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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 109)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged

:::Update 18:::Stormy Night:::


In the darkest parts of the Jungle Pia was sobbing her heart out at her misfortune. She remembered a poem she'd read from a book once looking at the muddy ground from the Title EVERLASTING by Alyson Noel. It read her state of mind. It was all she could think about in her mad haze trying to get away from her nightmare that was Abhay. He was her beautiful nightmare one she wished to tame but he would not give in to her pounding heart. It was gaining her memory to uncover what it was that Abhay was so desperately trying to hide from her.

 From the mud it shall rise,

Lifting upward rowards the sky

Just as U-U-U shall rise too

From the deep and dark depths,

It struggles towards the light,

Desiring only one thing,

The truth!

The truth of its being,

But will U let it?

Will U let it rise and blossom and grow?

Or will U damn it to the depths?

Will U banish its worn and weary Soul?

Why did this strike a cord to her heart? This one thing she read on vampires. Yes vampires fascinated Pia it was one of her favourite genres to read on but her sisters had kept her away from all the doom and gloom preferring rom-coms and high voltage kind of action movies. Apparently they were frightened of the supernatural aspect of life but Pia had told them it was all harmless and not true. Such things did not exist. Actually her Dad was the reason why the girls were not permitted to see such nonsense so the girls humoured their folks.

Could it be true that some part of Pia didn't have the strength to fight back and get her SOUL back. Pia was startled by the sound of footsteps. It was raining so hard Pia couldn't see properly ahead the sprays of the rain affected her vision ahead.

Then a man whose words were lingering, haunting and taunting through her very core-Don't U know that girls should not be out at night especially in the Jungle were predators await for prey Pia Dobrial.

Pia gasped in shock. His tone sent chills through her body.-Who are U? (Stammers a little with her lips quivering) Who are U? What do U want?

The predator plastered his villainous smile across his face-I am a friend of yours Pia. We met a while back but never got a chance to meet face to face. I am your death Pia. (Laughs manically after he see's Pia's teeth chattering)

Pia unafraid by this inhumane laughter with a sinister motive swirled over Pia because at this point Pia knew her Abhay would come to save her. He was always there when she needed him the most. Pia seemed almost resigned to getting herself into trouble all the time. She came closer to the guy in front of her trying to get a better view of him. She had to know who it was that wanted to kill her and why? She was sick of running and to be honest she was a little tired from running all the way from...

The predator was watching Pia very closely thinking she was a nutcase. Most girls would run but this girl had a death wish. Made his job easier-U must really want to die. (Comes closer to Pia) Only an idiot would love a stupid girl like U. Shame U were pretty cute too.I might as well start the chase. U might have escaped death a few times Pia but even a cat has so many lives. Evetually it has to run out. Back at the fair ground Pia i almost had U.

Pia gasps in shock-That guy was U.

The predator hissed-Rana baby. That's what i am. The one and only W have some pretty important royalty after your blood. Its the only way lover boy will heed to us and beg for mercy.

Pia saw Rana with difficulty. What other alternative did she have? This guy was obviously going to come back to kill her she migt as well see who he was so she could if she survived whoop his a** if she ever saw him again-Who are U on about? I don't know who U are talking about?

Rana gave a predatory laugh at how empty this girls head was-That's right loverboy wiped your memory out. If only every guy out there could have this power over their b***hes like yours did then we could shake them off without having to kill them all.

Pia fell a chill down her spine. She wanted to know who he was referring to. Was it ABHAY? Her heart screamed it was but feared to disclose anything just in case he was playing games with her.-U don't scare me. U think a few scars on your face and your revolting attempt at killing me would make me scream like some chick out of some B-grade film. I am not going to let U have the satisfaction of seeing such joy. U get kicks out of don't U?

Pia secretly started texting on her mobile causing a sense of dj vu like she'd done all this before. Shed had Abhay's number and Jay's number on speed dial.

Rana liked this chicks guts. She was striking a conversation with him-Do U really think i'm stupid enough to contine talking to my victim. I came to kill U B***h and this is what i'll do but not before i ruin U for life and get a taste of why U have two men fighting for U. We have eyes on U Pia. Nowhere is safe. People at your College. Pretty soon You'd have been toast. Only i want to get there first and taste U.

Pia bit her lip. Now was the time to run. She'd stalled him long enough to get her breath back and she'd seen his face. Now she had to run as fast as she could. This was a bad idea but she couldn't live in fear all the time. Pia kicked Rana in the shins and fled injuring herself. The guy felt like stone. He was that strong.

Rana laughed-Now U run. All this evasiveness and defensiveness will amount to nothing Pia. Run!

Abhay was on his way to Pia but found himself trapped by a strange animal he thought were out of his life for good but bad luck alwaya followed him like the black plague. The eyes glowed brightly at him. He was part human and part wolf or was this just a transformation phase. He wasn't into biology much dissecting wasn't his forte while ripping was more or less his thing. Abhay couldn't afford distractions he had to get to Pia.

