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FF-Eternally Waiting 4 U Update 25 Sept pg 142 (Page 101)

shivanirajput Goldie

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Posted: 30 August 2011 at 12:43am | IP Logged
nice precap
waiting eagerly for the update

BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 August 2011 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Nice precap Ayesha Embarrassed Waiting for the update Big smile
sunflower52 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 August 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Nice precap update soon.
prerna26 Goldie

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Posted: 30 August 2011 at 5:52am | IP Logged
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 August 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged

:::Update 17:::All Night Long:::


Abhay was the first to arrive at the after party at the club Raptured getting his hair gelled up so it didn't look so wild. He didn't need to wait long his friends Ventakesh, Shaan, Ranbir, Imran, along with their brood of friends all appeared at once. They never seemed to let Abhay get away with being alone. Served him right for allowing them all in. Abhay had decided against keeping too many secrets as he'd learnt how being mysterious only attracted more attention to him from the likes of T and Pia along with most of Mount College students. This time it was proving fruitful.

Venti was elated by Abhay's punctuality-How do U manage to beat us dude? U don't have super powers do U like teleportation. Are U some secret superhero hiding behind a teenage boy?

Abhay tensed as his eyes bored  throught Venti letting out a laugh-Are U kidding me? Do U have any idea how i wish i could fly than run it everywhere just so i can keep in shape. I quite feel envious of your build. I can never bulk up like U.

Shaan jokes with his eyes twinkling of mischief-Awe we having a little bromance huh? No worries Abhay. I'll give U a little haeds up. Protein shakes and lots of it will help U bulk up in no time but U don't need it bro. Its best keeping the opposition underestimating your capabilities. Its more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

Ranbir beamed bringing out the champagne-No more talking and more celebrating. U do the honours Abhay for taking our College to nationals. We are in the Inter College Youth Competition.

Abhay heard Jay arriving in the entrance with Pia already beginning to get a little annoyed but kept his composure-Ok. I might as well spray this on all of U than drink this what say?

Isha smiled brilliantly jumping up and down-Go on Abhay make everyone catch a drop.

Pia peered over the crowd with her eyes longing to see Abhay's forgetting she had Jay holding her hand leading the way past all the students-Jay i want to say congratulations to the other College members ok?

Jay nodded-I'll go get the drinks in.

Pia let go of Jay's hand heading over to Isha who was a little hyper. She hugged Pia. Pia a little bewildered-U seem overtly happy.

Abhay has Champaign spilling everywhere on top of table over his friends pouring it as his friends try to drink the drops and laughing out loud. Pia gets a little wet finding Abhay's behaviour a little shocking. She'd never seen Abhay so chilled before. Normally he was always tortured and very broody. Pia never thought there was another element to Abhay other than being miserable but he was so sweet as well always there protecting her. Pia had wondered where Abhay got his magic touch from healing her of her ailments. Now this Abhay who'd emotionally drained her out an hour ago was here having fun was so unlike him. Did he not care about her or was she just some old lover he'd been glad to discard and move on to the next chick?

Venti to Abhay-Now give us a speech?

Ranbir raised his hand-No we all need to raise a glass its bad luck to do a toast without a drink in our glass's.

Tina goes doing the rounds with Jenny handing out champagne-Now U can make a speech.

Abhay raised a toast-What can i say guys?

Imran helped cheerfully-By actually saying more than a few words. Bro we know U are very clever but don't leave us waiting forever with just a few lines.

Abhay raised his glass-U guys welcomed me in without too much ribbing. I feel more at home here than i have at my old College.

Misha sipped her drink and moaned-Hey! Not fair Abhay we weren't that bad.

Abhay motioned to Misha-Great the mention of booze and out pops Misha. Who invited U here?

Misha made a laugh looking guilty-Venti said anyone could come the more the merrier. And i like to get merry. Verry Meery.

Pia glared at Misha-I can't believe U Misha. U are gatecrashing.

Misha choked out-Not true See Venti invited me kind of.

Pia asaw Jay coming over grabbing his hand-I can't believe her. She has this problem of always getting drunk. Why does she do this?

Jay calmed Pia-I'll handle Misha.

Pia sighed an air of relief-Thanks Jay. U are so sweet.

Abhay locked eyes with Pia's and dragged it away again finishing-This is a group effort and i'll say together we can soar the sky. United we stand so lets make this competition a real fight for our competitors?

Imran moaned-Here i thought Abhay will be milking this for what its worth. Figures Abhay never takes any of his success to his head.

Abhay jumped off the table and was met by Tina holding his waist-Come on Abhay lets dance.

They both started dancing to

Khwabon Khwabon jaage soye
khoye khoye hum hai jaise yahaan
Raahon raahon dhundhule dhundhule
Halkei halkei hossh ke hain nishaan

Pia glares angrily at Tina who was doing more of a dirty dance with Abhay than really dancing making her royally p****d. Jay arrived to dance with Pia and she let him lead the way as Abhay kept his eyes on Pia.

Abhay held Tina tightly leaning forwards watchful of where Jay's hands were. Pia moved closer to Jay' stroking his face with care but holding Abhay's attention with fierce force.

Tu Humsafar hai toh jaise sab hai haseen
Chand se zyada hai jagmagati zameen
Pyaar mein doobi hai har disha

Khwabon Khwabon jaage soye
khoye khoye, hum hai jaise yahaan
Raahon raahon dhundhule dhundhule
Halke halke hossh ke hain nishaan

Tina used her hands to move Abhay's face to gaze into her eyes than stare at Pia and Jay as he twirled Tina around as she lightly trailed butterfly kisses. Pia got angry and kissed Jay's cheek.

