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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 16)

ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 2:37am | IP Logged
nice precap but aren't you going to make the same thing as in the show?i mean the club n all..

SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 3:23am | IP Logged
hey awesome PrecapSmile
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 6:25am | IP Logged
wonderful update aysh...nice start to piya's whole new journey of love..waiting for more
Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Nice precap
Looking for the update
Please PM me when u continue
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Nyc Precap Aysha.. Waiting for d
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:46pm | IP Logged

:::Update 3:::Deja Vu:::

What was she going to wear for this club Pia thought? She didn't have an idea on how youngsters round here dressed to these events. Good job her wardrobe was filled with an outfit for all occasions. She checked the mirror placing an outfit in front to see which she felt like wearing placing them back in neatly in her cupboard. Misha was wearing her usual pants and a top giving Pia her usual concerned look.

Misha-How hard is it to choose Pia? Its just a normal club like the one in Paris. Just pick anything. Here this pink dress looks cute and brings out the colour in your cheeks.

Pia took the dress from Misha and wore it. She applied make-up and sways side to side checking herself out in the mirror-Not bad!

Misha giggled-You've already started complimenting yourself. Leave this for the boys at the club atleast. Come on we'd better leave.

Finally they arrived at the Ivy. There were plenty of young people already crowding the club. Misha dragged Pia towards the bar. She ordered two shots of Kis n runs with an  extra dose of vodka shot in it. Pia was reluctant to drink this concoction but Misha had egged her on so she did it feeling rather woozy. Then Misha dragged Pia to the floor dancing with each other to  Nicki Minaj's Super Bass. Misha made her own steps to the dance so Pia just followed her to keep Misha amused. Then she had a tap on her shoulder with a boy asking her to Dance. Pia was at two minds to tell the guy to take a hike but saw Jay giving her the evil eye. No way was she going to let the jerk ruin her night out. Pia offered him her hand smiling while fluttering her eyelids.

Pia had her arms around the gut and let him lead the way only her heart wasn't in it-Thanks for the dance i have to go.

The boy offered to buy Pia a drink which he'd spiked with a pill and Pia obliged gulped it down in one shot-Here. This should loosen U up a little.

Pia moved to the ladies room with Misha-I think i have had enough partying now. I only had two drinks yaar.

Misha smiled teasing-You're a lightweight Pia. I told U this is not your kind of scene. U are too much of a good girl.

Pia sulked pouting-I am not. I have a wild streak.

Misha asked Pia-The only wild thing U did was the tomato fight in Spain Pia. U always chicken out.

Pia felt her head throb-Is this floor spinning?

Misha groaned-No but i think U are. Do U want to sit it out for a bit?

Pia nodded-I'll be fine. I'm just ticked off by Jay Khurana. He keeps glaring at me for no reason.

Misha finished off-And U don't like it when people judge U without knowing who U are. He needs to be taught a lesson.

Pia motioned-How? I don't want to get involved Misha even if i think he deserves it. Its not right.

Misha smiles-Then lets make this a little fun-We will start a riot in this club. Lets start a little teasing game and make T very angry. Make a move on Kabir.

Pia was dead set against it-No way Misha. I am not getting into this. He is a friend and from our past history i don't want us to get all confused. Kabir is finally over me. Even if i don't ever remember dating him i don't want him to get the wrong idea in case there's still those old feelings.. Why don't U do it?

Misha fumed-Kabir doesn't even like T he is just biding his time with her till he knows there is something between U Pia. Then fine. U will always be so boring.

Pia dragged Misha out-I think we need to get out of here before U get us into trouble.

They come out to see T trailing after them with her hand on her hip and the other pointing at Pia-Both U Dobrial's are evil. U just don't get it. Nobody likes U two. One plays the innocent while the other is a loser. Kabir is all mine.

Pia refused to let T make her stoop to her level-Trust me T i have no plans on doing anything with Kabir. He is a friend and this is how i will always see him. we don't want to cause a scene.

T remembered Abhay's last words Be good to Pia but this girl was an insult. Who was the boy who told her all this-Listen to me Pia Dobrial. U may have changed your name and gained popularity but remember who is the Queen around these shores. I can make U disappear. Just keep your hands off of anyone i have my eyes on. Being a supermodel doesn't guarantee U number one position around here. U have to work for it. Don't expect every guy to fall for U because it won't happen. Guys will only use U and abuse U. It is what U Dobrials deserve after all with your father cheating on both your parents. Panchis had the same treatment. Misha well nobody wants to go there and as for U Pia. I pity U because the one person U really crave left U. He abandoned U. U bloody Dobrials are worthless.

