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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 27)

gangesegb IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
amazing update...
loved it...

quarkinsen Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 3:35pm | IP Logged


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ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by matwamango

As i promised After the fifth update Abhay will be back with a bang baby. Just U watch this space.

hooollaaa!!Partyi am so exited for thatLOL

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M2NZ Senior Member

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 1:38am | IP Logged
Please add me to ur pm list
Ur ff is very much interesting.

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Sunnipwincessx Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Awsome update cant waite for the next part xxx

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Super Kool IF-Sizzlerz
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Super Kool

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Read all the parts...too good...simply loved it...ClapClapClap

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 11:41am | IP Logged

:::Precap 5:::Defrost:::

The next day was a sore day for Pia. The bruising on her legs began to show up.She was banned from riding any bikes till she turned 50 was the exact words her Papa had used. He wasn't the slightest bit impressed with the stunt she'd pulled. Pia had a few stitches to patch up her wound. It didn't feel so good. Madhoo kept hovering around with a new dressing.She'd had some anti-septics with her. Misha popped round holding Pia's hand for moral.
Pia smiled wincing her face at the sting she'd felt-Ouch.
Madhoo soothes Pia-Its all done now. We can't let it get infected now can we? Misha U keep an eye on your sister for me OK. Now rest up. U can stay home today. No college for U.
Pia moaned frowning-But i want to go. I can move about slowly. I have some people i need to apologize too. Its important. I feel so bad.
Misha hit Pia with her elbow-No Pia i think U better stay here today. I'll keep U company.
Pia threw daggers at Misha for hitting her-U just want to skip College using me as an excuse. I really have to go. Please. I promise i'll take it easy.
Madhoo thought long and hard eventually giving in-Fine baba U can go but Misha will be your shadow. Everywhere U go she goes.
Pia's eyes lit up. This was her chance to go back to the woods and share her woes with the place. It gave her comfort and a peace of mind. She'd felt like she was invincible there. Like someone was watching over her protecting her from the harsh reality. The voice had attracted her to this place. She was hoping he'd be there. Pia was certain he was lurking within the woods somewhere waiting for her to return to him.
Pia was bored so she ended up watching the College play on dvd in Panchi's room. While Misha got herself ready Pia forewarded all the boring parts bringing it to this stranger who's eyes she was ever so familiar with. He haunted her. He stalked her. The same voice spoke to her again through the plasma screen. Pia zoomed in on his face. She paused it around his eyes longingly dreaming of a safe haven with him byherside. Romeo where are U Romeo? thought Pia thickly.
Panchi entered into her room falling into a defensive mode taking the remote off Pia and switching the plasma off-Why are U snooping through my work Pia?
Pia heard a hint of anxiety in Panchi's voice-Who is he Panchi? He played the lead role.
Panchi answers with a lie with help from Misha-Arman Dude.
Pia certainly had a wish to meet this Armaan. His voice had filled her mind with sweet thoughts of how this man keeps saving her from herself-OK. How do we find this Arman?
Misha blurted-U don't find him He finds U. I mean he left the city Pia so he won't be around. Its the problem with foreign exchange students.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 3:33pm | IP Logged

:::Update 5:::Defrost:::

Pia met up with Jay after College. He was avoiding her as usual but when their eyes met it was filled with something Pia couldn't put her finger on. Pia psyched herself into apologizing to Jay. He was with his brother Neel stood against the College walls.

Pia plucked up the courage softly speaking with a genuine tone-Jay...(Pauses for a few seconds then opens her mouth and shuts it again and blurts out) I am sorry about the prank i played. I will make it up to U. Forgive me.

Jay ignores Pia turning his back on her. Neel stops his brother turning him around. Jay shoots one look at Pia-Fine. Now U can leave.

Pia remains in her spot-Look i am trying to say sorry and U are not even listening to me properly.

Neel chips in-Excuse my brother. He was dropped on the head as a kid which is why he is always so mean and lacks concentration. Don't U have something to say to Pia?

Jay asks-Fine U took something very valuable of mine from me. I want something in return. Something very valuable to U.

Pia's eyes grew cold-I knew there had to be a catch with U. Fine what do U want Jay? So long as its something i can part with its all yours.

Jay purses his lips then coolly states-I want your pendant.

Pia touches her pendant fiddling with it with her hands-I can't remove this. It has sentimental values. This is a key to my past. It was the last thing i had on when i lost my memory. I can't part with it Jay.

Jay huffs angrily-This is what i want Pia. I want U to remove it from your neck and give it to me.

