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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 35)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sunnipwincessx

AWw luved it jay and piya alwaiz fyght lol but still luv abhiya xxx
I lost  1.5 hours of FF work. I didn't save my work last night. Drat have to start over again

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 6:::The Chill Factor:::

Pia arrived at College feeling nil and void. Her mind just wasn't into mingling with her peers. She felt all alone in a crowd filled with people. Even her own sisters couldn't help her with her problems seeming as they didn't understand where she was coming from. The only place she found any comfort was with her stranger. Anyway the whole lectures she'd been to was a bore. Pia was jammed up in assignmentrs this too in the first week being back. It might be a final year for her but where was the justice in the world to get her head around all this while she had  her head to sort out. Pia swas about to take off when her sister Misha had caught up with her. Great thought Pia. Like she wasn't in any hurry. Misha was going to chew her ear out no doubt.

Misha saw Pia's look of displeasure teasing her-I see U aren't too happy about me stopping U baby sister. I am on strict order to follow U about and keep U out of trouble. Apparently U and Jay are causing quite a stir. Rumour has it that U both want to kill each other and i am in no hurry to lose my sister to one of the bad boys in college.

Pia muttered angrily at the mention of Jay-Don't mention the devils name Misha i swear i'll go beserk. I'm in no mood to go all crazy over a smart a** like him. I don't have time for him so if U don't mind i have some place to be.

Misha scrunched her face-I know we have to get to the Khurana's to see Panchi's potential groom and give him a once over. I don't think she's happy about it though. So U need to come with me Baby sister.

Pia forgot about this meeting-I'll be there just let me do one thing first.

Misha wasn't taking a no for an answer-No way Pia. U had your way this morning. Now U are coming with me.

Pia stomped her feet angrily. She had to be there for her stranger-Fine.

Jay heads over glaring at Pia with a girl on his arm making Pia want to fight back-Keep your eyes where i can see them Dobrial. Don't start checking me out from head to toe. I know U want me but i'm sorry i am not into egotistical girls like U. Now pop your eyes back in their sockets before one of them goes missing.

Pia was about to attack Jay with Misha pulling her back-Why U arrogant little b*****d. U can date who U like it doesn't bother me. They are all meaningless flings for U. U haven't met a girl who is your match in every way. Then you'd know what its like to lose yourself in just that one person. I know its hard for someone like U to even feel seeming as all U know is to fight dirty and belittle us women. You'll get what's coming to U.

Jay had a hint of mischief in his eyes-And U do huh? U are the worst of all the girls. U say one thing but mean the other. Is there even a brain in there Dobrial? Do U even think or are U just all talk? U don't even know the definition of love. U are just an empty girl with nothing in here (points to Pia's Brain) And here. (Points to Pia's Heart) Don't give me a lecture on whats right or wrong and judge me. Look at yourself in the mirror first Dobrial. U don't even know what love is because U have never felt anything for anyone other than yourself. So don't start cursing me Pia.

Pia found her temper was rising as her nostril flared and her face going red-I don't have time for this.

Jay triumphantly smirked-This round is mine. Only a monster could ever love a thing like U.

Pia gave Jay her dirty look-Whatever loser? U need some serious help. See a psychiatrist. I'll get U a number for a very good one free of charge.

Jay mimicked Pia-Why have U used her before for your mental problems?

Misha pulled Pia away-Pia leave him.

Both Misha and Pia head home to get changed. Pia was still reeling from her war of words with Jay. Stupid guy was always in her face. Pia didn't have time to think about the fool. She had her stranger to rescue. He was already melting. She just needed to give him a helping hand. Pia wears a Jenny Packham sequined long sleeveless dress in brown and apples make up superfast Pia put on her brown heeled shoes and rushed down the stairs. Hey she wanted to give this new guy a good impression looking her best would do the trick. It saved her lots of time to get to the party at the Khuranas. Pia hurried out of the house leaving Misha again. Pia had far too many distractions thanks to Misha and Jay. She didn't want one from her Dad too. Pia had a flask of boiling hot water, 2 packs of salt and a portable battery heater. They were heavy but it was all in the name of saving a life. Pia took her Dad's car and drove all the way to the woods only the stupid car broke down.

