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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 46)

-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update dr... n thanx 4 pm...
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Precap 8:::The Assignment:::

Marco had personally ventured into a College to find his next Male model. He had it on good authority of finding the perfect specimen of a man at this College. Normally he would have asked the person to come in for a screen test. Get a few photo shoots and then see if they wee're photogenic but his spies sounded very eager on their find that it made him go check this person out himself. From afar the only person he could spot that struck his attention was this tall, very masculine person with the perfect jawline, the perfect cheekbones, perfect hair but most of all he had these striking eyes that grabbed your attention. Marco had to get a closer look. If this person was this Gorgeous from afar he couldn't image how he'd look from close range.

He reached Abhay smiling with intrigue in his eyes. This person had attitude to pull off such an event all on his shoulders, He was broad and he looked a little dark at times in the eyes. Yes he'd found his guy. He had to have him as his main man-Hi! Marco Polo here. U are?
Abhay already knew who this person was-Abhay! What do U want?
Marco-U in my campaign. I'll pay U top Dollar for your work. I'm a top designer and have an exhibition or shall i say a fashion show here. I want U as my lead.
Abhay curtly blasted-Not interested. Modelling is for people who have to rely on their looks. I have too much respect for my body to degrade myself to such a low standard. I'm not for sale. Thanks anyway.
Marco heard the rude rejection but something about Abhay had made him want him even more in his show-Trust me i will get U in my show Abhay. Its a good stepping ladder to other avenues into the entertainment world. U can get into Movies, Acting jobs, its all about building links not all about looking pretty. U have the whole package. U are perfect for it. What can i say or do for U to say yes?
Abhay looks away all bored-Nothing i am not interested. Goodbye.

That very night Haseena Raichand got a call from Marco thanks to one of Abhay's new friend Ventakesh's involvement asking Haseena to persuade her son and promising to advertise her new company.

Haseena to Abhay-I want U to do this assignment Abhay. Its good for our business.
Abhay sulked reading his mothers mind-Fine i'll do it just don't say another word. I can't believe i am reduced to degrading myself for this family. I'm not some meat show U know.
Haseena smirked in satisfaction-Son this world is very superficial. Besides we have a lot riding on this promotion. I have already aquired the Jungle land from under Deepanita's nose with  U by my side. The entire town is talking about us. We just need the extra push. 
Abhay under his breath-Its not like U have teenage girls SWOON OVER U. Ogle U like your something for them to chew on.
Haseena has the last word-I know Abhay. Take one for the team and don't worry about getting recognized. Its what we want son.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 8:::The Assignment:::

Its the evening at the the gala where all the stage was lit up brightly filled with darks curtains dangling down from the ceiling giving it an earthy feel to the atmosphere. Abhay liked the look of the place. It felt very homey to him. He was at ease with these dark undertones. He went straight to Marco glaring at the man for going behind his back.

Marco animatedly shaked Abhay's hand-My star man has arrived. I know I went about this a little too direct but U are getting just as much out of this experience as i am.

Abhay shrugged his shoulders-So where do U want me?

Marco announced-The make up room. We need to get your wardrobe out. U are very punctual. In fact a little too punctual. Our stylist is in the back if you'd like to head there. Oh and one more thing show me a smile?

Abhay remained still-I don't do smiles. Listen Marco. This is what i am. I am a miserable young get. I am a loner.

Marco saw the room filled with girls-I suggest your little fanclub over in the back suggests otherwise.

Abhay rolled his eyes-They are just girls from my College wishing to get lucky with me. I hate girls. I hate pristine happy people. Because they make me feel so depressed. I don't like flaunting my body and nor do i like being told what to do. So if we get this clear then we can get the ball rolling.

Marco nervously laughed at Abhay's demands-Skin showing is part of our show i'm afraid. So i can't do anything about this other than that we can work around your issues. Your smouldering eyes will do. No need to smile U have the broody look down to a T. I can see your female fan base has an appreciation for it. Devina please take Abhay and get him spruced up.

Abhay is led the way by the make-up artist. She sits's him down adding a shimmering gloss over Abhay's body. She starts to add glittery mehendi to Abhay's bare back. While Abhay remains silent through the duration of the annoying procedure. The girl came around to cover a part of Abhay's face with the shiny glitter on his face on his request to cover half his face.

Pia arrived with her sisters Misha and Panchi listening to the sweet sounding voice of Abhay and then meeting Marco cheerfully exchanging light kisses on the cheeks French style-Its good to see U after a long time. Who was the young boy making those outrageous demands?

Marco winked-He's my new find. My secret weapon. All will be revealed. See he is a little shy. I guess U can say he isn't a people person. I kind of forced him into this by making a deal with his mother Haseena who is a shrewd business woman. So in return i promote her business with my fashion shoot.

Pia was very curious now to see this male model. If he sounded so masculine then how would he look she thought-He must be worth it if you've had to go through so much trouble. Can i see him?

Marco wasn't going to antagonise his model-He's reluctantly applying makeup. You'll get your chance in the show. It will be magical to see your response on the catwalk. I have never seen such perfect features on a human before. He will take your breath away Pia.

