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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 75)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 5:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jadeaachi

i hav been a great fan of ur ff..twisted love...n now dis
...itz a wonderful ff...loved it!!
...but hav u discontinued twisted love???
...plz update dat tooo
No Twisted Love is next on my list. See i have 6 FF's and i take turns one by one to update them. Today is the turn for A Twisted Love.

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tj_black Senior Member

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 5:49am | IP Logged
wowest update...good going!!!

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BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Awesome Ayesha Big smile Its tons better than the show Embarrassed Loved it totally. The tension between Abhay n Pia has been portrayed in a brilliant manner. Waiting to see what happens next Big smile

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-Nags- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
wow...superb ...marvelous You Rock
--Signorina-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
superb honey 
update soon...

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 2:59pm | IP Logged

:::Precap 13:::Shower U with Love:::

Jay was busy making plans with Ventikesh on their night out and their next match would be a cricket match. Jay was intent on winning because losing was never an option. Besides he liked the competetive streak coming out of him. It gave him another opportunity to check his enemy out from the inside again. This time try to get more out of Abhay. He needed to get the animal caged inside of him out in front of Pia. It was the only way for his plan to work by terrorizing Pia with fear of Abhay and then strike Abhay while the iron is hot. He knew very well Pia was Abhay's weakness. Abhay was hiding his feelings for Pia very well and Jay had to applaud Abhay for his acting abilities but Jay knew Abhay all too well. He'd done his homework. Jay had to pump up the base and give Abhay a bone to munch on. 

Misha curled her lips finding Venti a little too annoying along with Jay's new partnership-U aleady bailing out on us Jay thought you'd at least stay true to your friends.
Jay threw back at Misha-Oh plaes loyalty and i are tight but i am a people person Misha unlike U who likes to create drama all the time. U just want to pick a fight na. I'm not playing this game with U and neither is Venti. U have to watch out for our resident trouble maker Misha. She likes playing practical jokes on people. Misha is nuttified sorry She'' mishify U.
Venti peered down at Misha-Oh i am renowned for being the practical joker. I'll have to give U a whole load of tissues for U to wipe your eyes i tears. 
Misha glared-Nobody outdoes Misha. I'll nuttify U Jay its not enough U set my sister up the wall and now U are starting on me. (Misha chases Jay around the field while Jay runs to escape Misha's grasp.) Wait till i get my hands on U Jay!
Jay grins running a little too fast for Misha-U Dobrial girls can't wait to get a piece of Jay but this boy ain't coming into your hands so easily.
Venti challenged-Fine we'll see tonight. (Watching Misha and Jay run around like school kids)
Shaan to Venti-Have U guys seen Abhay? 
Venti shook his head-No! He's probably gone to the locker room.
Isha towards Venti and the gang-U boys should hang out here for a while i have brought refreshments with me. Orange juice to quench the thirst away.
Misha runs back panting unable to catch Jay to Isha-Where's Pia?
Isha smiled helpfully-She's engaged. I mean i took her to the ladies.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 July 2011 at 11:51am | IP Logged

:::Update 13:::Shower U with Love:::


Isha had left Pia in locker room. The boys locker room to be precise. Isha had locked the door from the outside wedging it shut. They'd seen Abhay already in there and bided their time. Pia felt a little uneasy yet she felt her temperature rise seeing the steam in the room. She could hear the shower turned on while Pia's feet automatically started moving on its own. Pia felt like she was violating Abhay's privacy but this was where she could be alone with Abhay without him running off on her. Leaving her without answers she so desperately was seeking while everyone around her fed her lies till she was blue in the face. Pia popped her head around feeling a little too hot taking her jacket off and then her trainers off so she made no sound. Alerting Abhay was the last thing she needed. Then Pia couldn't help but lmove further forwards seeing the outline of Abhay's hard body being caressed by the drops of water trickling down Abhay. Pia thought loudly to herself the lucky drops of rain had touched Abhay while she remained so thirsty for a little affection from him as she sucked in deeply taking in Abhay's scent. Pia felt the butterflies in her stomach uncontrollably flying around as she moved closer to the man who kept her far away from her as possible. Pia could see the steam filling in the little compartment Abhay was enclosed in while Pia was already thinking about Abhay in a compromised position just wishing to touch him. To talk to him anything to be near him

