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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 88)

.rumki. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Lovely precap
update soon

.rumki. IF-Sizzlerz

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Sry double post

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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superb dr...
cont soon
kuttu Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
intresting precap. so who will break the fast Pia has kept.
BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 August 2011 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Awesome precap Smile Waiting for update
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 15:::Sweet Pain Of Mine:::


Mount College was difficult to get around without bumping into students aggravating her situation. Pia was in Pain and she was bearing through the day with a pinch of salt. Through class Pia remained mute occasionally plastering a fake smile to hide her feelings. During lunchtime Pia kept herself busy on the computers trying to get her work done in silence. Pia barely spoke to her friends or her sister Misha trying to mask her discomfort. She didn't want anyone to feel sorry for her. Misha had noticed Pia was off colour and so did Jay. He went over to Pia to make her smile with one of his Angelina jokes but he could hear her laugh was choked as she held her chest in pain.

Jay to Pia looking worried for her feeling her temperature-Pia U are burning up. U shouldn't even be here.

Kabir to Jay watching Pia off colour-I've cancelled our match for tomorrow. (Hints at Pia to Jay)

Jay nods-Good we need all our fighters ready for action. U let Venti know right?

Kabir nodded-Yes. He knows. T has a big mouth. She's blurted it out. All over FB man. I gotta bounce bro T is on my last nerve i swear if she demands another item from the store i will dump her.

Jay and Kabir touch up and leave.

Pia gave Jay a sweet smile-I can't stay home Jay. Mom and Dad would start asking questions. They don't know about last night and my bruises have just shown up now. (Watches Jay with pause) Don't tell anyone about it ok. I want no fuss and i can't fall behind my College work. I've only just caught up with all my assignments.

Jay took Pia's bags for her and her books relieving some weight from her walking down with her-Pia U aren't looking too great. (Grabs Pia's hand with his free hand) I am taking U home now. (See's Pia getting a little hesitant) Don't worry Pia i won't let anyone know why I brought U back early. I'll make an excuse for U. Happy?

Pia noddedpouting her lips-U are so sweet Jay always looking after me these past few days? U are becoming a really good friend to me. Strange how we used to fight all the time?

Jay cocked a grin-Nothings changed Dobrial. We are still fighting over stupid things like whose turn it is to pay for lunch?

Pia gave Jay a sheepish look-Hey i'm not used to guys paying for me all the time. The only guy allowed to do this is my Dad.

Jay chuckled with a gleam in his eye-Pia U are the only girl in the world who refuses to go forward with the time and enjoy a guy showering U with money and lots of goodies. Most girls would have loved me splurging on them.

Pia smiled back-Jay i have my own plastic i don't need yours. I have a rich father. Besides i may dress to impress with my designers but its all just a ruse so people don't look too deep. (Loses her smile) I don't like people seeing me weak U know with my memory loss and all i've had to make a new life from scratch. I use this to cover my insecurities.

Jay let Pia see a chink in his armour-U want to know my secret Pia? (Pia's eyes flash right at Jeh wide with anticipation) I am also like U. I show my soft side to only those i love. And now U are in this club so U should be grateful i have taken pity on U and made U part of my gang.

Pia giggled-Yes i can see how U have such a big gang of friends Jay does this mean U love Kabir too? Awe so cute. Now this is a bromance i'd love to see. Does Kabir know U are in love with him?

Jay made a serious face frowning with his eyebrows raise up-Pia why are U pulling my leg? Kabir and i are just friends and don't question my masculinity ok i have a rep to maintain (Opens his car door for her and lets her get in then shuts it behind. He rushes to the drivers seat. Offers her food) Crisps?

Pia was tempted but refused-No i am on a special diet today. Detoxification. So no food for me today.

Jay started the engine and gave Pia a little smile-Pia U are already stick thin U don't need to diet for anyone. Here take my bottled water Pia! U to rehydrate!

Pia chuckled-I know but one never thinks they look as good as they should about themselves. Us girls are very image conscious. Actually today is my fast.

Jay was mused stopping his car at her driveway-Fast? Whats this got to do with no drinking? He opens the lid and tries to make Pia drink it.

Pia pushed the bottle away-U told U i can't drink it so don't force it down my throat Jay. (Slams the door shut as)

Finally they arrived and Pia headed up the stairs while her mother Madhoo welcomed Jay-Come on take a seat son.

Jay refused-I only came to drop Pia off.

Madhoo asked Ramu the help to get some juice for Jay0I can't let U go without taking something in my house Jay. This is a house where we pride ourself on our food. Try some of my Aloo Chat! I made it for later on for Panchis father.

Jay gave a fake smile wishing he could just take off he'd had a big lunch-Auntie i got to go. I have to watch my carbs. U know how us boys like to keep fit.

