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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 94)

LuvAbhiyaarjuhi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged
SUperb post..loved it

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 3:21am | IP Logged
amazing update aysha.. abhiya rocked.. loved it.. carry on.. thanx for d

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
I haven't met a more stubborn or more crazy chick than Piya...
She is just too adorable...
Good thing Jeh chained his wolfie up...
Warna ab thak tho woh bhagwaan ko pyaara ho jatha...
Loved it Aysh
Especially the karva chauth part...
The Chand joke was justROFL

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moonlitnisha Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Awesome as always thankx for the Pm AND SOrry for Late reply...and i loved the Karwa Chauth one so cutieee ABHIYA
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 August 2011 at 2:43pm | IP Logged

:::Precap 16:::Guts:::

Next Day in College Misha and Jeh were chatting amongst themselves about who the gutsiest person in there group was. The daredevil of the pack and Jay was quick to pick his hand up. Misha was pretty sure nobody could surpass her in these stakes especially when it came to racing around. Misha set a bet to see if Jeh could baet her at go carting?

Pia was still caught up in Abhay land where only he resided in her mind blocking away Misha's childish talks. Misha nudged Pia into her stupid plans-What?
Misha teased-Whose ddreams are U lost in Pia? Jay's here!
Pia threw daggers at her sister hitting her under the table with her feet-None of your business. U kids continue with your games. I'm off.
Jay got up holding Pia's hand-Pia sit down. We'll be done with this soon enough. U can referee us.
Misha nodded-You'll side with me right?
Pia shook her head-No can do sister. I have somewhere to be later on.
Misha quizzed-Where?
Pia smiled-At the auditorium. Our rival's have their College Function on and Abhay's playing the Piano.
Misha growled-Abhay again.
Pia smiled-Yes Abhay again. If U want me to see U guys race then fine. I'll stay for a bit but then i gotta bail ok. I promised Isha we'll go shopping.
Misha tagged Jay along-Jay loves to shop dont U? We can all go together.
Jay weakly added-Yeah. I have a sister and i know she would love U to take her.
Pia nodded-Cool.
Misha ate another french fry munching away-Jay. I want U to steal that police car over there and get back without getting caught.
Jay pulled a face-That is a crime Misha and its immature.
Misha rolled her eyes smiling-I know.
Pia to Misha-Then i suggest U go back to pre-school. This is rediculous. Have U been drinking?
Misha shook her head-No i am sober. Why does everyone think i'm always drunk?
Pia answered-Because only U can come up with a stupid thing as stealing a car. Jay don't listen to her. She's lost her head.
Misha was still adament-Jay U better do it or else i'll tell everyone your chicken.
Jay was now up for it-Nobody calls me chicken.

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Monika08 Newbie

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 1:50am | IP Logged
nice precap Smile
Update soon
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged

:::Update 16:::Guts:::


Misha and Jay go together seeking the thrill of their lives while Pia couldn't look. Her sister was going to get Jay in trouble and someone killed. Why did nobody ever listen to her? She had a huge voice. Nobody ever took notice of her. Pia decided the best thing to do was go after them and try to reason with them but she was running late.. Jay found the door was locked so he used Misha's clip to unlock it and then got inside hotwiring the car. Good Job Jay had gloves on no finger prints. He told Misha to stay outside on the lookout and went for a quick spin. Misha was impressed and then the car spluttered.

Jay got out and took the girls away from the area-No gas. What cop drives without gas?

Misha laughed-One that never works. Get it.

Jay glared not funny Misha. I was sweating like crazy. If i got arrested my Mom would kill me.

Pia assured Jay-Don't worry i'd make sure U had company. I'd place Misha there for collaborating this whole thing with U.

Misha laughed-Oh please little sister. U were part of this whole operation. I'm already for a little excitement. Shall we go go carting? I already booked ourselves in.

Jay insisted Pia tag along. Pia went just for a while to supervise Misha's playful antics. Misha often got out of hand-Pia there's something i wanted to ask U?

Pia in the back with Jeh while Misha drove them to their destination-Jay U cane say anything to me i won't mind.

Jay cleared his throat-Don't go to see Abhay. I want to spend a little time with U.

Pia was now paying attention to Jay-What? Jay we are spending time together.

Jay pondered further-Pia going out as a gang is not spending time together. I wanted to spend time with just U Pia.

Pia shook her head-Jay U are cute sometimes but spending time with an absent minded friend is not spending time. I haven't been myself lately.

Misha slammed the braeks-Voila we are here.