 Abhay felt Pia around getting very mad at her for the audacity to enter a boys zone only without thinking about her reputation pulling Pia in to join in looking angrily at her as Pia gasps in shock soaking her wet as she shrieked. Pia felt like the earth shook beneath her. Being in Abhay's arms was like being in Heaven. Abhay pinned Pia against the tiles of the shower cubicle with both his arms trapping Pia so she couldn't move. His eyes penetrated through Pia's feeding hungrily at the unconditional love Abhay saw in them. The innocence in Pia's eyes was still present and despite most of her old self being overtaken by a new domineering Pia he was pleased to see she still kept one part of her true self in tact.. Pia's fingers had a mind of their own as they trailed Abhay's ripped six pack towards his bare chest feeling the shivers going through her body like he'd hit her body with an electric current full of Love for Abhay as she gasps in delight at the rugged handsome man before her. Pia's cheeks flushed tawny pink and then Pia's finger trailed around Abhay's bare back soaking in the perfect vision of Abhay upclose. Pia's fingers trailed all the way around the nape of Abhay's neck but her eyes never moving remained glued to Abhay's. She plied Abhay with every burst of energy and flung her unspoken love for Abhay paralysing him.

Pia found herself coming closer and closer towards Abhay's face as Abhay found he was instantaneously magnetised towards Pia. Both their eyes lost in the others unwilling to blink for fear of losing this precious moment and then a kiss to cement their matching need for the other. A moment of weakness and melted towards the other. Lips touching lips softly and then like an addiction they both hungered for more deepening their kiss further. Pia relaxed her body against Abhay's strong frame while Abhay held Pia a little tightly around her waist giving into temptation promising to break it off soon only for it to prolong longer than he'd anticipated. Their kiss had taken both of them by surprise by their matching need for the other. Eventually Pia broke the kiss off unale to breathe properly feeling a little coy around Abhay now; while Abhay became a little agitated for allowing himself to get this weak especially seeming as he was doing a brilliant job at alienating Pia.

Abhay taut face showed desperation with a hint of control as Pia was the recipient of his love falling at the last hurdle. She'd taken him by surprise losing his ability to remain strong for her. He felt reticence-How shameless are U Pia?  (Masking his features from giving away any emotion) This is the boys locker room and U were spying on me! Its a good job my dignity is still in tact.

Pia recovered back to her posture but her mind was having a conversation of its own sparring to find strength from somewhere and not get distracted by Abhay's hot body which was so enticing fighting her eyes not to stray. Pia voice uneven managing to whisper-Shameless is my middle name Abhay. When it comes to U all logic goes out the window so what shame are U on about? I am your property after all even if U claim to want nothing to do with me Abhay. (Shamelessly flirting with Abhay) And judging by the hot kiss Abhay i feel someone is lying to themselves about not having any feelings for me. Don't U think? Damn Abhay quit hiding behind your fake bad boy act i can see through U.

Abhay shifts rumbling into a thunderstorm lashing out at Pia-U call this love Pia! Its called sexual frustration U know its all physical attraction nothing deeper than that. If U threw yourself at any man he'd have the same reaction. Men only think of one thing.

Pi a felt the sting of Abhay's brutal words hit her like a slap to her face. For Pia this felt all too real. She knew Abhay felt the connection between them only he was determined to dampen her happy moment by giving it a cheap tag-U cane name it with a crude tag Abhay but U can't change your reactions to me and i have seen your body language. For some reason i know U better than U give me credit for Abhay.

Abhay pinned Pia against the wall in a menacing mode-So U think offering yourself to me like this will make me want U Pia? How stupid are U? I could be a shady caharctor and take advantage of U. How stupid are U Pia?

Pia found her temper rise-Clearly i am not as stupid as U think Abhay Raichand! I have U all alone don't I? U have nowhere to run Abhay. (Pia starts to feel a little intimidated by Abhay but keeps herself in check to avoid Abhay getting the better of her) So i win!

Abhay makes a hoarse sound with his grotted teeth-Neither do U Pia. Who will save U from me now Pia? I can easily ruin U. I can leave U spoilt for any man Pia. Is that what U want? (Threatens her) I am capable of anything Pia and U don't even know who i am anymore so why are U insistant on wrecking your life with an obsession? (Shouts) Why Dammit?

