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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 42)

Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 10:04am | IP Logged
why abhay did soCry

BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 5:29am | IP Logged
Awesome precap Ayesha Clap 3 stars for u StarStarStar Cant wait to read the update. Please please pleaseee update soon Big smile
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged
Awesome precap Aysha.. Abhay is back..gr8.. I dont lik dis memory wiping thing.. Eagerly waiting for d
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged

:::Update 7:::Free:::

Abhay was getting the heads up from Haseena about Pia's upheaval. Her distress over losing her memory. She'd told him about this one man who was making her restless even when she was awake he was stalking her everywhere. The only place she'd found solace in was in the woods with Abhay. Haseena had filled Abhay on a new power they'd just faced in the woods in the night waiting for their moment to pounce and avenge their pack members death at the hands of Abhay. Their superiors had begged them to remain in Dehradun. Abhay took this all in his stride not being complacent. He would never allow his weakness for Pia endanger her again. He had an inkling these wolves were following her every move. They obviously knew she was the key to releasing him from his prison. Abhay was indebted to Pia forever. He would protect her till his ver last breath. In a metter of factly speaking till the day he had left this dark world. He would sacrifice himself for Pia period. Abhay would never risk Pia's memory jogging itself but he couldn't erase his entire existence again. People would talk. Werewolves were very cunning. They would know what he'd done.

Chand to Abhay-I know U are in save Pia mode and she will be safe but we need to get U into another Collge Abhay. Not Mount College but another one in town. This way we are using our resources to tap into our enemies and you'll know how Pia is doing by using your powers.

Abhay had enough of studying but went along with his Father's orders. He'd put them through enough. They needed a little normalcy-Fine U sort out the paperwork. But i am not goint to make news OK. I won't be joining any intellectual top classes like Science and Enginering.

Chand nodded-Very well. But U must  try to co-exist with your peers and not alienate them like U did at Mount College. Join all the sports teams. This should be enough for us.

Haseena knew this was a bad idea-U can still go to Mount College Abhay. I can reinstate U back in. Pia is there.

Abhay ached inside to be in near proximity with Pia but he was adamant to let her lead her normal life he engineered for her. She was happy. Abhay wasn't going to stew over his misfortune. He was practical. Life kicked him down. A monster like him deserved to remain in the dark where even the flicker of light would be blown out by their cursed existence. Abhay wouldn't allow himself to cry over Pia, nor feel any pity for himself. He wasn't going to stir the pot or get involved in Pia's life. She thought of him as her Angel and this is the way he would remain for her.-No Mom i will not go there. Wolves in human for are the most dangerous. I don't know who they are or what they smell like. My powers have dwindled down. I feel more like a mortal than a vampire.

Haseena echoed Abhay's stance closing her eyes just at the mere glimpse of his mind burdened with guilt for bringing Pia this new menace-Abhay my son this is not your fault. It is our fault for turning Sidharth. He turned Maithali and this whole chain reaction spiralled out of control into this nightmare. If none of this happened then U and Pia would be together now. Nothing is ruined Abahay U can still go to her. give her back her memories.

Abhay turned away picking up another glass of blood sipping it down his dry throat. He could still feel Pia's warm skin on his cold hands-Pia is a firefly Mom. She will burn. I am the fire that will turn her into Ash. Haven't U seen the results Mother. She came close to death on so many occasions. Death and Life can never go hand in hand. Its time we all realise this.  Life only comes once but death doesn't give it takes. I won't be the villain in this story Mom. Let Pia make a new story. I owe her this

Chand made the call-Thanks. Abhay the principle has gotten U into the new Collge. It's Deradun 6th Form Collge. It has all the genius's going there. Its in the top two Colleges along with Mount College. Just register with the today. Don't make a scene Abhay. We must be vigilant. Who knows if there are enemies in Dehradun's 6th form as well. Be on your guard son.

Abhay nodded-Sure. I'll see U later.

Haseena held Abhay embracing him again-I can't believe we have U back son. (Haseena lets a drop of tear slide.)

