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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 70)

poojahanda IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 2:27am | IP Logged
nice updateClapClapClap
eyes instantly find each other like magnets nice line , nice convo btw jay ,abhay , kabir , shaan & ranbir & abhiya part was nice 

BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Awesome Ayesha Clap Brilliant narration Big smile There's a right mixture of every element in ur FF, be it passion, humour, friendship or sis bonding. Loved it. Waiting for ur next update Smile
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 7:34am | IP Logged

:::Precap 12:::Get U Back:::


Misha had a solid plan to teach Abhay a lesson for rubbing his attitude all over Pia's face. Her sister was having difficulty with him around and seemed to lose her cool around him and her head. It infuriated Misha to see her sister fall to pieces during her altercation with Abhay. Misha had heard celebrations were in order from the Dehradun's 6th Form College for defeating Mount College with the grand event at Venti's place. Misha was livid and was already salivating to taste victory on her lips. The next week was going to be special because it meant they were going to their enemies quatres. She'd seen how grand it looked from the outside but how would it look in the inside?

Misha had a few plans in the basketball game up her sleeves. She'd practiced very hard with her peers. Jay's was very accommodating to wiping the floor with Abhay. He'd given everyone a little one to one tuition specially Pia. Maybe her sister wasn't going to be all gaga over Abhay if she could be pushed into Jay's arms. Wishful thinking it was but Pia's eyes were only one Abhay.

Pia was excited at the prospect of seeing Abhay again. It was all she could think of. Pia could hear the muffled sound filter through the field of the students in their warm up sessions checking out Abhay with her greedy eyes. Pia gasped at the sight of Abhay's intensified eyes sizzling right back at her. His own eyes met Pia's which were giving off heat he didn't want to even fathom what was going inside her head. It was almost like Pia was seeing through him with her innate power over him. His dark haired beauty had enslaved him as he struggled to break free from her gaze. Abhay met his continence, looking dark and brooding in the form of Jay keeping his hawk eyes on him. Abhay could feel the hate in his eyes but why? Nobody bothered Abhay. They never got under his skin apart from Pia but Jay was beginning to grate on Abhay for some unknown reason.  

Pia found Abhay a puzzle within a puzzle. The man was indescribable, titillating, fascinating  and intriguing. Pia found her lips went dry and moistened them. The range of emotions blasting through Pia had overwhelmed her. How could any man let alone Abhay have this power over her she thought thickly. Pia found he reluctantly tear away her gaze at Mishas nudge.

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 7:38am | IP Logged
wow ayesha nice precapSmile

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sunu123 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 10:19am | IP Logged
wow ayesha nice precapClapClap...
plz update soon nd pm me
hav a nice day

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged

:::Update 12:::Get U Back:::

The pang of guilt made Pia jump out of this little trance she was in thanks to Musha. Her sister sure knew how to spoil a moment. Pia's initial instincts were to slap her sister out of the way so she can continue to watch Abhay free from any disturbances but now she had a crowd surround her. Pia straightened herself up in annoyance walking up towards their rival teams.  Abhay disembarked away from the stand averting Pia's probing eyes. She was undoing his determination to make her hate him.

Jay to Abhay taunting him-Are U running scared dude? Don't worry this time we've made all the arrangements to relegate your College down in the dumps. We won't rub it in your face when U guys lose.

Abhay expectantly knew without his powers to know Jay would be the first to spout off as Abhay bore unencumbered daringly into Jay's confident eyes-Why can U read the future or something? I didn't know Mount College students were high on false hope so dream on and bring you're A game.

Misha stepped in front of Jay facing off Abhay posing her authority commanding-Oh Please Abhay U bring your s**t to the table. We'll show U what Mount College is about.

Abhay flung back half heartedly-Well its not team spirit or good sportsmanship thats for sure. Your College is full of pompous ignorant people so if U don't mind i don't want to waste my valuable time or energy on useless war of words. Let my actions speak for themselves. Now if you'll excuse me i have some real people to talk to not fake ones.

Misha opened her mouth to speak again while Pia hit her sister-Ouch! (Glaring at Pia in a high pitched voice)You're not defending him are U?

Pia's heartbeat quickened when Abhay turned round to watch her one time before he took off taking a moment to settle her heart to normal and then breathing steadily-He is free to say as he wants. Its U guys that are provoking a reaction out of him.

Misha gaped at Pia murmuring as her heart pounded with anger towards Abhay-He is such a loser. Abhay is a jerk.

Jay growled as Abhay heard the guttural sound of fury in his tone-I know guys like him Pia. The show they are high almighty but inside they have nothing. See the way he acts around us like we're past our sell by date. The girls he's with to the crowd he hangs with is so fake yaar. From what i heard the dude was a loner right so whats changed? I'll give him a good thumping you'll see Pia so he never messes with U or any one of us students.