Pia was getting confused by T's sudden change in persona-Are U trying to make me lower myself at your level? U don't want me to go there.

T hurled insults after insults while Pia took it in her stride eventually impressing Kabir and Misha-Fine T. U want this cat fight out in the open then this is the honest truth. I have no interest in your little squabbles because its U who is worthless. If U had any self respect for yourself and for your man U would learn to trust in him. And learn a little common decency. I might not talk trash but i know how to deal with the likes of U. I am not the timid Pia U once knew. I know how to bite back. U involve my family in one of your bouts then i swear U will pay big time. U haven't grown up one bit. The same venom U had for me back then still exists in U. I haven't done anything to U now so i am guessing this is from my lost one year huh? Good job i don't remember because i swear i would have made your life a misery. Oh and another thing. The tables have turned T. I am now your equal if not a little superior than U so i wouldn't go around bragging this to anyone.  Goodbye.

Kabir raised his brows up-She sure gave U a run for your money babes. T don't take Pia's words too seriously. She's had a rough year and U should know i will always be by your side and not Pias. Just don't do anything too drastic or i promise U i will leave U. Keep this s**t (Points to her mouth)

Misha ran after her sister-Where did all this come from Pia? U should have slapped her. Its the only way she understands.

Pia shook her head-Violence doesn't get U anywhere. Nobody insults my family. Nobody. I just wish i kept my mouth shut but she kept pushing. She is so spiteful. I am not letting her get to me.

Misha went to the bar again for another shot-U need one to make U a little more intoxicated. It will help U forget.

Pia groaned and moved on outside the club for some air. This was not her scene. This was not her. then finally the guy she was dancing with came out of nowhere. Pia tried to move aside but no such luck as she screamed but nobody came. Pia used her heels to stamp on his foot and bolted out into the jungle while the guy followed her. Pia ran out of breath and took her heels off. Falling to the floor right where she'd collapsed the previous time. She touched the ground with her hand as her bangles jingled in the still night. Her grazed feet was bleeding. The guy found Pia as she remained frozen screaming for help and then she saw him. His eyes. They stalked her over the past week and now she could see his lips. They were so alluring. His eyes were so hypnotic.

Then a hand touched her shoulder blade and Pia looked up-U?

Jay gave a dazzling growl-Do U have a problem with this? Miss Damsel 2011? Haven't U girls ever learnt not to accept a drink from a stranger? Jeez u are so dumb it makes my eyes water. U are a pathetic defenceless girl Pia Dobrial. I hate girls like U leading men on. Its disgusting. U and your sisters are disgusting. Now get your a** up and leave this gloomy danger mone and head home.

Pia glowered at Jay-How bloody dare U Insult me?

Jay shot a look at Pia-I am entitled to behave how i please with U. I just saved your superficial a** so be grateful and start moving before i let wild animals eat U up.

Pia huffed at Jay who offered his hands to her as she pushed it away struggling to get up but limping slightly-S**t! I think i twisted my ankle.

Jay was far from accommodating as he grabbed Pia in his arms with brute force-If U wanted to come into my arms U should have just said so. No need to act as if your hurt.

Pia spat angrily with a fierce look at Jay's eyes disappointed by discovering the eyes she'd seen were not his but someone elses but whose?-No need to act like your God's gift to women. I find U highly irritating. I never asked U to carry me.

Jay shrugged his shoulders-I wasn't born yesterday. I know how girls like U act. U are your sister's sister after all. Panchi treats men like dogs while U behave like a Barbie doll. Cut the c**p.

Pia checked the guy on the ground bruised up-Is he?

Jay finished-Dead? No. The creep is still alive but only just. Next time U choose to flirt with a guu choose wisely. Do U have some mental problem attracting losers?

Pia bit her lip. This reminded her of someone. Someone she couldn't remember. The eyes-So wheres the other guy?

Jay-On the ground.

Pia asked again-No the man who was here before.

Jay kept his cool. So she could see the man. Good. The more she saw him the better-This is all my handiwork. Did U bump your head?

Pia squirmed wriggling about-Why did U have to come here? U are so mean. So harsh. Why are U so angry at me. Did i do something to U? Have we met?

