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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 84)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 14:::Ride of your Life:::


Pia had a discussion earlier with her Mom and was determined to enjoy tonight so that the next day she could fast all day for a certain guy. Madhoo had told Pia and her sisters about single girls keeping Karwachaouth only helped them gain a husband of their choice who'd love them gravely. Pia already knew who was her Soulmate. Her one true love even if the stubborn hunk himself was refusing to acknowledge this.

First ride was going to be Thirteen so Pia was already gearing up for it holding Jay tightly-This isn't me Jay.

Jay smiled back at Pia with his big chocolate eyes admiring the simplicity in Pia he'd never noticed before till recently-U have me for support Pia so scream away. I'll be here to catch U if U fall.

Pia's eyes played with Jay's-Awe Jay u really are so cheesy.

Jay traced his finger tips skimming them over her smooth warm cheeks-I am a man of many tricks. Chhesy lines gets the girls knees weak Pia. I'm sure i am helping U with your fears right as we speak.

One of the workers puts the harness around Pia's waist-I don't know about that Jay. I have butterflies in my stomach.

Jeh continues to distract Pia with his little jokes about their little tiffs-So now we are over the worst phase of getting to know each other how do U feel about us becoming family?

Pia smiled back with warmth-Cool so long as theres no funny business with Nee. He better treat my sister with respect.

Jay clasped his hands with Pia's-Oh i'll make sure he does.

Pia turned to face Jay-U would do this for me?

Jay nodded-Of course. For U anything Pia now that we are no longer enemies.

Pia felt better-Thanks Jay! OMG when did we take off. (Screams holding Jay tight!)

Jay chuckled using one hand free to wave his brother from up about as Pia continued her Screaming assault-U were right Dobrial U sure scream a lot.

Finally the ride was over and Pia felt her head spin as Jay supported her body from banging into anything.  To Pia's delight Abhay had caught a glimpse of Jay with Pia. If looks could kill then this was it.

Abhay was with Tina who was too busy wrapped around his neck making Pia curse under her breath. Abhay chagrined watching Pia marred by a loathsome burning in her eyes as something panged in the vicinity of his heart watching Pia with another man was like watching someone play football with his heart.

Pia stilled removing Jay away from her as Abhay's eyes bore through her placing a chill down her spine like they were conversing silently eyes speaking to eyes. Abhay let go of Tina-U want a ride?

Tina laughed loudly with delight-Cool so long as U hold me baby.

Abhay smiled insouciance fleeting  through hum-Sure baby walking closer towards Pia as she felt anger, sudden and inexplicable flaring through her, surging through her hands wanting to pull Tina away from Abhays arm watching them take off in the ride Pia had found hard to stomach. Abhay didn't once bother looking at Pia with anger at her despite wanting her to move on.

Pia's eyes glued to Abhay with Tina could feel her throat go dry-Jay i need water.

Jay smiled-Sure thing babe.

The ride took off and all Pia could do was stare a Abhay and the girl lapping up Abhay's attention and finally what seemed like an eternity they'd come back down and the girl was helped out by Abhay.

Tina to Abhay-Thanks honey! I hated the ride scared the s**t out of me.

Pia heard the profanity and wanted to hurl expletives at the girl for the audacity of wrapping herself around Abhay. Jay came back with water-Thanks Jay. U are so sweet. So shall we go on another ride. I fancy that one over there. Its only if U don't mind me snuggling up to U and i burst your ear drums.

Jay smiled-Pia for U anything after all its what i do best is keep the girls happy.

Neel hovered past with Panchi-U don't mind giving us a ride back we have a little problem.

Jay to Neel can't this wait?

Nell wished it could-No! We have to bounce.

Jay to Pia-I have to go Pia. Its an emergency. I'll be back so don't go anywhere.

Pia nodded as her face fell grim-Sure.

Misha hovered to Pia-Hey sis U ready for some action. I see your best friend Jay's bailed.

Pia smiled back-Yeah. Well my night can't be abysmal with U around and your nefarious ways. I think i am goona  go on there. Its new and i am hoping its not too scary.

Misha dropped her apologetic lookI wish i could go Pia but i've had ice cream and too much candy. U know what a weak stomach i have and all this sweet stuff turning unsavoury not a thought i can't.

Pia bounced willing to go on her own as her heart pounded through her chest-See U Misha.

Misha tried to stop Pia-But your petrified of the thing!

Abhay knew Pia was doing this out of spite and due to what he was throwing in her face-U don't mind if i tag along for the ride?

Pia was elevated pursing her lips then answering in a whisper-U don't mind? I can go alone. I don't neee

Abhay helped Pia go first and then took his place next to her reading her mind not that it was necessary it was evident on how ecstatic Pia was on her face-I've never been on one of these. So this is my first.

