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Maaneet OS: A Feast Of Love Epi Updt pg 11/12 (Page 11)

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Wow dude!!

That was amazing!!!

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alright guys here is the most anticipated epilogue. sry for the delay but it got extended so much that it came out to nearly 12 pages on word. Shockedi have distributed into 2 posts... i didnt get a chance to edit, so please ignore my mistakes Ouch without further adieu here is the update hope u like it Smile

"Maan!" she yelled, with her mouth stuffed with black olives, her latest pregnancy craving. Since the time Maan knew Geet was pregnant with his child, he was elated. Geet was nearing her full-term and as the day passed her back pain as well as kicking of the baby was becoming more painful. Maan had made sure she was relaxed all the time and shifted his office temporarily to his house to keep an eye on her. In her last pregnancy he was forced to attend a series of important meetings as a merger was going on. He had cursed himself for the timing of the merger for he wanted to stay with her. But for this pregnancy he made sure this time he had no other things to attend to than his wife.
This pregnancy had in fact cost him much more effort than her first. Her cravings changed every few months, and the back pain had recurred quite often to her dismay. Although morning sickness was bearable this time, she felt nauseous all through morning making her skip breakfast. Maan literally ran behind her feeding her like a little child while she threw tantrums. Even his children had made fun of him for running behind their mom but he didn't mind as long as his Geetulu ate her breakfast.
"Maan!" she screamed again, hearing no response from Maan.
"Haan, aa raha hoon," Maan said half walking, half sprinting towards their room with Radhika in his hands. He reached their room panicking her water break, or something worse to find Geet intently looking at herself in the mirror.
"Geet! Kya hua? Kyun chilla rahi thi?" he asked puzzled at her current calm posture.
"Maan I was just wondering if I have gained too much weight than my previous pregnancy," she said worriedly.
"Geet, if this was the reason you screamed then let me tell you madam that you shall pay heavily for making me drop all the things I was doing and come running to you," he said sternly. Seeing him nonchalantly brush away her concern, Geet began to get teary.
"Maan I knew it, you are least bothered about my concern. Meera humesha kehti thi, men change after marriage, and they change for the worse after the birth of their children. Aapko yaad hai, during college you used to rush to console me even for the slightest scratch on my hand, aur haan voh ribbon vaala incident, yaad karoon aapko?" she said angrily.
Maan afraid of ticking her off and not wanting to embarrass himself before his own children about the ribbon incident bent down and let Radhika down. "Radhi, why don't you go find Daadima to help you with the book. I have to take care of Mamma," he said smiling.
"Of course Pappa," she said before running off to find Daadima.
Maan looked back at his wife, her face red with anger and hot stream of tears flowed from her beautiful eyes. He smiled at her childishness and cursed her hormonal mood swings for making Geet so emotional. He strode towards her and held her cheeks lovingly and gave a flying kiss. She turned her face away from him and crossed her arms, still angry about his lack of concern.
"Jaan, maine kab kaha that I am not concerned about your issue. Of course, every single thing that bothers you deeply impacts me. And if your current concern is about your weight, then I would say you should not be bothered too much Geetulu," he said wiping away her tears with his thumb.
"Maan you don't understand," she whined. "If I gain too much baby fat, then its really tough for me to get back in shape. Aapko dekho ek dum fit and sexy, aur main, itni unfit aur out of shape, yuck," she said making a disgusting face.
"Jaan, tumhe pata hai you look damn sexy to me no matter what, aur khaas kar tab you are carrying my child," he said looking deep into her eyes, conveying the depth of his words. He bent on his knees and placed a soft kiss on her stomach, "bujji mee ammaki cheppu (sweetheart, tell your mother) that she looks damn sexy and that I would devour her this very minute if not for your presence. Aap jaldi aajayiye taaki main dikha sakoon how she turns me on," he said and then looked at her and winked naughtily at her.
Geet, unsatisfied with his reply, huffed, "baate banana koi aapse seekhe Maan!" Suddenly she closed her eyes tightly and held her stomach, in pain.
Maan was startled by the sudden change and panicked. "Geet, kya hua?" he fretted.
"Maan, nowadays, meri bacchi is kicking too much. Bahut dard ho raha hai," she said clutching her stomach and tears welled up in her eyes. For the past 2 months Geet had been complaining of increase in baby's movement, especially at night, that had caused her lot of uneasiness and sleeplessness. The doctors had assured there was nothing to worry about, just that the baby was very active.
During the night, Maan patiently used to sit down beside her and caress her tummy and talk to the baby all night. This had dramatically calmed the baby down letting Geet sleep peacefully. As Geet neared her full-term the 'kicks' had increased even during the day, not allowing her to do any work. He made sure she stayed in bed all the time so that she wasn't too stressed about anything.
Maan carefully led Geet to the bed and made her lie down comfortably. He pulled up a chair beside her and held her hands in one hand while he slowly massaged her stomach.
