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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 52)

Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Gr8 precap Aysha.. Eagerly waiting for d

Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
nyc precap... update soon dr... ayesha its beautifully written...
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
nice preacap.Yaar upload soonSmile

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 3:03pm | IP Logged

:::Update 9:::Enemy Lines:::

Next day ad College Pia took a detour taking her sister Misha along for the ride. The beefcake male model had given her sleepless night unable to stop thinking about him. Pia wasn't bothered that she'd almost died last night but she was deeply affected by those soul stealing eyes that haunted her every night. The same eyes that made her restless. Her Angel's eyes beckoned her to find him and never let him go. Pia had felt the same intensity in those strong arms that shielded her away from the harsh world. Only he existed in her mind. Nobody will help her find him so Pia was in her detective mode spying on their rivals. Pia remembered Marco had enlisted a male model from Dehradun 6th form College. She just wished she knew what his name was. It bugged the hell out of her. Pia walked into the main gates mixing in with the girls at the College with her books wearing her designer red dress from Hobbs and red platforms strutting her way passed some boys.

Misha tried to drag Pia back out of there pulling her-Pia we are going to get in trouble. If people see us and realise we are from their rival College we will get stoned yaar.

Pia simply swayed passed some of the girls on the benches gossiping about last nights events. Pia sat with Misha on the opposite bench to listen in on their chat. Pia sternly eyed Misha to shut up.

Girl 1-Man the College has one major Hot Bachelor. He was on fire and what a body? Everyone knew it was our Hero yaar. U can't miss the tattoo. I saw him at practice with the rest of the boys for Basket ball practice. The guy is a pro.

Girl 2's voice sounded very excited-Abhay is the College's Pride and Joy even if he is a Brooding Tiger. Did U see him leap into action to save that girl. I wish i was her yaar. Then maybe us girls would get one chance to touch him. Its a shame he doesn't even look at us girls in the same way we look at him.

Girl 3 a little animated-Boy is he so dreamy? I wish i was the model on stage too. I wanted to feel his strong arms and peer into his hypnotic eyes. All the girls gossip about him while he remains unaware on how popular he really is? Do U think he even cares about any of us girls? Or does he already have someone? I mean a sexy Hot guy like him can't be single. We should ask Venti but he always tells us girls to stand in line.

Pia was getting very jealous. Her Angel was the most sought after guy at this College. All three girls wanted a piece of him. Just Pia's luck to have competition here. Pia wished she came to this College instead of being stuck in Mount College just so she could be with this mysterious guy Abhay. Pia was certain she'd heard of an Abhay before. It couldn't be the guy she dumped could it? No thought Pia to herself. Pia was getting a little anxious now. She wanted just one glimpse of Abhay. Just one look at his face. His eyes were so mesmerising she could only imagine what the rest of him would do to her. Pia felt her spine tingle with excitement.

Girl 1 giggles-There's an endless queue for this Hunk. We'll be old before we even get to him. Abhay didn't even bat an eye lid at the model on stage what gives U the idea he'd do the same for us yaar. He saved her and left. The silent Hero. Abhay's become the College's treasure all in one fail swoop. Have U seen him play?

Girl 2 drooled-Who's busy looking at him play yaar? U can't pay attention to the game when he's playing. He simply makes U forget where U are. All U see is him.

Girl 3 checks the Mirror moving her hair to one side-I know but he is simply the best at sports. He's in every major tournament. Venti didn't even want to give him a try out but Abhay insisted he wanted to do this fair and square. I love his motto.

Pia couldn't help but open her mouth blowing her cover. She had to know who he was? These girls knew him. maybe they'd help-Hey girls. I couldn't help but listen in on your conversation. Sorry i didn't mean to pry but i wanted to meet your Hero.

Girl 1's mouth fell open-OMG. U are the model from last night. What the f**k are U doing here? This is strictly for ...

Pia cut in-I wanted to thank Abhay for saving me but i don't know where to find him. how to find him will U help me? I don't even know what he looks like.

Girl 1 contemplates for a little while before answering-Sure. U want to meet with the hunk huh? Word to the wise he's not into dating. I think he's a little career orientated right now. So if U are thinking of asking him for a date then forget it. He's blown half of us girls at this College off.

Pia's heart sank but she remained upbeat-I don't want to date the guy just show my gratitude for what he did. Any idea where i can find him?

Girl 3 eyed Pia suspiciously sizing up the competition. The girl didn't find anything special about the model and gave away Abhay's whereabouts-He's in the courts with the rest of the boys. If U turn left and then head past the far building over there you'll see the courts on your right. We'll take U there if U want.

Pia nodded eagerly waiting for the stunning man she'd seen last night-Misha i can almost smell him. He's here (She claps her hand) I will get to see him.