Pia smiled with a refreshing insight to Abhay-Then i am in good company (Pia's tummy squirmed in fear but relaxed in Abhay's company now holding his hand involuntarily as soon as the restraints were on with the safety harness around them.) This is the dreaded part for me. I hate heigh but i want to conquer my fear.

Abhay smiled at Pia abruptly exclaiming-Pia! Watch out for the sky and then gradually look down if U are afraid then see into my eyes.

Pia felt safe in Abhay's company-Thanks

Off they went flying into the sky and spinning around with Pia's voce penetrating shrill through Abhay as he felt her cling on hid hand with dear life. Pia afraid of the fall looked into Abhay's eyes finding serenity in them eventually plucked the courage to see down again and smiled flashing her brilliant eyes. Any trace of pique only escalated.

Pia giggled and screamed at the sudden drops and towards the end Pia left happily as her world collided with his.

Pia slightly dizzy was helped by Abhay picking her up in his arms-There's no chance of U falling now.

Pia felt breathless. Abhay always too her breath away as she always forgot to breathe around him steadily-That was a rush but i'll only ever go on there if I have U by my side.

Abhay returned back with a supercilious sneer remembering what his motive was-Its imperative U know Pia i was only helping U out of pity and not out of the goodness of my heart. I felt sorry for U.

Pia was still in her bubble not allowing Abhay to burst it-Yeah yeah Abhay. Whatever.

Abhay brings Pia so their face is almost touching-I mean it lose this lost girl act. Its not my thing any more. I hate needy girls. U hear me.

Pia laughed sarcastically-Yeah with your bimbos i can see what U are into. Needy grls or shall i say self absorbed kind of girls.

Abhay burst out-Hey at least i don't go around claiming something i'm not. U know i'm an a**. So deal with it. I will never want U Pia. U go run to Jay and show him your helpless girl act. I'm sure the sucker won't mind. Now get out of my way.

Pia was fuming now stomping off alone seeking out danger just for the heck of it. A guy asked Pia if she'd like to test out the ultimate thrill ride and Pia went for it without thinking. It hurt to even fathom what was wrong with Abhay or worse with herself to be stuck on a guy who hated to be around her blowing hot and cold all the time. Thisride must be very unpopular if nobody was going on it thought Pia. Hey she needed a thrill to knock her out of Abhay's world. As soon as the man went ahead Pia realised her harness wasn't fastened securely and she was already taking off. Pia's ride is tampered so Abhay immediately senses Pia's distress and races to save her. He cursed himself for placing Pia in an emotional state causing her to be reckless. Pia was literally trembling but didn't dare to think of her imminent death. She concentrated hard on the one person who made her secure Abhay Raichand. Pia could feel her body flying and her back smack against the harness hard causing unbearable pain. Abhay reached out for Pia leaping against the metal stands and caught Pia just as she fell from heaven straight into his arms shaking. Pia's muffled screams were gone as she closed her eyes only to flash them open again for Abhay. Pia found her heart swell and a flush of relief and hope wash over her followed by trepidation as she saw down below both falling. This was beyond belief no human was capable of this act.

Pia's disdain in her eyes as she saw the miracle right before her-U told me never to seek U out. I didn't. U relinquished all rights to saving me Abhay. U want nothing to do with me then let me go and die. Then maybe i can forget U. Why did U save me Abhay? Why?

Abhay knew Pia was lying about not calling him out. Her mind was flooded with his name and his face haunting him as he shrugged indolence mentally worn out by Pia-Pia i can't say anything because U make me sound so unreasonable while to me U sound obsessed. I can never let U die Pia. U are everything to me. It is because of U i do this. I will bring U down. Start a new life with Jay. He is for U. Not me. Anyone is better than i am for U Pia.

Pia felt a loud thump as Abhay landed with Pia on the ground-Only i decide who is right for me Abhay. And i see U. Only U. Its almost like U are my kryptonite. My weakness Abhay. U make me weak whenever i see U but when i am with U i am the strongest person there is.

Abhay felt like Pia was his absinthe-Oh Pia U don't know what U are saying. The further i try to get away from U the further i fall Pia. Why do U have to be so stubborn?

Pia passed the buck back-I can say the same for U Abhay. I should land myself into more trouble if it gets U to come closer to me Abhay. What do U say about that  huh? Idea of mine is very solid. How did U do...

Abhay stroked Pia's cheek and shook his head as his hair ruffled in the wind would have found Pia endearing had she not mentioned getting into trouble-U have a habit of doing this Pia. I don't want U in any harm so promise me U won't do anything stupid.