Jay muttered-Just great.

Pia laughed at Jay moaning-You'll like this Jay. I'll race U for the best cars.

Jay ran beating Pia while Misha to went passed Pia-Now i know why U always came last in our track races Pia U are so unfit.

Pia grinned-I don't want to break a sweat guys. I have plans ahead.

Jeh felt a pang of jealousy at Pia's statement. He knew where she was headed-I don't think U should go.

Pia smiles-Awe Jay. Come on lets start beating the hell out of each other.

Misha got in her car while Jay and Pia went into their own vehicles racing around the track. Pia wasn't in the mood to speed about. Her mind wasn't in it she onlt did this to humour Misha and Jay. Pia wanted Misha and Jay to spend more time together. Misha was too used to making mischief and needed a sane guy like Jay to keep her grounded. 

Pia could hear Misha squal in sheer joy at whooping Jay-Beat U!

Jay stuck his tongue out-Whatever Misha. U took an early lead. Not fair. U cheated.

Misha giggled with glee-Wanna go for another round to see me crush U again. Do U think your ego can take a girl beating U up again?

Jeh rolled his eyes-Bring it on Misha. Pia come one lets show your sister what we're made of.

Pia shook her head-No Jay. I'm spent i'll leave U kids to it. Ok bye. Let me know who wins.

Pia got out of her car giving the attendant the keys and her helmet back-Thank U. I enjoyed myself. Can U please the others know i've taken off. (Dude nods)Thanks.

Pia checks her watch-I got enough time to make it. She grabs a bite to eat from the corner shop buying a cheese and onion pasty walking through the short vut through the long winding Jungle. It always felt like home being in the wilderness. Pia heard the breaking of twigs coming from behind her. She turned herself around to see what it could be. Pia ventured off course peering her head out shoting out for an answer.

Pia raises her voice-Hello!!!!! Who's there?

Pia heard no answer and continued to walk into the direction of the noise. She brushed past some bushes moving it with her hand. Pia broke a twig with her own weight of her foot then let out a laugh at scaring herself talking to herself-I am such a scary cat.

Pia headed back towards her path feeling a little eerie. She kept on hearing the sound of leaves crushing feeling a little paranoid. Pia moved forwards marching faster and started running  to get to a safe point. Pia turned her head around again and saw a dark figure emerging out of the shadows. Pia continued to up her pace scraping against the sharp edges of the branches of the tree she had just gone past getting stuck and then a hand on her shoulder making Pia turn around again in fear.

Pia recognised the touch so familiar to her embracing him tightly-Abhay! (Tilts her head to see him clearly) Thank goodness its U. I saw someone. He...

Abhay took Pia's hand and briskly took her away from danger feeling she'd needed him chiding her-Why do U do this Pia?

Pia began cautiously fluttering her eyelashes at him sounding flustered-Do what Abhay?

Abhay rolled his eyes sounding hoarse-Travel alone in these woods its not safe. I don't want U to come through here again do U hear me?

Pia getting defensive-I don't take orders from anyone. (Pauses for a while) How did U know i was here?

Abhay dragged Pia over the log on the ground-I was passing through and heard U running. I thought U might be in trouble.

Pia smiled in gratitude-Well i guess U scared whoever it was Abhay. Aren't U supposed to be in the auditorium?

Abhay helped Pia moving the braches from Pia with his arm-I thought i'd take a detour.

Pia wasn't buying Abhay's excuse-Abhay who do U think it was back there?

Abhay tightened his grip on Pia afraid to say what he thought it was-Pia U shouldn't have come here. U weren't invited...

Pia felt her heart sink feeling teary-I was invited by your friends Abhay. Isha and Venti both gave me personal invites. Why are U doing this to me? I thought after last night...

Abhay shakes Pia-I don't want to even discuss about what happened last night (Watching Pia's cheeks flush red at the impropriety of the past night). Its wrong for me to be around U Pia. We can't be together.

Pia felt her wet lashes-You'll eat your words Abhay. I'll make U and U know what from now on i'll do the opposite to what U want from me Abhay. Now get your hands off of me. I have friends waiting for me.

Venti came over holding Pia's hand shaking his head with disappointment at Abhay-Pia don't bother with the permanently depressed Abhay Raichand. He's been like this all day. I guess nerves are kicking in. Abhay's a little anxious about playing to an audience.

Abhay frowned grumpily at Venti-Hey Abhay Raichand doesn't get nerves because i'm made of steel. You'll never come across a superhuman in your life like me Venti.