Pia almost runs to the cout area with keen eyes scanning al the boys one by one as they all whistle in appreciation. Pia was disappointed by all of the guys there. None of them had the eyes she'd been dying to see.

Ventakesh to Priya Girl 1-Why have U brought the enemy here Priya?

Priya flashes her killer smile flirting-She wants to see Abhay. To thank him for saving her. I thought we should show the rival College that we aren't snobs. No offence love but your peers and we don't see eye to eye. They think we are lower than them and the feelings mutual.

Ventakesh throws the ball to one of his team mates-Fine. Ok Hotness i'll tell U something for free. If U want to see Abhay then its fine by me but Abhay isn't into the whole meet the fans kind of guy. I don't think he'll meet U but its worth a try i suppose. Please don't scream at his face he doesn't like that and another thing do not stare at him. He finds it very disturbing. So long as U don't eat our valuable practice time U can have your way with him.

Pia found herself blushing at Venti's blunt words-So where is he?

Ventakesh-Abhay likes to enter in style. Hero is always late coming in. I'm Venti by the way Ventakesh Abhay's friend. So who's the hot chica with U?

Pia responded beaming-My sister Misha. So U know we are from Mount College then?

Venti laughed-Shaan she's asking us do we know the enemy? (Laughing) U should always know your enemy Pia. I think we have a few games lined up with your team. U guys sure play an aweful lot of Volley ball matches? U should concentrate on other games. This is why we are practicing like mad to perfect our team.

Shaan pointed-He's coming. Pia don't be offended if he gives U attitude. He's a little angry at times.

Pia watched with bated breath for the arrival of the man of the century. He wore a black vest and black shorts with black trainers. Charming this man was like the men in black. But he sure made Black look sexy as hell. He suited the colour. Pia sought out his eyes. Pia was lost in them as they pulled her to place where only they were present while all others vanished. Pia could see their invisible cord entwining them together. Misha nudged Pia to get out of her trance and back into the real world.

Pia saw Abhay's eyes glaring at her like she'd commited some kind of sin by coming here. No she didn't care if he was angry at her. Seeing him in the flesh thrilled her but she was worried she might faint as she felt her whole world spin. Thoses were the same eyes from last night and from her dreams. He was the guy who invaded her mind be it awake or asleep he was always there lingering and watching over her like her avenging Angel always catching her whenever she fell.

Pia cleared her throat as she tried to shake his hands-Hi. I'm Pia.

Abhay ignored her extended hands-Yeah so? What am i supposed to do with your name? Do U want my name or something? I'm sure these guys have probably already spilled everything. They have a habit of singing my praises.

Misha grew impatient-Listen dude (Pointing at him) My sister isn't here to offer herself to U on a plate ok. She is only here to do the decent thing and thank the guy who saved her life. U can keep your attitude to someone who cares. Do U have an allergy to speak in manners or what?

Pia stepped in moving her sister behind her-Misha chill. Its his prerogative to do what he wants. If he is a little curt with us its understandable. We have entered their turf unannounced. We aren't here to spy on U. Well ok we did but only out of curiosity. Abhay (Pia loved the way his name came off her tongue. It was almost like she'd said his name a million times over. He had a beautiful name thought Pia to herself) Thank U for being my Angel last night. If it wasn't for U then i would have been splat. Sorry i meant dead.

Abhay found Pia very cute as she struggled to get her words out but at the same time she was annoying the hell out of him with her little conversation going on in her head about his name in general and that love sick doe eyes in her eyes were torturing him. He so wanted to melt in them again but restrained himself. The thought of her dying wasn't even worth thinking about and managed to insult her again-Are U done? You've said what you've come to say. I didn't do U any favours by saving U. Last night was my big moment to shine and i wasn't going to let a shallow girl like U steal the limelight by getting injured. See by saving U i have become the Hero. The man of the moment. Its me everyone is chatting about while U are just a girl who got unlucky. See now my College is the talking point. Why are U still here? Do U want an autograph or something?

Pia shook her head as her eyes kept the visual image of Abhay firmly embedded in her brain. Amnesia or no amnesia she wasn't going to forget this hunk even if his behaviour was appaling she found him cute but also a little irritating-Do U have a pen handy? I'll give U my diary. U can write whatever U want in there. I'll keep it safe so i can remember this day clearly (Pia knew Abhay was masking his true self. Pia recognized those eyes. They were staring at her like he was about to steal her soul from her but why was he trying to agrevate her? Was he afraid of her? or afraid of himself around her? He always did a vanishing act. Even last night he did the same thing. Abhay was hiding something thought Pia but this was not the time or place to ask him in front of everyone. Now she knew who he was she was going to get all the answers she was seeking from him or from anyone who knew him. Pia handed him a pen) Thanks. (Places it back in her bag) By the way U were a brilliant model. U must have had experience doing this before right? I liked your concept of the half face being covered. U had us all imagining who U are?