Kya karu main bayaan 
Ladkhhdaye zubaan

Then Isha brought out the cake and Jay resumed back to babysitting Misha thanks to Isha moving away from her spot.-now Abhay we know U don't like cake or any other kind of foods but this is mainly for us girls. We crave chocolate so here U go cut the cake. Its to celebrate U making a full 3 months with us and for being our Hero.

Abhay pulled a face feeling this was out of character. He wasn't into show and tell. But he felt flattered that he was cared by people. He never felt wanted by anyone other than Pia before.Abhay cut the cake and Tina like the annoying little attention seeker she was came to grab some of the spot light. Abhay handed out the cake while Tina licked Abhay's fingers making Pia very angry. She rushed over and grabbed a big slice and smeared it all over Abhay's face. Pia was a little happy now that she'd let off some steam. Meanwhile Tina took advantage and started licked the chocolate off Abhay's face making Pia even angrier so she attacked Tina against the table  then both tumbled to the floor like ally cats both marking their territory over Abhay. Pia smacked the girl making her bleed with her fist and Tina tried to grab a lock of Pia's hair. Misha could only just stare at her ferocious sister in action in shock while Jeh egged Pia on finding it amusing to see this side to Pia cheering her on. Abhay grabbed hold of Pia while Venti and Shaan tore Tina apart breaking the fight between the girls. Pia apologized to the gang with her eyes catching her breath back.

Tina hurled-U are mad! I don't know what U saw in her Abhay but she deserved to be locked up in a cage.

Pia motioned spitting back with her vice raised-I concur on that notion U deserve to be whooped big time. U cheapt Tart.

Abhay grabbed Pia aside away from all the commotion-This isn't like U Pia. The Pia i know would never resort to violence. She'd never hurt a fly.

Pia made Abhay see what he saw wasn't Pia-The Pia U knew died a year ago Abhay. U killed her. She is dead and buried and from the ashes rose a phoenix with a new identity. A new beginning. This Pia in front of U holds no bars. I will fight dirty with dirty. Fire with fire. If U think b****s like Tina and any other s***s U choose to throw at me will discern me away from my goal then U are sadly mistaken.

Abhay to Pia cajoles her-Pia this is madness. We are like fire and ice. We can never exist together. Can't U see what we have is nothing but...

Pia was elated at watching Abhay trying to reason with her but his eyes gave away what she had to know-What that i am not good enough for U Abhay. Get real i know what reactions i get from U whenever i touch U.

Pia used the back of her hands to touch Abhay's chiselled strong cheek bones stroking it seductively while his eyes bgan to get lost in hers. She could feel Abhay's resistance break and he began to robotically hold Pia. She felt her beloved scoop her into his arms like she was air. Pia clung to Abhay breathing deeply struggling to slow her pounding heart and then Abhay gave into a moment of weakness kissing her smoothly deepening the kiss until he had her against the wall hungrily devouring her mouth. Abhay mustered his might as his eyes glowed colour changing automatically feeling the heat and Pia saw the flickered specks feeling awed by the magical effects. Abhay broke off all contact.

Pia gazed at Abhay's fiery gaze-Your eyes...

Abhay growled shaking Pia violently-Why won't U leave me alone? I'm not a saint Pia. U are just so provoking. Using your womanly wiles to seduce me won't work. Damn why do U resort to...

Pia glowered at Abhay-Don't U dare Abhay (Slaps him across the face) U just want to hurt me but i don't care. Emotionally U can try to break me but i am stronger than U think. I'm not the weak Pia one could manipulate. U make me so (Shows her hand to strangle Abhay screaming in frustration) I don't know why i bother sometimes. U are getting in my head. Are U trying to send me to a psychiatric ward? Why are U so determined to make me hate U Abhay? What are U hiding?

Abhay protested-Why would i behave like a dog Pia? Because i am an a**. I hate U. So U should hate me back. Why can't U get the message that i don't want U or are U retarded?

Pia felt hot tears brimming-Talk all U like Abhay but U say one thing and i'm hearing another. The words U say are full of s**t. U are a good actor i'll give U this but the eyes lie. Your body lies Abhay. Face it U are in hot water.

Abhay threw back-Pia U should return back to Jay your boyfriend. Or are U one of those girls who like to date several guys at the same time like a s**t?

Pia slapped Abhay again and disappeared again without Jay.

Venti scolded Tina-What is your problem Tina? Abhay dude why are U being such a jerk? If i were U i'd rush over to Pia before she does something stupid. We've seen her get through some scraps and U blowing hot and cold on her isn't going to do her any good.

Abhay sighed-Pia just doesn't get the message Venti. I am sick of fighting with her. The more i push her the more she comes closer.

Jay heard Abhay call Pia a s**t making him very angry. How dare he call Pia that. Jay decided tonight he'd teach Abhay a lesson for hurting Pia. It stung him that Pia still held a torch for Abhay. No Abhay would pay big time. First he had to ditch Misha then attack Abhay.

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 August 2011 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
ye to had hi ho gayi. abhay pia ko ye sab bolega an to woh jaake pahad se kppd jayegi instead of leaving his peecha. LOL

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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awesome, nice part
loved it
.SmokeySilence. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 August 2011 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
First of all EID MUBARAK dear Hug
Now, superbbb update Clap Clap I loved Piya's personality in this FF of yours Thumbs Up Even in the show I loved it when Piya seduced Abhay for a change...i mean why should Abhay have all the fun Wink LOL
Lets see for long he can hold onto the stay 'hate me' mission... so Jeh will attack Abhay...eagerly waiting for the next update Embarrassed

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