Abhay enters the College grounds in his buggati veyron car with all the students staring at this remarkably gorgeous man. Behind him a flock of girls made a beeline for him following closely behind. Abhay found them irritating reminding him of T and her minions. He certainly knew where these girls fitted in on the popularity ladder. Then he casually made his way to the principles office handing over some documents and influencing the man to get this quickly out of the way. Abhay was assigned a student to show him the grounds properly unfortunately it was one of the head boys of the wrestling squad who was very bulky. The Collge itself was very modern filled with students he had no intention of hanging around with but he was forced to so that the wolfies wouldn't sniff him out. This place lacked a warm soul. Abhay shook his head to quit thinking about Pia. He knew she was happy with no recollection of what happened last night. He went into his claas's. He hated the who introduction side to starting over again.

Ventakesh offered Abhay a coffe-So this is your first time here huh? Don't worry all Colleges are all the same. Some more violent than others, some more intellectually gifted, while others are just there for time pass. U being here means U are gifted at something like sports right? U don't seem the intellectual type. Trust me round here most of us lads just like to chill and play sports. I want to be a pro cricketer if not a pro footballer. What about U?

Abhay bemused moaned-I don't need to do anything. I have the family empire to run. This is all time pass. I'm good at sports though.

Ventakesh beamed-Then you'll fit in. Most of us here are from rich families too but we aren't as bothered about getting the grades with our goals all heading towards running our family business. U aren't much on talking are U? Don't worry we'll have U churned out like us in no time. Have U found a honey to spend your money on here? theres many girls already keen on U. I can help U with them if U like?

Abhay looked bored-I'm not into dating.

Ventakesh hollered over his friends to introduce them to Abhay-We all say this in the initial stages but eventually all get hooked. Are U a serial player? We have many guys into two timing and so.

Abhay found all this chit chat pointless-I'm not into dating too many girls at one time. I don't want U to set me up. I'm not into men or women. I just like my own space.

Ventakesh went quiet-That's cool too. Anyway for sports we all have to try out to see if U are fit enough to handle the pressure. U don't have to try out seeming as U appear to be very proactive in sports.

Abhay wasn't one for getting things without working for it-No i would rather U let me show U what i can do than get a free ride into your teams.

Ventakesh-Are U up for it?

Abhay eyed Ventakesh-Yeah.


For Pia the morning was a mix bag of emotions. She never overslept but this day she had. Her head felt light but something was missing. Pia freshened up deciding to wear this little bracelet she picked up in Paris. It was her Destiny bracelet a fortune teller had gifted her. Love. Pia was a little sceptical but this went with her outfit. Apparently if one wore this and it came off by itself it meant true love was waiting for U and the first person U saw would be yours forever. Pia ran down joined her family for breakfast. They were all doing their routine chores apart from Misha who was her lazy self as usual.

Arnab grabbed Pia's hand bringing his daughter close feeling her head-Temperatures back to normal. We saw U lying down in your room Pia. U were meant to be at the party for Panchi's engagement. You've missed the entire shebang. Neels Mother really wanted to meet U beta.

Misha added playfully-Well Pia had a lucky escape. Her and Jay hate each other Dad. If she was there in the same room as Jay U can bet someone would have ended up dead. I'm hedging my bet on Jay.

Pia stared back at Misha-Jay is a jerk. He is so irritating. I just don't like him. I'd prefer it if U didn't mention his name Misha. Papa i must have zonked out last night although i don't remember being in the house or how i got there. I must have been very tired. I'm sorry Panchi for missing your big night.

Panchi looks away at the dining table wishing she was elsewhere and not talking about Neel who was forcing his way into her life. More like blackmailing himself into her affections-Trust me Pia U didn't miss anything interesting.

Misha scoffed wriggling in her seat-U missed Panchi's over zealous behaviour. Birdie was drunk and accepted the proposal. U should have seen Dad's face. It was a picture.

Arnab sternly glared at Misha-Enough of this joke Misha. Whats done is done. I don't want U teasing Panchi anymore. We have a reputation to hold on to here. I'm more concerned with your drinking habits young lady. I saw U last night.

Misha threw it back to her Dad-Oh come on U were drinking and imagined it was me. I have to get to school. See U later people. U coming Pia?

Pia took her toast with her walking out of her house with Misha then ran to catch up with her-I wanted to take a little stroll into the woods U mind if we go there together?

Misha shook her head-No but this isn't healthy Pia!

Pia didn't care-I just want to see something ok.

Misha saw Pia's wrist-U are wearing the bracelet U poked fun at. U said you'd never wear it.