Pia gave Abhay a smouldering look daring him to do his worst full of confidence that Abhay was just bluffing to scare her-Do your worst Abhay i am already spoilt for any other man in case U haven't noticed. I haven't once taken my eyes off of U to check any other guy out so what U do with me is up to U and i won't fight U Abhay. I don't know why i feel so safe in your arms but i feel like at home with U. Besides if U were going to harm me you'd have done it by now.

Abhay punched the tiles out of frustration making Pia jump into Abhay's arms-What are U made of Pia? Does nothing i say or do affect U? I am threatening to ruin U and all U can do is batter your baby brown eyes at me. Are U even human Pia? U are killing me Pia. U can actually sanctimoniously murder someone and get away with it. U frustrate the hell out of me. U are so annoying Pia Dobrial.

Pia had reproach in her voice-I know Abhay and i like the rise i get out of U. The tortured soul look suits U very well. If only i was killing your stubbornness to stay hidden away from the light. Why do U even bother covering up Abhay when nothing affects me huh? Haven't U learnt anything?

Abhay wanted to give in to Pia's demands but then all his efforts would be for nothing. He was still a danger to her and Pia's life depended on it-I don't make mistakes Pia.

Pia knew Abhay was lying-Whatever Abhay. Like U have the gift of foresight? Do U ever get tired of listening to your own voice. I'm always right and everyone else should follow me. Please!(Hears the sound of doors opening as her eyes widen) Shoot! My clothes they're soaking wet.

Abhay smirked-U should have thought of that before U came nosing into the boys locker room.

Pia snapped back-Hey it was U who dragged me here like a ruffian. Good job i took my trainers off and my jacket. But what do i do about this?

Abhay growled at Pia-U are concerned about being wet? What about how this looks Pia? What will they think?

Pia shrugged her shoulders smiling at Abhay with her cheeky grin-What's to be so embarrassed about Abhay? We were involved with each other a lifetime ago so we reconnected no biggie. We haven't done anything to be ashamed of and that is all that counts besides i like the thought of all our friends jumping to assumptions. Relax Abhay and enjoy the attention you'll get afterall U do have a playboy reputation to hold on to. Whats the big deal?

Abhay to Pia murmurs smothering a curse-I care Pia. I care about what others think of U! (Backtracks) It takes only a moment to break ones self respect and an eternity to build it Pia. (He jumps out of the shower and hides Pia's belongings) Now where do i hide U Pia?

The guys begin to enter while Abhay covers Pia with his body so nobody would notice her being present. Venti was the first to open his mouth-Hey Abhay you've been here a while now! Are U hiding from Pia?

Abhay answered back-No its a little hard to hide from my personal shadow. The girl likes to stalk me wherever i go. I am thinking of getting a restraining order against her.

Pia bit Abhay's hand in retaliation but Abhay gave no sign of being in Pian causing Pia to get a little suspicious muffling out-I'll get U Abhay.

Venti could have sworn he'd heard a muffle-Are U Ok Abhay?

Abhay answered a little too fast-Yes i got bitten by a bug.

Shaan whistled-We know what kind of bug bit U Abhay. U couldn't stop staring at her.

Pia's eyes glimmered at this news showing Abhay her delight moving her eyebrows up and down. Abhay read Pia's mind (Everyone can see it but he still has the same stubborn response. Now you're going to regret lying to me Abhay.)

Abhay gave Pia a stern look-Its hard not to look at her when she is in your face all the time.

Venti grinned-Well its cute how U were trying to shiled her away from getting hurt. We all saw U Abhay. U guys were having your own little party while the rest of us were just watching the show. U haven't seen Pia have U Abhay? Misha is on the hunt for her for sometime now?

Pia's eyes widened. Abhay could tell Pia was a little worried about Misha's reaction relaying back-Pia has a habit of day dreaming. She's probably lost track of time. I'm sure she's looking for me. I've been hiding out here so she doesn't find me. So are all the guys here now?

Ranbir yells-Yeah. Looks like we have a little get together planned Abhay with your old friends. Jay invited us all and we accepted. I hope that's ok. Maybe U can hook Pia with Jay and that'll be the end of your budding lovestory.

