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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 115)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 September 2011 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cblover

ab ye aman kaun hai?? but nice update,,,res plzz
 AMAN is a villain. He will get Pia into heaps of trouble and help her get her memory so that Jeh starts hating Pia for falling for ABHAY

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 September 2011 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mugdharajatfan

awesome blosom precap Clap
You'll melt with my next updateLOL
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2011 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Gripping update Aysha...
Rana is animal in all senses...Angry
Jeh and Abhay should together toast him
Everybody is saying about an Aman and I can't remember reading on himEmbarrassed
When did he come in Embarrassed
aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2011 at 2:54am | IP Logged
awesome pia starting to gain some of her lost memory?
abhaypiya_4evr Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
 Just loved the update!!! Big smile Big smile awesome yaar!! continue soon Smile
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 September 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
:::Precap 19:::Beautiful Nightmare:::

Aman wondered often if their race was the superior being over vampires but he was being proven wrong by these imbeciles. They were making his job difficult to making sure Pia got her memories back so stupid Jay could get back to being focused on their plans to terminate Abhay Raichand for good. Aman may not be a true blooded werewolf but Deepanita had given him the heavy task of showing her boys how a job was really done. Jeh had attacked the vampire on impulse. He was lucky to have gotten away with his lfe. Abhay was far stronger than they'd anticipated. 

Aman helped Jeh with Rana-I told U to kill the mutt but no U had to keep the twit alive. He doesn't have brains to save his life. If the girl dies then theres no loss to us (Saw Jeh glare at Aman) What? The mission is to kill whoever gets in our way and it includes Pia. Abhay will cry tears of blood if she dies. We are lucky to have had our identity under wraps Jeh. No more hiccups can be afforded. U must end Abhay's life. Finish his family so ours can be top dog.
Jeh growled-Pia remains unharmed do U hear me? 
Rana laughs weakly-U still crave the b***h. Another few minutes with her and she'd have been filth. She wouldn't have been fit for anyone.
Jeh continues to break Rana's bones-This is for your hands all over Pia U b*****d. Nobody touches Pia. Nobody. (Jeh snaps Rana's body in half) Now we can ditch his body somewhere where nobody can find him.
Rana deviously sneers-No leave it for our people to take Abhay into custody. There will be finger prints all over it.

T had witnessed the whole thing gulping at the nightmare ahead of her-Bloody hell this was newsworthy. 

T was already blacklisted in Mount College. Shame her battery was low on her mobile. She only caught part of the attack. Abhay saving Pia was cut out. She could show this on news but then they will be after her. No she'd make sure her enemy Pia got a taste of what its like to be the talk of the town. Pia was going to pay for thinking she was the most popular girl in Dehradun because now Pia was going to be the most historic girl in Dehradun. Her family were already under scrutiny.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 19:::Beautiful Nightmare:::

It was raining heavily making the night even more depressing. To Pia it was all a daze. She felt numb inside like she wasn't herself. Almost like she was waking up from a deep sleep. But her nightmares weren't over she was still reliving them. The only solace she found was in Abhay's strong arms. Pia focused on his face hoping to wipe away the events from a few minutes ago. It seemed like it lasted forever. Pia couldn't forget his words. The crazy man's words still rang in her ears. Maithali's name and her face matched hers. A year ago they were both here.. Then there was the matter of Sid! Sid with Maithali. Who were they and what relevance were they to her life? Pia knew they were evil because the images were so evident to her those evil black eyes haunting her. They wanted to hurt her and Abhay. What was that man who attacked her back there? He wasn't human not with those eyes. Why were they after her? What had she done? Why were they after Abhay? Did Abhay know Maithali? The flashes in her head told her they did. In fact Maithali was obsessed by him or was this her? She was so confused. Nothing made sense anymore. The smell of blood made her feel sick. Her blood made her feel squeamish. Pia was feeling very light headed. She refused to close her eyes. Pia could have sworn she could see Abhay's eyes change multicoloured from violet to oceanic blue setting on grey. Abhay's features seemed like he was in pain like he was in excruciating pain. 