Pia responded curtly-I can change my mind. I don't believe that if this bracelet fell off then i'll find true love. This is all made up for silly tourists. I'm more practical than that. It goes with my outfit so i wore it. Big deal

They reached to the melted grave where Abhay had resided in before. Pia knelt down beside it touching the edge-He's not here anymore.

Misha gave Pia a puzzled look watching Pia fall into a trance-Who isn't here anymore Pia? What is going on here?

Pia still touching the cold liquid with longing broke out of her little moment-This was solid ice the past few days or who knows weeks even and out of nowhere this has melted. There was someone here. But now he's gone.

Misha was already lost-Pia are U sure there was even anyone here?

Pia saw Misha's eyes were staring at her with contempt like she was losing the plot-Oh nothing. Lets just get out of here. There is nothing here for us anymore. (Pia was certain her Angel was free now but wished she knew where he was and who he was.) We'd better head to College.

Misha didn't need asking twice. This place gave her the creeps-Come on baby sister we got a big day ahead of us.

Pia's i-phone rang with her picking it up on the way to college-Hi Marco. You're here. why? Ok. U want me to model what? Ok i will do it. See U then. Bye. It was nice talking to U after a long time. Take care.

Misha heard Pia scream with glee-What happened? Another assignment!

Pia nodded-Marco is here. U know the head of Paris's Modelling agency. His crew have got a new clothing line out with fusion of Indian influence mixed with a western take. He knew i was already here and wants me as the main show stopper. He wants me to front the campaign. How amazing is this? Everyone in college will be so envious. Imagine what this would do for my career.

Misha was very supportive of her sister's proposition-I'm happy for U little sis but U don't want to lose yourself in the process. Promise my you'll stay grounded. That U won't rub this in anyones face. We have enough enemies here as it is.

Pia let loose-U mean T? Don't worry i won't spread the news until i have finished my job. Gossip spreads very fast around here.

Misha knew too well about gossip with Tracker around-Good. Besides U don't want Jay to get anymore ammunition to insult U. Its bad enough he things we are a bunch of airheads.

Pia's eyes harden-U mean me Misha. I don't care what he thinks of me or my family. He doesn't even know us. Besides we are about to become his sister in laws so he has to behave right?

Misha scoffed-Yeah right! The dude is a brat.

Pia couldn't agree more-Lets get started Misha. First session Drama class great!

Misha opened the door to the room as Pia flicked her hair back entering the room with Jay staring through her eagerly-Oh boy!

Pia took her seat with Panchi glaring at her-Panchi we got a little late due to traffic.

Panchi knew all too well Pia was lying-Just get to your places people we have lines to rehearse. Pia U are playing the lead. U remember all the lines while Jay will play the lead hero. Misha is the understudy for Pia. Ok we all set? Lets start the whole death scene.

Jay watched Pia's expressions like she had no recollection of last night. Had Abhay erased her memory of that night? He wouldn't put it past him whispering to her-So did U find the missing man in the ice last night? U were adamant there was someone there.

Pia whispered back in confusion-I was asleep last night. I never even set foot outside. Are U on something? What is it? Coke? Heroine? Meth? Ganjha? I missed the party because i was so tired.

Jay got his answer. Abhay erased Pia's memory for that night. Damn him-I was joking Pia. U take things too seriously. I found out from the grapevine U have this fascination with the woods.

Panchi disturbed them by clearing her throat-If U don't mind can we move on? U can have your little spat outside. I have a deadline to meet.

Misha protested-I can't be Pia's understudy. I hate Romeo and Juliet. Why can't we do something tragic that has no love story involved. Love is for the faint hearted. I want something with action.

Panchi giggled-I know Misha. I saw the replay of the play. It was funny but had no emotion. This time around i want this to run smoothly. My lead actor isn't going to go AWOL. Am i clear Jay?

Jay rolled his eyes-Whatever. Lets do this. I have my team waiting for me in half an hour. We've already wasted enough time.

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
awesome update...loved it
sushups IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
amazing dear
want to read more
but how will her and abhays roads cross each other when they r in two different colleges
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Ohh y abhay have 2 joine another college y not mount college.I wnt ABHIYA.nICE UPDATE.continue
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awesome update.
loved it.

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