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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 125)

PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing precap Aysha

why is Deepu eyeing evry man?? Hoho

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 20:::Living on a DREAM:::

First stop for Pia was toi drop by Sidharth Mehra's office. She had to know what this man was and why he made her feel so ill inside? Last night with Abhay was like she was living on a dream even now she could feel him all over her but she felt something new. Pia felt like she was getting her old self back. What was it about the blood that sent alarm bells to her head. And Abhay's eyes changed in front of her. She hadn't been hallucinating. It was all for real and the man wasn't human either. Pia asked at the front desk for details on where she might be able to meet Sid as he was known by this name. The receptionist had forwarded her an address of his. Pia learnt that Sid has never been seen since a year ago about the same time she had her accident. 

Pia saw Jay on her drive with his brother inviting himself along for the ride. Pia was highly irritated by this fact but maybe he could help her. She needed someone to tame her and Jay was perfect. To be honest Pia was feeling a little too deep in water to know what she was doing. Pia drove Jeh and herself to the address on a notepad given to her by the receptionist. This was it.  Pia pressed the buzzer but no answer. She then decided to break in. No idea why she had to do this she just did it.

Jay stopped Pia in her tracks holding her hand-Are U mad? U are going to break in.
Pia saw nothing wrong in it-Jay i have to get in ok. I just have to. All my answers lie in there. 
Jay shrugged his shoulders-Pia this is insanity. U can't go vandalising other peoples property.
Pia groaned-Stop being such a bore Jay. Live a little. Where's your spontaneity? I thought U were always up for a challenge.
Jay found Pia was just egging him on-Whats so important in here that U are willing to incriminate yourself for anyway?
Pia uttered softly-My life Jay. I want it back. I want everything back.
Jay thought this was the perfect place to pour his heart out to Pia. They were alone and it seemed romantic enough-Pia can i first say something to U? Its very important.
Pia searched for something to break the windows with-Sure.
Jay got a little promise ring out for Pia to gift it to her in its box-Pia will U just wait in one place. U are making me feel nervous.
Pia found a few broken wooden branches out the back-Shoot Jay i am all ears.
Jay bent down with the gift box in his hand offering it to Pia and a red rose out of his pocket-I've waited an eternity for this moment.
Pia gasped in shock not expecting this at all-Jay! What Are U doing? Get up! Please get up (dropping her branch on his foot) Sorry Jay!
Jay hopped on his foot yelling out in agony-Pia U are such a clutz.
Pia pulled a face feeling very awkward. Why did he have to spring this on her? Why?-Jay don't U think its kind of weird that my sister is engaged to your brother and U want to get engaged with me. Its a little uncomfortable.
Jay frowned-Pia this is a promise ring not an engagement ring.
Pia mused wishing she could run and hide somewhere-Jay is this a practical prank. Are U having a laugh. Is this some bet? U know.
Jay saw Pia had her hand on her hip-No! (Held her hand) I am deadly serious Pia. I want U in my life as my girlfriend. I love U Pia. I have done for as long as i can remember even when we were at each others throats. U are not like other girls Pia. U are special. Unique. U are my Pia. My nest friend in the world and my only Love.
Pia joked-What happened to Anjelina Jolie? She find a better offer?
Jay mocked-Very funny. Why run after a dream when U have the real deal in front of U. I love U Pia Dobrial.
Pia se Jay straight-Well i love U too Jay but only as a friend. Nothing more and nothing less. How can U love me anyway. I don't even know who i am myself so how can anyone else know me huh? I am short of a few screw. I might act like i am confident and sexy but inside i am broken Jay. 
Jay brought Pia closer to him-To me U are perfect Pia. Aren't we all broken inside in some form or another. We just don't focus on what makes us inferior but look at what makes U special. U are my shining light Pia. My Love, My dream and my life. I know U are a sweet caring independent woman with a mind of your own. U always place others before yourself. The love U have for your sisters. The sweet side to U and the naughty side to U i love it all.
Pia snatched her hand back from Jay-God Jay U had to ruin everything. (Screams in frustration) Lets pretend this never happened ok. Lets rewind and turn the clock back. U are my friend and i am yours ok Jay. I don't love U. I don't even love myself yet. All i know is my heart is closed off to everyone (Keeps silent about Abhay owning it already) Until i find the missing pieces to the puzzle i am off bounds to everyone. I hope U understand Jay. U deserve better. And as my friend i want only the best for U and i'm not it. Jay i'm sorry i have to be so honest but leading U on isn't fair and i can't force myself to love someone i don't love.
Jay felt deflated. His smile no longer on his face feeling dejected-I understand Pia. But i am not giving up on U. On us.
Pia turned her attention back to Sid's home-Save the promise ring for someone worthy of it Jay because it won't ever be me ok. Now are U going to help me out or am i doing this alone?
Jay placed the ring back in his pocket helping Pia break the windows-Watch out for the broken glass Pia.

