...specially in Europe.

Here you buy box set every time you like a show and the best things is: behind the scenes, bloopers, gag reel and commentaries. Smile

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Anu-Reddy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
What a turn of events.  Oh man oh man and oh mannn. Srsly mindblowing suspence and twists in there. So, 
1) The woman that Damodar meant while dying was Ramdas's Mom? may be.
2) Rupali mightve meant to say that Damodar was trying to protect her but her son attacked her?
3) Nana mightve killed Ramdas?
4) Nana now wants to avenge his sisters this lachari thinking its because of Damodar?
5) Ramdas might be in the woman traffickling business which Damodar was meaning in his letters , the business he hates. So like dad like son lol...D would be proud of his dad when he gets to know abt it Embarrassed
6) Ramdas's mom assumes that damodar killed her son but she didnt see it happen so iam sure she is guessing it.
7) Nana might then be aware of Damodar's son Dutta.  So that means was he the person behind Seema's betrayl too?. What did he do to do that? Paid her to betray or sent her to betray D? Ouch
8) The person who sent Ravi to D's house was also Nana then.
9) Nana always knew that Kala hated D and he was the one who was sending those badi hasti letters? Makes sense now.
10) No wonder Dutta's men said "aap" when they saw that person who came to save Ravi and Supriya.
Great episode and a wonderful twist...

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bandbajao Goldie

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Some wonderful discussion happening here! Embarrassed Shall definitely comment later in the night!! Amazing posts by all of you it is really such an intense situation!

Check out this Week's promo! 

Thank you Ana! Blushing

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*dewdrop~pearl* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Moontide

Originally posted by *dewdrop~pearl*

Originally posted by Elysia

Originally posted by *dewdrop~pearl*

Originally posted by Elysia

Originally posted by *dewdrop~pearl*

Originally posted by Elysia

Gecko! Tu aagayi HugI missed you!

Heyyy...I missed you too sweety Hug!!
Tho kya haal hain Boss Big smile?!

 I'm good, sweets. You? How long did it take you to write the essay on the episodes? LOL Tongue

I'm also fine Cool. Oh it took some time to write, but I was in the mood, so it was ok Big smile! And am really looking forward to this mystery unfolding Wink, but in the mean time, I have a feeling Nakku will get it big time from Dutta one of these days Ermm. God save her LOL!
 Well, she surely is pushing the wrong buttons, isn't she? Especially when he's always so grumpy. Unless he's romancing her. Grumpy Gadha.

Well ya she does press his wrong buttons, but the problem is, Dutta has too many "wrong" buttons that every now and then kuch na kuch tho press hota hi rehta hain LOL!

The Dutta-girls discussing their man Day Dreaming
How many buttons have the two of you pressed by the way? please spill some of the beans Wink

Well, in my case its always been the "right" buttons Approve. You see, I just know him too well, so I know the knack of "puppying" him Big smile!

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sss8080 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
@  BB   &   Associates 

Clap  Clap   Clap   Clap    Clap..

 Maha episode ke liye   Dhero   Dhero   Taliya 
Mai  aisa  bahut  der se  sooch  rahi  hon  ki  , 

COMPLIMENT .  dene  ki  kya  zaroot  hai   abhi  ,  jab  ki   sare  mere  friends  ne sab  kah  dala  hai,  ab    kaun  sa   adjective    chhut.( left )...gaya  hai  ?..

 Speechless   ,  Mind-blowing  ,   Rocking  ,  Amazing ,  Outstanding  , Thrilling   , Superb ,  Mysterious,  ...Great  Episode  

Yes  ,  something   is left  ,  that  is  very   important 

Thanks  a  Lot  for  giving   all your  valuable  and  Precious   time  to   all of  us  ,  the LTL 1  fans  and giving  them   Immense Pleasure  and  Peace  by  creating  Eternal  love  story .

Thumbs Up   Thumbs Up Thumbs Up


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*dewdrop~pearl* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ZubyDutta

@agbg98: Bravo!Clap Very well said.
Damodar is a person whom D barely knew & cared about even less besides being now dead.Nana though is one who helped D amass whatever D has today, is still an outsider, a business associate.Their past deeds or current treachery will not hurt D.He will be devastated that Nakusha still does not find it in herself to tell him what's on her mind.Agreed she tried but the circumstances were such on that day that D assumed she was mistaken.She could have tried some other time or let it rest for a while after thoroughly warning Baji to lookout for him and wait for another opportunity.Instead she is following dreaded armed goons all by herself.Can u even imagine what that will do to D?
D already feels miserable coz he thinks he is the one who made his Aayi's life hell.Though he said to his wife that Kala's treachery has lightened his burden in truth he still feels responsible for Kala turning out this way. We all know how badly he hurts thinking about how he treated his wife.The only thing he thinks he can do for these people is to protect them from harm & provide them with a comfortable life.It gives my poor man some measure of peace that he is atleast able to do this much of them. Its all he has,BB.I beg you not to take that away from himCry It will kill him to know Nakusha his delicate, simpleton wife is now rounding up gangsters coz she thought he will not believe her.Surely there are other ways to rever St Nakusha instead of showing her do her husband's job.