Venti mocked Abhay-Yeah yeah i've heard it all. Even the sturdiest of us all have a bad day once in our life.

Abhay muttered-Everyday is a bad day for me Venti.

Pia glared angrily at Abhay-Were U born this broody Abhay or do U have to work hard to be this way.

Isha giggled in her seat-Abhay's broody every time of the day. I haven't seen him any other way before. Abhay U leave Pia with us. (Isha does a once over to Pia noticing she looks a little off colour.) Pia what happened to U? Did U and Abhay go for a little tussle in the Jungle?

Pia goes feel herself blush-I wish! (Watching Abhay smirk at Pis'a condition) I have a habit of getting myself into these situations where i always need someone to save me. From now on i'll be extra careful. I don't want another lashing of Abhay's delightful scoldings. He is vicious.

Abhay sniggered with glee turning round to show his face-That's right Pia i am heartless.

Pia shrank back upset at Abhay murmuring under her breath but Abhay caught on-Not heartless just pretending to be one. I see right through U misery guts.

Abhay loved watching Pia all riled up at him it made her look even cuter than she already was-I better go get ready.

Isha gave Pia a gentle squeeze taking her hand in hers-I know he's a little mean ok so he goes to far with U but its only because he is hiding his love for U. He's normal with the rest of us. Even Tina gets the curt tight whip of his tongue but he does this to U out of a defensive mechanism i guess. U bring out the animal in him. (Giggles) Ok so its not funny but try to break him down. I can see his armour slipping off when U push him into a corner Pia. Its so unlike him.

Pia felt a little better watching the back of Abhay's sleek black hair-What have i missed?

Isha drags Pia up-Lets go powder our nose first Pia. We need to get U looking superhot for Abhay. Then i can fill U in with the after party. I think U need to take the sweater off Pia. Its got holes in.

Pia got up and left with Isha to the ladies not wishing to leave the immaculately gorgeous Abhay Raichand but Isha was right. Pia had to comb her hair again-Thanks Isha. It was from my little adventures through the Jungle.. U are the only friend i have here.

Isha smiles making sure Pia's spirit did not break-Now give me a smile. (Pia is handed a wipe to clear away some of her eye make-up and applies a fresh coating) Now lets do something with your hair.

Pia combs her hair-Thank U Isha for being here for me. My own sister wants me to stay away from Abhay. I just can't i don't know why.

Isha grinned her eyes showing a glimmer of surprise-I guess some couples are just meant to be. We have an after party to celebrate the show being a success.

Pia clips her hair into a puff-I don't know if i should go. Abhay already thinks i'm a stalker.

Isha laughed heartily-So what's wrong with being a stalker? Abhay's been stalked since day one here so another crazed Abhay girl isn't a problem for Abhay.

Pia frowned-He has that many girls after him.

Isha assured Pia-Don't feel so sad Pia. Like i said he doesn't give any of them a days notice. He doesn't even look at them once forget twice. My advice Pia is make Abhay jealous it does the trick. If U get a reaction then U know he's into U.

Pia protested quietly-But i suck at flirting. I'm not comfortable with it.

Isha encouraged Pia-Flirt with someone U are comfortable with. Simple.

Pia wondered and got her answer-Jay! He is my best friend i know he'll help me out.

Isha interrupted Pia placing her blusher brush down-Jay! I think he's the best choice. Abhay doesn't like Jay much. We'll put him to the test.

Pia to Isha-So what have i missed of the whole night?

Isha declared-Abhay has already performed once with the boys. It was a dance number on a comedy sketch. He's got another one lined up as the finale. We'd better go.

Pia felt disheartened-I missed it.

Isha smiles with her eyes teasing Pia-U have the best performance left. His solo piece will break your soul Pia. I will let U decide for yourself. So far most of us girls have been moved by this piece.

Abhay with his Mother Haseena giving him a little of her opinion-Abhay; Pia being here isn't right. Why doesn't she ever move on? I'm grateful she gave U back to us son. I know she is your Life but she's bringing danger right to our doorstep.

Abhay rolled his eyes-Mom U know how Pia's mind works. I am her obsessive compulsive disorder. She loves to be repulsed by me and at the same time loved by me. Whatelse do U expect me to do?

Haseena hisses with intent-Try harder Abhay. Haven't U seen and heard the howls of the intruder. Our enemies are on to us and Pia being your weakness will be used as a weapon against U son. Don't think i haven't noticed U saving Pia tonight. She looked like she'd been through the wars. I can smell the blood on her Abhay. Her cut from her tryst wit death following her to get to us.