The creature circled Abhay around and Abhay mirrored the movement and then it attacked him like a rabid dog. Abhay and the half animal half creature foght it out. Abhay could see the stark sparks in its eyes. It was hungry for blood and it wanted his. He somersaulted leaping into the air flying past the animal trying to get away. He didn't have time to mess around with this werewolf.

Abhay tried to reason with this deranged mad wolf hoping it would understand-Look whatever beef U have with me we can settle this some other time. U can slip me a note or attack me unaware like U just did but now is not a good time.

The animal sniggered half howling and half taunting shifting right before his very eyes. Abhay felt like he new this animal. The eyes even in animal form resembled someone he couldn't put his finger on.

The animal continued to attack Abhay while he didn't bother with the pleasantries and continuously pounded the hell out of the beast who was in his way of reaching Pia. Abhay used is sharp nails and his mouth tearing strips into the canines rib area causing it damage. He then left the thing for dead because to Abhay reaching Pia was his priority. Abhay made sure he made a mark on the animal marking it with his initials AR.  Now this mark would be impossible to miss. He made sure the animal was unaware of this.

Abhay had a few scrapes and bruises but he wasn't bothered about how Pia would start her rapid fire round with him. He could hear her screams and wondered what b*****d wanted to meet an early death messing with Pia.

Rana had caught Pia easily outrunning her and pinning her to the ground  marking her with his stamp all over her using his claws to strape through her bare skin listening to her blood curdling screams then wiping her blood all over his face smelling the scent of human blood licking his lips making Pia really afraid. Before she thought he was just an ordinary wannabe killer but now his eyes had no Soul in them. They were as black as night. His eyes seemed to change colour as he licked her skin. Pia struggled in his hold trying to gnaw at his eyes with her finger nails.

Rana laughed manically eyeballing her-U look so good Pia like Maithali but U taste so much better. U taste alive. How two people can look like each other and be so different. If the b***h hadn't double crossed us we'd be on top of the food chain.

Pia wriggled in pain unable to get away from Rana. He weighed a tonne on her and his strength ha taken her by surprise-I've called for help. They'll come soon.

Rana enjoyed listening to Pia's trembling voice-U would have been tastier last year but now U are so gaunt. U won't have to worry about looking so pretty little vain one.

Rana tore Pia's top holding her arms behind her back-I want to see U scream Pia.

Finally Abhay came just at the nick of time before Rana could cause permanent damage to Pia with his lips curling towards Pia's lips. Abhay grabbed Rana by his shirt and tossed him with ease off of Pia. Her blood ever so potent to him brought out his animal instincts out him baring his fangs again. Lucky for him Pia had her eyes closed. Abhay took his shirt off covering Pia and her blood with it to make it a little easier to contain his bloodlust for Pia but her scent had driven him wild. Abhay closed his eyes concentrating hard. He motioned his animal instincts teleporting them all directed at the evil SOB. He moved swiftly in front of Pia who by now opened her eyes again to see Abhay had come to save her just like he'd always done so in the past.

Pia was a little weak from her struggle so she remained sprawled to the ground.  Abhay was taken over by the demon he buried deep inside of him letting it wreak havoc on his punching back beating the c**p out of him till he could hear every bone break. He wasn't human from its bloody scent he had on his hands. Then out of nowhere Pia saw Jay come to her side. He had heard the screams hoping to see Pia alive and well after the text he'd received. He held Pia in his arms who was dazed by the stormy night. Her dishevelled and some of it sruck to the side of her face. She had Abhay's shirt around her. Did the b****d do something to her? Jay turned his attention to two people beating the pulp out of the other. It was more like Abhay was trashing the hell out of s**t Rana. How did the sneaky wolf escape the shackles. Jeh sighed. Abhay must not know what he was not now.

Jay had to get Rana out of there away from Abhay before the idiot spilled his guts. Looks like what he heard about Pia being Abhay's weakness was true. Vampires and their little desires well too bad Pia would never be Abhay's-Pia i'll sort him out.

Pia didn't even bat an eye lash.

Jay rushed over to Abhay-Dude chill.

Abhay backed off.

Jay-Go to Pia and take her away from this nightmare.

Abhay takes Pia away. He didn't trust himself with the evil wortless piece of s**t. He couldn't lose control in front of Pia. He was afraid what it might do to her.

Pia was having very strong connection to all of this. It reminded her of one stormy night with another man. A man whose eyes changed colour like Abhay's did. And the smell of iron had set off something in her head.

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
loved it
continue soon

Deepi20 Goldie

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 6:52pm | IP Logged
Awesome update! I'm so glad Abhay came on time and beat the guy black and blue! Hope to see some Abhay signature healing in the next update! Embarrassed Eagerly waiting for the next update! Continue soon Smile

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ozzyie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Awesumm,e ayesha ...Big smile  

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sweta-mony Senior Member

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
Awesome dr,
loved it
thanx for pm. 

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snitchseeker IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
Nice one. Amazing Pia is regaining her memory here too i guess. 

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Selinapiya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
Amazing...Piya regaining
Thankss for the PM...

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---Priya--- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
awsome update... thnx for the pmSmile

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