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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 64)

--Signorina-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 July 2011 at 2:18am | IP Logged
superb dear Clap
thnx for the pm
update soon

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.Reshama. IF-Sizzlerz

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very nice updateClap

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 July 2011 at 8:01am | IP Logged
awesome precap Aysha.. update

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 July 2011 at 2:43pm | IP Logged

:::Update 11:::The Competition:::


Next day at College it was the first contest between Dehradun 6th Form College against the home team Mount College in a  volley ball match. Pia was very excited about seeing Abhay again after last night it was all she could think about. Abhay's smooth dancing skills had swept her off her feet and all she could do was practice her cheerleading skills along with the rest of the girls. Some of the boys wanted to show their gymnastic skills in front of the other team. Jay was up for the stiff competition. He'd heard about his opposition. Abhay's team were apparently the best College for sports garnering rave reviews and attaining scholarships from America for their basketball teams. Kabir wanted very badly to crush the enemy like a bug mainly because Abhay was on the team. One year did nothing to diminish his anger towards Abhay. He had only tolerated him for Pia's sake but now Pia wasn't with him he no longer felt the need to act like he liked Abhay's company.

At the field they all gathered around to see their competitiors approach with their College bus to the parking lot. Abhay could feel Pia from where he was positioned. Now he had to get into his poker face mode and act his socks off in front of her. If he appeared as a lothario then Pia being simple would loathe him. He was certain of this. Last night he was caught off guard and gave into a moment of weakness but Pia wasn't in his arms now and nor was she in a room filled with people where he could misbehave with her. But this was a different playing ground. Abhay had no qualms in humiliating Pia in front of her friends.

Pia watched the group of teens step off the bus one by one until finally she caught a glimpse of her dream man Abhay Raichand as her heartbeat accelerated out of control speeding straight to Abhay but it all came to an abrupt stall when she saw his arm candy Tina on one arm and some other tart in the other. Since when did Abhay have more than one girlfriend? What on earth was he playing at here? He made her head spin. Yes her jealos streak was back too. Pia eyed her rivals with contempt. She was going to make sure they got a taste of what it was like to lose.

Professor Dutt to his students-I want a healthy rivalry no serious backlash between the two Colleges. Otherwise we won't be doing any of this competing Ok?

Shaan rasied his hand-Tell them no funny business then we shall do the same.

Professor Dutt-I am sure they are being told to behave but this is the reputation of the College at stake here.

Abhay to his peers-We will behave and only enter into a healthy war of words. We will behave right?

All in unison-Right! Its Abhay's old College so we won't give him a bad name.

They all head to the ground watching the other team position themselves while Abhay spies on Pia from afar as their eyes instantly find each other like magnets being pulled to each other longing with this need to quench their own emotional need to just have each other's images in each other's mind. Abhay could feel Pia's own dislike toward the girls on each arm but she had no hatred for him. Pia was turning out to be a formidable opponent. What did he have to do to shake her off of him?

Kabir opened his mouth first mouthing off-So come back to lose to us Abhay? You've chosen the wrong College to compete against.

Abhay remained silent but Ventakesh answered for his buddy-You'll eat your words.

Kabir scoffed raising his finger to Abhay and Venti-Why can't Abhay fight his own battles?

Ranbir casually remarked back-Unlike U mate we don't try to antagonize an old friend or foe. We like to stick up for our own as a pack because thats what a team does.

Jay crosses his arm walking proudly facing off against Abhay looking slightly up as he is shorter in height to Abhay-So U ready for the play off?

Abhay smirked with his eyes dancing playfully-Bring it on!

Jay cleared the area with Pia eyeing Abhay again loving his fighting talk-Come on girls we have some warm ups to do.

Abhay heard her thoughts loud and clear. His bad a** act was supposed to p*** her off not make her swoon over him-Yeah girls show them what we are made of.

Imran moaned sulking-Do we have to do the routine with them? Aren't we going to look a little gay?

Venti laughed off this claim-Come on yaar. Nowadays this is all nothing. Think of team spirit. How we will be helping the girls out by lifting them up in their and relieving pressure from them. This way we have enough energy to totally annihilate Mount College.

Shaan beamed enthusiastically-Hey we have the girls all after us so don't complain Imran otherwise you'll remain single the rest of your life.