"Oi hero, maa ko kyun tang kar rahe ho? Main hoon na yahan. Hum baat karte hai, teekhai?" he said kissing her stomach ever so lightly. Geet couldn't help but smile through her tears at Maan. She had never imagined she would be blessed with such a concerned, helpful, caring, wait, dashing husband too. She saw him talk away animatedly as though the kid was right in front of them. She kissed her fingers and placed them on Maan's cheek. In the midst of his talking he looked up to see her fingers lingering on his cheeks and then looked at her with a questioning look. She shook her head in the negative and smiled wide.
"Kya hua jaan, aaj toh aap badi romantic mood mein hain," he winked.
Geet became aware of the atmosphere Maan was creating and fearing he would start becoming naughty she denied his statement. "Nahi bas man kar raha tha, and please don't get any ideas haan?" she said disinterestedly.
"Maine aisi todi na kaha ki I am getting ideas? Main toh sirf pooch raha hoon, ki enti ammayi chaala sexy moodlo undi muddhulu pettutundhe ani I mean naaku telusu my presence is so irresistible (that you are in sexy mood and even giving kisses, I know)," he said haughtily, "but at aleast humare bacche ke samne kuch toh sharam karo." Geet was at loss for words. She was overwhelmed by his cute talks that she had let her fingers kiss his cheeks but he was making fun of her. Well, if Maan Singh Khurana wanted to play, then she was up for a fight. Since they were blessed with a boy and girl, they wanted to keep the gender of this one as a surprise so they had informed the doctor to not tell them about it. And always they ended up fighting about it.
"Mr. Khurana, I was just trying to stop all that boys talk. Aap hamari bacchi ki saat rugby kyun kelenge? She would be my princess, and I shall never let her play all those gandha gandha games. Samjhe aap?" she said feigning anger. "She would learn music, definitely some classical dancing too, aur'"
"Ms Geet, ladka kyun gaana vaana seekhega, mera baccha champion hoga, har sports mein, har subject mein, aur har ladki ka rajkumar, just like me," he said smiling smugly.
"Maan ladki hi hogi, mujhe sirf ladki chahiye jo meri naam roshan karegi. Apni beti ko dekha hai aapne? A female version of you!" she said appalled. "Jab dekho aise aankhon dikhake ghoomti phirti hai jaisi har koi gunekaar ho," she said imitating Maan's intimidating look.
"Geet, mujhe pata hai ladka hi hone wala hai. Apna beta ko dekha hai, bilkul tumhari tarah, a big chatterbox. Uff Geet, mujhe bas beta hi chayihe jo mere tarah strong ho, controlled, ho'"
"Povaiyya (Go man)! Sirf beti beti beti!" she interrupting his line of thoughts.
"Beta, beta, beta," he chanted.
Before Geet could oppose Maan, she felt a shooting pain. This time it was worse than the previous ones. "Maan!" she screeched and inhaling a deep breath, "Maan I think my water broke," she said biting her lower lip.
Maan immediately lifted her in her arms and ran to the car while shouting, "Daadima, Geet's water broke, I am running to the hospital. Aap please bacchon ko sambhaliyen."
Daadima rushed outside hearing Maan scream. "Teekhe beta, please sambhal ke," she said with concern
Maan dashed out of the door and ordered the driver to rush to the hospital while he cradled Geet in his arms in the back seat. All through the drive Geet was writhing in pain and held his hand so tightly that blood began to ooze. But he was intent on trying to calm her and soothe her pain as he rubbed her hands and kissed them, trying to distract from her pain. He kept wiping her sweat from her forehead and assured that everything would be fine.
As soon as they reached Kalyani Hospital, Maan quickly lifted Geet in his arms again and ran inside shouting for medical attention. The nurses and the doctors rushed in with a stretcher for Geet.
"Maan, please come with me," Geet cried while Maan held her hand tightly. He looked at the doctor for approval. The doctor assented and he ran to wear a sterile coat and cap before running into the operation theater.
Geet was continuously screaming in pain and Maan tried his best to soothe her, but all in vain. His heart tore out in pain seeing her in such a havoc but he didn't want to lose hope, else how could he soothe her. Finally after two long hours of lot of soothing, crying, and pushing, the new life was welcomed into this world.
The labor pain as well as exhaustion overtook Geet as she slumped into the bed tiredly. Maan's happiness knew no bounds. He hugged Geet tightly and kissed her forehead before she slept from the exhaustion. Half hour later, the doctors cleared up the baby and brought it in a neatly wrapped woolen quilt.
"Congratulations Mr. Khurana, it's a boy!" the doctor beamed before handing the newly born into Maan's hands. He carefully took the delicate little thing in his hands and smiled a wide smile. His eyes reflected his supreme happiness as though he was on top of this world. He softly kissed his champ's forehead, thanking his stars for for making him the happiest person on earth. He cradled his life of joy in his hands and tears of joy danced in his eyes. He looked to see if Geet was awake, but found her soundly sleeping. Since he didn't want to disturb her, he quietly sat on the chair beside the bed.
"Hey buddy," Maan whispered bringing his son closer to him. "Main aapke pappa, remember me? Hum dono har roz baat karte the." The baby slightly stirred in response as if recognizing the voice he used to hear every night. Maan's eyes twinkled in joy and he once again gave a feather-light kiss to his son. He kept whispering until he saw Geet wake up.