Jay amused by Pia's dumb act. She looked so innocent but he knew her sort. He dated them all the time-I am for once pleased U and I have never met before now. I would have throttled U if i met U then. Girls like U are a disgrace. U think U own the world but U don't. U are self absorbed, stuck up and high maintenance.

Pia fumed-Just shut up. I don't need to listen to this.

Jay beamed at Pia's discomfort-I touched a raw nerve. U are a fake Pia. U are a bloody fake. This is not U but some wannabe. U are just like T spiteful.

Pia shouted-Then why did U save me? I never asked to be...

Jay hissed back-U were crying for help so i came. I might be a p***k but i won't let an innocent get mauled by another animal. Now shut the f**k up and stop trying to get free. We are almost here.

Pia watched ahead of the road to see her home-U know where i live?

Jay put Pia down-Don't worry i wouldn't want U to think U have another stalker following your every move because U have a big fan following. (Sarcastically) We aren't all into supermodels. The Dobrials are well known and so are my family. We know of your Dad.

Pia felt heated but her pain she forgot her feet ached as she opened the front door-Thanks for helping but no thanks for the insults.

Jay bid farewell-Whatever. Just never meet me alone. I'd rather hang out with a dozen wild dogs than U.

Pia nodded-Feelings mutual. Idiot.

Jay turned around-Next time don't accept anything from a stranger. You've seen the consequences. The guy spiked your drink. And another thing don't tell anyone i had the misfortune of saving your a**. I don't want my reputation in tatters.

Pia winces in pain-FREAK!

Jay hurls back-U too.

Misha had arrived already worried out of her brains helping Pia up the steps-Jay brought U home. He hates U.

Pia sighed-Don't ask. Just take me upstairs. I don't want Dad to get worried or we'll never step foot out of here.

Misha nodded-So did he make a play for U?

Pia groaned-Misha the guy is a class A jerk. He saved me so he can make me listen to his insults. Go get an ice pack. My feet kill.

Misha went to the kitchen for some ice and placed it in the pack while Panchi hovered around-Here (Placing it on Pia's leg) Should do the trick.

Panchi frowned-Who did this to U Pia?

Pia frowned-Some random jerk.

Panchi gave Pia her all knowing eyes-U should know better Pia.

Pia admitted she should but for a second she decided she was glad it happened. Pia wanted to see him again. She never felt so at peace. His eyes welcomed her in. His lips so inviting. Pia just wished she knew who he was? If only she could see the rest of him. how did he sound? What was his name? Why did she see him and nobody else did? Pia craved him like a drug. This stranger had taken over her mind. Pia felt like she knew him personally. It was like Deja Vu. Any place familiar she might have been to she'd see him and now it was at the woods. Did she need to feel so hurt and surrounded by danger just to see him. Would her family think she was crazy?Pia played with her necklace thinking about her allusive mystery man who evoked such a reaction from her making her restless.

Misha clicked her fingers-U keep doing this Pia. Going into your day dreams. I want to know which b*****d did this?

Pia answered-He's in the jungle.

Panchi's eyes tensed up-We aren't allowed to go there Pia. Its not safe.

Pia refused t listen-Not for me. I got away from him. Dad has scared U guys with thses daft stories about ghosts. Now go get some sleep guys. I will be Ok.

The thug was handed to the cops and Jays job was complete. He wished it was. Pia had only begun remembering Abhay. He needed her to kickstart into action faster. He hated babysitting. Why did his father command him to do such a meagre job? He hated responsibility. His brother Neel was in love with Panchi. Another stupid Dobrial. These Dobrials were beginning to p**s him off. He no longer had a life. He needed the bloody Raichands to come back. They needed them very badly and it was his job to do it. Unfortunately he didn't expect saving Pia would be one of them. for now he'd have to do what it took and then kill her once the job was done. His family depended on him to fulfil their destiny.

At the woods Abhay had felt Pia's presence. He heard her cry but he could not move. Someone was already there to save her. The ground rose a little lifting him above but he was still trapped. He couldn't escape his prison. His Pia needed him and he was helpless. Abhay longed for Pia. He called for Pia but little did he know that Pia had already heard his cries. She was just as restless as he was.

Pia shot up screaming at the voice that haunted her and looks out the window letting the moon calm her down.

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-Nags- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
awesome update...please continue soonBig smile
Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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awesome part
upd soon

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