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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 23)

ifrah. Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
interesting update :)

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BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Lovely update Ayesha EmbarrassedLoved the precap. Waiting for the update Big smile

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged

:::Update 4:::Echo:::

At the front entrance Misha waited for Pia to join her. It was the perfect opportunity to cause soem mischief. Misha had fleeced Jay's keys from her collision with him in the corridor. Dude seriously needed a reality check. If he wanted an upclose interaction with Pia well he was about to get his wish. Pia walked casually towards her sister baring her perfect whites at her with a huge grin.

Misha blinked her dark playful eyes at Pia-I have a little bet going with Kabir. He thinks U don't have the guts to do it but i stuck by your side.

Pia gave Misha her U didn't look-Misha your games are always so messy. Ok. (She sighs giving in with a crooked grin) What's the bet?

Misha beams in delight shifting her shoulders watching the bike pointing at it-U have to take Jay's bike for a spin and make him go after U.

Pia's jaw dropped-Misha U are just too much. How could U? U know he and I don't like each other. The guy makes my skin crawl. Have U seen his judgemental looks he gives me. I could????????

Misha folds her arms-This is a perfect way to get at him. boys and their toys. Where's the wild cat in U Pia? He is always saying the Dobrial's are wild Cats show him we mean business.

Pia hands over her books to Misha as she takes the keys from Misha-How did U take his keys? Don't answer i don't want to know. I can't believe i am doing this. He is so going to kill me. This should be fun. (Heads over to Jay's bike placing her leg over it and sits on it wearing the helmet on.) See U later if i'm still alive.

Misha saw Jay rushing to the entrance-Turn the ignition on Pia. He's here.

Pia takes a quick glance at Jay waving at him-U want to see a wildcat i will show U what us Dobrial's are made of. Catch me if U can.

Jay runs after Pia watching her take off shouting behind-Dobrial. If U value your life U better get back here now! (He searches around to see Neel with Panchi running over to him) Neel give me the keys to your bike now.

Neel doesn't bother asking Jay anything. He was in a bad mood as it was-Be gentle with her.

Jay gets on Neels bike racing at full speed behind Pia-U are dead Dobrial.

Panchi baffled by Jay's tone-Is your brother always this angry?

Neel shrugs-Jay is Jay. He is his own worst enemy. Doesn't like anyone questioning him. Anyway for our date what do U say? Meet U at 6 in Guisseppes.

Panchi nods-Sure. I will meet U there.

Neel walks Panchi to her car-See U there.

Tracker with Angad on her arm curios about Pia-Why did U do it Misha? Jay will eat her alive.

Misha devious mind already one step ahead of Tracker-I am counting on it. My sister is a firecracker. Jay will get a dose of Dobrial magic. Hopefully this will bring them closer together.

Tracker shakes her head-But Pia loves another. Jay will never take his place.

Misha cuts in-No we don't mention his name ever. We have only pieced our lives together. We do not utter his name. I may not know what he did, where he is, who he is but i do know this the man is still haunting my sister. Pia deserves closure and moving on is the onlyway forward for her. If Panchi states Pia is to steer clear of Abhay then so be it. U promised to keep your mouth shut Tracker.

Tracker hesitates-But he and Pia are so perfect together.

Misha corrected-Was? He is no longer in the picture. Pia is all alone. all she has is us. All three of us sisters have trouble trusting in anyone least of all Abhay. He is the only person even T doesn't remember.

Tracker's eyes fell to the floor thinking this was a tragedy. A love story ended even before it began-Misha i pray one day he returns for Pia. Nobody will ever reach the heights he did with Pia. I can see the yearning in her eyes Misha. Pia might not remember but her heart does. So matching her up with anyone will never work.

Back at the woods

Pia loved the feel of the wind blowing through her hair taking off her helmet as she slowed down. The woods always gave her reassurance like it was calling to her soothing away her troubles. Jay's bike was a super rush. Part of her felt bad and the other felt he deserved it for being so ignorant, for being such a hothead, he riled her up to the extent it made her blood boil just thinking about his name. Then whoosh she'd heard another bike on her tail. How did he get here so fast? Jay was already behind her. Pia sped on fast to shake him away.

Pia heard a voice in her head (Pia slow down. Get away from here. it is not safe.)

Pia refused to listen to the voice. She wanted to hear him say her name. It sounded so angelic. Like music to her ears. What woud happen if she continued on riding at a faster pace? Pia continued to speed whizzing through. This felt so invigorating to feel the freedom anf the adrenaline rush only fuelled her to carry on. Her laughter trailed all the way to Jay who was very angry. How dare she steal his bike and have fun with it. He had a good mind to shake her. Just because he was ordered not to kill her didn't mean he couldn't manhandle her. Damn her for getting under his skin. What if she was hurt? His kind would have a field day.

The voice spoke to Pia with grave concern as she saw his eyes staring longingly at her (Don't do this Pia. I am but a figment of your imagination. Turn around) It echoed melodically to her.