Pia touched Jay's arm to make him unclench his fists cools him down-Your so sweet Jay but use your anger for the game.

Abhay's eyes stonily; almost sounding dangerous penetrating through Jay's making him uneasy tightening his perfect jaw at Jay-That's right get a pep talk from your little girlfriend that's all she's good for.

Pia jolted her arm away from Jay hurt by Abhay's accusations-Abhay we aren't...

Abhay raised his arm in the air walking away causally-Bye

All the crowd were placed in their seats and both teams came to the centre of the court after 30 minutes. Pia filled with envy at how most of the cheerleaders were all surrounding Abhay like the leeches they were digging her nails into her skin. Pia and her team had a group huddle.

Pia gave Abhay a demure look watching his own fluid shrug making her smile-Time to play! (Winks at him) Give it your best Abhay.

Abhay smirked at Pia's cute little smile as she wrinkled her face- U too Princess you'll need your boy on form.

Pia felt a stab of pleasure at Abhay's taunt-Oh he's got all the support he needs from me. Hope your bimbo's don't distract your attention from the game.

Abhay throws the ball hard right into Jay's chest. Jay catches it but feels a little friction on his ribs-U start the game with the ball. U need an advantage.

The whistle blows and both teams start to ready themselves for the grand prize of their reputation at stake. Jay bounces the ball continuously swirling around carefully weaving around their competitors handing it to Kabir and then to Misha, passes it back to Jay who shoots.

Jay points his finger like a gun at Abhay-One to us.

Abhay laughs with his eyes gleaming-I let U have that one as a free taster. Now its all for play. Come on guys lets do this.

Venti bounces the ball repetitivelt handing it over to Shaan then to Preeti who twirls around swiftly darting the ball at Imran who shoots from a far-3 pints. Beat that Losers!

Kabir fumed-Hey this isn't over yet so bring it! (Uses his hands to gesture) Come on people get at them.

Misha bounced the ball handing it to Pia as she swerved around with it finding Tina upclose-U want this b***h come get it! (Pia hurls the ball at the basket and scores making a little victory dance) Yeah baby i own U.

Abhay couldn't help but bask in Pia's glory. She had blossomed into a very competitive young woman and he loved her confidence radiating out of her-We are still leading Pia.

Pia smiled batting her eyelashes cutely at Abhay-It doesn't matter Abhay. I know i've won on a personal front anyway.

Abhay knew she meant about his girlfriend Tina-Oh truts me she has more about her than any girl out there. (He heads over to her and kisses her cheek watching Pia with the corner of his eyes as her happy features turn sour uttering scorns at him.)

Pia stomps away-Come on people we are still trailing behind. Jay (Runs to him and gives him a little kiss on the cheek surprising him knowing full well Abhay was getting a reaction from her own antics. See how he likes her rubbing another guy in his face) That's for trying hard. Now people if U guys win us girls will go out on a bender with U and you'll get a little reward.

Jay found Pia's words a little too hard too believe but it might help with the moral of their troops-Yes the girls are all going to give us a kiss. Right Pia?

Pia distracted by Abhay's glowing eyes whim fully blurted-Yes.

Abhay clenched his fists and tightened his hold on Tina-Oh no U don't Pia.

Venti and Shaan gather around-Are U ok man? U seem like somebody's punched U in the guts?

Abhay nodded being reticent and polite-I am just a little on fire right now. We have a match to win.

Shaan dribbled the ball across the court and passed it to Abhay while Abhay shot from a far.

Pia dribbled the ball while sweat dripped from her face panting out of breath giving it to Jay who tried to shoot but Abhay flew up jumping and whacked the ball away from their shooting zone and ran back to his area scoring again-That's right i'm the man.

Misha saw the little exchanges being passed between Abhay and Pia like they had a secret code of conversing by silence of the eyes. Misha could see her sister was lost in those soul stealing eyes heading over to Pia and dragging her to the game again-Oh no U are not cavorting with the enemy giving him ammunition to use against us Pia. Get a grip. He is a player pardon the pun but he is untrustworthy. U can do better than him Pia.

Pia made Misha's words go unheard of and did her own thing heading to Jay-This team is too good. There must be way to beat them down.

Kabir mused-We shouldn't have challenged them at their own game. It should have been something a little like cricket yaar. Us boys are crazy for that sport.

Pia grim-I don't do cricket. I can't hit hard.

Misha headed back to the centre handing the ball to Pia as Abhay stood opposite to her getting their eye connection back. Both remain lost in each other while the students around them  clear their throat to get their attention on the game again. Abhay ends up losing the ball to Pia thanks to Misha's intervention snatching the ball away from Abhay and Pia turns her head giving a guilty look at her team for getting caught runs back and they score.