Abhay couldn't allow his gaze to fall on Pia. Her blood was too potent and his black shirt had only covered the blood but it hadn't masked the smell. It was too powerful on his senses and his vampire state of being was only just undercover but for how long? Abhay would have killed that freak for even laying his dirty hands all over her but with Pia so weak she was his priority. If she no Abhay didn't even dare say those dreaded words. Abhay caught Pia staring at him with those trademark questioning eyes of hers. Abhay knew Pia had seen those eyes. The stupid fool hadn't bothered masking his animal self from Pia making Abhay's life this much difficult.  Abhay wondered if Abhay should take Pia back to her place or at his place. If he took her home then there would be questions raised about what happened back there and if he took her with him at his place then his parents wouldn't spare him. He couldn't ask Pia either she was too traumatised by all of this.

Abhay took Pia to his place it was the only safest place for her away from questions-pia i've brought U here for the time being. I'll take U back to yours once U are cleaned up ok.
Pia muttered-U should have left me to die. I should have died. I brought this on myself. (Pia's mind kept flowing back and forth from her long forgotten memories threatening to come to the surface to the present conflicting and so confusing) I'm so sorry Abhay. i didn't listen. Abhay. Maithali. I'm sorry. Sid. (Coming in and out of her conscientiousness) I'm sorry. Somebody stop them. I'm sorry Abhay.
Abhay hushed Pia-Don't U dare Pia! (Sternly eyeing her clearly not in a mood to be messed around with. Abhay knew all of this was bringing back residue of her old self) Pia open your eyes now. Look at me. Stop digging from your past and come back to me.
Pia mumbles some more-Get off me. Don't U dare. Abhay will come. He'll kil... Please don't. Let me go. You're not human...U can't hurt Abhay...Abhay. Don't touch me. Rana he will kill U Abhay.
Abhay saw Pia drifting off again-Pia! Get back to me. He can't hurt U. Pia please look at me. He can't hurt U anymore..

Pia nods weakly entering the Raichand Manor straight to Abhay's room where Abhay locks his room from behind and takes Pia into the bathroom. He placed her in the bathtub hoping to keep himself under control. The maroon blood was still so clear and running down thanks to the rain. Abhay got the shower on washing most of the blood away diluting it making it easier for Abhay to deal with Pia.

Pia let out a cry. It stung so bad. Her cuts were quite deep. How did this happen with bare fingers? How did he cause this much damage? Pia screamed a little more unable to stop herself. Abhay got some antiseptic wipes making sure Pia did not get an infection. He can heal wounds but he had to make sure nothing nasty got through Pia's bloodstream.  
Abhay held Pia's hand-Squeeze as tightly as U have to Pia. I'm so sorry. 

Pia followed Abhay's instructions waking up fully alert now. She was paying close attention to Abhay's eyes. They were changing colour again. So her mind wasn't playing tricks on her. Pia focused on Abhay making the pain easier to deal with. He hugged her.

Pia uttered-I am such a magnet for danger aren't i? 

Abhay took the shirt off of Pia now to reveal the deep cuts to her ribs showing claw marks. Her legs had the same marks. Pia was feeling a little naked in front of Abhay but it didn't bother Abhay. She saw Abhay's fists clench up hiting the bathroom tile creating a dent in the wayy with the tiles breaking off making Pia jump. Pia saw there was no blood on Abhay's hands. He wasn't injured in any way just riled up. There was so much to Abhay she was beginning to unearth a different side to him. A side she'd seen before.

Abhay got a towel drying her and then picked her up laying her on his bed. 