Abha didn't have time-Mom i'm on next. (Abhay saw Pia with Isha looking a little relaxed. It killed him to upset her the way he did but he had no other choice. She was  an expert at breaking down all of his shields especially with those big brown eyes staring at him in reverence) We'll discuss this later.

Abhay began to walk on stage seating himself on the stool in front. His fingers went into action as soon as they touched the piano keys melodiously encapsulating the beauty of his emotional turmoil. He had breathed every depth of feelings from the darkness within him. The sea of rage at his pitiful existence never to feel love in its truest form. This piece he'd first played for Maithali long ago at that era it sounded so sweet. Loves lost innocence was now filled in this tune.  Abhay closed his eyes picturing Pia in his mind trying to shake her off and make her stop loving him. The despair flowed through him into his manic interpretation into this melody.

Pia could feel herself go at this rhytm touching a cord in her heart like it awakened a storm inside of her brewing for months but it was only getting relief now running out of the room unable to get a hold on herself. What was it about this that unsettled Pia? Her heart felt like it was breaking. Abhay broke out of his little world he'd created for himself at the instant Pia made a run for it. Abhay bowed to all of his audience members feeling a pang of pride at his master piece and a little melancholic at the remembrance of a time he'd wanted to forget but would never be able to because those painful events had made him what he is today. If none of this ever happened he'd never had met his sweet innocent Pia.

Isha ran after Pia and held her still-Pia! (Holds her in her arms) What's the matter?

Pia answered softly-I don't know. I don't understand (She sinks down to the floor) Its like my heart got ripped out. I can't explain it.

Isha understood now-U were taken away into Abhay's world. We all were. There's so much energy in that piece of music Pia.Its the only time we see the real Abhay. Amazing isn't he?

Pia to Ihsa-Please can i have a moment alone? I need to gather myself.

Isha nodded-Sure take all the time U need Pia.

Pia wiped away her tears-Abhay what is it about U that i can't control any part of my body? Even my mind has gone. What are U doing to me?

Abhay brushed past all of his peers looking for Pia following the heartbeat of his beloved he found her crouched sown shaking-Pia.

Pia looked up at the concerned face of Abhay-Have U come to gloat? (Stops her little outburst biting her lips watchful of Abhay's own suppressed sadness evident on his face) Sorry. I'm not myself right now. What was that Abhay? I could feel like i was being suffocated inside. That tune? Have i heard it before? I know i haven't. But its like my heart...(Voice trails off)

Abhay to Pia-No you've never heard it before Pia. Its an old tune. Only two people have ever heard it. Myself and someone lost in time. (Abhay could tell Pia was confused) I guess U got caught up in the moment. This piece has magic of drawing anyone in. U must be a music lover?

Pia shaked her head-No i'm not into classical music but i could feel U. Abhay i felt U. I don't know how.

Abhay took Pia in his arms-Pia don't cry anymore. It wasn't meant for U this. I didn't know you'd come here tonight. If i had i wouldn't have played this and then i saw U gone i thought...

Pia suspected Abhay's motive-So this piece of music i've never come across it efore Abhay huh? Then why do i remember the melody? I've heard this before i'm sure. Someone played it long ago. I just can't remember who it was.

Abhay looked puzzled. He'd never played this piece before. It was Haseena who'd pushed him to delve deep and wash out all his demons so he could be free from the shackles of the past. He'd moved on from Maithali. It was because of Pia he could do this now.

Abhay to Pia-Come on i'll take U home.

Pia pushed Abhay away-No thanks. I have a ride. Jay's coming to pick me up. I've texted him and he's on his way. Thanks for the offer anyway.

Abhay held Pia's hand-Its for the best Pia. U should be with someone who cares not with me.

Pia removed Abhay's hand away-U know what Abhay? U think U know it all but U don't know what its like for me. U don't know me anymore. U think Jay's best for me. You're right because he doesn't treat me like a third rate citizen. He treats me like i'm a person and not some child who needs protecting all the time.

Abhay to Pia-U don't understand.

Pia went on Abhay-Then explain it to me Abhay. I want to know what it is that is so bad about U that U want me away from U. (Abhay tried to reason with her) I'm not listening. Jay. (Hugs Jay while observing Abhay's discomfort. Pia thinking to herself Good Abhay feel jealous. I want U to feel pain. Its what you're doing to me. Feel for me.)

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Selinapiya IF-Sizzlerz

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update soon...

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