Misha giggled-Pia's breath is already gone at the mention of his perfect features. She can't wait.

Abhay rushed out of the make up room sensing Pia was already here frantically thinking of a way to hide his identity from her. He was in a big dilemma. He called his mother-Pia is modelling in this too. What do i do? I can't let her see me. She will get into her detective mode mother. I can't have her snooping into my business.

Haseena relaxed Abhay down-Don't worry Abhay just avoid looking at her and focus your attention on the crowd. U know what to do but do not jeopardise this shoot. Its important for our family.

Abhay rasped-Fine (Placing his mobile on the dresser next door. He watched Pia enter in this room as he snuck out) Damn her.

Pia sensed someone was in this room. Someone she knew all too well but saw nobody present. Misha sat next to Pia as the make-up girl applied the glittery Henna all over her bare back while all Abhay could do was watch in a trance. He felt like a letch but he couldn't take his eyes off of Pia. She was always so beautiful but her confidence had given her the added boost to her composure. To her innocent beautiful face exuding radiance. Pia had lost a lot of weight over the past year and her slender frame only made what Pia worse stand out. By the end of this night Abhay thought he'd be lost in a sea of male admirers for Pia. The thought of Pia being ogled by swarms of men repulsed him. He clenched his hands into a fist and backed away tearing his eyes from Pia's back.

Abhay saw the room filling up and all the models were backstage getting their fitting done and having their hair styled.  Marco grabbed him-So are U excited? (Checks Abhay's face) Why did they  apply this stuff on your face?

Abhay looks away-I wanted to give the crowd a little room to imagine what i look like in their head. A mysterious element.

Marco asks-Have U ever modelled before?

Abhay  nods-College fashion shows. Never at this level. Don't worry i don't have stage fright.

Marco chuckles watching all the rich entering this event-This is quite a turnout. I have full faith in my choices Abhay. U and Pia will blow everyone away. Its why i chose U. U are unique. I can proudly say i've never seen a fine physique like yours or facial structure. U just pull people in. While Pia on the other hand is an understated beauty. She looks delicate from the outside but she knows how to handle herself around difficult situations. This is her niche i must say. Modelling is in her blood. U two are very well suited.

Abhay thought to himself this night was turning into a nightmare. One he couldn't escape. He saw Mount College students already present at this momentous night. Ventakesh was already rooting the girls to cheer for him making a fuss out of nothing-So U already had Pia in this event then why did U need a male star. She would have sufficed.

Marco finished-This is themed. Pia will need an escort and U are perfcet. She will be searching for her love but he alludes her until the last moment. Its very Indian. Its like a fairytale romance.

Abhay shook his head. Damn this was his story alright only he had no intention of Pia ever finding him or being with him.-So Pia isn't allowed to see me?

Marco exhales-No. It is only in the end is where she will see U. Isn't this a wonderful idea?

Abhay sarcastically added-Brilliant.

Marco rounded his troops-Showtime. Make me proud.

Marco beams at the mike walking to the middle of the stage-Ok Welcome everyone. I am Marco Polo. My fashion show is celebrating the Indian Fusion we have a trend in the western world thanks to your rich culture. My models will be displaying exquisite artistic dresses and acting out the theme of this entire night. I have a new find who i will announce right at the end of the show. He is very popular with the ladies here. So i will leave U in their hands. Enjoy the show everyone and thank U all for coming.

One by one all the models step out to the stage strutting down the ram and twirling as the dark knight comes flying from up above making his grand entrance in a see through shirt landing on his feet. He walks forewards to the centre stage with the girls on each side. Abhay's college girls all go wild chanting –HERO! HERO! HERO! Led by Ventakesh

Abhay smirks a smug grin on his face at his followers feeling like a rock star but the screams were ringing in his ears. He saw Kabir in the crowd with Tracker, Arnab Dobrial, T and some new faces all staring at him in shock, horror stunned in their place. Abhay didn't let it faze him one bit he simply turned around taking his shirt of revealing his body art and brooded away from the girls as they struggled to keep their grip on him teasing them with his icy blue eyes sparkling in the dark.

Pia couldn't see his face from the stands but her eyes were glued to his bat tattoo. It reminded her of someone she loved onece upon a time.  His masculine body haunted her. Pia found herself drooling over this man she'd never met. She actually felt jealous at the girls on stage getting their hands all over him while she had to remain backstage.

Misha was floored with her mouth open-He has the girls all eating from the palms of his hands. Who is this man? Or boy? I want a clearer look. He sure has one fine body.

Pia wanted her turn to walking the ramp to come as her background music came on-My turn. Move back Misha. I'm going in and this time i will get to see this mysterious man. Marco has kept him under tight lock and key. I really have to see whats so special about this person that all the girls have gone crazy for him.

Misha crossed her arms stomping her feet-I can't believe i've become like U Pia. Man crazy. Tell me how he looks OK?