I understand what you are saying, Zuby. Definitely, Dutta cares more about Nakku than his life too, but even Nakku is EXACTLY like him in this aspect Wink. She would rather risk her life for Dutta, than sit and watch anything wrong happening to him. She has already gone through hell after he was presumed dead after his car crash. So she is really scared now, and doesnt want something similar to happen to Dutta again! And she knows Dutta might be hurt when he comes to know about her adventures, but what she is thinking is, its ok even if Dutta feels bad about it, but PROTECTING him is more important to her at this point. Her motive and mission is a higher well-being of Dutta, for which it would still be ok even if she upsets him in this regard. So she is willing to face Dutta's wrath as against losing him to death! And informing him at this stage IS risky, as there are chances he can put an end to this mission the moment he comes to know of it!.

@ red - No Zuby, it will hurt Dutta Ouch! If even the thought of Damodar Patil being involved in the "flesh" trade can worry Dutta so much (refraining from having proper food, etc.), just imagine what the impact would be if he ACTUALLY found out about Damodar's ugly past! Even in Nana's case, definitely Dutta WILL be hurt if he found out that Nana plans to DESTROY him, as he really respects him a lot, and would be hurt, similar to how he was when he realised Kala's truth. The reason why he shouts at Nakku each time she mentions the possibility of Nana being "bad" or "dhokebaaz" is because that THOUGHT itself is hurting him Ouch.

@ green - She did try telling him at different situations, especially when he is in a good mood (like romancing Nakku Wink, etc. ), but even during such times his mood swings, and he gets angry! So I dont think even if she gave some time to him, he would react differently. And not only that, she doesnt have much time in her hands, as the more she delays, the more Dutta is moving closer to danger! He can be attacked anytime! So before that, its really important that she brings Nana's truth in front of Dutta with PROOFS, so that he can be cautioned. So she needs to solve things as quickly as possible! She cannot afford to waste any time. And telling Dutta at this point in time would be risky, as they cannot take a chance of being reprimanded from the mission, as its the question of Dutta's life here. And anyways, since the topic is about Damodar (which is really sensitive for Dutta), its better not to reveal any half-baked information to him at this point, and wait till they find something more concrete. And not only that, the information that they found out about Damodar is really a bad one if Dutta comes to know of it. It wont do any good to him. It might unnecessarily hurt him and cause him grief, so I feel its better not to reveal this shocking piece of information, as of now.

And Nakku not trusting Dutta with the truth about her color was a totally different issue altogether. Regarding that, even I agree with you, that it was Nakku's mistake, and it did show that she had some trust issues with Dutta. There, I've always criticized Nakku only, as it wasnt a small thing she hid from him, and that too to reveal it immediately after marriage! But as far as the current scenario is concerned, I feel the situation and circumstance is totally different from that one, and Dutta's sentiments and false beliefs is the main hinderance as to why the current truth is not in front of him.
If Nakku still had trust issues with Dutta here, she wouldnt have tried to inform Nana's intentions to Dutta so many times. But Dutta refuses to even listen.

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*dewdrop~pearl* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Moontide

As for Naku,
She's always had this habbit of courting danger for the people she loves, little bothering about her own safety. She did it for Babi...remember Morey sending her to that New year party thing? She was given only an address and had no inkling of what she was getting into, yet she went to that place. Then when following Sethji because she had this gut feeling her brother was walking a path of crime. That resulted in her first FR. She reasoned with an enraged Dutta for Ganpat.
And she's done crazy enough things for Dutta. Right from the day she met him. She didn't let the shoot out and violence cow her down and fought her family to take him to the hospital. Then the way she policed Supriya for him, that was crazy too. Then running up a mountain to save him from the dhongi pandits...the moment before their first accident, that night when Damodar's men just picked her up and took her to him...She hardly knew Damodar, he was a killer a dreaded man yet Naku faced him with every confidence! Then there at Chaskar's den her heroics resutled in she getting shot. But she did it again, the day Dutta was stranded atop the hill and she drove to rescue him (must say that day Naku suddenly driving was one glaring absurdity in the script, pretty stupid actually). I'm probably missing out a lot many instances here.
In fact taking a raging Dutta head, the way she does all the time is the most dangerous thing to do LOL
But seriously, I think given a situation, Naku is probably more determined, headstrong and adamant than Dutta in many a way.

Very, very well said, Moony Clap! Totally loved the way you described Nakku's side of love/affection/protection/passion for Dutta! These things are easily visible in Dutta's character, but the same shades are there in Nakku's as well, but is more subtle as compared to Dutta's. So Dutta comes across as being MORE obsessed with Nakku, but the truth is ke aag dono taraf barabar ki lagi hain Wink!

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