Abhay to Tina and Isha-U girls do your thinkg

Abhay kisses their cheek while they both shrieked dancing their cheerleading routine to the tune of Hollerback Girl by Gwen Stefani crouched down low while the other girls jumped over the boys moving really fast spinning around then making arm movements with their pom poms waving it around. They started moving step by step as the boys jumped in some looking rather stiff and others a little awkward but Abhay was in his element taking it in his stride moving slowly so he can do a step by step move to catch both Tina and Isha simultaneously as they all positioned themselves lifting the girls up in a V shape in the air.

Tina and Isha jumped down kissing Abhay's cheeks while his eyes were directed at Pia who'd gone red with her anger levels about to burst.

Jay and Kabir found the boys performance a little too much to handle as they went away backchatting-Those dudes are seriously messed up.

Kabir agreed-Talk about emasculating yourself. I always thought Abhay had a few screws loose now i've been proven right.

Abhay smirked from a far already acknowledging their reactions as their rival team cheered their team on with the girls doing their own thing as Pia was the head girl there coming up with their own routines not as flashy or showy as the other teams.

Everyone applauded for their efforts as Tina marched to Misha  extending her hand-May the best team win.

Misha shook hands-Yeah we shall see soon who the best team is so be ready to eat dirt.

The girls were all positioned in the front with the boys at the back as Jay was the first to serve flying the ball over to Abhay who hit it over to Kabir, then to tina and then back towards Tracker who'd missed the shot. Tina screamed with delight. Abhay had his trademark half grin. Venti served for the other team finding Misha who hit hard at Isha breaking her nails crying with distress to Abhay complaining about her broken nail.

Abhay blows on Isha's nails kissing her fingers better-I'll treat U to the salon baby. Shh. Don't worry its just a game. If all your acrylic nails break its fine i'll kiss them all better. (Pia was livid at Abhays sweet words wishing it was her being consoled by Abhay) Shall we resume the game?

Isha nodded like a puppet sinking her eyes into Abhay's-Promise?

Abhay nodded hugging her-Now get into your position and fuel your anger at the other team.

Kabir serves next aiming it at Venti who passes it over to Angad so hard he almost blew the wind out of him.

Then the game continues for over half an hour with Abhay's team leading making Jay, Kabir, Misha and Pia frustrated as their team dwindle in energy. They strategise their next move as Pia comes up with a plan to finish their opponents off with a little teasing from the girls. Jay was always losing whenever Pia tried her charms with skin show maybe the other team would do the same.

Misha thought it was lame-I don't think the other team find us very hot Pia!

T added her two cents-Maybe not U but i happen to have a very fit body so they will be putty in our hands.

Pia rolls her eyes-Girl we are way hotter than the bimbo's on their team. Tina, Isha, Mia and Kareena don't hold a candle to us. We got this in the bag.

Jay wondered if they'd have the same effect on the girls on their rival teams-Maybe we can all go shirtless and see if Sallu style affects them.

Abhay chuckled inside on the way Pia's mind operated. His Pia was a strategist was a shock to his system and was Tfied another shocker. Oh he could  play them at their game huddling his team mates to go Sallu style shirtless while the girls were told to keep their dignity and not reveal anymore flesh than they needed to. Abhay didn't want the boys to ogle them like meat. Abhay was against making a girl uncovering herself for any guy.

Imran to Abhay suspiciously on the fence-How do U know all this man?

Abhay finished-I used to come here remember? I know how her mind works. She does this all the time to win games and thinks we will all fall prey to her charms. I know Pia inside out.

Venti puzzled-Pia?

Abhay nodded-Yes. She's acquired quite a reputation and U should always know your enemy. Rule of every battle know your enemy better than they know U.

Ranbir high fived Abhay on his quick thinking-I suppose desperate means cause for desperate measures huh? Your ex peers are sure gunning for us and i am loving it.

Pia stripped off with Abhay already poised and ready for her assault fought hard to not let Pia affect him as she smiled brilliantly flashing her eyelashes at him with the looks of embarrassment in her eyes affected by his body making her stumble as she hit her serve over to Abhay hitting it back at Pia grinning back with a smirk that sent shivers down Pia's spine who was unsteady already not ready by his aftershock over her entire body going to jelly.

Abhay coolly stated high fiving his team mates-Girls i suggest U go take another layer of clothing off because U are about to get burned. Your clever ways won't help U win this match. Didn't expect us to turn the tables on U did U? (Abhay winked at the girls with mischief) I haven't lost my touch boys. (To his friends)

Pia found her cheeks were red as Misha scolded Pia for losing it-Why couldn't U just stare at another guy? Why Abhay man. He just insulted us all.

