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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 56)

-SnowKid- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged
awesome update!!!...cant wait update soon

-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged

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moonlitnisha Goldie

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Awesome update I don't Find words to
 describe it
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Precap 10:::Smoozing:::

Abhay was still beating himself up for not handling Pia properly. He just couldn't believe that his words had no affect on her. He was rude as hell but she just took it in her stride. Abhay spruced himself up in a black suit with a black tie for the formal business meeting with all their potential business partners and associates. All of Dehradun was invited including the Dobrials. It was his best chance to really get on Pia's bad books. Show her what a nasty guy he could be. Maybe then she would leave him alone. It was wishful thinking but he had to give it a try. For his date he had Tina a rich oil tycoons daughter who he'd never really met but he could fake his chemistry with her.
Haseena wrapped her arn around Abhay's as the came down the stairway to room filled with clients and industrialist and of course Marco-Abhay give a broad smile son. U don't want to scare off any of our guests.
Abhay gave a half smile-There. I'm not in the mood for all this smooth talking Mom. Its not me.
Haseena whispers-We have to asert ourselves back to the top of the game son. Its the only way to go undetected. The first time people thought we were unusual. I want them to have a different opinion about us.

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kuttu Goldie

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Oh wonderful precap Abhay trying to be be the bad guy. He is surely going to fall flat on his face. And haseena mom wants to create an impression. She has an arrogant son with an attitude equally the size of mount everest whats the need for anything more. And marco is the sweet guy. I kind of enjoy reading this fanfic which depicts the time after the memory loss more than Jisha. But lets see how that too turns out to be.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 10:::Smoozing:::

At the new mansion the stage was set for the Raichand's to shine back from obscurity and into the light. They had meticulously arranged every little detail to cater to all of their guests. They made their invite so that nobody would know it was from the Raichands just to give everyone the shock of their life namely the Dobrial's seeming as they parted on bad terms. All the guests looked up the stairway to see Abhay and his Mom Haseena descending towards them with a few gasps in the crowd. Haseena made her smile say it all. She was proud of the reaction she'd gotten. Chand followed behind in his usual black attire with hungry eyes taking in the aura of the atmosphere.

Abhay marched past the crowd to greet some of his College buddies. Ventakesh, Shaan, Imran and Ranbir giving them all a gentle shake of the hand smiling at them with his warm eyes-Good U guys made it. Saves me from having to go through this night on my own Its not my scene. So how do U like my humble abode?

Venti loved it beaming-It's very nice. How did U manage to get everything ready? U only came to College a week.

Abhay smirked-I'm a fast worker.

Shaan found some champaign and took it from the waiters tray handling a few glass's to his friends-This stuff is amazing. So Abhay U are really getting into the family business as well. I don't envy U bro. I think U are brave to take on everything at once.

Abhay placed one hand into his top pockets getting a pen out to write something on a piece of paper-Here's the details on how the other team works. I have it all mapped out already. So we can train hard. Its enough for a few rounds but the other team is a little shall i say like to use their assets very well. Their strongest link is Jay and Kabir but Misha gives a real punch.

Ranbir was impressed-You've been spying on the other team. Cool.

Abhay mused tilting his head to the side-I like to know my enemies very well. A little preparation hurts nobody.

Venti knew Abhay had missed Pia out and din't want to pry-U sure know them inside out?

Abhay shrugged his shoulders placing his pen back-Yeah i used to go to their College a year ago so i have had my run ins with them namely Kabir.

Pia had entered in her lilac designer Stella mccartney outfit showing off her legs and wore matching coloured heels with her curly hair styled with a clip on it. She entered with her sisters Panchi and Misha full of smiles. Abhay couldn't help but find himself staring right at her. It was almost like Pia had blinded everyone out of existence for him. Her style was more U know U want me but U can't have my kind of vive he was getting which made him laugh inside yet she was like a siren calling him out of hiding. He saw all of his friends stare at Pia then back at him forcing Abhay to regain his composure.