Madhoo had already got a plate out for Jay –No excuse. Here i only gave U a little.

Jay to Madhoo-What about U Auntie?

Madhoo smiled touching Jay's cheek-Tonight us women fast for our husbands long life and pray we stay together for all our births as one.

Jay let slip-Pia's fasting too. Why is she doing it?

Madhoo a little surprised-Oh! I told her single girls can use this as a night to fast for the love of their lives to enter fast and they too can be bound in the sacred bond of marriage. I didn't think Pia would follow through. My other daughters haven't bothered. But Pia is my sweet child. She is very curious about life my little dreamer.

Jay finally got it, so Pia wanted a life partner huh! Well he was up for the challenge. He liked Pia a lot-This is very delicious Auntie.

Madhoo smiled-Do U want to go see Pia? I know she's a little cranky but now i know why. Keep the door open though ok.

Jay nodded-Sure (grabbing his juice taking it upstairs knocking on Pia's door) Can i come in?

Pia was sat on her bed-Sure Jay sorry about before. I was just...

Jay smiled-I know. So who is this special person U are doing this for?

Pia pouted a little contemplating what to say-He's a guy. I know its stupid but i feel so strongly about doing this. Misha wouldn't understand  cracking jokes all the time. He makes me so mad. We are always bickering and now we aren't He makes me mad. He shows he cares but then he doesn't. I can't say who he is Jay but he is my life.

Jay saw Pia was spent-I think U need to rest Pia. I'll see myself out. (Gives Pia a kiss on the forehead) Get well soon.

Pia to Jay-Bye. Jay thanks for not saying anything about U know... If Dad found out he'd go metal and lock me in my room forever.

Jay smiled-Sure Pia. U are his little princess after all.

Abhay is told about Pia's condition as being frail by Isha. He knew he should have made sure she was in good health before he left her but there wasn't any sign of her in distress then. Abhay could feel something was off today but was trying to give Pia a few days break from seeing him. She was tearing down all of his defences and now he was at a point he was fighting a losing war within him He'd failed finding the scumbag who'd done this to Pia and failed trying to protect her from himself.

Abhay had arrived at the Dobrial mansion peering outside of Pia's room. He could hear Pia shout out to Madhoo letting her know she was Ok being left alone while her patrents go out to a community function hosting the Kalva Chauth ceremony and yes his mother Haseena was there with Chand to show their face. Abhay heard Pia's voice was a little shaky as she'd mention Panchi had takenMisha out as a treat for helping her out on her work on a charity project she'd been working on meaning Pia was all alone in the house. The Dobrial's never learnt keeping Pia alone wasn't safe for her. Trouble always followed Pia especially when she was alone.

Pia felt her heart tugging at her to venture towards the window feeling Abhay's presence she'd opened her window open peering out. She smiled waving her parents off from the window. Arnab waved his daughter bye. Pia felt a chill. Her hair blew back with the gush of wind blowing in her face. She shuts the window and turns around a little fast almost tripping over feeling a tad faint. Abhay caught Pia in her tracks and have a trademark Abhiya eye locking moment. Abhay brushes Pia's hair away to one side to see her beautiful pale face. Everyday was becoming harder to keep Pia away from him . It was excruciatingly heartbreaking to tear himself away from her.

Pia traces Abhay's face with her fingers feeling the coolness of his skin tingling her body back to life. Abhay holding him tight yet bites her tongue with the sweet pain she was going through wincing-I can't believe you're here.

Abhay let go of Pia slowly feeling her body tremble in his arms. He kept his eyes on Pia's face searching for clues on how serious this situation was. Pia felt light headed still holding Abhay feeling him retreat-Why not ask me how i got in? What i am doing here? Am i going to hurt U? Pia what is going on here?

Pia was seeing stars in Abhay's eyes not listening to what he was asking-Huh?

Abhay snapped Pia out of her dream mode-Cut it out Pia. U aren't well and U went to College. Are U crazy? What if something happened to U? Isha thinks you're on drugs thanks to T. I can't believe the nerve she has to spread rumours about U. Show me where it hurts Pia.

Pia blushed a little-I can't Abhay.

Abhay sat Pia down on her bed. Pia's eyes never left Abhay's. In a raspy authorative voice Abhay commanded-Show me Pia! U trust me right? U know i won't do anything to hurt U.

Pia nodded standing up with her back to Abhay shyly lifting her top to reveal the purplish marks on her back and then she turned around to show her sore ribs-Its not as bad as it looks. They just appeared overnight.

Abhay sounded thunderous his eyes glimmered with sparkles to Pia but his expressions were still but showed his concern for her-Are U kidding me Pia? They look very bad and U went to College with it.

Pia looked a little guilty-I went a little crazy with the partying and my mind hasn't been on my studies they've been on U. We were supposed to be practicing but Kabir cancelled on me.