Pia carefully went inside by the back with Jay trailing behind her. It was filled with dust and had white covers all over it. Pia wondered around looking for whatever she could find from pictures, any clues and then she went up the stairway all the way to the bedroom. One of them must still have evidence of what this man was to her right? Pia opened the curtains to let the sunlight in and searched through drawers. Finally she found something's there. It had a few belongings of Sid's from old photographs to old notes on his aliases. Why would he need aliases? Pia checked a photo of Sid with Abhay and herself in some ridiculous costume. Were they in some play? The girl had straight hair and she looked just like her. Pia found herself out of breath. Another flash of the girl with Sid looking at the either with evil intent. Their eyes bore at her. They wanted to kill her. Pia dropped the photo and saw the year was written on it on the back and the place it was taken in. Padher Quila. Why did this place ring a bell to her? Pia placed the photo in her bag. Pia turned around to rifle through all the wardrobes some had Sid's suits in there and then a compartment with Maithali's belongings. This man was an avid admirer of this woman with her photos plastered all over the insides of it.

Jay mused-Pia whose place is this?
Pia mumbled-Sidharth Mehra. He was my former employer. I believe he erm dated my sister i guess. Panchi. 
Jay murmured-Is it for Panchi U are doing this for?
Pia shook her head-No. I just want to retrace my steps.
Jay added-Did U find anything?
Pia lied-No! Sid seems to be a private person.
Jay saw Pia's photo all over Sid's wardrobe-He sure has a thing for U though.
Pia glared shaking her head profusely-She's not me. I'd never be seen dead wearing that. Unless it was for promoting something.

Pia ran down the stairs again banging into a table and saw the the large portrait of Sid smirking. He was in her life at some point. He wanted to hurt her. Hurt Abhay. Pia checked some of the downstairs drawers in the study. There had to be something. Anything. Pia finally found a newspaper with Maithali's name on it. Sid had it all here. In this drawe why? Sid had a compilation of a file with Panchi's name, her name and Misha's name on it. He had crossed off Abhay's face off from one of the photo's. There was a calender on it with a date marked off the night of her accident when she'd lost everything. She opened it to find a necklace with a photo of her and of Sid inside it. The girl was Maithali and according to this book gathering dust in her hand it was spanning a few hundred years back. Funnily Abhay's name was on it only he was known as Abhayendra. Or was this some distant relation to him? This was a little too eerie even for Pia. Shed checked back to where she was to see another image of Sid attacking Panchi here. It was like a vision of some sort. Pia fell to her knees. Her head hurt so bad.

Jay held Pia-Are U feeling ok Pia?
Pia shouted at Jay-No! I am feeling happy. Leave me Jay. Leave me. I have to get out of here. I can't be here. (She left Jay behind running off in her car) Drive Pia. Drive. This place is all wrong.

Pia ran back in her car. So Sid had left his belongings behind? Why would he do this? Pia had to go to the library and see further. Delve deeper. Her past was linked with Abhay, Maithali and Sid. They did something to her that night. Pia knew it. Abhay was special. He always found her. He was her avenging Angel but he would never help her uncover her past. Abhay was hiding something big from her. Her mind kept screaming BLOOD at her. Why Blood? Because blood was what sent Abhay aloof. He lost control for a fraction and Pia was too slow to see it. A chill went down her spine as Pia arrived at this historic place. Pandher Quila was deserted like she'd expected. At the front there was a foreman looking at her with a smile.

Pia smiled back-Hi! Do U know me?
The old man smiled back-U were a little regular here a year back obsessed with the story of Maithali, Abhayendra two lovers who'd perished in a fire at the stables. U wanted to know why U looked exactly like her. U had a minor accident in this place. U shouldn't have come here child. This place is a bad omen for U.
Pia sat sat giving the man eye contact-I need a refresher course. I know about this love story but i have seen this woman before. But she was with another man pale as the moon. I feel like theres an unfinished business going on here and i can't rest until i know what it is. Do U have anything here that might help me?
The man way wary but Pia pleaded with him he couldn't say no-Come in i will give U a tour round the place.