While Pia sought out Abhay from a far like he was a magnet. His electric blue eyes were calling to her and she found herself getting lost in the sea of emotions. This feeling she was getting was overwhelming like her heart had done a few somersaults and was on the verge of ripping out of her chest straight into Abhay. What was it about Abhay that changed her very reality? What was this paranormal feeling she had about Abhay. It was so abnormal to feel this possessive, this obsessive, this crazy over a guy she had no idea what he meant to her? Pia knew in her heart of hearts Abhay was her Angel but why was he so determined to keep her away from him? Why did he such an effect on her? Why did she dream of him all the time? Now that she'd met him these dreams were getting a little hard to differentiate from the real world but his face always left her feeling a mix of emotion all to the extreme. Pia had to know his secret. No matter what the cost she had to know who Abhay was to her and she was going to fight dirty to get the truth out. She had to join the dots because nobody was going to do it for her. Pia wished she could run into Abhay's arms and never let him go. Then a jolt went through her body in the form of Misha shaking Pia back to earth.

Pia annoyed at Misha for breaking her little private moment with Abhay grimly asks-WHAT????

Misha pushes' Pia along-U are staring Pia at the enemy. Don't even go there Pia. He isn't worth your time and energy not after how he blew U off with his rude attitude. U can't go back for more.

Panchi forbid Pia-U can't run to Abhay; Pia.

Pia hated being told what to do so decided she'd do the opposite-I'm my own person and can take care of myself. I just want answers. I want to know what we mean to each other? Why i feel this strong connection to him like he were my life?

Misha bluntly blurted-He hates U Pia. Can't U tell by the way he talks to U? U saw the way he was with us this morning.

Pia didn't care-I like a challenge Misha and i know i can reform this devilishly broody handsome Angel into a lovable rogue.

Misha knew where this was going-Oh no Pia U can't think of him as your pet project.

Pia smiled-He's not my pet project Misha. He's the Project. Project Angel here i come. I'll see U girls later.

Abhay had heard about Pia's little plan to change him involuntarily smirking at Pia's stance. U think U are going to make me fall for U Pia. Its already too late and U don't even kno it. Abhay thought to himself resolving in his own plan to keep Pia away from him. Time for Tina.

Chand saw Pia headed towards Abhay-Here comes trouble. I want U to be as far away from her as possible. We can't afford to have any scenes created especially tonight.

Abhay tore his eyes away from Pia to Chand and assured him-Don't worry Dad. Pia and I will be on opposite ends. She won't bother us tonight. I have a few tricks up my sleeves.

Pia decided time was of the essence now. She had to go rifle through some of Abhay's belongings and now was the best time. After all the place was full of people and Abhay and his folks would be busy mingling with their guests. She headed up the stairs looking for Abhay's room. She ventured into a big suite and saw a dresser with perfume and make up. No  this was more like Haseena's room so Pia got out as fast as she could and headed to the next room until she came to the final one. She slowly opened the doorknob peeking at the old fashioned look. It appeared very dated. The room was very cold. Pia walked in shutting the door behind her. This had to be Abhay's room.

Pia started looking for clues in Abhay's draws there wasn't anything related to Pia in them. He was into sports and he was very intelligent from the books she'd opened up. Funnily Pia felt as if Abhay was a very worldly kind of guy and true to her prediction he'd proven her right on one thing. Pia found Abhay's reciept for his registry form at Dehradun's Sixth form College. His name was Abhay Raichand. The Abhay Raichand. The man she'd apparently dated and had no recollection of for the past year that is until she came back here again. Her Angel was her ex-boyfrind who apparently treated her like dirt. Pia could only stare at the name before her. No wonder Abhay had caused such a stir within her. He had made her head spin just by the sight of his eyes alone pulling her into another universe where only he exists with her. Pia wished she could remember Abhay Raichand as her boyfriend but came up with a blank. It was like everything to do with him in her life was erased just like the past year meant nothing to her. All Pia knew was that she still loved Abhay. She was unequivocally besotted by Abhay despite not knowing anything about him. All that mattered to her was that he was her saviour. He moved her like no other human had ever done so especially this past year nobody came close to making her feel the way Abhay had made her feel.  Pia moved around to the wardrobes searching for anything to do with Abhay that she could link up with her own life. Then Pia moved towards Abhay's bed and saw a piece of paper edging it out. Pia turned the photo around unveiling herself with him lost in each others eyes with his embrace. Pia had found a clear evidence indicating that Abhay still held a torch for her and placed the photo back where it belonged. She ran out of the room and bumped into Haseena Raichand.

Pia apologized touching Haseena's arm-I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking. I'm so sorry Mrs Raichand.

Haseena gave Pia a suspicious smile huskily asking-Its Ok Pia. What are U doing here?