Abhay turned around covering his face and looked at Pia apologetically-Its been a long night. I should have gotten to U sooner. I could have stopped him. I could just kill him. Who was he?
Pia answered softly a little weak feeling the aftershock of Abhay's anger-He tried to kill me at that night. Why is he after us Abhay? He said his people are all watching us. They are all at my College. Watching me. What so special about me Abhay? They want to get to U. Why U Abhay? Why? U have to be careful Abhay. U have to watch your back. (Winces moving) He must never cut his nails! How did he do this with his nails? Its not possible? They're after U.
Abhay wished he could see the humour in this. Pia was more worried about what they could do to him than what they being after her-Pia don't worry about me OK. Lets get U dried up. And heal U.
Pia blushed a little-Kiss therapy?
Abhay smirked wanting to revel in Pia's delight-Is this what U want?
Pia shyly smiled-U owe me for treating me like dirt. I deserve some compensation.
Abhay leaned closer to see Pia's weary eyes hungrily take his beauty which always took away her breath joking-Maybe U should try to be less abrasive on trying to win me over Pia. I'm not worth much other than bring death at your doors.
Pia wrapped her arms around Abhay daring back-Then bring it Abhay. I am already dead anyway. I die every time U push me away. I die every time i go crazy with desire. U are everything i want. And if i can't have U then i don't want this life. So if death takes me then its welcome to it. At least then U have one less stalker woman after U. Problem solved. Just don't save me any more.
Abhay groans-U are one morbid girl.
Pia declares-U know one day i will die Abhay. But U are making it much easier to accept death because i can't play this game any more. I won't even put up a fight next time someone comes to kill me and this time U won't be able to save me because i won't let U. Hows that? I fought for U dammit. I fight hard and fast and i'll fight death too if U are with me Abhay. U are all i need. I'm only morbid because i face death all the time in case U haven't noticed.
Abhay kissed Pia's lips to shut her up-How's that for starters?
Pia's eyes flew open locking Abhay's eyes-Feels good. No more death talk ok. 
Pia moaned-No more ditching me and its a deal! U have to be all mine. Its all or nothing Abhay. I am not playing the sad despo any more. 
Abhay decided now he had no choice but to allow Pia in. He had no choice. They were after her in her own College where she was a target despite him not being in her life. It made no difference-Pia give me a few days please. 
Pia watched Abhay's eyes were speaking to her with genuine intent to comply-Fine Abhay. I give U a few days. But thats it then i want my answers.

Abhay  continued with his kiss therapy kissing away all of Pia's wounds ad healing them one at a time making Pia heave at his touch. He stroked her body with his gentle masculine hands feeling the contours of her body making sure she was fully fit but his healing powers didn't fully work on the heavy cutes. They were too deep for him.

Pia went a little crazy with desire feeling very turned on by Abhay being so sensuously caressing her body as he kissed every part of her reaching all the way back to her lips again. Pia deepened the kiss tasting Abhay thoroughly feeling like brand new as her tongue danced with Abhay's. She nibbled his lips trying to savour the feel on her mouth. Pia nibbled his ear and then closed her eyes allowing Abhay to take control of her body. He did the same with Pia and then nibbled Pia's neck and kissed her with raw passion being taken over with the heat of the moment. Abhay wanted Pia to look at him.

Abhay softly in Pia's ear-Look at me Pia.
Pia slowly opened her eyes a little breathless-Abhay i feel like i'm about to burst if i don't have U.
Abhay kissed Pia a little more this time savouring each others hungry eyes wanting more-Enough Pia. We can't forget ourselves here. We can't lose control.
Pia gave a pouty sulky look-We were only just getting started.
Abhay pulled his trademark half smile half smirk-Pia we'll have plenty of time for whatever U want. I have to get U back home before Misha arrives with the cavalry and we have Jay to contend with.
Pia lit up with a promise of a future with Abhay-U mean it right Abhay? About Us? 
Abhay couldn't afford werewolves getting to Pia and everyone was a suspect. He had to do this for Pia-Yes. Now Pick anything out of my mothers wardrobe.
Pia got up selecting one of Abhay's black shirts a little oversized for her-I'll wear this. I'm not going through your mothers clothes Abhay. I'll have something of yours to cherish.
Abhay let Pia have it and saw her getting changed in front of him as he turned around-U have a cute mark on your back Pia
Pia checked herself in the mirror as Abhay placed the lights on-Well its a reminder of our love Abhay. (She kisses him) Abhay who is Maithali? And Sid? 
Abhay lied-Friends of mine. 
Pia knew Abhay was lying but she'd get her answers soon enough-Sure! Abhay promise me you'll come see me every night? 
Abhay nodded.
Pia blackmailed Abhay-If U miss one night Abhay i swear i will...
Abhay frowned-Are U sure your family aren't related to some underworld Don? Everytime U blackmail me. Fine i will come see U every night. I will come through your bedroom window.

Abhay dropped Pia off at her place and left. He had so much explaining to do with his parents back home and then changing Colleges so he could be near Pia permanently. Pia was beginning to remember everything on her won. All his plans were flopping right before his eyes. Fate was having a laugh. It loved torturing him. Destiny loved playing hide and seek with Abhay. He was Destiny's child. Its destiny's very own favourite vampire born to live forever never finding happiness and when he did it was always taken away from him. Damn Pia for meaning every word of what she'd said. She'd kill herself in the process. Give up on her life so she could be with him. Talk about blackmail. Everyone loved blackmailing him. 