Pia meets Maya on the path who gave her a friendly smile in return-I need to get to the woods will U help me please?

Maya nodded-Sure hop in Pia. Its been a awhile. How have U been?

Pia didn't know this girl but she seemed friendly enough.

Maya showed Pia her phone-I often think about U and Abhay. U both saved my life especially Abhay who risked everything to save my reputation even blackening his own. I'm just relieved it all worked out. He's an angel Pia and so are U. My perfect angels. Give him my regards.

Pia was taken back. This guy wasn't Arman like Misha had told her he'd be. He was Abhay Raichand the same guy her big sister warned him about wrecking her life. Even her parents ddn't have a good words to say about him. Could he be her Angel who saved her countless of times already? Only he could give her the answers.

Maya continued-Abhay save both my life and your sister Panchi's life. If it wasn't for him and your goodself then Danish would have ruined us foerever.

Pia had flashing images from the mobile pictures running through her head but no memory apart from loving this person-Thanks. I have to get going. We should meet up again. It was good to see a familiar face.

Maya beamed-Take care of yourself and thet boyfriend of yours. Never let him go Pia. He is your one true love.

Pia ran out of the car listening to the inner voice of Abhay asking her to hurry. Pia saw Jay already there attacking the ice. Pia screamed NOOO!!!!!!! Don't hurt him. He is still alive.

Jay skulks-Dobrial what is your problem? I am working can't U see? Get out of my way.

Pia saw the ice begin to harden again and she get her mace out and sprays it in Jays eyes-I won't let U hurt him. You'll break him. He has to live. You're killing him. I can feel it. (Crying in hysterics)

Jay growls in pain as his eyes sting-What the hell did U do to me b***h? Theres nothing here.

Pia defiant-Hey if U want me to know U out i'll do it Jay now get away from him.

Neel enters the fore in a suit-We got ...Pia what are U doing here? aren't U supposed to be at the party? Jay...(Holds his brother) What did U do to him?

Pia bent down caressing the icy ground-He'll be fine after an hour or two. I suggest U take him away before I knock both of U out with the stick he tried to kill the man in the ice with. Now leave.

Jay shouts angrily-This is our property Dobrial U get out.

Neel grabs his brother holding his shoulders-Bro i say leave it. We got to get to the party.

Jay yells-To hell with the party. I want to get a piece of this ice and smah it over her head.

Pia traces her hands over the ice from the head to the heart feeling pent up anger at Jay for sealing him up again. Pia heads over to Jay with force and slaps him across the face twisting her ankle in the process-Neel just go. Damn the party. Tell my sisters i'll be a little late ok. Thanks and sorry about your brother.

Neel just shrugs his shoulders-Don't worry about Jay he deserved it. I'll let them know. Are U sure you'll be OK here?

Jay interjected angrily-She's an animal bro. Of course she will be fine here. Its where she belongs with the wild cats and the wolves. I'm sure there are a few ghosts here to keep this brat company. I hope U break your legs on that ice. (They both leave Pia alone. Jays plan was working. He only hit the ice once gently with the stick knowing Pia was around. It was a surefire way of getting her to act fast. This time he wouldn't save Pia no. This time around he'd let his pack attack her knowing the history around Abhay and Pia's relationship. The curse would break if Pia was in real danger and this is when Abhay would spring back in action. He'd regretted saving Pia last night but this would all be corrected. He just needed Neel to go back to their mansion like a good boy and enjoy his engagement with Panchi while he stayed behind to make sure Pia wasn't really hurt. Jays words rang true only a monster could love Pia and in return Pia would give all the love she had to make this monster love her back. Jay saw the devotion in her eyes like she would go crazy if anything happened to this icy block. The Dobrial girls were one messed up bunch.) Good job our super powers have brought us back here Neel. This had to be done U know it right? Pia must break him out. Werewolves are all depending on his arrival. She's the key Neel. She holds his heart. He owns her heart. Without the other we are finished.