Abhay sat Pia back down taking her top off-Pia i have a magical cure but i don't want this getting out especially with your reputation to think of. (Abhay kissed Pia's injuries away lightly blowing on her skin cooling the area. Pia felt no pain it was like a miracle cure. Her eyes showed Abhay she was astonished by his mere touch on her body.) Now Pia i am going to have to feel whats going on with your ribs but U might wasn't to lie down for this.

Pia obeyed Abhay laying down while he felt Pia's ribs. It wasn't broken.A bhay leaned in swearing under his breath at the beast who'd caused his Pia so much pain. He gave her a quick kiss there. Abhay continued to tenderly heal Pia back in shape and tried to get back up but Pia stopped him .

Pia whispered-I am still hurting Abhay. U have to come closer.

Abhay listened to Pia. She wrapped her arms around Abhay smiling at him-U are my personal round the clock doctor Abhay but U missed a spot.

Abhay made a face brooding at Pia-Where Pia?

Pia came to face Abhay very close till their face where a few inches away. Pia kissed Abhay feeling rejuvenated putting every ounce of emotion into this one kiss-Now i feel right as rain Abhay.

Abhay tried to back away put pia wouldn't let go of him-Pia! (Abhay heard Pia's stomach rumble) Don't tell me U haven't eaten?

Pia ignored Abhay's question going in for another kiss blinding Abhay again as his hands trailing the small of her back. Pia groaned in satisfaction-Hmmm

Abhay broke off the searing kiss burning his lips tasting the rawness of Pia on his tongue-Why haven't U eaten Pia? No wonder U are so pale. Are U trying to diet yourself to death? No this isn't a fad diet is it Pia? Tell me Pia I want to hear U say it.

Pia grinned-No Abhay i haven't eaten or drank anything all day. I've been fasting for U. So God will make U for me in every life. But in this one i want U forever.

Abhay frowned-U are crazy Pia.

Pia responded back-U made me this way Abhay. The further U run from me the crazier i get. I can maintain this for as long as possible Abhay. (Pia puts her top back on While Abhay is already up and gearing to go)

Abhay shook his head-Right wait here. I'm angry at U for putting your health at risk.

Pia to Abhay-Where are U going Abhay? Don't go! I'm not breaking this fast without U. Even if i...

Abhay returned super fast with water and a plateful of fruits and some reheated paratha's and allo chaat-Now stop acting like a child and start eating.

Pia shook her head in defiance-I have to see the moon Abhay. Are U going to carry me out or do i have to walk out? I have a tray ready with red vermillon and some agarbaatis.

Abhay did as Pia asked him smiling at her in annoyance and Pia did the routine ritual of getting a Cylinder shaped sieve like disk checking the moon out and the looks at Abhay-Pia this is absurd.

Pia glares at Abhay-Humour me Abhay. Now shut up. I want to compare the beauty of the moon with yours Abhay and i must say U are winning hands down.

Abhay cracks-Yes i know i am better looking than my father.

Pia giggles-I forgot your Dad is also called the moon. (Pia applies the red vermillon on his forehead with some crushed flower petals and takes his aarti pouring a container of water on a tulsi) Now U can give me a sip of water Abhay.

Abhay obliges and Pia drinks smiling-This is stupid Pia. Why do U insist we do this c**p? I am not marriage material. Nor am i ever going to go out with U.

Pia dared Abhay-Says who Abhay? U are doing this out of your own accord. I haven't put a gun to your head.

Abhay moaned-Like i have a choice with U blackmailing me. Now eat Pia!

Pis got some sweets out-Feed me Abhay.

Abhay rolled his eyes-There now i hope U are happy.

Pia plays with her eyebrows at Abhay beaming away-Tell Ihsa thanks.

Abhay mused-What for?

Pia sweetly replied for sending U to me dummy. Ok now your turn to eat.

Abhay grimaced-Pia everyone knows i don't eat. Now please stop this and let me feed U so i can be on my way.

Pia wasn't going to let Abhay get away so fast. No she had loads of questions for him unfortuanately for her; her body gave in to tiredness and Abhay took Pia back indoors to her room kissing her forehead.

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lovelycutietedy IF-Rockerz

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awsome update dear...
loved it

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.SmokeySilence. IF-Stunnerz

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Awww...this is sooo cute Ayesha...reminds me of the Saibo scene... my all time fav Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
After reading this chpt I just remembered we are missing out healing kisses from the show Tongue
anyways, tooo cute... Piya was fasting for Abhay Day Dreaming Poor Abhay...he has no other way but to do whatever she says...she always gets her way... LOL
I really hope she does the same in the show...when she's stubborn Abhay can't stop her...he looks like bheegi billi infront of tigress Piya LOL
Superb dear...loved it Clap

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