Pia made a lame excuse every girl out there used-I needed the bathroom and i erm the erm downstairs (Pauses licking her lips) was occupied (bites her lips) so i er came upstairs. U have a nice home Mrs Raichand. I love how you've kept everything to its original form.

Haseena knew Pia was lying but didn't want Pia to start asking her usual questions-Thank U Pia. Its nice to see U again. I know U can't remember us but we remember U. I hope U like the food and the entertainment. We have musicians playing downstairs. We have gotten people to really relax and dance the night away. I find dancing a better way of getting to know people than the boring ones my husband likes to throw.

Pia lets out a cheery smile masking her little flashback of Haseena with Abhay at some other mansion-I know what U mean Dad does the same thing. Puts us kids to sleep. I better be going and sorry again for my clumsiness.

Haseena watched Pia go. She got a few of Pia's flashing images in her head. Pia was getting the odd few memories but was in place to piece the puzzle together-For your sake Pia i hope U never remember.

Pia heard what Haseena had said and thought to herself (Why does she not want my memories to come back? It was clear to Pia that Haseena and Pia had shared a little more than just Abhay. Haseena seemed like she genuinely cared about her and her voice sounded so soft and inviting.)

Arnab Dobrial was shocked to see the Raichands back and more so at Pia's peaking interest in Abhay. He'd watched his youngest fall under Abhay's spell. Her eyes never left Abhay's. It killed him to see history repeating itself. He just had to make sure Abhay wasn't going to break Pia's heart. She'd been fed a lot of lies over the past year. How would she deal with all of this?

The Khurana's were present at the party. Jay saw Abhay recognizing him as the enemy straightaway but remained a little quiet. They were in the same town making it easier to target Abhay but needed him a little closer. He needed to plan ahead.

Jay shook Abhay's firm cold hands with his warm hands-I'm Jay Khurana.

Abhay nodded-Abhay Raichand. So U guys are our  competitors?

Jay nodded-Technically my brother and Mother are. I am strictly off their business list until i complete my studies. So U are juggling both business and College? Must be difficult?

Abhay responded casually-Not if U apply yourself properly. I restrict myself to only sports and business. This way i keep myself fighting fot and raring to go.

Jay prompted-So U aren't into your academic side of studying?

Abhay smiled coldly-Life is my teacher no need for others to teach me what i already know. I'm sure you'll come to find out soon enough.

Pia saw Abhay speaking with Jay and started to get angry as she spoke to Misha-He's talking to my enemy? He's froiendly with him yet he was so rude to me? What is it about boys?

Misha giggled mocking-This is the beginning of their bromance Pia. Your angle is out and Jay is in.

Pia was ruffled a little and was headed towards Abhay when she saw a tall leggy brunette headed towards Abhay in a black shiny backless gown swooning all over Abhay making her fume with jealousy-Who is she?

Misha was stunned by the beauty of the girl-Whoever she is sis she is way out of Abhay's league. She is hot.

Pia crossed her arms angrily seething-How dare he?

Panchi didn't like the way Pia was reacting to Abhay-Pia this isn't U honey. U don't even know Abhay and U are reacting like a jealous girlfriend. He is nothing to U.

Pia seethed feeling as if she was taken over by something-U wouldn't understand. Neither of U will ever know what i am feeling. Hell even i don't know what this is. He doesn't even date girls. Abhay only loves me. He can't do this to me. He's my Angel Misha. (Pia's eyes sting with tears. She was so strong yesterday but watching Abhay in the arms of another woman was unbearable for Pia. It was like a knife stabbed her through her heart) My head hurts.

Misha mocked-Pia boys lie. They cheat. Its as simple as that. Abhay isn't meant for U honey. He probably does this for kicks. Girls are a sucker for bad boys and it clearly works. I know what the boys in his college said but how wrong are they? He is obviously trying to win points with them now isn't he? Just forget U ever saw him Pia. Abhay isn't worth your tears.

Arnab Dobrial saw Pia getting worked up and headed to check up on her-Pia are U feeling alright?

Pia was still staring at Abhay wiping away her tears-Yes Papa. I just...

Jay Khurana and his Mother found Pia, Misha and Panchi greeting them.

Deepanita Khurana to Neel-Go take Panchi for a little dance. She'll like that won't U sweetie? She must be bored with all of this.

Neel extended his hands to Panchi as she reluctantly accepted muttering under her breath-U better not touch me anywhere inappropriate Neel because i swear i will kill U.