Pia spoke-No. Not till i know who U are? Why won't U show yourself to me? Why am i so fixated on U? Your eyes pull me into submission. I want to know U. Come to me please. Give me a name. Give me something to hold on to. (Pia sped on)

The voice echoed back clearer-I am not worth it Pia. Stop this madness. U will kill yourself. PIA STOP!

Pia continued on-Not till U give me your name. I want to see U. Show yourself.

The voice inside Pia's head-I can't. Only U can do this. Now save yourself Pia. If U exist then so do I.

Pia felt her tears as she desperately tried to keep him with-Will i ever see U? Hear U? (Pia knew he would always appear when she was in trouble. Pia slammed the bike on the slab of ice in the woods falling off it bleeding. She cries but not because she was hurt but because the connection broke.)

The voice finished-Thank U Pia.

Pia stared at the ground uncontrollably crying with an emptiness she didn't know exist-I've lost U. I never (Through sobs) even know U. (Pia caressing the slab of ice with blood on it.) What is this? (Curiously wipes away the shattered ices away) Its almost like a piece of me is here. (Pia wipes her tears away with her hand) This is where i belong. Here. (Between fresh tears)

Jay stops in his place rushing over to Pia who is in a daze staring into the slab of bloody ice. He shakes her back to reality-U smashed my bike. Why did U take my bike? If U wanted one this bad U should have asked Daddy dearest to get U one. He can afford it after all.

Pia's eyes flew to meet Jay-I'll buy U another one. What's the big deal?

Jay saw Pia's hand touching the icy grave of Abhay with affection making him want to hurl-God you're bleeding.

Pia let out a cry-Its nothing (Compared to how my heart is feeling) I'm sorry about your bike. It was all done in good jest. My sister...

Jay cut Pia-I don't want excuses Pia. What U did was low. If U wanted a joyride so bad U should have asked me. I would have taken pity on U.

Pia glared angrily trying to get up raises her voice-Damn (Limping up Jay grabs hold of Pia while she resists) I don't need your help.

Jay checks Pia making sure she isn't badly injured-Don't worry Dobrial i'm not checking U out. U aren't my type. So don't fight me.

Pia mutters lowering her head-I'm not used to people i mean U being so helpful.

Jay takes Pia to his brother's bike with her infront while he supports her in the back-I'd rather be elsewhere enjoying my time with my bike but U killed her so i got to save U even though U don't deserve it. I don't want your death on my conscience.

Pia hurls back-My death would be my own fault. U could just leave me.

Jay lambasts her-And have everyone accuse me of hurting U or worse. They saw me chase after U. Now shut up. U talk too much.

Pia remembered the words-This sounds so familiar. (Her eyes still on the slab of ice as she whispers softly) I'll be back.

Jay heard Pia finding her very strange. The connection was strong. Pia just needed a push-So i noticed U were talking to yourself. U do this alot. Is there some mental illness i need to know about. U are already certified crazy in my book. Is it officially written in one of your medical files?

Pia darted her eyes back to Jays imagining they belonged to the mysterious stranger she was dying to meet-I was just thinking of someone special. I just can't remember who it is. So when am i getting one of your famous tirade of insults?

Jay furrows his eyebrows-I'll spare U tonight. But you'll expect something big tomorrow just don't faint on me.

Pia only thinks about the stranger who has made such an impact on her in such a short time. The one person she felt made her alive giving her comfort. How would she ever see him in the flesh? Her desperate eyes seeked him out. Her nights were filled with his thoughts. Pia heard the bike stop.

Jay took Pia to Arnab's place knocking on her door. Arnab opened it with his eyes flying up in concern-Pia beta what happened? Someone call the ambulance.

Pia smiles weakly-Papa its ok. I just grazed myself. No need for any fuss. I deserved it for taking off with his bike.

Jay was about to take off-I have done my good deed of the day. I have to go collect my bike. Bye.

Arnab had a hand over Jay's shoulder-I'm sorry beta. Pia isn't usually like this. I bet i know who put her up to this. (He shouts) Misha!

Misha arrives-What hap...Oh no Pia U didn't crash ...

Arnab holds Misha's ears-This is your doing. Now what do U gave to say for yourself.

Misha pouted innocently in a sweet voice-I'm sorry. It was all his fault. He kept being so mean to Pia so i retaliated.

Arnab sternly eyed Misha-No. If they both have a problem then it is up to them to sort it out not U.

Misha mumbled-Sorry. It got him working with Pia.

Jay nervously brushed his fingers through his hair-I'll be off now.

Pia thanked Jay-Sorry about your bike.

Jay nods-Yeah whaever. I'm off.

The Dobrial's clean Pia up as she heads upstairs with bedrest thinking about her beautiful stranger. The moon gave her the warmth she craved while the stranger gave her hope. She would visit the woods everyday just so she could feel connected to him. Pia already knew that her past was connected with him. She would go find this man by any means necessary.