Neel knew his brother was speaking the truth-I know bro but U shouldn't push her buttons so hard. She's amnesiac U don't know if it will have a reverse reaction on her. Pia's fragile.

Jay scoffed-Please have U seen what she did to me. She is like a rabid animal.

Neel laughed-U deserved it. I feel bad for Pia.

Jay scowled-Hey she sprayed me with mace. I was just doing my job.

Neel scurried in-Yeah and she told U to stop. Her life resides in there Jay. Would U allow someone to take it away from U. U could have been a little lees fierce in your approach. U are too tough on her.

Jay rolled his eyes-Yeah yeah i got the job done now U get your girl and stop grinning like you've won the lottery. Personally i think Panchi is more trouble than she is worth. She fell for a vampire after all.

Neel gave his brother a stern look-Watch it little bro. Now go freshen up.

Chand and Haseena find themselves tuned into Abhay's new status as being alive again. His brain activity had already reached them. Chand had to be coaxed into visiting Abhay. Haseena saw Pia already there by Abhay's side. The connection both Abhay and Pia had was clear as night and day. Yeah Haseena could tell their were made for each other. Despite losing her memory Pia was reaching out to Abhay. Tonight was the night od judgement day for the Raichands. Haseena couldn't contain the hope she had nor the happiness of seeing Abhay released from his solitude of a year long imprisonment inside the icy fortress. Haseena linked her mind with Chand showing him how she was feeling and what she'd foreseen. It was more than enough to persuade him to tag along.

Haseena huskily states with pride-My son is coming home Chand. Abhay is coming back to us after a long hiatus. I just want to embrace him and shower him with all the love i have.

Chand finds it difficult to separate the practical aspect of his persona to being honed in on his paternal instincts-Haseena we shouldn't get carried away. Pia hasn't released him yet.

Haseena had full confidence in Pia's love for Abhay-My maternal instincts are never wrong with Abhay. He is a prat of me Chand. I know the power of love can set Abhay free. Abhay has Pia's pure Love on his side one which lights both their world and he has our blessings by his side Chand.

Chand nods lost in thought-I know Haseena but we must be vigilant. We must use our guile. This is a making of somthing new. Its a plot to lure Abhay back. From one of our enemies i can feel it.

Haseena didn't care-If it gets my son back then i welcome this threat Chand. Abhay is all that counts. I will invest all my power to have him back. Nothing will stop us from having my baby back

Chand couldn't brush off this 6th sense he had-I know Haseena. We will watch from afar and step in if Pia and Abhay need us there.

Pia turns her attention back on Abhay-Whoever U are be it Arman or Abhay U are mine. I can't let anyone touch U. I don't know why i feel if anything happens to U my world will end. Maya has given me a glimpse of who U are to me but i am still a blank. All i know is that all the roads travel back to U. I belong with U. I don't even know what U are. Who U are? But what i do know is i have to know everything about U. Only U hold the answers to my question.

Pia presses her lips gently on the ice then edges the palm of her hand against Abhays chest-I wish i could touch U now. To feel your strong arms. Those hands are so familiar. I am lusting after a sleeping man. Good job U can't hear me but then how do U talk back to me in my head?( Pia's heart touches Abhays as she cools her swollen ankles.)The numbness has stopped me from feeling pain on my ankle now. U sure have the Chill Factor. No need for any other remedies. (Pia laughs) I so wish i could be in a deep conversation with U. I will have a long wait for this won't i? Lets try a few of my ideas huh?

Pia pours both packets of salt spreading it on Abhays grave but theres no effect-Sugar this isn't working. Salt melts ice right? I have done this in France why isn't it working?

She pours boiling water over the icy surface again nothing melts it-I am running out of ideas. There is just one more thing i can try.( Heats the ice with a portable heater. Again nothing working) Help me out here. Give me a clue. How do i get U out of here stranger? I can't keep calling U this. Are U Abhay or Arman?