Pia noticed from upclose how his Jaw was so masculine and chiselled and Abhay's full lips were so inviting. She just couldn't resist kissing them but her body had other plans as her face showed discomfort-Abhay! Thanks but i don't know how long i can stay in your arms. Can we move away from here.

Abhay held Pia tight realising the shock was too much for Pia and saw her bracelet in his hands-This must have come off from the mishap.

Pia checked out her Destiny band in Abhay's hand dangling in front of her as she spread a cute smile across her face ecstatic at what this all meant. It was a sign from above not that she believed in it before but now she was a firm believer. Abhay was her Soulmate. Pia couldn't help but remember what this old lady once told her in Paris with Misha. At the time it sounded surreal. The man U will fall for isn't from this world. He is neither human nor a demon or an Angel but transcended above all of this by his purity as he transpires beyond all norms and was set on this planet waiting just for her to save him from himself. Pia was born just for him which sounded very clich but now it made sense. In Abhay's arms is where she belonged. To Pia Abhay wasn't human but a superhuman and she didn't care what form she gained him in so long as he was hers in every way. Abhay was her Angel.

Abhay to Pia-I'd better take U home Pia. We can't have a scene. If only i saw that b****d who did this to U.

Pia covered Abhay's lips with her smooth hands-Oh Abhay don't talk just hold me.

Abhay took Pia back home and smuggled her in her room without her parent's knowledge-I'll let Misha know U are home.

Pia kept Abhay with her so his face was touching hers-Don't go! Wait for me to drift off, I don't want to be alone.

Abhay nodded as Pia planted a light kiss on his lips and allowed him to hold her in his warm embrace. Abhay brushed her curls behind her ears stroking her with his gentle hands to sleep. He kissed her forehead and crept out like the thief in the night.

Meanwhile Jay came back after dealing with a traitor within his camp had one of his cronies use Pia against his knowledge. Jay beat the c**p out of the low life for touching Pia. He'd tampered with one of the rides aimed solely for Pia luckily no harm came to her but his enemy Abhay Raichand had gotten there first. Jey managed to catch the a** who'd had the nerve to cross him. Jay was making sure the b*****d was tortured for hurting Pia.

Abhay had rushed back to the Carival theme park to let Misha know about Pia findining the supercharged hyper sugar rushed Misha bouncing off of Ruhi-Your sister is at home. I thought U should know. Pia's not feeling well so she won't make it at the Chillar club.

Misha's face slammed down-What.

Jay rushed to the scene with his eyes bespoke  of perfidy and malevolence towards Abhay-What the hell did U do to her Raichand?

Abhay smirked-Nothing she didn't want me to do Khurana. If U were on the scene maybe Pia would have planted U with a kiss. I suppose as always U are always too late. If U want to win the girls love i suggest U stick around her like glue. Pia's one chick who does the opposite to what U want her to do. So if U want her love then watch her closely. U don't want her falling for me trust me.

Misha blurted out-Pia's already fallen for U Abhay. Its just keeping her from U that's the trouble.

Jay felt a stab in his heart bleeding almost at the sheer mention of Abhay and Pia in love-I don't need to take advice from U Abhay. U are doing a fine job at antagonising everyone against U. I doubt Pia would ever love a jerk like U. She'll come to know your true face Raichand.

Abhay shot back-Oh and U say this with such conviction.

Venti and gang come around to Abhay to stop the war of words-Back away Abhay.

Abhay moved away-Parties over guys i'm heading home. Not in the mood for clubbing.

Shaan to Misha and Jay-U two make me angry. Abhay is so misunderstood by your College students no wonder he left to be with people who really do care about him. Next time Misha i suggest U have an open mind and not be so closed off.

Isha to Misha-U really don't know the real Abhay Raichand. I pity U for it. He has a big heart and none of U have seen it apart from Pia and us.

Tina smugly ends-Yeah what they said-Jay U are cute but U have a few screw loose up there (Points to hs head) Jealousy does this. U fancy Pia but she has eyes for Abhay. U keep her away from Abhay. At all costs. He is mine.

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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fabulous update.

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MR.KooL IF-Addictz

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Great update Ayesha...

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 July 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
hei aysha,
wonderful part..
sometimes i feel y abhay?y? y do u always keep pia at a distance..but if it is not that way there may not be a story..
looking forward to how u spin the tale..
do continue soon..

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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gr8 update ayesha...
abhay n pia part is awsum...
cont soon...

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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awesome update.
loved it.

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Pia will find trouble even in an bare land with nothing that could fall on herLOL
Even trouble will be fed up troubling her soonLOL
Loved the update dear
Tina darling...I appreciate your conviction...but sorry to say...Abhay is Pia'sSmile

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