Pia faces the moon tilting her head high-I will find U. I know U are waiting for me. Its just a matter of time my beautiful stranger.

The Woods

Haseena arrived at Abhay's grave smelling the scent of Pia around. The girl unwittingly came to this place. Haseena heard everything. Pia didn't remember anything but her heart ached for Abhay. Haseena observed the blood on the slab of broken ice. Pia's blood would be by Abhay's companion for now. Haseena knew the connection between Abhay and Pia was unbreakable. Despite him being frozen on ice changed nothing. Abhay was protecting Pia beyond the grave his voice soothed her.

Pia was the key to bringing Abhay back. She just had to wait for the one night in a year where the magic of Maithali's would be weak. So weak it would release Abhay from his prison. Haseena visited Abhay every night to feel him. she had to be with her son. Watching him in stasis was heartbreaking. She'd lost one son but Abhay was her everything. He had made her feel like a mother. Abhay gave her importance. He gave her life while she was dead inside.

Haseena spoke to her son-Abhay my precious son. I know U can hear me. With U gone a part of me is lost with U Abhay. We will get U free even if it takes forever we will get U out. U have to fight back Abhay. Take down all the shields and let us save U son. To save us Abhay. To save Pia. She is so close Abhay. Pia will save U for once in her life. Her love for U draws her here. She is just as impatient to have U back as we are. U might have wiped her mind Abhay but her heart still remembers U. Her subconscious still remembers U. I will wait for the time it all comes back to her.

Chand places a hand over Haseena's shoulder-U shouldn't have come here Haseena. This place is crawling with wolves.

Haseena hisses-And leave my son alone here with nobody to visit him. Never Chand. Abhay has to know we are here for him. We will find a way for him. The answer is Pia. She keeps coming back here meaning one thing. Abhay's time is near.

Chand rubbises Haseena's false hopes-Hope is for humans not for us. Abhay is gone forever. Only Maithali can free him.

Haseena in Chands face-I refuse to believe this Chand. My son is stronger than any curse. We are a curse itself. There is always another door open. Pia is the answer. Her love will awake Abhay. Either this or its her being in danger.

Chand whispers-This is impossible. Pia's love is weak. She isn't strong enough to break Maithali's curse. Look at her already moving on with another being. An enemy of ours in fact. She has deserted Abhay.

Haseena bemused by Chand's harsh words-Pia doesn't remember Chand. But her heart calls to him. Look at this ice where my son lays asleep. It has already soaked in the blood. Pia's blood is no longer on the top layer.

Chand watches in amazement-You're right.

Haseena answers-The elders had mentioned about a night where all magic is weak. This might be our chance Chand. We must make Pia remember. She has to. The Dobrials have buried all trace of Abhay. We must send her clues to who he is. She will take the bait.

Chand saw a ray of hope-I will consult this with a trusted friend. This maybe it Haseena. Just don't build your hopes up too high. We have already failed a few times.

Jay arrived to retrieve his bike with his brother Neel. They overheard cahnd and Haseena's conversation. It was their job to jog Pia's memory. Abhay's folks would make his job easier for them. They waited for the vampires to head on out looking into the slab of ice.

Neel icily-Vampires give me the creeps.

Jay saw no trace of blood-Its been absorbed. How? Pia's blood was here before. They mentioned its seeped through. The devil is still alive and kicking. We must inform the others.

Neel mocks-Based on what the vampires have speculated is not enough. We need something concrete bro. U posting a facebook account in Abhay's name won't do it. Befriend Pia and you'll see the desired effect.

Jay fumed-The b***h broke my bike. Shes a hazard. No wonder Abhay is frozen on ice.

Abhay lay silently soaking up Pia's sweet blood as his fingers defreeze getting a little insight into her life wishing he could be with her. Only he couldn't. The shackles were too tight. He could hear her aching for him. His own little dreamland with Pia was a place of paradise. This one time he wanted out of this paradise so he could run to her. Hold her again. Kiss her again. He'd give anything for his one shot with Pia. Abhay was relieved to know Pia was living her life to her fullest if only she wasn't intent on finding him. It would bring trouble. She was inviting chaos in her life by risking her life just so she could see him.

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Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Nice Update
I hope Piya soon remembers Abhay so that she can help Raichands...
Waiting for the next part
Continue soon
Thanks for the PM

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mansim Senior Member

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
it was very niceClapClap
loved every part of itEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
pia coming to ahbay, her blood getting soaked up and abhay's pov was too goodClapClap
thanks for the pmBig smile
update soonWink

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
nice mix of twilight and PKYEK

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SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Aww So Sweet FF. It's Very Lovely Dear. Conti Soon.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by pari_smart

Nice Update
I hope Piya soon remembers Abhay so that she can help Raichands...
Waiting for the next part
Continue soon
Thanks for the PM
Pia is beginning to go against everyone and find this one person who has become an obsession. Abhay's warning is going unheard by Pia. She is hell bent on finding her Dark Prince.

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