Pia's eyes focusing on her pendent. A voice speaks to her in her head (Don't remove it Pia. This will save U from the unknown. Heed my warning Pia.)-I'm sorry i can't give U this Jay. I did my part by apologizing for my recklessness but i refuse to play along with your games. This may look like jewellery to U but to me its my life.

Neel told his brother off-Bro seriously why do U always get into an arguement with Pia? U aren't him U know. She yearns for his return but U keep reminding her of him. I know its our job to speed up her recovery but this is low.

Jay answers back-At least i am doing my job unlike U playing lover boy with Panchi is not going to cut it. She's a heartbreaker.

Neel finishes-Well so are U. I don't care. U do what U have to but i don't want U to hurt Pia in anyway. We need her on our side. They told us to keep an eye on her not to damage her mentally.

Jay scoff rolling his eyes-Pia's the one mentally tormenting me with her stipid bimbo act.

Neel teased-U like her don't U Jay. Its so transparent. Its why you've been so argumentative with her. she makes U crazy. I knew it.

Jay storms off with his voice trailing-I hate her. She's ruined everything. (He felt guilty)

Panchi gives Neel a peck on his cheek-Thanks for last night.

Neel brimming with pride-Thanks. U on for date number two?

Panchi shakes her head-Sorry i don't go beyond date number 3. So long as U understand this then i'm all yours. Otherwise game over. U seem like a nice guy but i am not looking for a commitment Neel. I only want to have fun.

Neel was hurt by her honesty but remained hopeful-We shall see about this Panchi. Coffee Shop  later in the evening OK?

Panchi sighs-Neel i told U i am not interested in anything heavy.

Neel holds Panchis's arm-What's so heavy about coffee other than the calories in the cakes and creams huh?

Panchi gives in-Fine but after this three strikes. The last one is your final shot.

Neel nods-Ok. See U there.

Pia takes off her pendant leaving it in her car. The voice had warned her not to take it off but what harm would it do if she took it off? Pia would never allow anyone to take the pendant from her now more than ever because she found a connection with this person. She ditched Misha behind just so she could be alone with this strange voice. Pia bore through the pain all the way to the cold spt in the woods falling to the ground. She felt the presence the strongest here. funnily Pia wasn't cold but numb. Her pain was eased miraculously. Pia no longer felt alone. Pia had the urge to lie down. For the first time Pia was alone but felt so much love inside her making her dizzy. What was it about this place that drove her restless. She'd sneak out just to catch a glimpse of the stillness around.

Night came and Pia had lost track of time. She musta have spent a few hours just pouring out her heart out to this place from all her insecurities to the stranger who haunted her day and night. She removed all theleaves away from the cold ice to see a man in there. Pia tried to open it by stamping on the rigid edges. Nothing. Pia desperately tried to see who it was. could it be the man of her dreams who'd shaken her whole world with his haunting eyes? Pia moved towards the block for a closer look. Pia wipes away the dirt to get a closer look then her lips touch the ice gently. Pia was filled with deep emotion for this man she didn't know. Her soul reached out for him. Pia placed her hand on his chest and laid there in silence just staring at him powerless by her faltering body refusing to move. If only U spoke back to me when i want U to. Why won't U talk to me my strange love. Is this what this is? Am i infatuated by a non entity. Am i attracted to a iced  dead man or are U alive waiting for me to free U. Why won't U talk to me? Why? Why do i feel at peace here. I wish i removed this earth covering your handsome face. I must be crazy talking to U but i don't care. Who are U? What are U? The answers to my questions are still incomplete. Do U feel lonely here? How long have U been trapped here? Does anyone come to visit U? From now on i promise to visit U everyday. This will be our little secret. I won't rest till i get what i am looking for. I wish i could see U properly and capture the beauty i see in U.  Pia heard a rustling sound making her jump. She stood up abruptly calling out to the stranger.

Pia-Whose there?

Then Pia found a set of eyes staring back at her making her slip back down filled with renewed fear-Who are U?

Pia heard the voice again (Run Pia run. Get away from here. Please just GOOO)

Pia took another glimpse at the icy figure to make sure if he was the one talking to her subconscious-I'm not leaving U. I can't leave U.

The eyes moved close howling at her but Pia remained frozen waiting for the voice to come back to her. She wanted him to comfort her. To protect her from this hallucination. There were 10 pairs of eyes all stalking her now. Pia saw two animals in front of her as they faced off the other animals. Pia's eyes could not believe she saw wolves. Part of her wanted to run but the other stayed put. Was it a stupid move? Yes. At this point Pia couldn't run even if she tried. Her legs wouldn't move fast enough. Besides Pia wanted to remain with this stranger in the ice. He was calling to her. Pleading her to move it for his sake. Why did she care about him so much? Pia saw a knife on the ground. She rushed to use it as self defence crawling to it. (Pia calm down. Nothing will happen to me. Just leave me and save yourself. I will live if U live Pia.) Pia had to think fast. Whenever she was hurt this stranger was at his most powerful in her mind. Pia cut herself on purpose spilling her blood while her mind filled with the stranger. Pia instinctively placed her hand over the ice smearing it all over. (I don't know why i did this stranger but i have marked U.)