Pia saw everything like it was the first time she'd been seeing it. But the man took her to a backroom where a few paintings were stored away. It had a painting of Abhay, Maithali and Sid. Pia gasped covering her mouth with her hands. This was impossible. What were they? She came closer to viewing the painting. The details were uncanny. Her Abhay was in there holding this woman. Pia felt jealous of him even holding another woman.

Pia turned around again needing to sit down-I'm sorry my head is throbbing again. I have seen her and him and am i going mad?
The old man heard of the old folklore behind the trio-My child. I don't know what to say. What have U seen?
Pia cries-Blood. I see blood and their faces are pale with eyes changing. They want to kill me. They want to take him away from me. I can't let them. I have to stop them. She can't have him back she can't... He's not hers. He is mine. Mine! Somebody stop her. 
The old man was a little freaked out by Pia's outburst-U have to come back child. Wherever U went U have to come back.
Pia was trapped. She was neither here nor there between two planes of existance. Her past had kept her captive while her present she wanted nothing to do with for it had no Abhay in it-I can't. She'll take him from me. I can't let her take my life away from me. He is all i have. All i am.
The man stared at Pia back-Who?
Pia shuddered-He is leaving me. Leaving me dead inside.  (Pia holds herself in the foetal position rocking back and forth) He's... (Pia kept pushing and pushing until she saw clearly allowing her love for Abhay to guide her through. Blood was the key she dug her nails into her scars from last night that Abhay had healed. Pia could see clear Abhay, Maithali and Sid were all vampires. Powers. Abhay tried to stop them from killing her. He sacrificed himself for her. Then she relived that time. The last time she'd spent with him on that snowy night where he told her the truth. Maithali had trapped him) 

Pia saw the blood on her hands and saw everything on HD like it was all in 3D-I have to get out of here. I have to find him.

Abhay Meanwhile was at his College spreading the bad news of his departure. He had to cut the trip short thanks to his foresight. He'd seen Pia back to her old habits. Why wouldn't she leave this alone? Why did she have to be so stubborn? Pia was back to where she was never supposed to be at. Pia had broken through his spell. Nobody could do this but him. Only he could have had the powers to give her back her memories.

Abhay gave Venti a hug-It was nice knowing U all but dont be strangers ok. I have to go.
Venti moaned-We were planning on throwing U a party. U know for old times sake.
Abhay nodded-Let me think about it ok? I gotta bounce.
Isha gave Abhay a kiss on his cheek-We aren't letting U go without a real send off.
Abhay nodded just so he could get away as quickly as he could. Pia needed him-Done but not tonight. I have an engagement party to get to.

With that Abhay ran all the way to Pandher Quila where Pia was now sitting outside with a cup of tea and being reassured by the tour guide-I'll take it from here.
The old man stared at Abhay like he'd seen a ghost-U!!!!!!!!
Abhay simply glared-Look this is no ghost story so whatever you've been feeding Pia...
Pia stared back at Abhay with her tear stricken face as she clung on to Abhay like she'd finally gotten him back trembling in his arms-Don't ever leave me again.
Abhay to the old man-U can go now and don't breathe a word of this to anyone. Pia's not feeling well.
The old man was compelled-Sure thing.

Abhay picked Pia up making her look at his eyes. She merely whimpered and then started hitting his chest with her fists feeling betrayed by him. By his lack of faith in her. For Abhay keeping himself away from her. For leaving her all alone taking away her memories, her rights to love him to her peace of mind. Abhay stole everything precious from her. He stole himself from her. 