Pia saw the discomfort in Abhays eyes as he clutched on Pia a little hard. She yelps out in pain-Ouch.

Shaan was suspicious of Abhay but chose to remain silent. Abhay U might as well get out of the shower mate. I'm sure Pia's left the building. Besides the rounds are on U remember. Save us a place at the Chiller Club.

Abhay got out with a towel passing it to Pia as she was trembling now not because she felt cold but because she was away from Abhay's embrace holding her steady. He opened the door for her. Now go Pia and try not to cross my path again.

Pia vowed back primly-Oh I promise to come running back to U Abhay. As long as i am alive i'll keep running back to U Abhay. (Winks at Abhay kissing his cheek waves bye) See U soon.

Venti  and the other wolf whistled at Abhay-U sly dog! Here we we're thinking poor Abhay is eaten by jealousy while U were having a silent party with Pia.

Abhay moans-Don't! It was difficult getting her out of here. I don't want this getting out for Pia's sake.

Abhay rushes out with Pia drying her hair for her so nobody suspects borrowing Isha's hairdryer. Isha comes running at the text message.

Abhay to Isha-I can't believe U did this Isha. U know our arrangement. Make sure nobody gets wind of this. Find her any of your outfits U have stored away in your locker.

Isha nodded a little taken back by Abhay's moods-I'm sorry jaan. (Touches Abhay's cheek with her hand stroking it) Pia was upset and U know i don't like tears so i helped her out.

Abhay calmed down-Fine. Stop drooling over me girl and sort her out before the whole college hears about this.

Pia could see genuine concern about her-I'm not bothered if everyone hears about this Abhay. Seriously its not a big deal.

Abhay scolds Pia-It is to me. Nobody will dare to breathe a word of this and disrespect U Pia. U better keep your mouth shut about this do U hear me?

Pia sulks-Whatever!

Abhay demands-Not Whatever Pia! Damn U are so stubborn.

Pia shoots back-So are U Abhay.

Pia with Isha-I'm sorry he scolded U. I didn't mean to get U in trouble.

Isha smiles back offering Pia a mini skirt from her essential kit-Its OK. Abhay's really a big softie. He's just a little wound up at times but he means well. He cares for everyone but doesn't show it. I can see how much he loves U. I'm so jealous Pia. None of the girls get this special treatment but U hold a special place in his heart. (Covers her mouth) I shouldn't have said that i am supposed to berate him in front of U.

Pia puzzled-Huh!

Isha saw a glint in Pia's eyes-Abhay likes to pretend he's a bad guy so you'll hate him. Only thing is U choose to believe the good in him despite all he's done.

Pia nods-Obviously anyone i love can't be as bad as i believe them to be. I can see Abhay too well to know he is acting.

Isha sighs relief-So what did U and Abhay discuss? Or is it confidential?

Pia answered-He wants me to stay away.

Isha laughed-Typical Abhay. He says the same thing to us but we follow him around everywhere he goes. So U coming to the Chiller club?

Pia nodded-Yeah tonight right? We have a theme park we've all booked to get into. U coming? Make sure U bring Abhay and his friends.

Isha mused-Sure why not?

After Pia got herself sorted Abhay heads back to the boys locker room .

Venti nods-I get it bro U love her yet U won't show it to her. The girls crazy for U and i know how crazy chicks are. Pia's got the Loveria fever look going on in her eyes. She won't stop till one of U drops. None of your girlfriends are scaring her off.

Abhay mutters angrily-I thought shifting Colleges ell even insulting Pia would do the trick but nothings working. Pia isn't affected by anything i seem to do. Instead she finds it even more intriguing.

Venti understood all too well-I hear U bro.

Misha catches Pia-Hey little sis! Where did U disappear too? And what with the change of clothes?

Pia finished-Lets just say i got more than i bargained for and found myself at the brunt of my own detectivegiri.

On the way back to the coach Pia was reliving those little intimate moments with Abhay constantly feeling her lips tracing it with her fingers blushing at the same time.

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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wow awesome update sweety.I m so thrilled.Loved ABHIYA locker room moment.I can imagine tht shower scene.Ohh wow.Plz continue.Pia roxx in this FFLOL

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