Pia smiled back at Abhay-Are U guys robots or just plain cold? Does nothing ever affect U? I hate U. (Stomps her feet like a bruised child glaring at Abhay for making her so weak and for being so damn hot. His body had her gone to her own little heaven but it was his playful eyes that made her lose all control over her body.) We have to win this guys.

Abhay to the boys-U boys aren't men enough to have my girls lusting after U. My girls have eyes only for me so i suggest U start wearing your T-shirts because the shirtless look doesn't suit U boys.

Kabir was gearing up for a fist fight with Jay stopping him-Leave the arrogant fool to bleat and blow his trumpet. We have lost the match but on their turf we shall prevail i guarantee U this Kabir. Until then play nice.

Kabir relaxed his shoulders-I hate Abhay.

Abhay smirked souting back at Kabir and Jay-Feelings mutual bro. Love U too! (He salutes them mockingly) Feel free to get trashed.

Venti spoke to Pia-I told U didn't i we excel in all sports. Nothing is too much for us.

Pia moved over to Abhay' side of the court sizing up Abhay-If U think for one minute U have won then U are mistaken Abhay Raichand we are not done with U. I know this match was a non starter but we have more up our sleeves.

Abhay shot back critiquing Pia's master stroke-Like how low can U go by stripping off?How many layers do U girls have on till U are running around naked. A lady never uses this as a means to winning Pia. Its cheap and degrading. It might work for Jay but not on me. I'm immune to all of this. I see girls like U everywhere it doesn't do anything for me. U want to win then do it with a passion not to get one over someone but for your own pride. Why do U think our College girls although dress to impress me kept their dignity intact? We play with passion and not to rub it in anyones face.

Pia felt very low ashamed of herself for stooping so low but fought back-Well U boys have done exactly what we did! How did U know i've done this for Jay? And those girls U are with dress immodestly.

Abhay could feel Pia's trembling voice-I had a feeling it was for a guy and Jay is the only single guy at your College (It was viable to use this excuse but Abhay found himself undone by Pia's probing eyes) I know Pia but it was a test to see how U girls would react to seeing your opponents use your strategy against U. I wasn't flaunting it but merely showing U that we can fight dirty but we won't use our girls to do it. The girls like to dress up for me who am i to tell them what to wear to impress guys. Its their prerogative.

Jay mouthed to Kabir-I wish Pia would hate him then we'd be on to a winner. He's feeding her a load of bulls***.

Kabir nodded-I know Pia has always been a sucker for him.

Misha saw Ranbir and Imran doing their celebratory dance wanting to tear their heads off and wishing she didn't resort to this bimbo act just to win as she vowed-U boys will eat dirt. Next time we meet it will be at your College ground basketball match! (Clicks her fingers) We will show U.

Shaan casually walked to Misha-Oh this is easy Misha. U will get creamed.

Misha with conviction shook Shaan's hand-We shall see loser.

Pia back to Abhay-Misha has spoken. We will meet again Abhay this time U will lose big time and this time i won't resort to underhanded tactics. Oh and one more thing i don't like being judged Abhay. U don't know me anymore because i don't know myself but i'll tell U one thing i'm unpredictable. I am not a shrinking violet and nor am i the same girl U once dated. That's right buddy i know U and i had a thing. Even if U deny this a million times my feelings aren't lying to me. (Pia whispers) My gut instincts will never lie about what U mean to me. Neither are my memories as hazy and dreamlike they seem are all real So U hide under a rock or in a cave full of fake girls and emptiness i am on to U. So U better watch out.

Abhay was being burnt by Pia's intensified gaze enough to consume any resolve he had having to rely on Misha pulling Pia away from him.

Misha to Abhay-U stay the hell away from my sister and keep your bimbos Abhay.

Pia was still staring at Abhay.

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Hehe Misha's Too Funny. Abhay's Bimbo's Hehe. Great Chapter.

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shivanirajput Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2011 at 3:13pm | IP Logged

wow wow wow what a gr8 update 
abhay pia fighting in a volleywall match pia stripping and abhay giving her lessons of desency 
nothing can get more interesting than this
i so wish that the cvs might borrow some ideas from u
overall very exciting update 
thanks for the pm and update asap

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really nice yaar...
thankxxx for the pm...

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awww!! thank uu ... for changing the colors...Smile

wonderful amazing brill updateSmile

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