Pia sobbed her hearts content screaming at Abhay-WHY? WHY ABHAY? WHY DID U DO IT? WHY DID U FORSAKE ME? WHY DID U STOP LOVING ME? WHY? WHY? 
Abhay hushed Pia wiping away her tears-Pia U weren't supposed to remember. U were supposed to forget. Forget everything. Forget me. Forget U ever loved a thing like me. Pia i did this all for U. So U can lead a normal life. So U can love freely. Love a human not me. Loving me only brought U nothing but pain. Your life is still in danger.
Pia embraced Abhay tightly-I don't care if i have to face any storms coming my way. I go through hell and back for U Abhay. I'll face death if i have to but I have to have U Abhay. Why did U keep me away from U? I've been living an empty shell of a life without U. Do U enjoy seeing me like this? Like i'm some deranged lunatic always chasing shadows Abhay. I am never letting U go. Never!
Abhay kissed Pia's forehead-Pia we still can't be together. We have a new situation here. A new set of problems.
Pia undeterred by this wasn't fazed-Then we do it together dammit. I will die if i don't have U Abhay. Now i found U i am never letting U out of my sight. I will follow U wherever U go. U can't shake me off this easily. If i have to i'll throw myself at whoever attacked me last night all over again.
Abhay covered Pia's mouth-So U want to make my life this much harder huh? Is it not enough that i am with U?
Pia removed Abhay's hand kissing it and keeping her gaze firmly locked with his-No! If i have U i have my world ABHAY. I'll be whole again. I'll be complete. I'll be your Pia again. Promise me U will never leave me again Abhay.
Abhay was moved by Pia's loving words of assurance. She was always good at making him heed to her devotion-Fine Pia. But we can't be together not in public. I have to find out who is behind all of this. Do U think U can keep us under wraps? 
Pia smiled now getting back her composure-Sure. Still playing my guardian Angel Abhay!
Abhay gave Pia his most genuine smile he could ever give her-When i have U Pia i am never off duty. U should pay me for all the work i've done.
Pia planted Abhay with a kiss on his lips blushing-Here's the first of many Abhay. Now for payback Mister. U are going to have to take me out somewhere special. Very special to make up for all the lost time.
Abhay kisses Pia's cheek-I've left my College for U isn't this enough?
Pia  pouted-No. I want a real date Mr. Vampire LOVER. U have to work for it. Work to win me back the way i have fought tooth and nail to get U back. Now that you've defrosted i am sure you've had (Pia's face goes sad) God she left U like that! (Crying again) She did this to U. To us.
Abhay lifted Pia's face towards him again-Don't be sad Pia. What is done is done but now we are together again. Your love broke me free Pia. I am guessing your love broke my spell on U too. Lets not waste time on the past ok. Now smile for me and kill me with those eyes.
Pia gave Abhay a little wide eyed look-So are U going to make me walk or will U carry me?
Abhay frowned-I can see i have my Pia back giving me orders already.
Pia grinned-I am going to assert my rights over U Abhay. No more women for U. No more competition or so help me God i will burn this world into ash.

Aman had planted all the proof well enough telling Pia where to go and divulging information in detail for Pia to read. She'd followed his plans to a T. Now they were at the party where Panchi was in a Lengha waiting to place her ring on Neel. Deepanita wore a backless dress waiting for Abhay. She was going to own this blood sucker. Her plans were coming into fruition. Abhay had dropped Pia off through the window giving her whatever she asked for atoning for his past mistakes. His Pia was making him pay in installments and she was ruthless in her approach.

Abhay went back home to get ready receiving a note displaying they were at the party and for Abhay to make his entry soon.

Deepanita waited for Abhay to make his entry with a glass of champaign. She dolled up especially for him and the sucker was taking his sweet time. This was when she would strike. Her daughter was well on her way here if only she didn't look like a geek. Of all her children Alina was the worst of the lot. Alina was her back up. Feed her to the lions she would have to no doubt.

Chand entered the Dobrial mansion with Haseena warily going past Deepanita. They'd had every intention of killing off Neel tonight. Break Deepanita down. They hadn't forgotten all those business ventures she'd tried to usurp nad steal from them. Business rivals was fine but now it was getting personal thanks to Deepanita framing Haseena for a few glitches by planting false evidence which they had turned the tables back on the She Wolf. 

Chand murmurs huskily to Haseena-She is plotting. I can see it in her eyes. Never trust an ally cat.
Haseena couldn't agree more with Chand-I know Chand the woman is infuriatingly cunning. I wonder which school of deceit she's been to. 
Chand greeted by the Dobrials entered waiting for their son to return. They'd given him a day and now his time was up-Haseena Abhay better turn up or we'll have a serious trouble on our hands. He might be under attack for all we know tonight. 
Haseena replayed the message to Abhay to get here pronto.

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Brilliant update. So glad that Abhiya are back together. Who is Aman btw?

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awsum ayesha... abhay pia r finally togather... n i m happy pia said no to jay n closed his chapter... waiting 4 d date abhay will plan 4 pia... n what is depanita upto... i hope abhay will handle nything... cont soon n thanks 4 d pm...

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hey will catch up with the story I mised ..!! so far kk..! den comment

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it is a long but good update form u Thumbs Up

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No words ayesha as usual wonderful update

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Originally posted by Reashma.

it is a long but good update form u Thumbs Up
shine-smiley SmileyI kept U waiting a day for it so i thought i'd make up for it lol

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