contd in the next page -->

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Epilogue Contd...
Geet opened her eyes to find Maan cradling their child safely and talking. "Maan," she called bleakly, still tired. Maan looked up at her with admiration and got up to place a warm kiss on her forehead.
"Thank you for this joy Geet," he said looking deeply into her eyes. Geet smiled in return and extended her hands to hold her baby while she struggled to sit upright. "Geet, stop it right there, ek minute main baby ko crib mein rakh ke tumhari madad karoonga," he said walking to the crib and placing the child carefully. He returned to help her sit upright and placed a pillow for her back. He then brought their child and gave it to her. She smiled while tears flowed from her eyes looking at the bundle of joy in her hands. She lightly pecked the baby's forehead.
"Vaise Geet, I won, it's a boy!" Maan said trying to lighten up the heavy atmosphere.
"Maan I can see that but that doesn't mean you have won," she said sternly. She looked back at her child and complained, "dekha aapne, main ne meri jaan lagage I gave birth to you, and here he is talking about some stupid bet."
"Accha rona mat, main toh sirf mazak kar raha tha. Now tell me what are you going to name my baccha?" he asked hoping to divert her attention.
Geet was excited that she got to name their child once again and started to think furiously. Few minutes later her face brightened up, she brought the baby in front of her and announced, "Charan."
"Charan Singh Khurana," Maan completed proudly. "It's beautiful Mrs. Khurana," he said slightly pecking her lips.
"Maan," she chided, blushing as his warm lips touched hers. "Hatiye, this is a hospital, chaliye Daadima, Amma, and Nana (father) phone keejiye," she said pushing him out before he could begin his mischief.
"Haan, haan Geet abhi tum bach gayi, magar after six weeks hum bhi dekhte hain tum kaisi bachogi," he said his eyes glinting mischief.
"Maan I don't have the strength to argue back with you right now," she sighed.
"Maine kab kahan argue now, we shall settle this maamla after a few weeks," he said huskily near her ear.
"Maan!" she said glaring at him.
"Geet mujhe pata hai voh mera naam hai. Baar baar you don't have to remind me of it. Agar aisi bulogi toh hai mein sadke jawan," he said dramatically. Geet laughed at her husband's antics.
"Out, right now!" she ordered without taking his name, else he would find a way to get back. Reluctantly Maan walked out to the door and turned around to see her, "Geetulu, I love you ra!" he said giving her a flying kiss before heading out to share his joy with everyone.
Maan swam out of the water in his surfing wear holding his surfboard under his arm. Water dripped from his hair as he pushed back before walking along the shore. His taut muscles and well-toned body was clearly visible as he flexed his muscles leaving every person in the beach agape. Geet saw him walk towards them and smiled at her sexy devil husband. Life had given her everything, and she was ever grateful for all the happiness in her life. She looked around to see girls of every age drooling over him while every guy on the beach eyed him green with envy. She scrunched her nose in annoyance, "don't these people have no one else to stare at," she cursed.
Maan saw his beautiful wife, the mother of his children basking in the sun with their children sitting beside them busily building a sand castle headed by the rule master, Charan. Charan had indeed turned out to be junior Maan Singh Khurana, the way he walked, talked, and dealt around with issues. Maan used to lift his collar whenever he saw Geet fuming that Charan had turned out to be his exact copy but she had enjoyed and loved Charan more than Maan himself. Just when Maan was walking towards his lovely family he noticed Geet mumbling something looking at all the girls drooling over him. An idea occurred to him that instant and he tried to play along. He walked more slowly enhancing and flexing his six-pack abs. he saw Geet stare at one of the girls in particular who was hyperventilating so he turned and winked at her, causing her to faint while irritating Geet more. He chuckled at Geet's reaction and tried to infuriate her further.
"Main yahan intezaar kar rahi hoon, aur usko dekho, flirting with those girls there huh?" she fumed. She had to somehow stop the flirting session; she tried to think of way but in vain. Then an idea came across her mind, she hurried called all her children and told them to run to their father shouting and bring him here as soon as possible so that he could build the castle faster. Geet smirked at her plan and pat her shoulders.
Unaware of the real intention all the three stuttered along the sand shouting, "Pappa," in unison gaining the attention of all the girls drooling at Maan.
All the girls were shocked, "Pappa?" they repeated sadly. They sighed at their ill-luck and got back to their own boyfriends, who thanked their stars. Maan realized Geet's plan and laughed quietly at his Geetulu's plan to claim him all for herself. He held his children's hand and led them to their beach chairs.
"Sweethearts, I shall catch up with you guys, once I change into my shorts. Alright?" he smiled as they ran to get back to their tasks. He then looked at Geet and cleared his throat to gain her attention. "Ahem, kyun jaan, do you feel jealous that those girls were drooling at me," he said getting straight to the point. Geet was startled by his direct question and choked on her drink.
"Kkya?" she stammered. "Well not really, but you know aap toh hai itne irresistible, evaraina mimmalni choostaru (anybody will look at you)," she said sighing deeply. "Look at me, so out of shape," she said realizing she was no more had the tiny mini waistline from her college days.
Maan realized she was taking his teasing too seriously and it was time he reminded her about her ever petite figure. "Jaan, why do you take it so seriously, main toh sirf mazak kar raha tha. Tumhe pata hai, you are still my sexy little woman who can make my heart skip several beats even with the batting of your eyelashes," he said cupping her face. "Looking at those women, you failed to notice every pair of all those men's eyes is always on you," he winked.
Yet Geet was not satisfied, "Maan aap yeh sab sirf mere khushi key liye keh rahe right?" she asked apprehensively.
"Nahi toh, I think tumhe kal raat ka yaad dilana hoga," he smirked mischievously.
Geet cheeks burned remembering the passionate night along with the sensual description he had praised of her during their lovemaking and her eyes fluttered while she buried herself in his embrace, "Chi pondi (ugh stop it)," she said. Seeing her shying away, Maan teased further reminding her of the moments. "Tumhe mere baton pe yakeen nahi hai haina? Abhi dekho choopistanu (I'll show you)," he said bending down to claim her lips as his fingers deftly slid under her neck tracing the curves along the path. She shivered with his warm touch trying her best to keep his hands exploring further. But his kiss deepened making her forget her surroundings and lose herself in his passionate kiss. He finally let go of her and looked intently at her hazel eyes, "Geetulu, thanks for making me the luckiest husband and a father of three wonderful children. I cannot thank you enough --"
"I love you Maan," she interrupted and pecked his lips and smiled lovingly at him.