Pia nodded rushing down the aisle as all the models exit making her show stopping debut  heading to Abhay. Pia almost in a dae of her won. It was almost like she'd waited an eternity to meet this one mystery man. Just as she reaches out to him holding his arm involuntarily a shiver goes up her spine. The anticipation of seeing him was killing her. Pia was desperate to see him. to know him. His body felt cold to her touch. All Pia saw were his back shimmering away with the gems twinkling away and his tattoo. It was so distinctive. She'd touched it getting a little flashback of some sort of a man hugging her back with sheer intensity. It evoked memories and feelings in Pia she gasped at this sudden rush . The model was getting away from her. Pia's face showed an emotion she wasn't familiar with. It was like her soul had been torn away from her body. Pia turned around as the crowd applaud this moment.

Abhay ran backstage to see Misha waiting in the wings shocked while Panchi was simply too stunned to say anything. Abhay wore another outfit this time zooming in for the final encounter. This was where Pia was going to see him. He was dreading this final moment. It was going to be very painful for him but for Pia who knew what this would do to her. he had full faith in his memory wiping skills but her one touch had shaken the core of his foundation.

Pia came rushing backstage in search of the man she'd been so moved by emotionally draining her. he'd taken her good mood into someplace deep inside her hazy mind-Where is he Misha? Birdie where is he?

Panchi could only just point. Pia made a final change reluctantly applying a final coat of make up running to Abhay in her stiletto heels. She stopped midway blocking out all the cheers from the girls and touched Abhay's shoulder blades one last time whispering-Why are U hiding from me?

Abhay ignored Pia moving towards the front of the stage waving to all of his fellow students. Abhay's eyes flew to Kabir's smirking at him then at T who had her arms wrapped around Kabir. She quickly removed her arm off of him flashing her pearly white teeth at Abhay.

Then all of a sudden a lighting error occurred. The lamp above Pia was loose falling directly for her. Pia remained frozen merely staring at Abhay. She couldn't understand why this person was emitting this overwhelming floodgates of pure emotion. She didn't know him. Her eyes were fixated on his tattoo.

Abhay manoeuvred past everyone on stage blocking Pia's body with his as the light lamp falls on Abhay making a thud sound as it breaks. Everyone in the rooms gasps. A murmur of concern and hysteria for the safety of the model ensues.

Pia safely under Abhay's protection finally gets to feel the security and warmth she'd been missing in over a year in his arms. It was the safe haven she had been missing out on and inhaled Abhay's scent. Pia peeped her eyes to Abhay's whirlpool of grey eyes. His eyes sure had her mesmerized by the sheer  powerful  magnetism they were releasing some kind of a spell alright. Marco was right. This person was perfection at his best. Pia had never seen a human this gorgeous before. Only Pia had seen him a million times in her dreams. This was her Angel. He was here in the flesh protecting her just like he always did. This time she'd found him. Pia clung on her Angel with all her might. His eyes were so inviting yet so torn. It had ripped her heart to see the longing in them for something. Pia was hoping it was for her. Pia was already lost in his world.

Abhay touched Pia's cheek to check if she'd gone into shock-Pia listen to me U will be OK. U are safe.

Pia felt like she was in heaven-My Angel U came back for me. I knew you'd come. Am i in heaven?

Misha ran into the stage taking hold of Pia and so did Panchi breaking Pia's magical moment-Pia sweetie how are U? Did U get hit?

Marco's face went pale as Pia was helped up-It was a freak accident. I thought this was all secure.

Pia managed a weak smile as Misha and Panchi helped her up with her flowing dress was a little creased-Its Ok. Where is he? (Pia's eyes searched for her Angel) My Angel was here. Where is he?

Panchis eyes wondered past the crowd-He's gone.

The models all got off stage along with Pia and her sisters. Pia ran out of the back door looking for him. Marco braved the crowd-That was a close shave. As U can see Pia is still in one piece although i think she is a little shaken. A round of applause for the Hero of the night. My secret is being disclosed. My new find happens to be a real Greek Indian God alright. Abhay Raichand.

Haseena was invited to the podium-This was sure an event we will all remember forever. I'd like to thank Marco for organising this event and for sponsoring my new venture.

Marco shook Haseena's hands-The pleasure is all mine. Your son is a HERO! I can see why all his College mates were chanting Hero. He is a Hero in every way.

Pia in the alleyway with Misha and Panchi searching for Abhay calling out ANGEL. Panchi drags her back in.

They go back to the stage where Abhay is taking a bow and all Pia could do was stare at his gorgeous face. If only he hadn't had half his face covered. His face reminded her of an ex of hers. But his eyes were of her Angels. Could this all be real? Was he in the flesh? Pia ran to the stage panting as Abhay and his Mother left.  They vanished and Pia was left feeling empty again. Like she'd lost her best friend. Her life was slipping away from her and all she could do was watch him leave. 

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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awesome update...finally they met

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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awesome update and its realy painful to read about pia's pain. u hv described it very beautifully.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

awesome update...finally they met
They've met but Pia didn't get to see Abhay properly. All she knows is that her ANgel is alive and not a figment of her imagination.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by abhayfan_dishu

awesome update and its realy painful to read about pia's pain. u hv described it very beautifully.
I hope i haven't prematurely ruined anything. This meeting was in the works for sometime. Next update will have Pia doing what she does best at. Snooping on the rival College for her ANGEL

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