Pia smiles-I can hear U loud and clear now. I will leave but promise me you'll always be with me.

The voice-I am always with U Pia. I might not be with U physically but i am always with U through every breath U take. I am embedded in your subconscious. Now go. They will take care of the others.

Pia took one more look at the stranger with her bloody hands caressing the ice one last time-I will return for U again my stranger. U count on it. (Pia shed a few tears before leaving the scene)

Pia walks away from her stranger unknown to her that her little interaction with Abhay had sealed his return. She had unlocked his chains. The blood she'd shed was the key to releasing Abhay. Her blood seeped through the ice but this time Abhay's body tingled with Pia's liquid filled with healing properties for him. Pia's kiss had warmed his body while he glowed within his prison.

Jay in his wolf form with his brother managed to ward off the attacks from the gang members of their tribe. There was a revolt within their camp for aiding the return of Abhay for their secret weapon the needed. Only Abhay could help them attain this. Unfortunately Pia was his one way ticket out of his icy prison. Her love for the monster would set him free. Because only a human could love with a whole heart and all their soul. Abhay was Pia's first and last love so this was their only solution to draw Pia here and take her damn pendant off. Jay knew the risk was high but it had to be done. After all no supernatural being could touch Pia with her bloody pendent on unless they were in human form.

Neel transformed back-Back off before we use our full strength. Leave her alone.

The eyes glared at them.

Jay howled-Leave the girl. She's mine.I am the boss so its my call. Nobody touches her but me. Fall back and return back to camp.

Jay and Neel leave the angry beaten wolves behind moving to help Pia putting their clothes back on. Jay grabs the athame (Knife used to release Abhay.) Tonight was the one night when magic was at its weakest and only the power of good could win over evil.

Neel wiped his sweat with his hand-Pia is probably not too far away from here. U go get her.

Jay nodded running at full speed with Pia slowing down-Hey Pia wait up.

Pia turned around-What are U doing here?

Jay answers-I lost this (Athame) Its got blood on it. Then i heard a whimper of a girl and i followed U here. Theres a trail of blood.

Pia feeling woozy-I saw some wolves. I think two of them were protecting me.

Jay felt Pia's forehead-Are U seeing things? I saw no such thing. They were all in your head. About this evening i am sorry for being a jerk but U deserved.

Pia was still lost in her own world-Yeah. U must have scared them off.

Jay took Pia in his arms-Let me. Its faster.

Pia felt shy at the bare touch of Jay's bare body-Couldn't U have put something on?

Jay teased-Why am i too hot to handle?

Pia caught her breath back-Oh please. Maybe to some girl Jay but not to me. I've seen better. Why do U help me Jay?

Jay responded candidly-Why do U need saving all the time Pia? U know this place is dangerous yet U still came here. Why? U crave attention Pia Dobrial. Without it you're nothing. Good to know U took my advice and removed the tacky pendant.

Pia touched her neck-Its not tacky. Stop insulting me Jay.

Jay helped Pia in her car-Now have a safe trip back home.

Pia offered Jay a lift-Its to say Thank U.

Jay hopped in-Ok.

On their journey back to Jay's-So what were U dong there Pia?

Pia let slip-I am soul searching and los track of time. I feel at one with nature. Its like i belong there. It calls me. Why were U there Jay? Were U following me? I wouldn't put it past U to take revenge.

Jay stepped out of the car-Someone has to take the role of Hero round here.U are one girl who is accident prone and your reputation proceeds U. I think my street cred will skyrocket after everyone finds out i saved U.

Pia rolled her eyes-Jay Khurana U are an opportunist. Sorry for being a b***h. We can agree to be civil to each other at least.

Jay waved Pia on. The ritual had to work. Pia was vital to releasing Abhay. He'd hoped the memory Pia had regained was enough to heal Abhay out of his cell so he can defrost superfast. The recollection Pia had was enough for her to seek the wretched place out. Jay saw the love Pia had for the vampire even if she didn't know it herself.

Pia placed her pendant back on thinking of the stranger at home checking the moon out from her bedroom. I will be waiting for U my stranger. Whoever U are U are mine. Tonight i saw a glimpse of U but tomorrow is another day. Whatever name U go by U will come back to me.

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