Abhay left Pia sleeping like a baby while he faced the music at home.

Chand was moving too fast raoring at him-What stunt are U pulling Abhay? U were the one who wanted Pia to be as far away from U as possible?
Abhay rolled his eyes-I have a duty to her. If she dies then Arnab will suspect we are back. We can't afford any eyes to roll.
Haseena was on Abhay's side-Chand he is protecting Pia so what? She saved his life. Abhay owes her. Pia has saved us so many times. Its not her fault werewolves are after her.
Chand hissed with fury-Our clan cannot have this threat looming over us Abhay. We cannot be exposed. Pia will eventually unearth what we are isn't this why U erased her memory in the first place?
Abhay rolled his eyes-I know but she's pursuing me relentlessly. She means what she says. Her threats are not empty and i won't let her harm herself. I'd rather die. By the way i am going to transfer back to Mount College after the competition. 
Chand glared-Oh no you're not!
Abhay hurled angrily-Try me!
Haseena kept Chand still-Chand let him make his own decisions. He's never been wrong before.
Chand hissed huskily-But he has had our necks on the line before Haseena. The girl has werewolves sniffing around her. They are after Abhay. After us and now they are this much closer to attacking Abhay. If Pia causes a problem then i will personally see to it that she doesn't live to tell the tale.

Abhay went to his room in anger. Another blackmail. What was it about him that everyone loved to force their decisions, their will on him and he just took it but not this time. Nothing would happen to Pia. He kept his attack a secret. Chand would blow a fit if he found out he'd been attacked. Abhay now had to find the werewolf he'd marked. He knew where to find this person as well. Mount College was going to be fun and he knew his life would be over at Dehradun's 6th form College. Venti and co he was going to miss.

Next morning Deepanita Khurana made a personal appearance in search of Pia. Jeh had filled her in on the mishap and with a tryst with Abhay. Her son was a fool at best of times. How stupid to go into combat with a vampire.

Pia was already downstairs applying her lipgloss on gearing to go humming happily to herself. She gave Deepanita a smile who was a little shocked to see Pia n good health.

Deepanita yanked herself out of her mire confusion-I came to see how U were Pia? Jay told me about last night. In fact he is on his way here with Alina.
Pia wanted to curse but couldn't being perplexed by it all-I'm fine i just had a gash and a few cuts.
Deepanita saw Pia's neck was a little sore-What's that?
Pia checked the mirror again turning scarlett red. Abhay had left his mark on her. She had lovebites. Her very first hickey-Erm i must have got it Aunty please don't say anything to Mom or Dad they don't know about my attack. I'd rather keep it this way ok.
Misha was watching Pia with a lazy grin on her lips. So Pia got lucky last night. Misha wondered who this soul could be. Her sister was fuming over Abhay and Jay was with Pia at the time only then Jay was with her as well so who was this mystery man?-Pia U didn't tell me what happened?
Pia cut Misha-Misha i'll tell U later ok. I'm busy so please no questions.
Deepanita wasn't telling anyone anything.She had to keep her family away from exposure-Sure. 
Pia waved Deepanita bye-Tell Jay hi from me. I have somewhere i have to go.
Arnab rushed over with his brief case-Pia! (Laughs smiling at Deepanita Khurana) Kids these days are always in a rush.

Misha caught Jay outside her house with Alina with him-So Jay what happened last night? I missed out on all the fun?
Jay bemused frowned-How is Pia? Is she ok?
Misha responded jovially-Never better. I think she's met someone. Or shall i say she has a few marks on her left by an admirer. She won't say who though? Pia's a little lost today. She looks troubled.
Alina caught a little whiff of werewolf scent from this area. Her Mother was here. Damn-Can we erm go. Bhai U promised to take me to College.
Jay nodded-Yeah maybe I can show U all my friends and Pia.
Misha raised an eyebrow-Oh god no Jay. U have fallen for Pia. Dude U have a few screws loose. Whoever falls for Pia is waiting for heartbreak.
Jay replayed in his head a little too late for that i am already gone. I just hope she feels the same way and that Abhay hasn't done anything to Pia. Jay felt hs ribs bandaged up. It bloody hurt. He underestimated the power of Abhay Raichand.

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wow finally abhay is giving in. love it this way. LOL

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