During the interval both teams take a break drinking water and make a strategy while Abhay's team remain on their winning streak. Ranbir praises the work ethics of their opponents-I have to admit they are good but not as good as us.

Isha to Abhay-The girl Pia right? She is hung up on U despite all your efforts. U might as well give her a shot Abhay. Its not like we're serious or anything and i'm used to sharing U with others now.

Abhay slouched down-Do U still want me to date U?

Isha nods-Yes!

Abhay to Isha in a foul mood-Then don't give me suggestions.

Venti to Abhay-Bro aren't U alittle too insensitive towards her. I've heard she's been through a lot. Take it easy on her. Pia's not all there and its only normal for her to cling on to the one person she's so sure of.

Abhay shots down Venti-U my conscience or just a nagging ...

Venti laughs off Abhay's defensive mechanism-We've been friends for a month Abhay and now i know how U work bro so shielding yourself from anything to do with Pia won't work. She's getting to U i can see. Heck we can all see so put her and yourself out of the misery and do something.

Abhay shifted away from his friends-U don't get it. We are worlds apart and i will only hurt her. I always do. She'll break and Pia deserves someone who'll keep her happy. I prefer to live like this. Pia is too nosy. Interferes with my business too much. A girl like that isn't for me. Its why we grew apart. I hate her.

Venti laughs-Are U trying to fool us or yourself bro? U both can't get enough of each other. (Watches Abhay's jaw tighten) Fine Pia is off the discussions. Just don't be so heartless Ok. The girls a little fragile.

Abhay knew Pia was at breaking point but his world wasn't for her. Pia with Jay was the only thought he'd had and it killed him to see her in close proximity with Jay-Time to play again.

Misha against Venti-Hey Lamp post dare to see how fast i really am?

Venti chuckled-Go on shorty!

Misha frowned-Hey i'm not short.

Venti mused-Against me U are. Now play ball.

Misha bounced the ball dribbling it passed all the enemy team and passing it to Pia who'd shot the hoop. Abhay came near to make sure nobody bumped Pia down listening to Pia whispering-There i did it. With dignity. (Her voice sounded husky intertwined with sensuality) Your turn.

Abhay wasn't sure if Pia was feigning this whole seductive voice or if it was all in his head. She was making him mental-Thanks.

Tina came on by and dribbled the ball some more and saw Pia heading her way and was about to push passed her but Abhay blocked her from hurtling past Pia and finally the game was over with Abhay scolding Tina for being so unsporting.

Pia found Abhay was so much more than she'd ever imagined he'd be. He was beyond her understanding. He always shocked her and then he'd done the unthinkable kissing the girl's cheek to get her to apologize gently.

Tina to Pia-I'm sorry for almost knocking U over. I got a little carried away.

Pia smiled walking away-Its all Ok. (Sadly this game was too much for her to handle. Abhay was to much for her she thought)

Venti to Jay-I'm impressed. U guys rock despite your loss U have opened my eyes. So U wanna go celebrate with us. Don't worry we won't rub it in your face. Believe it or not we don't hold a grudge with anyone. We are quite friendly.

Jay siftly admits-U guys are awesome. I'll have to check with the guys. I'm not keen on Abhay.

Misha to Abhay-What did U do to my sister U jerk. She's gone.

Abhay shrugged his shoulders-I don't know Misha. She's not my responsibility. Go find her yourself.

Pia left her team members feeling a little out of place tired but still had hope in winning Abhay back. She saw his warm eyes and the way he'd been there for her was like he'd always been there. Looking out for her.

Isha had followed Pia watching her teary eyes-Its Abhay isn't it? He does this to all of us but for some reason U are the only one who gets to him.

Pia smiled half heartedly-U are dating Abhay right?

Isha nods-Its nothing serious. We haven't gone past first base. Some of the girls have had more luck than i have its hard to find enough time for Abhay to fit us nto his busy schedule of other girls. Too much competition.

Pia felt her heart sink-Oh! Its not how i see him. I feel like he's putting on a show.

Isha smiled stroking Pia's hand- In fact Abhay prefers to distance himself from revealing too much about him to us girls. All we know is he has a dry sense of humour and we just love him. I know U have a special place in his heart thats why he is so harsh and unfriendly towards U. U do something to him Pia. Anyway U want to hit the showers? We have brilliant facilities here.

Pia found hope alright-I want to see Abhay alone

Isha beamed-I can arrange this for U just leave it with me.

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.PINK. IF-Stunnerz

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heyy gr88 update :)
do continue soon

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by sunu123

wow ayesha nice precapClapClap...
plz update soon nd pm me
hav a nice day
86.gifHope U like th update

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