Deepanita saw Pia was a little agitated and decided Jay was going to sort her out-Pia this must be a little too serious for U girls. Jay why don't U take Pia for a dance.

Pia wasn't listening as she was busy watching Abhay with the brunette-Yeah fine.

Jay brushed Pia away holding her arm while Pia's eyes still remained on Abhay's direction watching him dance with Tina was very painful. Why she didn't know? While Jay tried to get her attention-Dobrial!

Pia was swaying in Jay's arms but her eyes never left Abhays-What? Damn i'm with U. Of all people to be with. How did i get here?

Jay gave a sarcastic laughter making his face illuminate with light-Simple. U were too engrossed in the new rich guy. Who is he to U anyway? An ex-lover? Did he break your heart and dump U for another hot chick?

Pia was burning with anger at Jay for making this all sound like it was the ways of the world.-How dare U pry into my life? If U must know i don't really know who he is to me? What he means other than we were an item once upon a time. I just don't remember him.

Jay felt for Pia only a little bit-So U are angry that Abhay remembers U and is rubbing his Hot chick in your face while U pine over the past. A little advice Pia. Guys like him are heartless. They will take advantage of girls like U. Just don't give him any ammunition to play with. Fight fire with fire. Don't go to him make him come to U. And i'd rather not see U upset Dobrial. Only i like to make U mad and not another guy. So chin up and show him U don't care.

Pia did care though. It stung to see Abhay with Tina holding her so closely-Easy for U to say. I don't even know what all of this means. Why am i talking to U about this? U are just as heartless as he is.

Jay twirled Pia so her face is just touching distance away from his-Pia we are all hiding behind a mask. U have nobody to share your sorrows with. Your sisters are obviously trying to keep U away from anything too strenuous for that pretty head of yours. They won't listen to U so who is left a fellow enemy with the same problems like yours. I can relate Pia. I have been burnt once already and now i keep myself locked away. I don't allow anyone to get close. Its easier than exposing yourself to the unnecessary heartbreak.

Pia was listening to Jay for the first time-U mean U were dumped by a girl!

Jay whispered in Pia's ears-As hard as it is to swallow my pride and be brutally honest-The might Jay Khurana fell from his grace for a girl but not anymore.

Pia found someone she felt in sync with. They were both in the same boat-I'm sorry Jay.

Jay smiled whispering to Pia-Now don't go divulging my secrets away or i'll have to kill U.

Abhay heard Pia's voice ike a beautiful melody drifting to his ears. It riled him up to see Pia with Jay but she needed a normal life with a normal guy. Abhay had tightened his grip on Tina who was squirming in his arms-Sorry.

Tina let go of Abhay-U are too rough.

Abhay smirked sadly-I know. I gotta go.

Deepanita couldn't help but tap Abhay on his shoulders-May i?

Abhay rolled his eyes. Great Auntie wanted a dance-Sure.

Deepanita zeroed in on Abhay's eyes-U are a smooth dancer Abhay. So how long have U been here for?

Abhay joked-Since the end of time. U?

Deepanita dazzled Abhay with her playful eyes-Pretty much the same as U. So U are joining in the business. Aren't U a little young?

Abhay smartly threw back winking at Deepanita-Aren't U a little old? Age has no relevance in business. It all depends on the individual and how fast they learn and i am a quick study.

Deepanita brought Abhay very close to her whispering-I like young men and their fiery outlook in life.

Abhay mused tilting his head-I wish i can say the same for older women i like mine at least few centuries younger than me.

Deepanita saw the twinkle in Abhay's eyes-We aren't that far off Abhay. In time you'll see what i can do.

Misha saw Abhay with Deepanita auntie and spat her drink out in Angad's face-Am i going blind or is Panchis future Mother in law trying to land herself a toyboy.?

Pia saw Abhay with Deepanita and whispers to Jay-Does your Mom like Abhay? She sure seems a little too friendly with him.

Jay muttered-damn! Mom likes to size the competition.

Pia wondered who else she had to face for Abhay?-Can this day get any worse?

Jay turned Pia around-Hey not on my watch. Just let tonight pass Pia. Tomorrow is a new day.

 Pia sure knew one thing for sure. Abhay had made her whole world shake and now she knew he was the one. Abhay was a part of her life whether she liked it or not. Pia's only problem was her emotions wereall too extreme. After this night Pia would never see Abhay in any other light. Hes was her vice. Abhay ran deep in her Soul and only he could bring her back to life. 

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awesome update.

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