Abhay threw another gauntlet-Yeah while U strutted around like an immodest cheap tart. Girls like U always like to flaunt themselves don't they? Flesh showing is how U attract your suiters like a preying Mantis. Don't guys at your College give U enough attention that U have to lower your standards? Or do U enjoy all the attention U get? Girls like U make me sick. U don't have a brain so U end up baring your skin. It is how U got this gig in the first place right? While i got it solely because of my good looks without having to strip off.

Misha was raring to beat the c**p out of Abhay for slandering her sister-U little b*****d. How dare U...

Pia found herself getting riled up kept Misha from tearing into Abhay-There's no need to be so rude. U are bang out of order humiliating me in front of all your friends. If memory serves me right U were doing the same thing so it doesn't make U a saint either. I know U are covering your nice guy act by behaving like an arrogant fool but i can see in your eyes U are a very nice guy. This act U put on might fool the people here but not me Abhay. I heard what U said to me last night. I will be safe. I said my name. How did U know my name? U had genuine concern for my safety.

Abhay countered back-Listen Pia. Marco mentioned your name (He lied and watched the boys reaction to Pia's insight and the girls drolling over him made him want to puke) Don't U have a College U should be attending? U are wasting my time. My team mates need me now if you'll excuse me.

Pia wasn't budging as she moved towards Abhay almost cornering him. She locks her eyes into his and whispers so only he can hear her. Pia didn't know why she was whispering-I know U better than U know yourself Angel. U are playing hard to get. I can play U at your game. U want to play dumb? Then play dumb but i'll catch U out. I know what U are Abhay even if U keep denying it. Your tough guy act won't wash with me.

Misha watched the silent exchange between Pia and Abhay breaking their little moment-Guys what is going on here? Are U both having a staring competition.

Pia laughed-No Misha. Angel here wants to keep his reputation in tact (Makes a cute face) Don't worry i won't spread this around in my College. Your secrets safe with me. Girls he's all yours. It was nice meeting U Abhay. What's your last name?

Abhay brooded remained adamant to make Pia hate the sight of him-Pia U really are one dumb chick. I told U i am not your Angel. U are not in some kind of fairy land. Guys this is why i say stay away from all girls they are all crazy.

Pia grinned-If i'm crazy Abhay then so are U. Bye boys see U at the big game. (Turning her back to Abhay had torn her. It was a bitterswett meeting. Pia was adamant Abhay was her Angel. He was acting very weird. He showed her one side but Pia knew in her very core that Abhay was the one. He is her Angel. There was only one way to prove it. Pia could have sworn Abhay was reading her every thought before she even said it.) We'd better leave the enemy lines and head to our territory. We have a fight on our hand. We have to win the competition against their College.

Misha was stilli fuming-What the hell does that Abhay think he is? He was insulting U and U let him Pia. If that was Jay U would have ripped him to shreds.

Pia knew what she'd have done but he was her Angel-Its all just an act Misha. I can feel it in my gut. I think this is a defensive mechanism to keep all the females away from him. Haven't U heard the girls in his College. Abhay likes to keep all the girls at arm length.

Misha joked-Or maybe he's just gay Pia. He likes to hang with the boys.

Pia hit Misha-Don't even go there sis. Abhay is an enigma. I know exactly who he is. He can't hide forever. Eventually his mask will slip but until then i am keeping my eyes on him Misha. I can't let him go. Now i know i'm not delusional and imagining this phantom i can move on.

Misha checked her watch-We've already missed one lecture. Wahy don't we skip the rest of the morning and head in the afternoon.

Abhay hoped Pia bit the bullet. He'd made sure he'd taunted her to the extent that she wanted to gouge his eyes out. He saw the hurt look in her doe eyes. Pia had become intelligent through the course of one year. She read people very well. Great now she knew he was at this College. Whatelse was he going to have to see? He had to do something to discourage Pia. Time for Plan B. Date a gril from this college and rub it in Pia's face. He had to make her stay away. Pia i have to keep U safe. I will only bring U down.

Venti-I can't believe U were so harsh to the pretty girl Abhay. U could have been a little gentler in your approach. U don't exactly bite the girls head off here so why did U do it to Pia?

Abhay spat back-Because she is the enemy. We are not civil to them. she was spying on us and i hate girls like her. She was trying to psychoanalyse me. Nobody gets to screw with my head. She has a few screw loose.

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sweta-mony Senior Member

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
nice update nd thanx for pm.

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Deepi20 Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Awesome update! Abhay and Piya finally met in a true sense and had a conversation, although Abhay was super rude! But we all know why he's doing this. Let's see how long he can keep Piya away from him! Eagerly looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile

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ifrah. Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
Awesome update ayesha loved it :)

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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awesome update.
loved it.

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