alright my dearies this is the longest epi wait a min THE LONGEST UPDATE i have given so far, so please be liberal n comment away and pamper me by giving ur comments so that i can think of giving guys an update for KOL or WK by tmr itself LOL 
on a serious note thanks a lot for the warm welcome of this OS. with this update i have wrapped up this OS. m now i can concentrate fully on WK n KOL Smilei wanted to pen this down as it occurred to me while i was having kind of a mental block for WK but it has turned out to be one of my favorite so far. Smile comments, questions, or concerns please type away Wink

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Madhu  Hug...after a long time me first to comment Big smile...thank u for this beautiful OS and awesome epilogue Thumbs Up...simply superb Clap...left me speechless...makes me wonder how u can do it again and again...and then u ask for long comments confused where and how to start...still lost in the lovely and dreamy update Day Dreaming...this story will be for sure stored as one of my favourites...once again fell in love with Maaneet Heart...loved the way Maan took care of Geet during the pregnancy...and the way he keeps assuring her of his love...sighhh...such a sweetheart Day Dreaming...awww Charan turned into a copy of MSK...can so imagine the cutie LOL...the beach scene with the whole family felt so real...feeling sad to let go of this lovely family ...blame it all on your amazing writing...the way u give such detailed updates makes it so easy to visualise the scenes and relate to them...u deserve this my dear u sooo much  Hug...TC Smile

Myspace Comments - Thank You


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Wow Madhu baby!! Awesome epilogue!! Maaneet blessed with three beautiful sweet!! Loved the family moments and the cute teasing b/w Maaneet!! I could relate to every word Geet said..After delivery,it's very normal for the wife to feel that she looks less attractive..but the truth is that ..the mere fact that she is the mother of his child,makes a woman very very attractive in the eyes of her husband!! Woh sab chchodo,I'm a married woman,I know all this..par tumhe yeh sab kaise patha???

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Awesome !
Luv the beach scene <3

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fabulous epilogue...maaneet n their kids wonderful,haha maan making geet jealous,great os n awsome epilogue.

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