Then a voice enters her head (ABHAY). Pia's eyes brim with the sound of his voice and his name was so real to her. His voice made him more alive. Pia was beginning to fantasise about Abhay-Help me Abhay. Please. I need U with me.  I can't have U like this for another day. Abhay U have to come back to me. I am falling apart ver a man i don't even know properly. Can i love someone i don't even know. My heart hurts. (Pia weeping uncontrollably then lies beside Abhay her hands barly touching his as the ice acts as a barrier between them) I don't know what else to do.

Abhay in return felt everything Pia was feeling from the helplessness to the determination of trying anything to set him free. He could feel his body warming up. The ice was melting but i wasn't anything Pia was testing out. It was Pia's warmth and love for him doing the trick. If only she knew. Abhay had to keep quiet because Pia had to feel without him hinting anything. It all had to be from Pia's side. Only her love would set him free.

Pia wipes away her tears hearing the fierce howling  from the night before-Wolves. Great just my luck. What else can go wrong?

Abhay pleads with Pia to leave-GO PIA. SAVE YOURSELF.

Pia remains stubbornly set on risking her neck. Pia could crawl away but she was staying put this time.-Not this time Abhay. My legs won't move. I hurt it hitting Jay. My ankle is twisted. Looks like i meet a very sad lonely end here Abhay. (Pia was shivering from teh cold but her heart was pounding out of fear of not dying but never seeing Abhay again). I wish U were here with me to comfort me Abhay. I am all alone.

Abhay heard the howling drawing nearer. Pia had no protector by her side this time. Abhay had to act fast. Pia's lie depended on it. He wasn't going to lose her forever not after what she'd been through. His Pia would be protected against the beasts that stalk the night. His mortal enemies would not lay a finger on her. Pia's cry for help had been enough to make him break free. He mustered all his might shattering the icy fortress around him as he embraced Pia holding her hand clasping it into his while Pia screamed out of shock. Then all of a sudden silence hit them. All the noise were coming from the wolves growling at them as they bore the sharp teeth and claws hoveing around Abhay and Pia.

The yellow eyes talked Pia but she wasn't afraid of them this time as they were surrounded by them. Pia's eyes only remained lcoked in a cell with Abhay's staring at his icy blues unable to move or scream. Pia's only reaction was to stay mute and stare into those hypnotic eyes and get lost in Abhay's voice-PIA! PIA!

Abhay stood upright holding Pia's body in his arms as he was surrounded by the wolves hounding their enemy. It smelt blood. Pia's blood.

Jay remained in the shadows revelling in his brilliance. His whole plan came together. Pia had freed her monster. Only she could freely give her heart away to a demon of the night while he being a repulsive dead walker managed to break free all in the name of love. This was a miracle in itself Time for phase two of the plan. Phase one was complete.

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superb update...
loved it...
ozzyie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Big smileAwesome Ayesha !!!!!!Big smile
so..maha epi touch !!!!
i really liked it ... wonderful !!!!!!
jay , pia , misha awesome but Abhay pia the best !!!!!

Edited by ozzy88 - 12 June 2011 at 6:55am
Sunnipwincessx Goldie

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AWw nyceee update luved it Abhayz finalli bakk to save piya does piyaz memory cumz bakk or watt eniwaiz wow you lost yh worrk ahh poor youu bless yhh ayesha xx

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the last 3-4 paragraphs were fab!  i wish the same will happen in Mondays epi...great updateClap

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by ozzy88

Big smileAwesome Ayesha !!!!!!Big smile
so..maha epi touch !!!!
i really liked it ... wonderful !!!!!!
jay , pia , misha awesome but Abhay pia the best !!!!!
Thanks Ozzy. I had written the whole Pia trying to save Abhay with salt, Boiling water and heat and then i lost all my work. It as emotinally captivating as well. Pia having a heart to heart with Abhay but i forgot half of what i wrote.. There is a Maha Touch but only diff is Abhay is all out with Pia in his arms.

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Originally posted by Sunnipwincessx

AWw nyceee update luved it Abhayz finalli bakk to save piya does piyaz memory cumz bakk or watt eniwaiz wow you lost yh worrk ahh poor youu bless yhh ayesha xx
Yeah i lost 1.5hours worth of work so thats two full pages and it was emotionally packed so i made a few adjustments and left all emotions out as it drained me completely

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